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9:1  Innocence from Allah and His Messenger to those who you covenanted among the polytheists.
9:2  So, tour within the earth for four months, and know that you cannot disable Allah, and surely Allah will disgrace the infidels.
9:3  And an announcement from Allah and His Messenger to the people on the grand pilgrimage day that Allah is innocent from the polytheists, and so is His Messenger. So, if you repented, So it is a goodness for you; and if you turned away - so know that you will not disable Allah. And preach those who disbelieved with a painful torment.
9:4  Except for those among the polytheists with whom you covenanted, and they did not decrease you of a thing, nor raise anyone against you. So, fulfill to them their covenant till their time extension. Surely, Allah loves the pious.
9:5  So, when the Sacred Months have sloughed, so kill the polytheists wherever you find them. And take them, and besiege them, and sit in wait for them at every Observatory place. So, if they repented, and established the prayers, and brought the zakat, so release their access. Surely, Allah is Forgiver, Merciful.
9:6  And if a one among the polytheists asks you to shield him, so shield him until he hears Allah’s words; then reach him to his secure place. That is because they are a kinsfolk not knowing.
9:7  How would there be for the polytheists a covenant with Allah and with His Messenger, except those with whom you covenant at the Sacred Mosque? So, as they are upright for you, be upright for them. Surely, Allah loves the pious.
9:8  How? And if they arise over you, they are not respecting, in you a kinship nor a pact. They are satisfying you with their mouths, but their cores refuse, and most of them are debauchees.
9:9  They purchased with Allah's verses a little price, so they hindered about His access. Surely it was bad what they were working on.
9:10  They are not respecting in a believer a kinship nor a pact. And these are the transgressors.
9:11  So, if they repented, and established the prayers, and gave the zakat, then they are your brethren in the religion and We detail the verses for a knowing kinsfolk.
9:12  And if they renege their oaths after their covenant, and appeal in your religion, so fight the infidelity’s imams, they have no oaths, perhaps they may be ending.
9:13  Will you not fight a kinsfolk who reneged their oaths, and interested to exit the messenger out, and they had started the first time on you? Are you awed of, them? So, Allah is more righteous to awe of Him, if you were believers.
9:14  Fight them. Allah torments them with your hands, and disgraces them, and victories you against them, and heals a believing kinsfolk chest.
9:15  And He will go away, their core's wrath. And Allah repents upon whoever He wills. And Allah is Knower, Wise.
9:16  Or do you consider that you will be quitting, and Allah will not be knowing who among you was efforted, and not taking a collaboration without Allah and His messenger, and the believers? And Allah is with what you are working, Expert.
9:17  It was not for the polytheists to populate Allah’s mosques, witnessing against themselves with infidelity. Those were their works inhibited, and in the Fire, they were immortals.
9:18  Surely Allah’s mosques are only populated with whoever believed in Allah and the Last Day and established the prayers and gave the zakat and did not awe, except Allah, so perhaps those are among the guided ones.
9:19  Do you set up watering the pilgrims and the construction of the Sacred Mosque as like who believed in Allah and the Last Day and efforted in Allah’s access? They are not equal with Allah. And Allah does not guide the oppressor kinsfolk.
9:20  Those who believed, and emigrated, and efforted in Allah’s access with their money and themselves, are of a greater degree with Allah. These are the winners.
9:21  Their Lord preaches them of a mercy from Him and a satisfaction, and paradises for them therein is a resident grace.
9:22  Immortals therein forever. Surely, Allah has with Him a great wage.
9:23  O you who have believed, do not take your parents or your brothers as guardians if they have loved the infidelity over the faith. And whoever guardians them among you, so those are the oppressors.
9:24  Say: If your parents, and your sons, and your brethren, and your wives, and your tribe, and money you have perpetrated and a trade which you awe its stagnation, and dwellings you are satisfying with, are more beloved to you than Allah and His messenger and an effort in His access: so, lie in wait until Allah brings His command. And Allah does not guide the debaucherous’ kinsfolk.
9:25  Allah has already victoried you in many regions; and on a day of Hunaiyn, when your plenty admired you, so it did not avail, about you a thing; and the earth was narrowed upon you with what it was widened; then you turned away, backsliders.
9:26  Then Allah sent down His serenity upon His Messenger, and upon the believers; and He sent down troops you did not see them; and He tormented those who disbelieved. And that is the infidels' penalty.
9:27  Then, Allah is repenting after that upon whoever He wills. And Allah is Forgiver, Merciful.
9:28  O you who believed! Surely, the polytheists only are a filth so let them not approach the Sacred Mosque after this year of theirs. And if you fear a privation, so Allah will enrich you among His bounty, if He wills. Surely, Allah is Knower, Wise.
9:29  Fight those who are not believing in Allah, nor in the Last Day, nor forbidding what Allah and His Messenger have forbidden, nor religioning, the right religion, from among those who were given the Book, until they pay the tribute out of hand, and they are slavish.
9:30  And the Jews said, “Ezra is Allah’s son,” and the Christians said, “The Messiah is Allah’s son.” That is said with their mouths. They emulate the say of those who disbelieved before. Allah fought them! How they are faking.
9:31  They have taken their rabbis and their monks as lords without Allah, and the Messiah Mary’s son. And they were not commanding except to worship one God. There is no God except Him. Glorified is Him above what they are associating.
9:32  They want to extinguish Allah’s light with their mouths, and Allah is refusing except that completing His light, even though the infidels are hating.
9:33  He is the one who sends His Messenger with the guidance and the right religion, to raise it over the whole religion, even though the polytheists are hating.
9:34  O you who believed! Surely, many among the rabbis and the monks will eat the people's money with the void and are hindering about Allah's access. And those who are treasuring the gold and the silver, and are not spending them in Allah’s access, so, preach them with a painful torment.
9:35  On a Day when it will be flamed upon it in Gohanam fire, so will be branded with it, their foreheads, and their sides, and their backs: “This is what you treasured for yourselves; so, taste what you were treasuring.”
9:36  Surely, the months count with Allah are twelve months, in Allah’s Book on a Day when He created the skies and the earth, among which four of them are sacred. That is The Valuable Religion. So do not oppress yourselves in them. And fight the polytheists’ totally, as they fight you totally, and know that Allah is with the pious.
9:37  Surely, the postponement is only an increase in the infidelity, with which those who disbelieved are led astray? They permit (Halal) it one year, and forbid it another year, to adjust with it a count of what Allah has forbidden, so they permit (Halal) what Allah has forbidden. Their bad works were prettified for them. And Allah does not guide the infidel kinsfolk.
9:38  O you who believed! What is with you, when it is said to you, “Advance in Allah’s access,” you cling heavily to the earth? Are you satisfied with the Dunya life (of this world) rather than the Hereafter? So, the enjoyment of the Dunya life in the Hereafter is not, except a little.
9:39  If you do not advance, He torments you with painful torment, and will replace you with another kinsfolk, and you will not harm Him of a thing. And Allah is over everything competent.
9:40  If you do not victory him, Allah has already victoried him, when those who disbelieved exited him out, and he was the second of two when they were in the cave. He said to his friend, “Do not grieve, surely Allah is with us.” So, Allah sent down His serenity upon him, and supported him with troops you did not see, and set up the word of those who disbelieved the lowest, and Allah’s word is the Highest. And Allah is Mighty, Wise.
9:41  Advance lightly or heavily, and effort by your money and yourselves in Allah’s access. That is a goodness for you, if you were knowing.
9:42  If it was a near offer, and a proposed journey, they would have followed you; but the distance was too far upon them. And they will swear by Allah: “Had we could, we would exit out with you.” They are destroying themselves, and Allah knows that they are liars.
9:43  May Allah pardon you! Why should you permit them, until it was declared to you those who trued, and you would know the liars?
9:44  Those who believe in Allah and the Last Day would not ask permission from you to effort with their money and themselves. And Allah is a knower with the pious.
9:45  Only those who do not believe in Allah and the Last Day ask your permission. Their cores are doubted, so they are in their doubt, hesitating.
9:46  And if they wanted the exodus; they would have prepared for it, a preparation; but Allah hated their emission, so he paused them, and it was said, “Sit behind with the sitting behind ones.”
9:47  If they exited out within you, they would not have increased you except a dullness, and they would have presented through your midst, seeking the infatuation for you. And among you are an avid listener for them. And Allah is a knower with the oppressors.
9:48  They already were seeking the infatuation before, and they overturned the matters for you, until the right came, and Allah’s command had been raised, while they were hating.
9:49  And among them is who says, “Permit for me, and do not infatuate me.” Verily, in the infatuation they fell down. And surely Gohanam is surrounded, the infidels.
9:50  If excellence targets you, it bads them; and if a calamity targets you, they say, “Already we took our matter before,” and they turn away while they are rejoicing.
9:51  Say, “Will not target us, except what Allah has written for us; He is our Guardian, and upon Allah, so the believers will rely”.
9:52  Say, “Do you lurk to us except for one of the two excellences? And we lurk to you: that Allah will target you with a torment from Himself, or with our hands. So, lurk, surely, we are to you, lurking.”
9:53  Say, “Whether you spend willingly or unwillingly, it will not be accepted from you. Surely, you are debaucherous kinsfolk.”
9:54  And what prevents them, that their expenditures are being accepted from them, except that they disbelieved in Allah and His Messenger, and that they are not coming to the prayers, except lazily, and that they are not spending except while they are unwilling.
9:55  So, do not admire either their money or their progeny. Allah just only wants to torment them by it in the Dunya (this worldly) life, and that their souls are vanishing while they are infidels.
9:56  And they are swearing by Allah that they are among you. And they are not among you. They are fearful kinsfolk.
9:57  If they find a shelter, or a cave, or an entrance, they will turn to it, while they are running away.
9:58  And among them are those who nibbled you in the alms. If they are given among it, they are satisfied; and if they are not given among it, they are wrathful.
9:59  And if only they were satisfied with what Allah and His Messenger have given them, and said, “Allah is sufficient for us; Allah will give us from His bounty and His Messenger; surely we are to Allah aspiring.”
9:60  The alms are only for the poor, and the needy persons, and the workers on it, and for the concorded their cores, and for the necks (freeing slaves), and for the debtors, and in Allah’s access, and for the wayfarer, an imposition from Allah. And Allah is Knower, Wise.
9:61  And among them are those who hurt the Prophet, and say, “He is Ear.” Say, “Ear is a goodness for you, he believes with Allah, and believes for the believers, and is a mercy for those who believed among you.” And those who hurt Allah’s messenger, for them a painful torment.
9:62  They are swearing to you by Allah for satisfying you. And Allah and His Messenger are more right to satisfy him, if they were believers.
9:63  Have they not known that whoever infracts Allah and His Messenger, so for him Gohanam (Hell) fires, immortal therein? That is The Great Disgrace.
9:64  The hypocrites are cautioning that a surah may be sent down upon them, informing them about what is within their cores. Say, “Mock; surely Allah will exit out what you are cautioning.”
9:65  And if you asked them, they would say, “We were just only discoursing and playing.” Say, “Is it with Allah and His verses and His Messenger, you were mocking?"
9:66  Do not make excuses. Already you have disbelieved after your faith. If We pardon about a category among you. We will torment a category, because they were criminals.
9:67  The hypocrite men and hypocrite women some of them are from some others. They are commanded with denial, and prohibit the well-known, and fist their hands. They forgot Allah, so He forgot them. Surely the hypocrites are the debauchees.
9:68  Allah has promised the hypocrite men and hypocrite women, and the infidels, Gohanam Fire, immortals therein. It is sufficient for them. And Allah has cursed them. And for them a resident torment.
9:69  As like those before you. They were stronger in power than you and had more money and progeny. So, they enjoyed, with their share, so you enjoyed with your share, as those before you enjoyed with their share. And you discoursed, as like which they discoursed. those their works inhibited in the Dunya (world) and in the Hereafter. And those who are the losers.
9:70  Have they not come to them with the news of those before them? Noah’s kinsfolk, and Aad, and Thamud; and Abraham’s kinsfolk, and the companions of Madyan, and the Overturned Cities? Their messengers came to them with the proof. So, Allah was not oppressing them, but they were oppressing themselves.
9:71  And the believing men and the believing women, some of them are guardians of some others. They are commanding with the well-known, and prohibiting about the denial, and establishing the prayers, and giving the zakat, and obeying Allah and His Messenger. These, Allah will mercy them. Surely, Allah is Mighty, Wise.
9:72  Allah has promised the believing men, and the believing women, paradises beneath which the rivers are running, immortals therein, and a good dwelling in Eden paradises. And a satisfaction from Allah is even bigger. That is The Great Attainment.
9:73  O The Prophet! Effort against the infidels and the hypocrites and be harsh upon them. And their shelter is Gohanam (Hell), and wretched is the destiny.
9:74  They are swearing by Allah that they did not say; and they already said the infidelity word, and they disbelieved after their submission. And they were interested in what they did not obtain. And they are not resented except that Allah and His Messenger have enriched them from His bounty. So, if they are repenting, it would be a goodness for them; and if they are turning away, Allah will torment them with a painful torment, in the Dunya (life) and in the Hereafter, and they will not have on the earth neither a guardian nor victorious.
9:75  And among them whoever covenanted Allah: “If He gives us from His bounty, we will give alms and be among the righteous.”
9:76  So, when He had given them from His bounty, they skimped with it, and turned away while they aversed.
9:77  So He has sequelized them, a hypocrisy in their cores, till a Day they will meet Him, with what they infringed Allah, what they promised Him, and with what they were lying.
9:78  Have they not known that Allah knows their secrets and their private consultation? And surely Allah is the unseen Knower?
9:79  Those who nibble the volunteers among the believers in the alms, and those who do not find anything except their own efforts. So, they ridicule them, Allah ridiculed them. And for them a painful torment.
9:80  Ask forgiveness for them, or do not ask forgiveness for them. If you should ask forgiveness for them seventy times - so Allah will not forgive them. That is because they disbelieved in Allah and His Messenger, and Allah does not guide the debaucherous kinsfolk.
9:81  The lifting behind (People) rejoiced with their sitting behind Allah’s messenger, and they were hating effort with their money and themselves in Allah's access. And they said: Do not advance in the heat! Say: Gohanam fire is hotter, if they were understanding.
9:82  So, they would laugh a little, and would cry a lot; a penalty with what they were earning.
9:83  So, if Allah returned you to a category among them, so they ask your permission for the exodus, so say, “You will not exit out with me, ever, nor will fight an enemy with me. You were satisfied to sit for the first time, so sit with the ones sitting behind.”
9:84  And do not pray over a one among them who has died - ever - or stand upon his grave. They disbelieved in Allah and His Messenger and died while they were debauchees.
9:85  And do not admire you, their money and their progeny. Allah only wants to torment them with it in the Dunya (this world), and their souls vanish while they are infidels.
9:86  And when a surah is sent down, that: “Believe in Allah and effort with His Messenger,” the possessors of the affluent among them ask your permission, and said, “Forsake us to be with the sitting behind ones.”
9:87  They were satisfied to be with the remaining behind ones, and were imprinted upon their cores, so they are not understanding.
9:88  But the Messenger and those who believed with him efforted with their money and themselves. And these for them are the goodness. And these are the gainers.
9:89  Allah has prepared for them paradises beneath which the rivers are running, immortals therein. That is The Great Attainment.
9:90  And those with excuses among the desert Arabs Bedouin came to be permitted for them and sat those who falsified Allah and His Messenger. It would target those who disbelieved among them a painful torment.
9:91  There is no critical upon the weakened ones, nor upon the diseased ones, nor upon those who do not find what to spend, if they are advising for, Allah and His Messenger. There is not, against the benefactors among an access. And Allah is Forgiver, Merciful.
9:92  And not against those who when they came to you to provide mount for them, you said, “I do not find what I mount you on;” They turned back while their eyes overflowed from the tears in grieving that they could not find what to spend.
9:93  Surely only the access is against those who excuse you while they are rich. They were satisfying to be with those who remained behind. And Allah was imprinted upon their cores, so they are not knowing.
9:94  They are apologizing to you if you returned to them. Say, “Do not apologize; we will not believe for you; Allah already has informed us from your news. And Allah will see your works, and his messenger; then you will be returning to a knower of the unseen and the witness, So He will inform you with what you were working.”
9:95  They will swear by Allah to you, when you overturn toward them, to let you turn away from them. So, turn away from them. They are an abomination, and their shelter is Gohanam (Hell); a penalty with what they were earning.
9:96  They are swearing to you to be satisfied with them. So, if you are satisfied about them, So Allah is not satisfied about the debaucherous kinsfolk.
9:97  The Desert-Arabs Bedouins are the strongest infidelity and hypocrisy, and most deserved to not be knowing the limits of what Allah sent down upon His Messenger. And Allah is Knower, Wise.
9:98  And among the Desert-Arabs Bedouins are those who took what he spends as a fine. And he lurks to you for the turns. Against them the bad turn. And Allah is Hearer, Knower.
9:99  And among the Desert-Arabs Bedouins whoever believes in Allah and the Last Day, and takes what he spends as means of nearness to Allah, and the Messenger’s prayers. Surely it is a means of nearness for them. Allah will enter them in His mercy. Surely Allah is Forgiver, Merciful.
9:100  And the first Outstrippers among the Migrants and the Victorious, and those who followed them with excellence. Allah is satisfied with them, and they are satisfied with Him. He has prepared for them paradises beneath which the rivers are running, immortals therein forever. That is the great attainment.
9:101  And among the Desert-Arabs Bedouins who are around you there are hypocrites, and among the inhabitants of Medina who are revolting upon the hypocrisy. You do not know them, but We know them. We will torment them twice; then they will be returning to a great torment.
9:102  And others have confessed their misdeeds, having mixed a righteous work and another bad deed. Perhaps that Allah will repent upon them. Surely Allah is Forgiver, Merciful.
9:103  Take from their money alms to purify them and refine them with it; and pray on them. Surely your prayer is serenity for them. And Allah is Hearer, Knower.
9:104  Are they not knowing that Allah accepts the repentance of His slaves, and that He takes the alms, and that Allah is Al-Tawab (The Acceptor of Repentance), Al-Raheem (The merciful of his creation and himself)?
9:105  And say, “Work. so, Allah will see your work, and His Messenger, and the believers. And you will be returning to the unseen knower and the witness, so He will inform you with what you were working on.”
9:106  And others are deferring for Allah’s command, either He will punish them, or repent upon them. And Allah is Knower, Wise.
9:107  And those who took a mosque as a harm, and infidelity, and separation between the believers, and as an Observatory for whoever fought Allah and His Messenger before. And they will swear: “We only did not want anything except excellence.” And Allah witnesses that they are liars.
9:108  Do not stand in it, ever. A mosque founded upon the piety on the first day is righter that you stand in it. In it are men who love to be purifying. And Allah loves the purified ones.
9:109  Is he who founded his building upon a piety from Allah and satisfaction is goodness, or he who founded his building on a brink of a collapsed cliff, so it collapsed with him into Gohanam fire? And Allah does not guide the oppressor kinsfolk.
9:110  Their building, which they built, still has a doubt in their cores, except that their cores are cutting off. And Allah is Knower, Wise.
9:111  Surely Allah has purchased from the believers themselves and their money for that it will be for them the Paradise. They are fighting in Allah’s access, so they are killing and getting killed, a promise upon Him truthfully in the Torah, and the Gospel, and the Quran. And who is more fulfilling with his covenant than Allah? So, be cheerful with your sale which you were selling with it. And that is the great attainment.
9:112  The repenters, the worshippers, the praisers, the tourers, the kneelers, and the prostrater ones [in prayer], the commander with the well-known and the prohibitors about the denial, and the keepers of Allah’s limits. And preach (good tidings) the believers.
9:113  It was not for the Prophet and those who believed to seek forgiveness for the polytheists, even if they are possessors of relativity, after it had declared to them that they are the Hellfire’s companions.
9:114  And it was not Abraham seeking forgiveness for his father except about a promise he had promised him. So, when it declared to him that he was an enemy for Allah, he disowned him. Surely Abraham was beseeching, clement.
9:115  And Allah would never astray a kinsfolk, after He had guided them, until He declares for them, what they should show piety for. Surely Allah is knower with everything.
9:116  Surely Allah has the Sovereignty of the skies and the earth. He gives life and causes death. And without Allah, you have neither a guardian, nor victorious.
9:117  Allah has already repented upon the Prophet, and the Emigrants, and the Victorious who followed him in the difficult hour, after the cores of a team among them almost aberrated. Then He repented upon them. Surely, He was with them Kind, Merciful.
9:118  And upon the three who were left behind. Until the earth was narrowed upon them, with what it had widened, and their souls narrowed upon them, and they assumed that there was no refuge from Allah, except to Him, Then He repented upon them, to let them repent. Surely Allah is Al-Tawab (The Acceptor of Repentance), Al-Raheem (The merciful of his creation and himself).
9:119  O you who believed! Show the piety of Allah and be with the truthful ones.
9:120  It was not for the Medina’s inhabitants and the Desert-Arabs Bedouins among them who surrounded them, to lag about Allah’s messenger, nor to seek themselves than himself. That is because it will not target them a thirst, or a fatigue, or a hunger in Allah’s access, and they are not trampling a trample that enrages the infidels, nor do they obtain from an enemy an obtainment except it was written with it a righteous work. Surely Allah does not waste the benefactors' wages.
9:121  And they are not spending a small expenditure or large, nor do they cross a valley, except it was written for them. That Allah will recompense them the best of what they were working.
9:122  And it was not for the believers to advance totally. So, if individuals from every team, among them a category to understand the religion, and to warn their kinsfolk if they are returning to them, perhaps they may be cautious.
9:123  O you who believed! Fight those who are adjacent to you among the infidels, let them find in you a harshness, and know that Allah is with the pious.
9:124  And when a surah is sent down, so among them who say, “Which of you has this increased him in faith?” As for those who believed: so, it increased them, in faith, and they are cheerful.
9:125  But as for those in their cores is a disease: so, it increased them an abomination to their abomination, and they died while they were infidels.
9:126  Have they not seen that they are infatuated once or twice in every year? Then they are not repenting, nor they are remembering.
9:127  And when a surah was sent down, some of them looked at some others, “Does anyone see you?” Then they are dismissed. Allah has dismissed their cores, because they are a kinsfolk, not understanding.
9:128  Already there has come to you a messenger among yourselves, precious upon him what you are suffering, eager upon you. With the believers, is compassionate, merciful.
9:129  So, if they turned away, so say, “Allah is sufficient for me; there is no God except Him; upon Him I relied; And He is The Great Throne’s Lord.”