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10:1  ALif, Laam, Raa. These are the verses of the book of wisdom
10:2  Were people surprised that We sent (Our) revelation to a man in their midst? It is to forewarn people and to hand down the good news to those who opt to believe. Theirs is the status of honor with their Lord! The unbelievers (however) said, "Surely, he is nothing but a clever magician!"
10:3  Allah, your Lord, is the One Who created the heavens and the earth in six periods of time. He then, mounted His throne; He manages and administers His domain. No one can intervene without His permission! Such is Allah, your Lord! So, worship Him! Do you not pay attention
10:4  You will return to Him, all of you! Allah´s promise is inviolable! He initiates (the process of) creation and He will renew it, so that He may justly reward those who believe and do good deeds. Because of their rejection, the unbelievers will receive scalding hot water to drink and a painful punishment
10:5  He made the sun bright; He made the moon lustrous and destined several stages for it, so you may count the years and have a calendar! Allah created all that with a supreme purpose! He expands the significance of His signs for any nation with understanding
10:6  Surely, for any nation that fears, there is ample proof in the (alternation of the) night and the day, as well as in that which Allah has created in the heavens and the earth
10:7  There are those who do not entertain any thoughts of meeting Us (after death) and are contented and well pleased with the life of this world. They are the ones who totally ignore Our proofs
10:8  Fire shall be their abode because of the (evil) deeds they commit in this life
10:9  As for those who believe and do good deeds, Allah will guide them to a place _ the blissful garden of paradise _ through which run the rivers. All that is in return for their belief
10:10  There, they will say, "Exalted are You, our Lord"; their salutation there will be "Peace!" They will conclude their prayers by saying, "All praise is for Allah, the Lord of the universe!"
10:11  The matter would have been put to rest, had Allah also rushed to harm them like they run after the worldly gains (and riches)! We have abandoned those who do not expect to meet Us; they are absorbed in their rebellious defiance
10:12  When calamity strikes man, he continually calls Us ___ reclining, sitting and standing. When We relieve his distress, he turns back, as if he had never called Us during times of distress. Thus, (Allah has so ordained that) to those guilty of excess, their deeds appear adorable
10:13  We annihilated many towns prior to you, because their residents became unjust and evil. The messengers brought them clear proofs, yet they were determined not to believe! This is how We punish the criminal nations
10:14  After them, We had you inherit the earth, to see how you act
10:15  Those not expecting to meet Us (after death), listen to the unambiguous verses recited to them and they say, "Bring us a different Qur´an or at least change it!" Tell them, "I cannot change it of my own accord. I only follow that which was revealed to me. I fear the punishment on that great day, if I were to disobey my Lord."
10:16  Say, "Had Allah so willed, I would not have recited it to you, nor talked to you about it. Prior to this, I have spent my entire life with you. Do you not think about it?"
10:17  Who could be worse than the one inventing lies about Allah and modifying His verses? Surely, (such) criminals do not prosper
10:18  They worship, besides Allah, those who could not inflict any harm upon them, nor grant them any benefits. They say, "They will intercede (on our behalf) with Allah." Say, "Are you telling Allah that? Is it something He is not aware of in the heavens and the earth?" He is exalted and far above all that they are ascribing
10:19  To begin with, people had only one religion. Later on, they differed. Their disputes would have been settled, but the word has already gone out from your Lord (that this world is a test, the next is for punishment and reward)
10:20  They say, "Why has he not been granted a miracle from his Lord?" Say, "The divine secret is Allah´s domain exclusively. So, go ahead, keep watch! Surely, I too am waiting along with you!"
10:21  When We let the bad times go by, and let people enjoy Our blessings, they start playing games with Our verses (and commands). Say, "Allah is really swifter at playing such tricks." Our angels are writing down all that you are plotting and scheming
10:22  He lets you move about in the world, by land and by sea. As they sail by ship well pleased by the favorable winds, suddenly the weather turns nasty and the waves come slapping about from all directions. They feel overwhelmed. At such a time they abandon all others and call Allah exclusively. Pleading solely to Him, they say, "If only You rescue us now, we would stay grateful forever."
10:23  When We rescue them, they go back to doing injustice and oppression in this world, in defiance of the truth. "Oh people, when you commit an outrage, you actually do so upon your own selves. Your possessions are mere provisions for the life of this world. Then you have to return to Us. At that time We shall tell you everything you used to do."
10:24  The example of the life of this world: He caused water to come down from the sky, causing all kinds of plants to grow _ food for man as well as cattle. Once the land turns lush and green and the residents believe this to be their destiny, suddenly Our orders arrive by day or by night and the land is left barren and in ruins _ as if it never had been green. Thus, He explains the signs in detail for the nation that ponders
10:25  Allah calls towards the house of peace. He guides, whomever He wants, towards the straight path
10:26  Those doing good deeds shall receive gratifying rewards _ and then some. Dark shadows and disgrace will not cover their faces. They shall be the residents of paradise, and they shall stay there forever
10:27  But those committing evil deeds shall receive punishment equal to their deeds. Disgrace will drench them from above. They shall have nobody to rescue them. Their faces would be dark, as if night has come to settle over them. They are the inmates of the hell-fire; in it shall they stay forever
10:28  That day, We will gather all of them together. Then, to those guilty of ´shirk´ (associating partners with Allah), We will say, "Stay where you are, you as well as your partners!" We will separate them. Those partners will then cry out, "You never worshipped us at all!"
10:29  "Allah is sufficient as a witness between us. We were, of course, totally oblivious of your worship."
10:30  There, all souls will assess their past deeds, and they will be referred back to Allah, their real Patron. None of their fabricated lies would be of any avail to them
10:31  Say, "Who grants you provisions from the sky, and from the earth? And who holds sway over the ears and the eyes? Who causes the living to emerge from the dead, and the dead from the living? Who regulates all these things?" They will concur and reply, "Allah!" Say, "Do you then, not fear Him?"
10:32  Such is Allah, your true Lord! Apart from the truth, what else is there, except lies (and misguidance)? So, where are you turning away to
10:33  Thus, your Lord´s word came to pass for the sinners. Surely, they are the ones who do not believe
10:34  Say, "Does any of the partners (you ascribe to Allah) initiates creation, and then renews it?" Say, "Allah has initiated the creation and He will start it anew. So, aren´t you being misled?"
10:35  Ask them, "Does any of the partners (you ascribe) guides towards the truth?" Say, "Allah guides towards the truth! So, which one merits your obedience? The one who guides towards the truth, or the one who does not, and instead remains in need of guidance? What is the matter with you? How do you make your choices?"
10:36  Most of them follow nothing but conjectures. When it comes to the truth, conjectures do not suffice at all. Surely, Allah has the real knowledge of what they are doing
10:37  This Qur´an isn´t a thing any one can invent, except Allah. Indeed, it confirms and expands upon the scriptures that already exist _ (the Torah and the Gospels). It contains nothing doubtful; and it is from the Lord of the Universe
10:38  Do they say he has made it up himself? If you are truthful, bring just one such chapter; and except Allah, call any one you can (to help)
10:39  Actually, they rejected that, (the Qur´an), which they failed to comprehend. Its full significance has yet not dawned upon them. Those before them, too, had rejected! So, observe their fate! What became of the evildoers
10:40  There are those among them who believe, and those who do not. Your Lord is better aware of the mischief-makers
10:41  Should they reject you, say, "I have my task and you have yours; you are absolved of anything I do, just as I am blameless for your acts."
10:42  Among them are those who seem to hear you. Would you then, try to make the deaf hear, even though he understands nothing
10:43  Among them are those who appear to look at you! Will you then try to guide the blind, even though he sees nothing
10:44  Surely, Allah does not oppress people unjustly. Rather, people treat their own selves unjustly
10:45  That day, We will gather them together. They will feel as if they did not stay (in this world) for more than just a single hour of a day, and only to get to know each other. They became the losers because they rejected the inevitable meeting with Allah! They were not well guided
10:46  We may let you witness some of what We have promised them, or We may first give you death. Towards Us is their return journey! Allah is the witness of everything they have done
10:47  Each generation had its messenger. Once the message is delivered, the matter is decided justly. Nobody is dealt with unfairly
10:48  They ask, "If you are truthful, when will that promise come about?"
10:49  Say, "I do not have power to harm or benefit even myself, except what Allah wants. Each generation has an appointed time! When the time comes, it can neither be advanced nor delayed, even by a moment."
10:50  Say, "The punishment might come any time during the night or the day. What do you think? What would the criminals accomplish by seeking to hasten it?"
10:51  "Are you planning to believe after it comes, and is already upon you?" (They will be told), "Now (you believe)! You had wanted to hasten it!"
10:52  The evildoers would be told, "Taste the eternal torment! Could your reward be any different from what your actions deserve?"
10:53  They ask you to counsel them, "Is it the absolute truth?" Say, "It is, I swear by my Lord! It is surely the truth! And you cannot prevent it!"
10:54  Had each sinful soul owned everything in this world, it will be ready to offer the entire world as a ransom. As they see the torment, they will conceal their regret and remorse. Their matter will be decided and put to rest with justice. They shall not be treated unjustly
10:55  Beware! Everything in the heavens and on the earth belongs to Allah! Be very sure! The promise of Allah is absolutely true! Yet most people do not know
10:56  He gives life and He gives death, and to Him you shall all return
10:57  Oh you people! An advice has come to you from your Lord. It is the remedy for (doubt,) that which lies within the heart. It is the guidance and mercy for all those who believe
10:58  Say, "They should be pleased with the mercy and the blessing of Allah. It is far better than what they amass!"
10:59  Say, "What about the provisions Allah has sent down for you? (On your own), you declare some (of them) to be unlawful, others lawful. Has Allah permitted you to do that? Or do you invent lies about Allah?"
10:60  What do they _ those inventing lies about Allah _ think about the Day of Judgment? Allah is very generous to His servants, but most of them are ungrateful
10:61  We personally observe all your affairs, whether you recite from the Qur´an, or are absorbed in any other activity! Not a single particle on earth, or in the heavens __ nor anything smaller or larger __ is ever out of your Lord´s attention. Everything is clearly spelled out in a clear record
10:62  Beware! The friends of Allah shall have no fear; nor shall they ever grieve (or be sorry)
10:63  Those who believe and guard against evil
10:64  The glad tidings are for them in this world, and in the afterlife. The words of Allah are immutable! That, indeed, is a tremendous triumph
10:65  Let their remarks not aggrieve you! Honor and power of all sorts belong to Allah! He hears all and knows all
10:66  Beware! Everyone in the heavens and on the earth belongs to Allah! Those calling others besides Allah are not following any ´partners´ (of Allah). They merely run with their assumptions. They only indulge in conjectures
10:67  He has made the night, so you may find rest; and He has made the day bright. Surely, in it are proofs for any nation willing to listen
10:68  They say, "Allah has taken a son!" Exalted is He! He is free of all needs! Everything in the heavens and on the earth belongs to Him! Do you have an authority to say that? Or do you claim about Allah that, concerning which you have no knowledge?"
10:69  Say, "Liars, who invent falsehood about Allah, do not prosper!"
10:70  Their possessions are but small provisions for this life only! Later, they must journey back to Us! Then, because of their disbelief, We shall have them taste a severe torment
10:71  Recite the story of Nooh to them. He said to his people, "Oh my people! Is my presence and my advice, based on the revelations of Allah, too harsh for you to bear? I place my trust in Allah. Get together with the partners (you ascribe to Allah) and decide your plan. Let neither grief nor anxiety hold you back! Go ahead, do your worst to me. Do not allow me a respite!"
10:72  "Should you turn away, remember! I did not ask any remuneration from you! My reward is only with Allah! I have been ordered to be obedient (to Him alone)!"
10:73  They rejected him! So, aboard a ship, We rescued him, and those with him. We appointed them the successors, and We drowned those who rejected Our signs! Now, observe the fate of those who had been forewarned
10:74  Then, after him We raised other messengers, who brought clear proofs to other people. (But) nothing changed their minds. They failed to accept that which they had rejected at the outset. Thus, We place a seal on the hearts of those guilty of excess
10:75  Later, We raised Musa and Haroon, armed them with Our clear proofs and sent them to the Pharaoh and his chiefs. But, haughtily they rejected the proofs. They were indeed, a criminal nation
10:76  When confronted with the proofs revealed by Us, they said, "Surely, it is just witchcraft!"
10:77  Musa responded, "Is that how you treat the truth when it comes to you? You call it magic? The magicians, however, never thrive!"
10:78  They said, "We found our parents upon a particular way. Have you come to direct us away from the religion of our parents, so that your authority may prevail in the land? We are not going to believe the two of you!"
10:79  The Pharaohs ordered, "Have all the expert magicians summoned before me!"
10:80  When the magicians arrived, Musa said to them, "Cast your spells, if you would!"
10:81  When they did, Musa said, "Surely, what you have wrought is just magic! Allah will inactivate it! Allah does not correct the acts of the mischievous ones!"
10:82  And with His words, Allah affirms the truth, much to the chagrin of the criminals
10:83  Nobody, except a few of his people believed in Musa. (Nonetheless) they feared harassment by the Pharaoh and his people! In the land, the Pharaoh was overbearingly powerful; he was surely guilty of excess
10:84  And Musa said, "Oh my people! If you believe in Allah and are obedient, you must place your trust in Him!"
10:85  They responded, "In Allah do we trust! Oh our Lord, do not turn us into a test for the evil nation!"
10:86  "And by Your mercy, rescue us from the unbelieving nation!"
10:87  We sent revelation to Musa and his brother ordering them to pick a house for their people in Egypt, to turn it into a Qibla (a place to face during prayers), and to establish the ´salat´. Give the glad tidings to the believers
10:88  And Musa said, "Our Lord, You surely have given the Pharaoh and his chiefs wealth and adornments in the life of this world. Our Lord, this so they lead people away from Your way. Our Lord! Efface their wealth and stiffen their hearts. Let them not believe, right until they witness the agonizing punishment!"
10:89  (Allah) said, "Your prayers have been accepted! Remain steadfast (you two)! And do not adopt the ways of those who do not know!"
10:90  And We had the Israelites traverse the river. With hostile intentions, the Pharaoh followed with his armies; he sought revenge. When he became sure of drowning, he cried out, "I now believe! There is no god except Allah, in whom the Israelites believe. I hereby submit! I am a Muslim!"
10:91  "Now you believe! You hadn´t before! And you were among the mischievous ones!"
10:92  "Today, We shall preserve your mortal remains, so you may become a lesson for your successors! Most people are really unmindful of Our signs!"
10:93  We gave the Israelites really nice residences and granted them good provisions. Yet they began disputing after the knowledge had already come to them. On the Day of Judgment, your Lord will surely dispense His decision regarding everything they quarreled about
10:94  Should you be in doubt about the revelation sent by Us, ask those before you, who are used to reciting the (divine) book. Indeed, the absolute truth from your Lord has come to you. Do not hesitate or entertain doubts
10:95  And do not be among those who refuse to heed the signs of Allah, else you will be the loser
10:96  There are those against whom the word of your Lord has come to pass. They will not believe
10:97  Not even when confronted by all the signs! Not until they see the agonizing punishment by themselves
10:98  Except the people of Yunus, no town benefited by their belief (after witnessing the punishment). We lifted the humiliating punishment from them in the life of this world; We had them enjoy the benefits for a while
10:99  Had your Lord so wished, every soul upon this earth __ every single one of them __ would believe. Can you then, force people to believe
10:100  No soul can believe except with Allah´s permission! And He hurls filth upon those who refuse to think and pay attention
10:101  Say, "Look at what lies in the heavens and on earth!" All the signs and all the warnings fail to convince those who just would not believe
10:102  Are they waiting for such hard times to afflict them as afflicted the earlier people? Tell them, "Go ahead and wait! I, too, shall wait along with you!"
10:103  Then, We rescued Our messengers and those who believed. Thus, it is mandatory for Us to rescue all believers
10:104  Say, "Oh you people! If you have doubts about my way, know it that I do not worship those whom you worship besides Allah. Rather, I worship Allah, the same One Who gives death to all of you! I am commanded to be a believer."
10:105  "And to stand firm on faith, forsaking all else, and not to be amongst those who associate partners with Him!"
10:106  Do not implore anyone other than Allah. No one (but Allah) can grant you any benefits, nor cause you any harm! Otherwise, you surely would be among the evil doers
10:107  If Allah inflicts a distress upon you, no body can grant relief except He. If He wants to grant you a favor, no one can deflect His blessing away from you. He sends His mercy upon any of His servants He wants. And He is the most Forgiving and the most Kind
10:108  Say, "Oh you people! The truth has come to you. It is from your Lord! So, whoever accepts the guidance, does so for his own good. Whoever fails to do so, will only lead himself astray. I am not a guardian over you."
10:109  Keep following that which is revealed to you, and remain steadfast, right until Allah pronounces His verdict. He is absolutely the Best of the judges