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11:1  A. (Alef), L. (Lam), R. (Raa), the Surah opens with these, letters introductory from the Arabic Alphabet to draw attention to the miracle of the Quran which though written in the people's tongue, cannot be emulated
11:2  It directs the Messenger to instruct people thus: "Never worship you people, anyone but Allah. I am delegated by Him to warn you and give you a cautionary advice regarding your system of faith and to announce to you joyful tidings if you should turn to Allah and lift to Him your inward sight."
11:3  "And you had better invoke Allah, your Creator, for forgiveness and in lowliest plight do stand to Him repentant of the way you conduct yourselves in life. He shall make you enjoy good things in life up to a predetermined point of time". "He shall bestow on every one of merit, here below, His divine favour that is commensurate with his merits and shall His grace abound in those entitled to it Hereafter" And should they turn a deaf ear, then say to them: "I only fear for you the punishment which shall be laid upon the damned on an unbearably Momentous Day."
11:4  To Allah shall all of you return, and He is indeed Qadirun (Omnipotent) over all things
11:5  They -the infidels- bend their chests to hide, as it were, their thoughts and feelings from Allah! Do they not realize that even when they clothe themselves taking to their beds and lurk themselves enshrouded in the Veil of night, that Allah does know all that their bosoms store of thoughts and feelings, and all that they suggest secretly to their minds, He is well acquainted with all that they utter loudly and with what they whisper below their breath! Indeed Allah is 'Alimun (Omniscient) of all private thoughts and feelings riposted in the breasts
11:6  There is not one single creature domiciled on earth but derives its sustenance from Allah Who knows its settled habitation and the duration of its life span. He also knows the site of its future interment and when it shall be reclaimed for Judgement Hereafter. All such events are recorded in a Book manifest of precisio
11:7  He is it who created the heavens and the earth and brought them into existence in six days* determined by His own unit of time and proclaimed in His calendar; His Throne of supremacy and dominion and of grace and mercy was then set over the water** He created the universe and you people as a part of it in Order to determine which of you performs the better deed and whether his deeds agree with his words and whether his work is imprinted with wisdom and piety! Yet when you O Muhammad say to them that they shall rise again at the Last Day after they had been dead and buried, the infidels shall say: " This is nothing but sheer sorcery assumed by him."
11:8  And if We in all manner of wisdom delay their retributive punishment to a determined point of time giving them a chance to come-back to their senses, they shall say: "What keeps it back!" Indeed the Day the punishment comes about and falls to their lot, no expedient shall ever avert it, and on all sides shall they be beset by the same material and immaterial things they turned in to ridicule
11:9  And if We should extend to man Our mercy and make him taste Our benediction then We justly decide to withhold it, he nurses despair forgetting the other advantages he enjoys and looks for the how, the why and the wherefore and becomes sour and in bitterness he turns his, worst side outwards
11:10  And if We reverse the action and grace him with a merited or an unmerited favour following a touch of misfortune, he says: "Now I have been freed of misfortunes", and he rejoices beyond a common joy and he boasts the event and exalts himself unduly and displays inordinate self-esteem
11:11  Such an attitude is never adopted by those who exercise patience and imprint their deeds with wisdom and piety. Such persons are the recipients of Allah's mercy and forgiveness and deserve a great reward
11:12  You Muhammad seem inclined to omit the recital of a part of what is revealed to you, the part that depresses your spirits and oppresses your thoughts and feelings because it is not to the infidel's liking. You think that by so doing, Allah's message of truth would be accepted more readily and the infidels shall not use the usual formula of insolence and say: "If only a treasure were sent down to him from heaven or an angel to companion him, we may be induced to recognize his mission". You must realize that you are only a spectacle and a warning, and Allah is the Tutelary Guardian of the whole and of all in all
11:13  Or do they say: "He has forged it" the Quran! Say to them: "You people are magniloquent; your art of speaking and writing is irresistibly impressive; wherefore do produce ten forged Surahs, each bearing reference to a different aspect of the same thought and call on those besides Allah whom you can possibly engage to venture upon this undertaking if indeed you are declaring the truth."
11:14  And if they do not respond and such an undertaking they fail to fulfill, then you people must realize that the Quran has indeed originated from Allah and revealed by His Authority, and there is no Ilah but He. Therefore, are you unbelievers going to conform to Islam if indeed you are seeking the truth
11:15  Those who are concerned only with the interests and pleasures of this life and its temporal and mundane things may rest assured that We will apportion to them in full what is due to them and make them reap the fruits accruing from their worldly deeds and they shall not be wronged
11:16  But such persons are those who shall be denied Allah's mercy Hereafter, and Hell is where they make abode. Their hopes shall be doomed to disappointment and their deeds to worthlessness, and vain indeed and useless, unprofitable and unavailing shall be all their worldly deed
11:17  Do they compare!: the esteemed virtuous by the whole and his inmost thoughts and innermost being are flood lit with divine enlightenment and witnessed by the Quran featuring Providence as the guide, and before the Quran by the Book of Mussa (Moses) feathering Allah's mercy on the Children of Israel and the spirit of truth guiding into all truth
11:18  And who is more wrongful of actions than he who lit relates to Allah falsehood! These and their like shall assemble themselves unto Allah, their Creator, in Day of Judgement and there and then be reprimanded by the witnesses- the angels, the Messengers and the men of piety saying: "These are they who related to Allah, their Creator, all they could devise of falsehood; wherefore the curse of Allah be on those who were wrongful of actions."
11:19  "Who stood in the way to prevent Allah's spirit of truth from guiding people into all truth, making it their aim to pervert the truth and crook the path of righteousness to their own ends, and never did they acknowledge the truth of the Hereafter."
11:20  These infidels and such persons are not in a position ever to overpower Allah nor escape-His retributive punishment. Nor do they have besides Him tutelary protectors to defend them. Their punishment shall be doubled in the train of their obstinacy against divine laws, their adherence to their opinions with their usual struggle to assert falsehood and obstruct the way to Allah's path of righteousness and of their persistence in closing their hearts' ears and their minds' eyes to Allah's discourse
11:21  These are they who have lost their own souls and have been forsaken and renounced by those whom they presumed to share with Allah His divine nature, who failed their expectation
11:22  It is no wonder shall they be great losers Hereafter
11:23  Indeed, those who acknowledged Allah and His Messengers with hearts impressed with the image of religious and spiritual virtues and deeds imprinted with wisdom and piety, and their innermost thoughts and being have been compliant with the will of Allah, their Creator, are they whom Allah shall richly gratify; they are the inmates of Paradise wherein they will have passed through nature to Eternity
11:24  The example of the two parties -those in favour of and those against Allah- stands similitude exact of the two partisans: the adherent to falsehood who is blind and dumb and the adherent to the truth who lifts to Allah his inward sight and opens his heart's ears to admonition. Are they equal for wisdom and integrity or do they deserve the same fate! Can you people not consider this matter and ponder My cause
11:25  We sent Nuh to his People with a divine message imparting knowledge of some particular fact and imbued with some graceful and specific attribute, he said to them: "My people I stand manifest of authority delegated to me by Allah, the Creator, to give you a cautionary notice with regard to your system of faith and worship"
11:26  "You must not worship but Allah, the Creator, Whom you should adore with appropriate acts and rites". "if you counsel deaf, then I fear for you an immense punishment on a Momentous Day"
11:27  But those of his people in whose hearts reigned vices, follies and falsehood said to him: "It is evident that you are no more than a mortal like the rest of us and we do not see that your cause has been espoused but by the abject among us who are deficient in sense and intelligence. Nor do we see that you people are merited with such an attribute distinguishing you or conferring on you an air of distinction; to the contrary we think you are liars"
11:28  Nuh said: "My people pause here and think, and think but this: What if Allah has enlightened my thoughts and my innermost being and imparted to me knowledge, wisdom and spiritual light and extended to me His mercy to which you are blind on account of lacking intellectual and spiritual light!" "Shall we", he added, "impose on you such spiritual enlightenment when you are prejudiced against it!"
11:29  "My people", he said: "I do not charge you a price for what I relate to you of Allah's divine message nor for the divine knowledge imparted to me. The reward for divine service rests only in the hands of Allah". "Nor can I dismiss those whose hearts have been touched with the divine hand or send them away on account of your despicable opinion of them or of viewing them with contempt. They shall meet with Allah, their Creator. in Day of Judgment when I shall have much to answer for". "But then I can see that you people are indeed in want of intellect and spiritual knowledge"
11:30  "Can you people tell me", he added, "who shall be able to defend me from Allah and avert His punishment if I dare to dismiss them !" "Can you not reflect!"
11:31  "I do not claim to be in possession of the treasuries of Allah, nor do I indulge in prophecy or claim to foretell future events or realize the unseen nor do I say to you I am an angel, or say to you that those whom you view with contempt shall be denied Allah's blessings. Allah knows best their innermost thoughts and feelings". "If I commit myself to such a line of conduct, then I am indeed wrongful of actions"
11:32  But they said to him: "O Nuh; you have argued to persuade us of your way you are resolved on and to steer our course of action. In fact, much have you argued. Bring down the promised retributive punishment if you are indeed declaring the truth."
11:33  He said to them: "But it is Allah Who causes His punishment to alight upon you if He will, frand never shall you be able to overpower Him nor escape His punishment."
11:34  "Nor shall my admonition profit you little or much even if I do my best if Allah should decide to lead you in the wrong in the- train of your ill-natured hearts which reflect the morbidity inherent in your innermost being. He is your Creator, and back to Him shall all of you inevitably return."
11:35  Or do they* say about you Muhammad "He has invented a false story and forged a long tale!" Say to them: "If I have wittingly forged what I am relating to you to make it seem divine, then I am responsible for my falsehood which will have become a crime, and I am innocent of all your wrong actions which render you criminal in Allah's sight."
11:36  Nuh was inspired by divine influence that: "No more of your people besides those who have already acknowledged the truth of your mission shall conform to Allah's will, therefore, do not be grieved at heart for what their minds and souls have impelled them to do."
11:37  "Build the Ark under Our supervision and according to Our inspired divine instructions. and do not plead with Me for those who are wrongful of actions they are destined to drown"
11:38  As he was building the Ark he was laughed at, as often as some of those in whose hearts reigned vices and follies went by, they laughed him to scorn. But he said to them: "If you consider us now the laughing-stock, soon enough shall you be the object of laughter and our mouth shall be filled with laughter as yours was
11:39  "In the end you shall know who is destined to receive the blow that put him to shame and incenses him with multiplied humiliations, and makes him suffer the ever-lasting punishment."
11:40  When Our command came to pass and the water bubbled up, rose in billows and erupted through the earth's surface inundating the land, We said to him: Carry with you on board ship a pair -a male and a female- of every kind or living creature (or possibly two pairs of each species) together with your family, except those against whom Allah has already pledged His word, and carry those who acknowledged the truth of your mission, they were but some few
11:41  Nuh said to those of his people whom he was about to carry: " Go on board ship and rest assured of Allah's mercy. In the Name of Allah shall be its free and secure floatation and when it comes to anchor; Allah, my Creator, is indeed Ghafurun (Forgiving) and Rahimun (Merciful)"
11:42  The Ark sailed through waves rising in billows and running mountains high. There and then did Nuh call upon his son who was in isolation, as it were, and said to him: "My son come with us on board ship and do not stay behind with the infidels who disobeyed Allah."
11:43  "I will have recourse" said the son, "to a mountain for shelter. It shall protect me from the overflowing water". "My son" ,said Nuh, "today and under the circumstances neither a mountain nor anything else shall serve as an expedient availing you against Allah's command except him to whom Allah extends His mercy". There, the abundant flow of water, rising in billows, intervened between them, and the son was among those destined to drown
11:44  There and then was a divine command pronounced to the weather -beaten earth, thus: "Engulf O earth your water and cease O heaven your rainfall", and the water subsided and the die was cast and the Ark rested securely upon Mount Judy -Gudy-*. and then it was said: "Away with those wrongful of actions."
11:45  There and then did Nuh pray saying: "O Allah, nay Creator, my son is an integral part of my family and Your promise is the truth personified; it is You Who give the law whereas all other judges just interpret it"
11:46  "He is not a part of your family", said Allah; piety was not an, attribute of your son. Your plea on behalf of your son is not an act of wisdom and piety, therefore, do not invoke Me for something whose consequence you do not know. I exhort you not to be one of those in want of intellect and spiritual knowledge."
11:47  Nuh said: "O Allah, my Creator, I commit myself to You counter the consequence accruing from an invocatory prayer with a result I do not know; and unless You forgive me and have mercy on me, I will inevitably be one of those born to be losers."
11:48  He was told: "Disembark O Nuh and go downhill with peace of mind, soul and conscience proceeding from us and with blessings upon you and those with you and upon their descendants who conform to Our will and upon succeeding generations; some We shall bless and others shall We put to the torment laid upon the damned."
11:49  This true historic account which We relate to you O Muhammad is a narrative of facts and events belonging to the unseen and the unknown. Neither you nor your people knew it before. Therefore, be patient and do realize that the good and happy outcome shall fall to those entertaining the profound reverence dutiful to Allah
11:50  Again, We sent to the people of 'Ad (the 'Adites), their brother, the Messenger Hud, who said to them: "O my people, worship Allah and adore Him with appropriate acts and rites; no Ilah have you but He. You are indeed a people who forge lies against Allah and criminally relate to Him falsehood."
11:51  "My people", he added, "I do not charge you a price for the divine message I relate to you; the reward for divine service is incumbent on Him Who created me and brought me into being. can you not reflect!"
11:52  "My people", he added, "invoke Allah's forgiveness and in lowliest plight stand to Him repentant of the way you conduct yourselves in life. He shall pour down upon you rain and blessings bringing you into a people of condition". "He shall add to your strength to make you stronger in influence and authority, in security of position and in moral power for endurance and effort, in will, purpose and character , in actions and attributes, that you may have great controlling power over things by reason of the possession of authority, resources and inherent qualities. Do not counsel deaf nor lose yourselves in a maze, precipitating your crime."
11:53  Nonetheless, they said to him: "You never, O Hud, presented to us a clear material evidence evincing your wisdom and the truth of your mission, nor shall we forsake our gods at your word and act accordingly, nor do we give credence to your message."
11:54  "We can only say", they added, "that some of our gods must have affected you physically with an inlay touch of demonic illusions". But Hud said to them: "Allah is my witness and so are you that I am absolutely innocent of your idolatry and of those whom you incorporate with Him."
11:55  " I am innocent Also, of all those whom you invoke besides Allah", wherefore I defy you all, you and your gods, to plot and scheme against me and to do all you can and give me no respite."
11:56  "In Allah, my creator and your Creator, do I trust; there is not an animate or inanimate being but He grasps by the forelock; He is the controlling power over the whole and all in all". "Indeed, Allah, my Creator, stands manifest of Justice and uniqueness of righteousness."
11:57  "Should they counsel deaf", said Allah, then say to them: "I have conveyed to you, my people, the divine message entrusted to me, and you must realize that Allah is indeed capable of replacing you by others and never can you harm Him nor frustrate". "Allah, my Creator, is indeed Vigilant and He keeps a vigilant eye upon the whole and upon all in all."
11:58  When Our command came to pass, We rescued Hud together with those who gave credence to his Mission and acknowledged Allah's message, an act of mercy vouchsafed by us to save them from a condign punishment
11:59  These were the people of 'Ad -the 'Adites- who just would not bow their hearts' ears to the divine revelations nor their minds' eyes to His signs betokening His Omnipotence and Authority, and they adhered to the same evil line of conduct espoused by every stubborn who plays the tyrant
11:60  By consequence, they were followed by a curse from Allah all their life, and it shall be worse Hereafter- Indeed, the 'Adites had disobeyed Allah, their Creator, and their hearts dared rise defiant against Him wherefore away from existence were put the 'Adites, the people of Hud
11:61  We sent also to the people of Thamud -The Thamudites- their brother the Messenger Saleh, who said to them: "O my people worship Allah and adore Him with appropriate acts and rites; You have no Ilah but Him. He raised you from the earth and made it the world you live on. Therefore, invoke His forgiveness and in lowliest plight stand repentant to Him of the way you conduct yourselves in life. Allah, my Creator, is indeed in the immediate proximity of the whole and of all in all and He responds to invocation."
11:62  But they said to him: "O Saleh, you have been thus far the hope that sprang eternal in our breasts, but we seem to be staking our very future on some dark hope. Do you want us to renounce the system of faith and worship adopted by our fathers! Indeed we question the validity of what you induce us to do and we think it excites suspicion."
11:63  There did Saleh say: " My people, pause here and think and think but this: what if Allah has enlightened my thoughts and my innermost being and imparted to me knowledge, wisdom and spiritual light and extended His mercy to me! Then, how can I neglect the duty of relating His message to the people when it has been entrusted to me. This shall be disobedience". "if I am to disobey Allah, who then can save me from His punishment!" "You people are simply trying to lead me into error and make me lose my way and incur privation of Allah's mercy."
11:64  "My people", he added, "this is the she -camel of Allah, representing a distinct sign symbolic of the truth of my mission. Let her graze upon the grass- land of Allah and do not lay hands on her nor meddle with her to harm, her, lest you would be overtaken by a dire punishment before long."
11:65  Thus still they disabled her by cutting her hamstring muscles, and there did Saleh say to them: "You have only three days to lust after your sinful system of faith and worship and after the way you conduct yourselves in life. This, is indeed, an irrevocable promise not proving untrue."
11:66  When Our command came to pass, We rescued Saleh and those who gave credence to his mission and acknowledged Allah's message, an act of mercy vouchsafed by us to save them from the shame and the multiplied humiliations incurred on that Momentous Day. Allah, your Creator is indeed AL-Qawiy(the Omnipotent) and AL- Aziz Who prevails against the whole and all in all
11:67  Direful was the one cry from heaven's realm, it stirred up a merciless blast which overtook the wrongful of actions. There, they were reduced to a useless form laying prostrate and dead under the ruins of their demolished home
11:68  Devastating was the blast and irretrievable was the disaster that they -the Thamudites- looked as if they never dwelt nor flourished whereat they perished. Indeed, the Thamudites had refused to acknowledge Allah, their Creator, and their hearts dared rise defiant against Him, wherefore away from existence were put the Thamudites
11:69  For once did Our Messengers -disguised angels- pay a visit to Ibrahim(Abraham) and intimate to him the good news -of begetting a son-. They greeted him with the expression of good will "Peace" which he returned to assure them they were welcomed. Thereafter he placed before them a generous meal of a fatted roasted calf
11:70  But when he noticed that they did not stretch out their hands to eat, back he recoiled apprehensive and pervaded with fear. They consoled him and in good will they said to him: "Do not be afraid; we have been sent to those sinful people of Lut(Lot)"
11:71  His wife, standing in dose proximity, overheard what was said and -laughed in her skepticism- or -in her joy-, and there, We announced to her the good news of begetting a son, Ishaq (Isa
11:72  There and then she exclaimed: "Dear me, shall I bear and give birth to a child in my age and my husband is an aged man! This is indeed exceptional to a degree that excites astonishment."
11:73  "Do you marvel" "said the Messengers, at the divine command proceeding from Allah! Allah's mercy and blessings be upon you and may all grace be made to abound in you people of the house of Prophethood." Allah is indeed worthy of all praise. He is the final cause of creation and the highest aim of intelligent creatures
11:74  Then when Ibrahim divested his robe of fear and his mind was returned to its settled- calmness and was joyful of the good news, he began to show thought and consideration for the people of Lut, pleading with us on their behalf
11:75  Forbearance was indeed an attribute of Ibrahim who constantly implored Allah with touching entreaties and lifted to Him his inward sight
11:76  But he was told: " Do not envelop yourself. Ibrahim within the folds of a matter already been decided by Allah; they are destined to suffer a condign punishment no expedient can avert."
11:77  When Our Messengers -disguised as youths- went to Lut, he felt grieved at heart -on account of his expectation- that his perverse people would act sinfully in such a circumstance and he just did not know what to do. Expressing his thoughts in words, he said: "This is indeed a distressful day."
11:78  His people went to him rushing and intending to precipitate the indecent and immoral act which they had long been practicing before. Lut, having been rushed in a sea of misery, said to them: "These are my daughters, if you wish to join them in wedlock! This will be virtuous and you will be acting with moral righteousness and conformity with inherent, natural, moral and religious laws." "Fear Allah" he said, "and shame me not before my noble guests; is there no one among you characterized by good sense and prudence!"
11:79  Thus still they said to him: "You know very well we do not need your daughters nor do we have the right to claim them; you know quite well what we want."
11:80  Not knowing what was to happen, Lut said: "If only I could subdue you at your peril or have a powerful support to lean on!"
11:81  There and then declared the messengers their identity and said to Lut: "we are Allah's Messengers, do not grieve at heart, they cannot touch you nor can they harm you; you just leave town together with your family at the dead hours of the night and make sure that none of you turns to look back in the direction from which you are going, but not your wife who is destined to suffer the same fate decreed for the others, and the morning is their zero hour, Is the morning not near upon!"
11:82  When Our command came to pass, We turned those cities - Sodom and Gomorrah- upside down and rained them with fire and successive brimstones as hard as baked clay
11:83  A punishment especially prepared in heaven's realm and it is not far from the wrongful of actions whom it marks for its own
11:84  We sent to the Midianites their brother, the Messenger Shuaib, who said to them: "My people: worship Allah and adore Him with appropriate acts and rites; no Ilah have you but He. You must not fraudulently scant the measure and the weight; I see that you are a people of condition and I do fear for you the punishment coming into play on a Momentous Day when all the guilty be surrounded and there is no escape."
11:85  "My people", he added, "I advise you to dispense the measure and the weight equitably to the full and not to scant peoples' goods and chattels, chattels personal and chattels real and chattels interest nor devalue what is valuable be it goods or possessions or an article of worth nor create discord or make mischief on earth."
11:86  "The legitimate profits you people gain lawfully according with piety and blessed by Allah are but an advantage to your cause if indeed your hearts are impressed with the image of religious and spiritual virtues". But you must remember, I am not here to watch over your innocence and folly."
11:87  Thus still they said to him: "Do your prayers, O Shuaib, and system of faith enjoin you to induce us to renounce Our father's system of faith and worship or that we must not use our money at will nor do with it what we will!". But we have always thought you were AL-Halim (the forbearing) and AL-Rashid (a man of mi
11:88  There did Shuaib say to them: "My people, pause here and think but this: what if Allah has enlightened my thoughts and my innermost being and imparted to me knowledge, wisdom and spiritual light and made His grace abound in me!" "I want you to realize", he added, "that I do not move you to this divine course of action to advantage myself behind your backs of your dishonest system of trading and its ill-gotten gains. My aim is only reform I wish to brew the best I can until the pious principle governs your thoughts and you abandon wrong - doing. My successful attainment of the desired end rests in the hands of Allah; in Him I trust and to Him I lift my inward sight
11:89  "My people", he said: "do not let my diversity of opinion and purpose incite you to sink deeper under the vexations of your minds lest you should be destined to suffer the same fate suffered by the people of Nuh or the people of Hud or the people of Saleh nor are the people of Lut far off from you chronologically, chronographically nor geographically."
11:90  "And invoke Allah, your Creator, for forgiveness and in lowliest plight stand to Him repentant of the way you conduct yourselves in life. Allah, my Creator, is indeed Rahimun and Wadud (the Merciful) Who comforts whom He sees in distress."
11:91  Thus still they said to him: "We can hardly, O Shuaib, grasp with the mind the comprehension you have of Allah, nor do we understand much of your discourse". " In fact we do see that among us, you are but a man wanting in strength and not at all influential, and were it not for your family, we would have pelted you with stones and you are not very strong to prevail against us."
11:92  " My people ", said Shuaib, "is my family more esteemed in your sight than Allah Whom you have cast behind your backs and consigned to oblivion ! Indeed, Allah, my Creator, is 'Alimun (Omniscient), of all that your minds and souls impel you to do."
11:93  Shuaib continued: "My people, you may pursue what your minds and souls impel you to do, but I am steering my course of action by guiding indications set by Providence Who guides to all truth". "And you shall soon come to know who shall be befallen with a humiliating punishment and who it is that lies and intentionally asserts falsehood. You just be on the watch for the justice prepared above in heaven's realm and I will also be on the watch."
11:94  When Our commend came to pass, We rescued Shuaib together with those who gave credence to his mission and acknowledged Allah's message, an act of mercy vouchsafed by us to whom We bless. And how direful was the one cry* from heaven's realm stirring up a merciless blast which overtook the wrongful of actions. They were reduced to a useless form and were laid prostrate and dead under the ruins of their demolished homes
11:95  Devastating was the blast and irretrievable was the disaster that they -the Madianites- looked as if they never dwelt nor flourished whereat they perished, wherefore away from existence were put the Madianites, just as the Thamudites were swept away
11:96  We sent Mussa(Moses) well equipped with signs serving to demonstrate delegated divine power and Authority
11:97  We sent him to Pharaoh and his people, but they rejected his principles which formed the basis of a chain of reasoning and followed those of Pharaoh whose principles were unprincipled
11:98  And as he -Pharaoh- lead his people in life below to the maze of error, he shall lead them like cattle to Hell Hereafter; evil indeed is the place they are led to
11:99  In consequence, they were followed by a curse from Allah all their life, a curse that shall be worse Hereafter. And evil indeed are the maledictions poured upon those who have come in life within the measure of Allah's wrath, a combination that is emblematic of a malignant fate
11:100  Such a historic account of the towns is a narrative of facts and events We relate to you O Muhammad; some of them are still standing -in evidence- and others have been mowed down
11:101  Never did Allah do injustice to them nor did We deprive them wrongfully of anything, but it was they who imprudently wronged themselves. Nor did their gods they invoked besides Him avail them anything nor did they afford them help when the command of Allah, your Creator, came to pass. To the contrary, they added to their ruin and incurred their privation of Allah's mercy
11:102  Thus much is the punishment of Allah, your Creator, when He overtakes the towns whose inhabitants are wrongful of actions and grow daily more and more wicked. The divine act of overthrowing the wicked is indeed painful and terrifying
11:103  Indeed, the narrative of these events represents convincing divine evidence of Allah's Omnipotence and Authority to those who dread the inevitable punishment in Day of Judgement, the Day when the whole shall assemble themselves unto Allah and be witnesses of their own past doings
11:104  The Day We delay but to a predetermined point of time
11:105  And when it -this Day-comes, trembling shall be so great that no one can utter a word but at Allah's command. Some sinking in a sea of misery and some rejoicing beyond a common joy
11:106  As for those sorely distressed, the intended end of their journey is Hell where they make abode wherein they pant, emitting with difficulty a deep breath and drawing with more difficulty a long breath, heaving sighs and giving vent sobs. In fact none will have ever brayed so pitifully
11:107  They shall remain within as long as the heavens and the earth last except as Allah wills; Allah, your Creator, does what He will
11:108  But those whom Allah has graced, shall make abode in Paradise wherein they will have passed through nature to Eternity that lasts pari passu with the duration of the heavens and the earth except as Allah wills, a divine authoritative bestowal that is continual and unceasing
11:109  Therefore, do not doubt -O Muhammad- the evil outcome of the system of faith and worship these people the -idolaters- follow. They follow but the same system their fathers have adopted before. We will apportion to them their share of punishment commensurate with their evil deeds, a punishment which shall neither be diminished nor be abated
11:110  Perhaps Allah will not subject them to annihilation here below on account of the Book -the Quran- which gives free circulation of divine enlightenment and information. The same course of action was adopted when We gave Mussa the Book - AL-Tawrah (the Torah)- and his people were disputant about it, and had it not been for Allah's word proclaimed beforehand to put punishment in respite, their Hereafter would have been planted in the now. Those people were as suspicious of AL- Tawrah, as your people -O Muhammad- are of the Quran
11:111  Nonetheless, both those and these and all and each shall Allah, your- Creator, requite with what is commensurate with their deeds; He is 'Alimun (Omniscient) indeed of all that their minds and souls impel them to do
11:112  Therefore, you Just tread -O Muhammad- together with those who turned to Allah the path of life and action in the manner ordained and lift to Him your inward sight the best you can so as to be men of singular piety, righteousness and virtue. But do not carry things to excess nor transgress. He is Bassirun (Omnipresent) and He sees all that your minds and souls impel you to do
11:113  Nor should your hearts be inclined to follow the wrongful of actions lest you come to be fuel for the Fire, and besides Allah you just have no tutelary protectors nor shall you be afforded the needed help
11:114  Observe your act of worship at both ends of the day -the early morning and the close of the day- and at the early hours of the night -following sunset and before bed time- and keep in mind that pious and virtuous deeds cancel evil deeds. This is simply a reminder for those who keep Allah in mind and lift to Him their inward sight
11:115  In patience possess you people your souls, therefore, be patient and remember that Allah does not annul, withhold or withdraw the fruit people are entitled to reap from deeds of wisdom and piety
11:116  If only there had been among the preceding generations a class of persons virtuous, strong and influential enough to warn people against corruption and to forbid mischief on earth and prohibit perversion as did the few of them whom We saved. But the wrongful of actions pursued pleasure, and lust after the mundane vanity they were entangled with, and were steeped in crime
11:117  Nor would Allah, your Creator, unjustly destroy the towns when their inhabitants are brewing reform and the fundamental truth governs their thoughts
11:118  And had Allah, your Creator, willed, He would have made mankind one single nation conforming to one religion. Nonetheless, their innate incongruity would have induced them to be thus still at variance
11:119  But not those whom Allah has graced with His mercy. In this Manner of freedom of choice and of thinking did He bring mankind into being. Thus has the word of Allah, your Creator, answered the purpose and complied with His decree, thus: "I will fill Hell with the Jinn together with mankind who were wrongful of actions, guilty of defiant impiety and whose lawless desires were seas scorning all bounds"
11:120  We relate to you O Muhammad these various narratives of the Messengers who were sent before you, representing their determined effort under difficulties to accomplish the necessary end. We narrate them to you to confirm your heart, do it good and strengthen it in purpose and action. In the recital of these facts, you shall find O Muhammad narratives with grace divine imbued, imparting the spirit of truth guiding into all truth , exhorting and reminding those whose hearts have been touched with the divine hand
11:121  Say O Muhammad to those infidels who deny Allah: "You may pursue what your minds and souls impel you to do, but we are steering our course of action by guiding principles set by Providence Who guides into all truth"
11:122  "And await the justice prepared above in heaven's realm; we will await it also."
11:123  To Allah, alone, belongs the knowledge of all that is unknown, invisible and unseen in the heavens and the earth, and to Him, the ultimate Authority are committed and submitted all matters and all affairs for consideration, decision and execution here and Hereafter. Therefore, worship Him and adore Him with appropriate acts and rites and put your trust in Him; He is never oblivious of all that you do