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9:1  This is a declaration of immunity from Allâh and His ‘Messenger’ to the ‘Polytheists’ with whom you made a treaty.
9:2  Go to and fro in the land freely and securely four month, but (you should) know that you will never be able to frustrate (the power) of Allâh, and that Allâh will disgrace those who lack Faith in Him.
9:3  This is a declaration from Allâh and His ‘Messenger’ to the people, on the day of the greater ‘Pilgrimage’, that Allâh is free from any obligation towards the ‘Polytheists’, and His ‘Messenger’ also. Wherefore if you repent, this will be better for you; but if you choose to turn away, then (you you will need to) know that you will never be able to frustrate (the power) of Allâh. Thus, (O’ Muhammad), give tidings of a painful doom to those who excessively indulge in disbelief (in Allâh).
9:4  Except such of the ‘Polytheists’ with whom you have a treaty, and who afterwards will not fail you in any instance, nor assist any other against you. Thus, fulfill their treaty to them to the end of their term. Allâh demonstrates his own love for the ‘Pious’/ or for those who show honor and reverence for Him.
9:5  So when the sacred months have passed, then fight and kill the ‘Polytheists’ wherever you find them, take them prisoners, besiege them and lay wait for them in every convenient place. But if it happens that they repent, establish the regular Prayer, and pay Zakāt (i.e. the prescribed purifying alms), then let them go freely. Indeed, Allâh is Oft- Forgiving, Most Merciful.
9:6  If it happens that any one of the ‘Polytheists’ seeks your protection, then grant him protection so that he may hear the word of Allâh, and afterwards let him reach the place of his security. This is because they are a people who lack knowledge (of Allâh).
9:7  How can the ‘Polytheists’ have a covenant with Allâh and His ‘Messenger’, except those with whom you made a peace treaty in the vicinity of the ‘Sacred Mosque’? So long as they are true to you, be true unto them. Indeed, Allâh demonstrates his own love for the ‘Pious’/or for those who show honor and reverence for him.
9:8  How (can they have a treaty )? If they prevail against you, they will not regard in you, either any tie of kinship or covenant of protection? They flatter you with their sweet talk, but their hearts are averse from you; and most of them are sons of disobedience.
9:9  They have exchanged the ‘Revelations of Allâh’ for a small price and inhibited men from His Way. Evil indeed is that which they used to do.
9:10  They regard not in a monotheistic believer either any tie of kinship or covenant of protection. It is those who are the transgressors.
9:11  But if they repent, establish the regular Prayer and pay Zakāt (i.e. the prescribed purifying alms), then they are your brethren in Faith. We distinctly explain the ‘Revelations’ for a people who have spiritual gift of knowledge.
9:12  But if they violate their oaths after their covenant, and openly revile your Faith in an abusive manner, then fight the ‘Leaders of Atheism’ for no oaths are binding with them- so that they may refrain (from disbelief & hostility toward Islam and the Muslims).
9:13  Will you not fight against people who have violated their oaths and planned to expel the ‘Messenger’ of Allâh, and who were the first to attack you? Do you fear them? It is (the wrath of) Allâh that you should fear, if you are the Monotheistic Believers.
9:14  (Because of their disbelief & hostility toward Islam and the Muslims), Fight against them! Allâh will chastise them by your hands, cover them with ignominy, and grant you victory over them, healing the hearts of the ‘Monotheistic Believers’.
9:15  He will eliminate the indignation of their hearts, and turns in forgiveness to whom He wills. Lo! Allâh is All-Knowing, All-Wise.
9:16  Do you think, (O" Monotheistic Believers), that Allâh will leave you (without being tempted), whereas Allâh has not yet identified those among you who struggle hard for His cause, and take none for guardians except for Allâh, His ‘Messenger’ and the ‘Monotheistic Believers’? Allâh is well acquainted with that which you do.
9:17  It is not for the ‘Polytheists’ to maintain the mosques of Allâh, while they bear witness to disbelief in the Oneness of Allâh against their own selves. They are the ones whose works have become null and void; and in the Fire shall they abide.
9:18  The Mosques of Allâh will be maintained only by those who believe in Allâh and in the ‘Last Day’, establish the regular Prayer and pay Zakāt (i.e. the prescribed purifying alms), and fear none but show honor and reverence for Allâh. It is they who are likely to be rightly guided.
9:19  Do you consider giving drink to the pilgrims, or the maintenance of the ‘Sacred Mosque’ as equal to (the deeds of) of those who believe in Allâh and in the ‘Last Day;, and strive hard and fight (bravely) in serving the cause of Allâh? They are not equal in the sight of Allâh. Allâh does not give divine guidance to the ones who are grossly unfair and morally wrong.
9:20  Those who adhere firmly to Islamic monotheism, emigrate and struggle hard in (serving) the cause of Allâh with their wealth and with their lives are in the highest rank of honor with Allâh. And these are ones who are the triumphant.
9:21  Their Lord gives them the joyful news of a clemency from Him, and goodly acceptance; for them await Gardens (in ‘Al-Jannah’) in which there is enduring delight.
9:22  They will abide therein. Surely with Allâh is a great reward.
9:23  O’ you who adhere firmly to Islamic monotheism, take not your fathers or your brothers for guardians if they prefer disbelief in Allâh over having faith in Him. Whosoever of you takes them for guardians, such are the one who are grossly unfair and morally wrong.
9:24  Say, (O’ Muhammad), "If your fathers, or your sons, or your brothers, or your wives, or your kindred, or the wealth that you have acquired, or the commerce in which you fear a decline, or the dwellings in which you delight are more beloved to you than Allâh, and His ‘Messenger’, and striving hard in His cause; then wait and watch until Allâh will send His Command. Allâh will not let His (divine) guidance reach those who choose to walk in the path of obedience.
9:25  Verily, Allâh has granted you victory on many battles including the Day of Hunayn, when you were enamoured of the number of your men who proved to be of no avail, and the earth became too strait for you, in spite of its spacious, then you turned back in flight.
9:26  Afterwards Allâh poured down His tranquility upon His ‘Messenger’ and upon the ‘Monotheistic Believers’,and sent down (to your aid) troops of ‘Angels’ which you saw not. Thus, He chastised those who indulged in disbelief. Such is the requital for the faithless people.
9:27  Nevertheless Allâh will accept the repentance after that for whom He wills. And Allâh is Oft- Forgiving, Most Merciful.
9:28  O’ you who adhere firmly to Islamic monotheism, the polytheists are certainly impure, so let them not come near to the ‘Sacred Mosque’ (‘Al-Masjid Al-Haram’) after this year of theirs. If you fear indigence, Allâh will enrich you through His Own Bounty if He wills. Indeed, Allâh is All-Knowing, All-Wise.
9:29  Fight against those who neither believe in Allâh nor the ‘Last Day’, who do not prohibit what Allâh and His ‘Messenger’ have prohibited, and refuse to acknowledge the Religion of the Truth, being among those who have been given the ‘Scripture’, until they pay the Jizyah out of hand and have been humbled.
9:30  The Jews say: "Ezra is the son of Allâh". The Christians say: "Messiah is the son of Allâh." They say this only with their mouths, imitating the saying of those who indulge in ‘Polytheism’ before them. May Allâh rebuke all the ‘Polytheists’! How can they be deceived (into going away from the established course)?
9:31  They take their rabbis and monks to be their lords, besides Allâh, and (they take as their Lord) ‘Christ, son of Mary’; although they are commanded to worship ( & venerate) one God only. There is no God but He. Glorified is He above whatever they associate with Him.
9:32  They eagerly pursue and seek to extinguish the Light of Allâh with their mouths. But Allâh intends no other than to perfect His Light. No matter how detestable is to those who lack Faith in Allâh.
9:33  He is the One who has sent His ‘Messenger’ with the true source of inner guidance and spiritual transformation, and with the Religion of the Truth so that He may make it prevail over all religions. No matter how detestable is to the ‘Polytheists’.
9:34  O’ you who adhere firmly to Islamic monotheism, there are many of the (‘Jewish’) rabbis and (‘Christian’) monks, who devour the wealth of the people in vanity, and hinder them from the way of Allâh. However, those who hoard up gold and silver, and expend it not on (serving) the cause of Allâh. Unto them, (O’ Muhammad), give the awful tidings of a painful chastisement.
9:35  The day will come when their gold and silver will be intensely heated in the fire of ‘Gehenna’, therewith their foreheads, their sides, and their backs will be stigmatized. (It will be said unto them), "This is the treasure which you hoarded for yourselves. Thus, taste of that which you used to hoard."
9:36  Indeed, the number of months with Allâh is twelve months, which were ordained in the Book of Allâh, since the day when He created the heavens and earth. Of these, four are sacred. This is the upright faith. Therefore, deal justly with your own selves therein. Fight against the Polytheists collectively as they fight against you collectively and know that Allâh is with the ‘Pious’ or / with those who how honor and reverence for Allâh.
9:37  Verily postponement (of a sacred month) is indeed only an increase in disbelief whereby those who indulge in disbelief (in Allâh) are led astray, permitted in one year and forbidden in another, in order that they may adjust the number of the months that Allâh has commanded to be kept sacred. Thus, they (deliberately) make lawful what Allâh has forbidden. The evil of their deeds is decked out fair to them. And Allâh does not give divine guidance to those who lack Faith (in Him).
9:38  O’ you who adhere firmly to Islamic monotheism , What ails you that when you are asked to go forth (to the Expedition of Tabūk) in (serving) the cause of Allâh, you cling heavily to the earth? Are you fully contented with this ‘worldly life’ instead of the ‘Hereafter’? (You need to be aware that) the provision of this ‘worldly life’, in respect of the ‘Hereafter’, is but modicum.
9:39  If it happens that you do not go forth, then He will chastise you with an extremely painful torment, placing another people instead of you; and you will not harm Him at all. Allâh is capable of doing whatever He wills.
9:40  If you do not help (the ‘Prophet’), Allâh will definitely help him as He helped him formerly, when those who indulge in ‘Polytheism’ drove him out (of ‘Mecca’), the second of two; when they were both in the cave, when he said unto his companion, "Grieve not! Indeed, Allâh is with us." Then Allâh sent His tranquility upon him, and strengthened him with hosts you cannot not see, and made the word of those who indulge in ‘Polytheism’ to be abased, and the word of Allâh was highly exalted. Lo! Allâh is All-Mighty, All-Wise.
9:41  Go forth (to battle), both light, and heavy, strive hard and fight (bravely) in (serving) the cause of Allâh with your wealth and your lives. This is better for you, if only you knew.
9:42  If it had been a near advantage and an easy journey, the ‘Hypocrites’ would definitely have followed you. But the journey was too long and tedious for them. Still they will swear by God (saying), "If we had been able (to go forth), we would obviously have accompanied you." They destroy their own selves (through false oaths and perjury) , and Allâh Knows that they are liars.
9:43  Allâh has already forgiven you, (O’ Muhammad). Why did you give them permission (to stay at home)? (You should have waited) until it became obvious to you who were truthful; and you knew who were the liars.
9:44  Those who believe in Allâh and the ‘Last Day’ would not ask your leave to be exempted from fighting with their wealth and their lives. Allâh is Aware of the ‘Pious’.
9:45  Only those ask you for exemption who do not believe in Allâh and the ‘Last Day’, and whose hearts harbour doubts. Thus, in their Lord, they hesitate to believe.
9:46  If they had intended to go forth, they would have prepared themselves (for Journey). However, Allâh was averse to their being sent forth; so he caused them to come to an abrupt end, and it was said (unto them): "Sit with those who are inactive."
9:47  If they had gone forth with you, they would have added to you nothing except confusion, and would have run to and fro between you, stirring you up to sedition ; and there would have been some among you, who would have listened to them. Allâh is Fully Aware of those who are grossly unfair and morally wrong.
9:48  Verily, they had sought to cause sedition before, and devised all manner of plots against you until the truth came, and the decree of Allâh appeared, though they were averse.
9:49  There is of them who says unto you: "Give me leave to stay behind, and do not expose me to temptation.” Have they not fallen yet into temptation at home? Assuredly ‘Gehenna’ will encompass those who lack Faith ( in Allâh).
9:50  If it happens that good thing befell you (O’ Muhammad), it would cause great distress to them. But if a misfortune befell you, they would say: "We took our precaution beforehand;” and they would turn their backs, rejoicing over your misery.
9:51  (O’ Muhammad), say: "Nothing will afflict us except what Allâh has ordained for us. He is our Great Guardian." Thus, let the Monotheistic Believers depend on Allâh with full trust.
9:52  (O’ Muhammad), say: “What! Do you expect any other should befall us, than one of the two most excellent things, (either victory or martyrdom)? But we expect concerning you that Allâh would inflict a severe punishment on you, either from Himself, or by our hands. Thus, wait to see what will be the outcome; for we will wait with you.”
9:53  (O’ Muhammad), say: "Whether you expand your wealth for (serving) the cause of Allâh, willingly or involuntarily, it will not be accepted from you. Indeed, you are not more than a folk of the sons of disobedience.”
9:54  Nothing hinders their contributions from being accepted of them, but that they disbelieve in Allâh and His Messenger, and they come not to prayer except as idlers, and that they offer not contributions for (serving) the cause of Allâh but reluctantly.
9:55  Let not therefore their wealth, or their children impress you. Verily Allâh intends only to chastise them therewith in this ‘worldly life’; and that their souls may depart while they are faithless.
9:56  And these ‘Hypocrites’ swear by Allâh (unto you, O’ Monotheistic Believers) that they are indeed of you; but actually they are not. Yet they are a people who fear (your outrage ).
9:57  If they could find a place of refuge, or caves, or a place of concealment, they would definitely turn towards it in headlong haste.
9:58  And among them are men who criticizes you in the matter of ( distribution of) the alms. Yet if they receive part thereof, they are well- pleased but if they receive not a part thereof, behold, they are outraged.
9:59  It would have been more commendable if they had been satisfied with what Allâh and His Messenger gave them, and had said: " Sufficient is Allâh to us. Allâh will give to us of His Abundance, and so will His Prophet also. Indeed, to Allâh do we make our invocations.”
9:60  Alms are only for the poor and the needy, for those who are employed to be in charge (of collecting and distributing the alms), for those whose hearts are reconciled (to truth), for the redemption of captives, for those who are in debt (and insolvent), for (serving) the cause of Allâh, for the hopeless wayfarer. This is an ordinance from God. Lo! Allâh is All-Knowing, All-Wise.
9:61  Among them are men who offend the ‘Prophet’, and say: “He is (all) ear.” Say: “"He listens to what is best for you:. He believes in Allâh, and places his trust in the ‘Monotheistic Believers’, and is a mercy to those of you who adhere firmly to Islamic Monotheism,” But those who offended the Messenger of Allâh will have an extremely painful punishment.
9:62  They swear to you by Allâh in order to please you. But it is more adequate that they should please Allâh and His Messenger, if they are (truly) ‘Monotheistic Believers’.
9:63  Do they not know that for him who opposes Allâh and His ‘Messenger’, is the Fire of Hell?- wherein he will dwell. That is the supreme disgrace.
9:64  Some of the ‘Hypocrites’ (only pretend to) fear a Sūrat might be sent down to the ‘Monotheistic Believers’ against them, in which the secrets of their hearts will be laid bare. (O’ Muhammad), say unto them: “Scoff as much as you can. But verily Allâh will bring to light what you (simply pretend to) fear.”
9:65  If it happens that you question them, they will say, "We were only talking idly and playing.” Say, “Were you then mocking at Allâh and His signs, and His Messenger?”
9:66  Make no excuses. You have indeed renounced your faith after embracing it. If We forgive a party of you, We will chastise others among you, for that they were ungodly sinners.
9:67  The ‘Hypocrites’, men and women, proceed one from another. They command that which is evil, forbid that which is righteousness, and close their hands (from giving alms). They have forgotten Allâh; therefore, He has forgotten them. Verily the ‘Hypocrites’ are sons of disobedience.
9:68  Allâh has promised the ‘Hypocrites’, men and women, and the faithless people, the fire of ‘Gehenna’. They will abide therein. Sufficient is it for them. Allâh has cursed them, and for them is a permanent torment.
9:69  As the ones who have been before you (- O’ Quraysh Tribe of Mecca) were mightier than you in power, and more abundant in wealth and children. They had enjoyed their portion awhile, so enjoy your portion awhile as those before you; thus, have you enjoyed your portion as those before you enjoyed their portion. You excessively indulge in vain discourses, like those wherein they indulge. The works of these men are null and void both in this ‘worldly life’, and in the ‘Hereafter’. Such are they who are doomed to eternal perdition.
9:70  Has there not reached them the anecdote of those before them? The people of ‘Noah’, ‘A'ad’, ‘Thamūd’, the folk of ‘Abraham’, the dwellers of ‘Madyan’ and the towns overthrown. To them came their ‘Messengers’ of Allâh with the full knowledge of the Truth. Thus, it was not Allâh Who wronged them, but they used to wrong their own selves.
9:71  The ‘Monotheistic Believers’ (of the unfeigned faith ), both men and women, are protectors one of another. They enjoin right conduct, forbid indecency, establish the regular prayer, give Zakāt (i.e. the prescribed purifying alms), and obey Allâh and His Messenger. Consequently, Allâh will deliver them from all the consequences of their sins. Indeed, Allâh is All- Mighty, All-Wise.
9:72  Allâh has promised to the ‘Monotheistic Believers’ (of unfeigned faith ), both men and women, gardens through which rivers flow, therein to abide, and excellent mansions in the gardens of perpetual abode. But the greatest of all is the graceful pleasure of Allâh. This is most ultimate success and the supreme one.
9:73  .(9:73) O’ ‘Prophet’, strive hard against the ‘Faithless’ people and the ‘Hypocrites’, and be harsh on them . Their abode is ‘Gehenna’. Dreadful is the definitive course.!
9:74  They (the ‘Hypocrites’) swear by Allâh that they said nothing (evil against the ‘Prophet’ or the ‘Monotheistic Believers’). Yet they really spoke the word of blasphemy, and fell into disbelief after embracing Islam. They devised a plot which they were unable to carry out. And they were malevolent toward (‘Monotheistic Believers’) for no other reason but that Allâh and His ‘Messenger’ had enriched them out of His bounty, If they repent, it will be better for them; but if they relapse, then Allâh will chastise them with an extremely painful torment in this ‘worldly life’ and in the ‘Hereafter’. And they shall find neither a protector nor a helper on the earth.
9:75  Among them are men who made a covenant with Allâh, saying: “indeed, if it happens that He bestowed upon us of His abundance, we would definitely give alms, and would definitely be of the righteous people.”
9:76  Yet when He had given to them of His abundance, they became niggardly thereof, and turned away from giving alms in a repulsive manner.
9:77  So as a consequence, Allâh caused hypocrisy to flourish in their hearts, until the day whereon they will meet Him, because they broke their promise with Allâh, and because they used to contrive lies.
9:78  Do they not realize that Allâh knows their secret and whatever they conspire together, and that Allâh is the All-Knowing of the unseen.
9:79  Those who taunt the (generous) Believers because of giving alms willingly and those who find nothing to give except what is available to them , and poke fun at them; Allâh will pay them back their scoffing, and they will be subjected to an extremely painful torment.
9:80  (It makes no difference to them) whether or not you, (O’ Muhammad), ask forgiveness for them (-the ‘Hypocrites’). Even If you ask forgiveness for them seventy times, Allâh will not forgive them. That is because they keep falling into disbelief in Allâh and His Messenger. Allâh guides not the sons of disobedience.
9:81  Those who were left behind (in the time the ‘Expedition of Tabūk’) were delighted to stay behind the ‘Messenger of Allâh’, for they were averse to striving with their wealth and their lives in (serving) the cause of Allâh. And they said, "Go not forth in the heat." Say (O’ ‘Muhammad’): “The fire of ‘Gehenna’ is much more severe in heat," if they were not spiritually dead and blind people, ( they would have realized that).
9:82  Let them laugh a little: much will they weep: a recompense for that which they used to earn.
9:83  If it happens that Allâh brings you back (safe) from ( the ‘Expedition of Tabūk’), and you meet a party of them , ( the ‘Hypocrites’) , and they ask leave of you to go forth (with you on some other campaign), Say, "Never shall you go forth with me, nor shall you fight an enemy with me. You preferred to sit inactive on the first occasion, therefore, stay with those who lag behind."
9:84  And never will you, (O’ Muhammad ), offer prayer for any of them who dies, neither will you stand by his tomb. Verily, they disbelieved in Allâh and His ‘Messenger’, and died while they were walking in the path of disobedience.
9:85  Let not therefore their wealth, or their children impress you. Verily Allâh intends only to chastise them therewith in this ‘worldly life’; and that their souls depart while they are still ‘Faithless’.
9:86  Whenever a Sūrat (i.e. chapter from the ’Qur’ān’) is revealed, wherein it is said: " Place your Faith in Allâh, and strive hard and fight (bravely) with His Messenger." The wealthy among them ask your leave to exempt them (from fighting), saying: "Leave us with those who are going to stay behind."
9:87  They prefer to be with those who remain behind (at homes): a seal has been set upon their hearts and so they become spiritually dead and blind people.
9:88  But the ‘Messenger’, and those who attain to Faith in Allah with him, strive hard and fight (bravely) with their wealth and their lives. Such are they for whom are the good things. Such are they who ultimately achieve a blissful life/ or gain eternal salvation.
9:89  Allâh has prepared for them Gardens under which rivers flow, to abide therein. This is the most ultimate success and the supreme one.
9:90  And there were, among the ‘Bedouin Arabs’, men who had an excuse, came asking your permission to exempt them (from fighting), whereas those who lied to Allâh and His ‘Messenger’ stayed at home. An extremely painful torment will afflict those of them who excessively indulge in disbelief ( in Allâh).
9:91  There is no blame on those who are weak, or those who are afflicted with sickness, or those who have nothing to contribute ( to the cause) if they are sincere (in faith and duty) to Allâh and His ‘Messenger’. There is no reason to lay blame on those who pursue righteousness - Allâh is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful-
9:92  Neither against the ones who, when they came to you, for you to mount them, you said unto them: "I do not find anything whereon to mount you." They turned away, their eyes overflowing with tears of sorrow, because they could not find anything to expend on this cause.
9:93  But there is a solid reason to blame the rich ones who ask permission of you to sit at home, They are well-pleased to remain with those who are left behind: Allah has set a seal upon their hearts so that they may become spiritually blind.
9:94  They will make excuses to you when you return back to them. Say: “Make no excuse. We will by no means believe you. Allâh has made us aware of your behavior; and Allâh will observe your activities, and His ‘Messenger’ also. Consequently, you are (destined) to be brought back to the All-Knowing of the unseen and the seen. And He will notify you of what you used to do.”
9:95  They will swear to you by Allâh, when you return unto them, that you may leave them alone Thus, leave them alone. They are despicable people, and ‘Gehenna’ is their permanent home in recompense for what they were accustomed to do.
9:96  They will swear to you in order to make you feel happy and satisfied. But if you are well- pleased with them, (then you'll need to know that) Allâh is not well-pleased with the sons of disobedience.
9:97  (The impious among) the ‘Bedouin Arabs’ are more obstinate in their disbelief and hypocrisy and more likely to be ignorant of the ordinances of what Allâh has revealed unto His ‘Messenger’. Lo! Allâh is All-Knowing, All-Wise.
9:98  Of the ‘Bedouin Arabs’ there is he who regards what he expends, (in the way of Allâh), as a penalty, and waits to see calamity befalling you. The evil turn of fortune will be theirs. Lo! Allâh is All-Hearer, All- Knowing.
9:99  Of the ‘Bedouin Arabs’ (also) there is who believes in Allâh and in the ‘Last Day’, and regards that which he expends ( in serving the cause of Allâh) as a means of bringing him near to Allâh, and a method of obtaining the supplications of the ‘Messenger’. Indeed, they will bring them nearer to Allâh. And Allâh will admit them into His clemency. Indeed, Allâh is Oft- Forgiving, Most Merciful.
9:100  The first (to embrace Islam of) those who migrated (from ‘Mecca’ to ‘Medina’) and those who gave aid to them, and also those who followed them exactly (in Faith); Allâh is well-pleased with them, and they are well -pleased in him. Allâh has prepared for them ‘Gardens’ (in the eternal bliss) through which rivers flow; to dwell therein forever. This is the most ultimate success and the supreme one.
9:101  Some of the ‘Bedouin Arabs’ who dwell round about you are ‘Hypocrites’. Of the inhabitants of ‘Madinah’, there are some who are accustomed to hypocrisy. You know them not, but We know them. We will definitely chastise them twice; afterwards will they be sent to an extremely dreadful torment.
9:102  There are others who have confessed their sins. They have mixed a righteous deed with another which is evil. Perhaps Allâh will turn unto them in forgiveness. Indeed, Allâh is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.
9:103  Take alms of their wealth, wherewith you may purify them and may make them prosperous, and pray for them. Lo! Your prayer is a relief for them. And Allâh is All-Hearer, All-Knowing.
9:104  Are they unaware that Allâh accepts repentance from his servants, and accepts alms, and that Allâh is the One who forgives and accepts repentance, the Most Merciful?
9:105  Say: “Carry out your tasks!” Allâh will behold your performance, and (so will) His ‘Messenger’ and the ‘Monotheistic Believers’. Consequently, you are (destined) to be brought back to the All-Knowing of the unseen and the seen. And He will notify you of what you used to do.”
9:106  There are others who wait with suspense the decree of Allâh, whether He will chastise them, or turn in mercy to them. Lo! Allâh is All-Knowing, All-Wise.
9:107  There are some who have built a Mosque to cause harm (to Islam) and to promote disbelief and in order to break up the unity of the ‘Monotheistic Believers’, and to provide a safe haven for those who made war against Allâh and His Messenger aforetime. And they will certainly swear (saying), `We meant nothing but good (in building the mosque).' But Allâh bears witness that they are certainly liars.
9:108  Stand not up to pray therein. Certainly there is a Mosque founded on unfeigned piety and obedience from the first day of its building. It is more just that you stand up to pray therein. In it are men who love to be purified (from disbelief & polytheism); and Allâh demonstrates his own love for those who desire to be purified.
9:109  Is he who establishes his building on the basis of reverence for Allâh and His goodly acceptance better or he who establishes his building on the edge of a crumbling bank that has tumbled with him into the fire of ‘Gehenna’? Allâh does not give divine guidance to a people who are grossly unfair and morally wrong.
9:110  The building which they have built will continue to be a source of anxiety in their hearts, unless their hearts will be torn into pieces. Lo! Allâh is All- Knowing, All-Wise.
9:111  Verily, Allâh has purchased of the ‘Monotheistic Believers’ their lives and their properties, promising them the enjoyment of ‘Al- Jannah’, on condition that they fight for (serving) the cause of Allâh. Whether they slay or be slain , it is a promise in truth which is binding on Him in the ‘Torah’, the ‘Gospel’, and the ‘Qur’ān’. Who is more faithful to his covenant than Allâh? Rejoice therefore in the contract which you have made. This is most ultimate success and the supreme one.
9:112  (The Monotheistic Believers who will ultimately achieve eternal salvation ) are the ones who turn in repentance, who worship (& venerate Allâh Alone), who celebrate His praise and declare His indefinite glory, who go out (in serving the cause of Allâh), who bow down (in prayer), who prostrate themselves (in prayer), who enjoin right conduct, who forbid indecency, and who observe the limits (set by) Allâh. (O’ Muhammad), give the joyful news to the ‘Monotheistic Believers’ (of unfeigned faith).
9:113  It is not appropriate for the ‘Prophet’ or for the ‘Monotheistic Believers’ to implore forgiveness for the the ‘Polytheists’, even though they be of kin, after it has become (appallingly) obvious to them that they are the ‘Denizens of Gehenna’.
9:114  The appeal of forgiveness of ‘Abraham’ for his father was only because a promise which he had promised to him. But when it became obvious to ‘Abraham’ that his father was an enemy to Allâh , he declared himself clear of him. Verily ‘Abraham’ was, as a matter of fact, compassionate and forbearing.
9:115  And Allâh would never lead a people astray after He had guided them until He had made apparent to them what they should avoid. Indeed, Allâh is the All Knowing of everything.
9:116  Absolutely, unto Allâh belongs the (absolute) sovereignty of heavens and of the earth. He gives life, and He causes death. And you have, apart from Allâh, no guardian or helper.
9:117  Verily, Allâh has turned with mercy to the ‘Prophet’, and to those who migrated (from ‘Mecca’ to ‘Madinah’) and the supporters (who gave aid to them) as they followed him in the hour of distress, after the hearts of a party of them had almost deviated (from the right direction). Again He turned unto them with mercy. Indeed, He was Most Kind and Most Merciful towards them.
9:118  (He turned in mercy also) to the three who were left behind, the earth with all its spaciousness was too strait for them , and their own selves became straitened for them, and they presumed that there was no refuge for them from Allâh save unto Him. Then turned He unto them in mercy so that they might repent to Him. Indeed, Allâh is the One Who accepts repentance, the Most Merciful.
9:119  O’ you who adhere firmly to Islamic monotheism, act piously towards Allâh/ or show reverence and obedience to Allâh and be with those who are truthful.
9:120  It is was not appropriate for the the inhabitants of ‘Madinah’, and the ‘Bedouin Arabs’ who dwell around them, to remain behind the ‘Messenger of Allâh’ (at the time of ‘Expedition to Tabûk’), or to prefer their own lives to his life: That is because they suffer neither thirst nor fatigue, nor hunger in (serving) the cause of Allâh, nor do they take any step to irritate the Faithless people , nor inflict any injury upon an enemy, but a good work is written down to them for the same. Indeed, Allâh will not let the reward of those whose Faith is placed in Him be lost / or go in vain.
9:121  They contribute nothing useful for (serving) the cause of Allâh , either small or great, nor do they pass a valley, but it is written down to them, that Allâh may reward them with a recompense exceeding that which they used to do.
9:122  It is not appropriate for all ‘Monotheistic Believers’ to go forth to war all together. Of every troop of them, a party only should go forth , that they (who are left behind) may gain sound knowledge in the system of faith and worship, and may admonish their people when they come back to them , that they may take heed to themselves.
9:123  O’ you who adhere firmly to Islamic monotheism, make a declaration of war against such of the faithless people as are near you; and let them find stringency in you; and know that Allâh is with the ‘Pious’ ( who show reverence and obedience to Allâh).
9:124  Whenever a Sūrat is revealed, there are some of them who say: “"Which of you has had His Faith been invigorated by it?" As for those who adhere firmly to Islamic monotheism, It indeed invigorates their Faith; and they do rejoice.
9:125  But as for those in whose hearts is an infirmity, It only adds filth to their filth. And they will die in their disbelief.
9:126  Do they not see that they are tempted every year once or twice? Yet they turn not in repentance, neither do they take heed.
9:127  Whenever a Sūrat is revealed, they look at one another (and say): "Does any one see you?" Then do they turn aside. Allâh has turned away their hearts (from seeing the Truth) because they are spiritually dead and blind people.
9:128  Verily there has come to you a ‘Messenger’, (-’Muhammad’), from among yourselves, an exceptional person. it grieves him to see you suffer. He is genuinely cares (about your welfare), kind and merciful towards the ‘Monotheistic Believers’.
9:129  But if they take no heed, say (O’ Muhammad): "Allâh is sufficient for me. There is no God but He. I depend on Him with full trust. And He is the Lord of the Mighty Throne."