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10:1  Alif. Lam. Ra. These are the signs of the Wise Book
10:2  Is it a marvel for mankind that We have sent revelation unto a man from among themselves, [saying], “Warn mankind and give glad tidings to those who believe that they shall have a station of sincerity with their Lord”? The disbelievers say, “Surely this is a manifest sorcerer.
10:3  Truly your Lord is God, Who created the heavens and the earth in six days, then mounted the Throne, directing the affair. There is no intercessor, save by His Leave. That is God, your Lord; so worship Him! Will you not remember
10:4  Unto Him is your return all together; God’s Promise is true. Verily He originates creation, then He brings it back, that He may recompense with justice those who believe and perform righteous deeds. As for the disbelievers, theirs shall be a drink of boiling liquid and a painful punishment for having disbelieved
10:5  He it is Who made the sun a radiance, and the moon a light, and determined for it stations, that you might know the number of years and the reckoning [of time]. God did not create these, save in truth. He expounds the signs for a people who know
10:6  Surely in the variation of the night and the day and whatsoever God has created in the heavens and on the earth are signs for a people who are reverent
10:7  Truly those who anticipate not the meeting with Us, and who are content with the life of this world and feel secure therein, and who are heedless of Our signs
10:8  it is they whose refuge shall be the Fire for that which they used to earn
10:9  Truly those who believe and perform righteous deeds, their Lord guides them by their faith. They shall have rivers running below them in Gardens of bliss
10:10  Their supplication therein shall be, “Glory be to Thee, O God!” And therein their greeting shall be, “Peace.” And the conclusion of their supplication shall be, “Praise be to God, Lord of the worlds!
10:11  Were God to hasten evil for mankind, even as they would hasten the good, their appointed term would have been concluded. But We leave those who anticipate not the meeting with Us to wander confused in their rebellion
10:12  And when harm afflicts man, he calls upon Us, [lying] on his side, or sitting, or standing. Then, when We remove his affliction from him, he carries on as if he had not called upon Us concerning the harm that had befallen him. Thus is that which they used to do made to seem fair unto the prodigal
10:13  We have indeed destroyed generations before you when they did wrong, and their messengers brought them clear proofs, but they would not believe. Thus do We recompense the guilty people
10:14  Then We made you vicegerents upon the earth after them, that We might observe how you behave
10:15  And when Our signs are recited unto them as clear proofs, those who anticipate not the meeting with Us say, “Bring a Quran other than this, or alter it.” Say, “It is not for me to alter it of my own accord. I follow only that which is revealed unto me. Truly I fear, should I disobey my Lord, the punishment of a tremendous day.
10:16  Say, “Had God willed, I would not have recited it unto you; nor would He have made it known to you. Indeed, I tarried among you for a lifetime before it. Do you not understand?
10:17  And who does greater wrong than one who fabricates a lie against God or denies His signs? Surely the guilty will not prosper
10:18  They worship apart from God that which neither harms them nor benefits them. And they say, “These are our intercessors with God.” Say, “Would you inform God about something in the heavens or on the earth that He does not know? Glory be to Him and exalted is He above the partners they ascribe!
10:19  Mankind was but one community, then they differed. And if not for a Word that had preceded from thy Lord, judgment would have been made between them concerning that wherein they differed
10:20  And they say, “Why has no sign been sent down unto him from his Lord?” Say, “Truly the Unseen belongs to God alone. So wait! Truly I am among those waiting along with you.
10:21  When We make men taste mercy after hardship has befallen them, behold, they have a plot regarding Our signs. Say, “God is swifter in plotting.” Surely Our messengers record whatsoever you plot
10:22  He it is Who carries you over land and sea, even when you are sailing in ships, till, when they sail with them upon a favorable wind, and rejoice therein, there comes upon them a violent gale, and the waves come at them from every side, and they think they shall be encompassed by them. They call upon God, devoting religion entirely to Him: “If Thou savest us from this, we shall surely be among the thankful!
10:23  Then when He saves them, behold, they behave tyrannically upon the earth without right. O mankind! Your tyranny is only against yourselves—the enjoyment of the life of this world. Then unto Us shall be your return, whereupon We shall inform you of that which you used to do
10:24  The parable of the life of this world is that of water which We send down from the sky: the earth’s vegetation, from which men and cattle eat, mingles with it till, when the earth takes on its luster and is adorned, and its inhabitants think they have gained mastery over it, Our Command comes upon it by night or by day, whereupon We make it a mown field, as if it had not flourished the day before! Thus do We expound the signs for a people who reflect
10:25  And God calls unto the Abode of Peace, and guides whomsoever He will unto a straight path
10:26  Unto those who are virtuous shall be that which is most beautiful and more besides. Neither darkness nor abasement shall come over their faces. It is they who are the inhabitants of the Garden; they shall abide therein
10:27  And as for those who commit evil deeds, the recompense of an evil is one like it, and abasement shall overcome them. There will be none to protect them from God. [It will be] as if their faces are covered with dark patches of night. It is they who are the inhabitants of the Fire; they shall abide therein
10:28  On the Day when We shall gather them all together, then We shall say to those who ascribed partners unto God, “Stop there! You and your partners!” Then We shall separate them, and their partners will say, “It was not us whom you worshipped
10:29  God suffices as a Witness between you and us. We were heedless of your worship.
10:30  There and then every soul shall experience that which it did in the past, and they shall be brought back unto God, their true Master, and that which they used to fabricate will forsake them
10:31  Say, “Who provides for you from Heaven and earth? Who has power over hearing and sight? And who brings forth the living from the dead, and brings forth the dead from the living, and who directs the affair?” They will say, “God.” So say, “Will you not, then, be reverent?
10:32  That is God, your true Lord. What is there beyond truth but error? How, then, are you turned away
10:33  Thus the Word of thy Lord came due for those who are iniquitous: truly they believe not
10:34  Say, “Is there, among your partners, one who originates creation and then brings it back?” Say, “God originates creation, then brings it back. How, then, are you perverted?
10:35  Say, “Is there any among your partners who guides unto Truth?” Say, “God guides unto Truth. Is one who guides unto Truth worthier to be followed, or one who cannot guide unless he be guided? What ails you? How do you judge?
10:36  And most of them follow naught but conjecture. Truly conjecture does not avail against the truth in the least. Truly God knows what they do
10:37  This Quran could not have been fabricated [by anyone] apart from God; rather, it is a confirmation of that which came before it, and an elaboration of the Book in which there is no doubt, from the Lord of the worlds
10:38  Or do they say, “He has fabricated it”? Say, “Then bring a surah like it, and call upon whomsoever you can apart from God, if you are truthful.
10:39  Nay, but they deny that whose knowledge they cannot comprehend and whose interpretation has not yet come to them. Even so did those who were before them deny. So behold how the wrongdoers fared in the end
10:40  Among them are those who believe in it, and among them are those who do not believe in it, and thy Lord knows best the workers of corruption
10:41  And if they deny thee, say, “Unto me, my deeds, and unto you, your deeds. You are quit of that which I do, and I am quit of that which you do.
10:42  And among them are those who listen to thee. But dost thou make the deaf to hear, though they understand not
10:43  And among them are those who look at thee. But couldst thou guide the blind, though they see not
10:44  Truly God does not wrong human beings in the least, but rather human beings wrong themselves
10:45  On the Day when He shall gather them, it will be as if they tarried but an hour of the day, acquainting themselves with one another. Lost indeed are those who denied the meeting with God, and they were not rightly guided
10:46  Whether We show thee a part of that which We promise them, or We take thee, their return shall be unto Us. Then God is Witness over that which they do
10:47  For every community there is a messenger, and when their messenger comes, judgment shall be rendered between them with justice, and they will not be wronged
10:48  And they say, “When will this promise come to pass, if you are truthful?
10:49  Say, “I have no power over what harm or benefit may come to me, save as God wills. For every community there is a term. When their term comes, they shall not delay it by a single hour, nor shall they advance it.
10:50  Say, “Have you considered: if His Punishment should come upon you by night or by day, what part thereof would the guilty seek to hasten?
10:51  And then, when it comes to pass, will you believe in it? Now? While you once sought to hasten it
10:52  Then it shall be said unto the wrongdoers, “Taste the punishment everlasting. Are you recompensed for aught save that which you used to earn?
10:53  And they inquire of thee, “Is it true?” Say, “Yea, by my Lord it is true, and you cannot thwart [it].
10:54  Were it so that each soul that had done wrong possessed all that is on the earth, he would surely seek to ransom himself thereby, and they will hide their remorse when they see the punishment. And judgment shall be rendered between them with justice, and they will not be wronged
10:55  Truly unto God belongs whatsoever is in the heavens and on the earth. Verily God’s Promise is true, but most of them know not
10:56  He gives life and causes death, and unto Him shall you be returned
10:57  O mankind! There has come unto you an exhortation from your Lord, and a cure for that which lies within breasts, and a guidance and a mercy for the believers
10:58  Say, “In the Bounty of God and His Mercy—in that let them rejoice! It is better than that which they amass.
10:59  Say, “Have you seen that which God sent down unto you for provision? Then you made some of it forbidden and some lawful.” Say, “Has God granted you leave, or do you fabricate against God?
10:60  What will those who fabricate lies against God conjecture on the Day of Resurrection? Truly God is Possessed of Bounty for mankind, but most of them do not give thanks
10:61  Thou art not upon any task, nor dost thou recite any part of the Quran, nor do you perform any deed, save that We are a Witness over you when you engage therein. Not a mote’s weight evades thy Lord on earth or in Heaven, nor smaller than that nor larger, but that it is in a clear Book
10:62  Behold! Truly the friends of God, no fear shall come upon them, nor shall they grieve
10:63  those who believe and are reverent
10:64  For them are glad tidings in the life of this world and in the Hereafter. There is no altering the Words of God. That is the great triumph
10:65  And let not their speech grieve thee. Truly might belongs altogether to God; He is the Hearing, the Knowing
10:66  Behold! Truly unto God belongs whosoever is in the heavens and whosoever is on the earth. And what is it that they follow, those who call upon partners apart from God? They follow naught but conjecture, and they do but surmise
10:67  He it is Who made the night for you, that you might rest therein, and the day by which to see. Truly in that are signs for a people who hear
10:68  They say, “God has taken a child.” Glory be to Him! He is the Self-Sufficient. Unto Him belongs whatsoever is in the heavens and whatsoever is on the earth. You have no authority for this. Do you say about God that which you know not
10:69  Say, “Surely those who fabricate a lie against God will not prosper.
10:70  An enjoyment in this world, then unto Us shall be their return, and We shall make them taste severe punishment for their having disbelieved
10:71  And recite unto them the story of Noah, when he said to his people, “O my people! If my presence is grievous to you, and [so too] my reminding of the signs of God, then in God do I trust. So decide on your plan, you and your partners; then let there be no doubt concerning your plan, but carry it out against me, and grant no respite
10:72  And if you turn your backs, I have not asked of you any reward. My reward lies only with God, and I am commanded to be among those who submit.
10:73  Yet, they denied him. So We saved him and those with him in the Ark. And We made them vicegerents, and We drowned those who denied Our signs. So observe how those who were warned fared in the end
10:74  Then, after him, We sent messengers unto their people, and they brought them clear proofs. But it was not for them to believe in that which they had denied beforehand. Thus do We set a seal upon the hearts of the transgressors
10:75  Then, after them, We sent Moses and Aaron with Our signs to Pharaoh and his notables. But they waxed arrogant, and they were a guilty people
10:76  So when the Truth came unto them from Us, they said, “Surely this is manifest sorcery!
10:77  Moses said, “Do you say [this] about the truth when it comes unto you? Is this sorcery? The sorcerers will not prosper.
10:78  They said, “Have you come unto us to turn us away from that which we found our fathers following, so that grandeur in the land might belong to you two? We will not believe in the two of you!
10:79  Pharaoh said, “Bring me every knowing sorcerer.
10:80  And when the sorcerers came, Moses said to them, “Cast what you would cast.
10:81  And when they cast, Moses said, “That which you have produced is sorcery; God will soon bring it to naught. Surely God does not allow the deeds of those who work corruption to flourish
10:82  God verifies the truth through His Words, though the guilty be averse.
10:83  But none believed in Moses, save some progeny from among his people, for fear of Pharaoh and his notables, that he would oppress them; for truly Pharaoh was exalted in the land, and he was indeed among the prodigal
10:84  And Moses said, “O my people! If you believe in God, then trust in Him, if you are submitters.
10:85  And they said, “In God do we trust. Our Lord! Make us not a temptation for the wrongdoing people
10:86  And save us through Thy Mercy from disbelieving people.
10:87  And We revealed unto Moses and his brother, “Appoint for thy people houses in Egypt, and make your houses places of worship and perform the prayer, and give glad tidings unto the believers.
10:88  Moses said, “Our Lord! Truly Thou hast given Pharaoh and his notables ornament and wealth in the life of this world, our Lord, so that they may lead astray from Thy way. Our Lord! Blot out their wealth and harden their hearts, so that they will not believe till they see the painful punishment.
10:89  He said, “Your supplication has been answered. So stand firm, and follow not the way of those who know not.
10:90  We carried the Children of Israel across the sea, and Pharaoh and his hosts pursued them out of envy and enmity till, when drowning overtook them, he said, “I believe that there is no god but the One in whom the Children of Israel believe, and I am among those who submit.
10:91  Now, though previously you disobeyed and were among the workers of corruption
10:92  Today We shall save you in your body that you might be a sign unto those who come after you. Yet many among mankind are heedless of Our signs
10:93  Certainly We settled the Children of Israel in a sure settlement, and We provided them with good things. They differed not till knowledge came unto them. Thy Lord will surely judge between them on the Day of Resurrection concerning that wherein they differed
10:94  So if thou art in doubt concerning that which We have sent down unto thee, ask those who recite the Book before thee. The truth has certainly come unto thee from thy Lord. So be thou not among the doubters
10:95  And be not thou among those who deny the signs of God, lest thou shouldst be among the losers
10:96  Truly those for whom the Word of thy Lord has come due will not believe
10:97  though every sign should come unto them, till they see the painful punishment
10:98  Why has not a single town believed and benefitted from its belief, other than the people of Jonah? When they believed, We removed from them the punishment of disgrace in the life of this world, and We granted them enjoyment for a while
10:99  And had thy Lord willed, all those who are on the earth would have believed all together. Wouldst thou compel men till they become believers
10:100  It is not for a soul to believe, save by God’s Leave. And He lays defilement upon those who understand not
10:101  Say, “Observe that which is in the heavens and on the earth.” But neither signs nor warnings avail a people who believe not
10:102  Do they wait for aught save the like of the days of those who passed away before them? Say, “So wait! Truly I am waiting along with you.
10:103  Then We save Our messengers and those who believe. Thus is it incumbent upon Us to save the believers
10:104  Say, “O mankind! If you are in doubt concerning my religion, then [know that] I worship not those whom you worship apart from God; rather, I worship God, Who shall take you [unto Himself]. And I am commanded to be among the believers
10:105  and ‘Set thy face toward the religion as a ?anif, and be thou not among the idolaters
10:106  And call not, apart from God, upon that which neither benefits thee, nor harms thee. For if thou dost so, thou shalt surely be among the wrongdoers.’
10:107  And if God should touch thee with affliction, none can remove it save He; and if He desires some good for thee, none can hold back His Bounty. He causes it to fall upon whomsoever He will among His servants. And He is the Forgiving, the Merciful
10:108  Say, “O mankind! The Truth has come unto you from your Lord. Whosoever is rightly guided is only rightly guided for the sake of his own soul, and whosoever is astray is only astray to its detriment. And I am not a guardian over you.
10:109  And follow that which has been revealed unto thee, and be patient till God renders judgment, and He is the best of judges