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9:1  An ultimatum this is, from Allah and His Rasul, to the dualists with whom you made a treaty!
9:2  Travel upon the earth for four months... But know well that you can never render Allah powerless... Indeed, Allah will (eventually) disgrace those who deny the knowledge of the reality.
9:3  A call (adhan) from Allah and His Rasul to the people on the day of the Great Pilgrimage, that Allah and His Rasul are free from the dualists! If you repent, it is better for you... But if you turn away, know well that you cannot render Allah impotent... Give the tidings of a painful end to the deniers of the reality.
9:4  Except those, among the dualists with whom you made a treaty, who did not let you down (who honored the treaty) and who did not support anyone against you... Fulfill your word to them until the end of the term (of the treaty). Indeed, Allah loves those who protect themselves.
9:5  When the sacred months are over, kill the dualists (who break the treaty and attack you) wherever you find them. Take them captive and besiege them and watch for them, taking control of all the gateways and passages! If they repent and establish salat and give alms then clear their way... Indeed, Allah is the Ghafur, the Rahim.
9:6  If one of the dualists surrenders and seeks your protection, then take him into your protection so (he may be closer to you and) he may hear the word of Allah, then deliver him to a place of safety... This is (what you must do) because they are a people who do not know (the reality).
9:7  How can the dualists have a treaty in the sight of Allah and His Rasul, except those with whom you made a treaty at al-Masjid al-Haram? So long as they uphold their word toward you, be upright toward them... Indeed, Allah loves those who submit to His command and who protect themselves from His punishment.
9:8  How (can there be a treaty with them)? If they gained dominance over you they would not have observed any oath or treaty concerning you! They satisfy you with their words, but refuse with their hearts! Most of them are corrupted in faith!
9:9  They exchanged the signs of Allah for a small price (worldly pleasures) and prevented people from His way. How wretched is what they do!
9:10  They observe neither treaty nor covenant where believers are concerned! They are the very transgressors!
9:11  If they repent, establish salat, and give alms, they are your brothers in Religion... Thus We clarify Our signs for a people who know.
9:12  But if they break their oath after pledging it and denigrate your Religion, then kill the leaders of unbelief (the coverers of the reality)... For they have no regard for their oaths... Perhaps they will desist.
9:13  Will you not fight with those who have broken their oaths, banished the Rasul from his homeland and who are the first to attack you? Do you fear them? Surely Allah is more deserving of your fear and awe, if you are true believers.
9:14  Fight them; (so that) Allah will punish them through your hands and will disgrace them, and give you victory over them and (thus) give healing to the people who believe.
9:15  He will remove the rage from their hearts... Allah accepts the repentance of whom He wills... Allah is the Aleem, the Hakim.
9:16  Or did you think that you will be left to yourselves without Allah making evident which of you have strived in the way of Allah and did not befriend (and confide in) anyone except Allah, His Rasul and the believers? Allah is Habir of all that you do (with the meaning of the Name Habir in your essence).
9:17  It is not possible for the dualists, who are witnesses of their own denial, to maintain the places of prostration to Allah... All of their deeds have gone in vain... In fire (Naar; radiation) they will remain forever!
9:18  The places of prostration to Allah can only be maintained (brought to a state of prostration to Allah) by those who believe in Allah – as comprising their essence with His Names – the eternal life to come, establish salat, give alms, and are in awe of Allah alone... It is expected that they will be of those who attain the reality.
9:19  (O dualists) have you made the providing of water for the pilgrim and the maintenance of the al-Masjid al-Haram equal to the deeds of the one who believes in Allah, the essence of one’s being with His Names, and the life to come and who strive in this cause? They cannot be equal in the sight of Allah! Allah does not guide a wrongdoing people.
9:20  Those who believe, migrate and fight in the way of Allah with their possessions and their lives, are greater in the sight of Allah by degrees... They are the ones who attain liberation!
9:21  Their Rabb gives them glad tidings from HU (their essence) of grace, pleasure, and Paradises that are permanent blessings (ranks) for them.
9:22  They will reside therein eternally... The great reward is in the sight of Allah!
9:23  O believers! Do not befriend your fathers and brothers if they prefer denial of the reality over belief... And whoever among you befriends them, they are the very wrongdoers.
9:24  Say, “If your fathers, sons, brothers, partners, tribes, possessions that you have earned, businesses that concern you, and dwellings you favor are more pleasing to you than Allah, His Rasul and striving in His cause, then wait for the command of Allah to reveal itself... Allah does not guide corrupted people (those whose consciousness have been blinded to Truth and Religion).”
9:25  Indeed, Allah has helped you on many battlegrounds and on the day of Hunayn... Remember how you were boasting about your great number, but it did not avail you in any way! And you felt confined (on the day of Hunayn) despite the vastness of the earth! And you turned your backs and left!
9:26  Then Allah disclosed a sense of tranquility and security over the believers, and revealed armies (of angels) that you could not see... (Thus) He made the deniers of the reality suffer... This is the consequence for those who deny the reality!
9:27  Then Allah will accept the repentance of whom He wills... Allah is the Ghafur, the Rahim.
9:28  O believers! Verily the dualists (who claim the existence of their egoidentities alongside the Absolute Oneness) are contaminated (filth)! Let them not go near the al-Masjid al-Haram after this year! If you fear poverty (know that) if Allah wills He will enrich you from His bounty... Indeed, Allah is the Aleem, the Hakim.
9:29  From those to whom the Knowledge (Book) has been given, fight those who do not believe in Allah and the life to come (beyond death), who do not consider unlawful what Allah and His Rasul have made forbidden, and who do not embrace the understanding of the Religion of Truth (the knowledge of the reality and sunnatullah) until they are humbled and give the jizyah (the cost of persisting on a false belief) willingly.
9:30  The Jews said, “Ezra is the son of Allah”... And the Christians said, “The Messiah is the son of Allah”... They say this with their mouths! They imitate those who previously denied the knowledge of the reality... May Allah kill them! How they are deluded (from the Truth)!
9:31  They took their rabbis and priests as Rabbs besides Allah... And the Messiah, the son of Mary! But they were ordered only to experience the awareness of their servitude to the One Uluhiyyah... La ilaha illa HU – there is no god, only HU! Subhan He is from what they associate with Him!
9:32  They want to extinguish the light (Nur) of Allah with their mouths... But Allah is pleased with none other than the completion of His Nur! Even if this does not please the deniers of the reality!
9:33  HU has revealed His Rasul as the reality itself and with the Religion of Truth (the valid knowledge of the system; sunnatullah) to establish above all conceptions of religion... Even if the dualists dislike it!
9:34  O believers! Indeed, many of the rabbis and clergy devour the wealth of people unjustly and prevent people from the way of Allah... As for those who hoard and hide gold and silver and not spend them in the way of Allah unrequitedly, give them the tidings of a painful suffering!
9:35  The day when gold and silver are heated in the fire of hell and their foreheads, sides and back are seared with it (a complete state of suffering) it will be said to them, “This is what you hoarded for yourself, so taste (the consequences of) what you have hoarded!”
9:36  Indeed, in the knowledge of Allah, the number of months in the period He created the heavens and the earth is twelve... Four of them are sacred (months): (Muharram, Rajab, Dhu al-Qaida and Dhu al-Hijja)... This is the (valid and constant) Religion... So, do not wrong yourselves during (these months)... Fight with the dualists just like they fight with you collectively... Know well that Allah is with those who are protected (a reference to the unity of existence).
9:37  Postponing the sacred months is only an increase in disbelief! Those who deny the knowledge of the reality are led astray by it... They make it lawful one year and unlawful another year in order to comply with (only) the figures of what Allah has made unlawful (and conceal the essence of the matter) and thus make lawful what Allah has made unlawful! (But its prohibition is in regards to Allah’s command, not the qualities of the months)... Their misdeeds were made to seem alluring to them... Allah does not guide people who deny the knowledge of the reality.
9:38  O believers... What is wrong with you that when you are told, “Go forth to battle in the way of Allah” you cling heavily to the earth! Do you prefer the worldly life over the eternal life to come? While the bounties of the worldly life are nothing compared to those of the life to come!
9:39  If you do not go forth (to battle), He will punish you with a painful suffering and bring in your stead another people; you cannot harm Him at all... Allah is Qadir over all things.
9:40  Indeed, Allah has aided him, even if you haven’t! Remember when the deniers of the knowledge of the reality drove him out of his homeland, he was the second of the two (one of two people)! Remember they were in the cave (Rasulullah [saw] and Abu Bakr [ra])... Remember he said to his friend, “Do not grieve, certainly Allah is with us” (he was making a reference to the unity of existence)... Allah endowed tranquility upon him and supported him with armies you did not see... He made the word of those who deny the knowledge of the reality the lowest... It is the word of Allah that is highest! Allah is the Aziz, the Hakim.
9:41  Go forth to fight, whether armed heavily or lightly... Strive in the way of Allah with your possessions and your lives... This is better for you, if only you knew.
9:42  Had there been spoils or it been a moderate trip, they would have followed you. But it seemed difficult for them. (Despite this) they will swear by Allah, “If we were able, we would have gone with you”... They are destroying themselves... Allah knows that indeed they are liars.
9:43  Allah has pardoned you (from living any discomfort due to this)! Why did you give them permission to remain (behind from the Battle of Tabuk) when you had not yet distinguished with certainty the truthful ones from the liars?
9:44  Those who believe in Allah as comprising their essence with His Names and the eternal life to come, will not ask you permission (to remain behind) from striving with their possessions and lives... Allah knows (as their essence with His Names) the ones who protect themselves.
9:45  It is those who do not believe in Allah as comprising their essence with His Names and the eternal life to come, and whose consciousness is filled with doubt, who ask you for permission (to be excused from joining the battle with you)... In their doubts, they keep hesitating.
9:46  If they had intended to go forth (to battle), surely they would have made some preparation for it. But Allah knew their participation was not required so He kept them back, and they were told, “Remain with those who remain.”
9:47  Had they gone to battle with you, they would not have been anything but a burden upon you. Surely they would have sought to cause provocation among you... There are among you some who listen to them. And Allah knows who the wrongdoers are (as their essential reality with His Names).
9:48  Indeed, they had already sought provocation before, and had turned things upside down for you... Until the Truth came and Allah’s command became manifest, though they did not like it.
9:49  Some of them say, “Permit me, do not allow me to fall into provocation”... Be careful, they are already in the provocation! Indeed, Hell (the state of burning) encompasses the deniers of the knowledge of the reality (as their very essence with the Names)!
9:50  If a good reaches you it distresses them... But if a disaster strikes you, they say, “Luckily we took our precaution beforehand” and turn away in joy.
9:51  Say, “Nothing will befall us except what Allah has prescribed for us! HU is our protector! Let the believers place their trust in Allah alone (believe the Name Wakil in their essence will fulfill its function).”
9:52  Say, “Are you watching us to see which of the two beautiful things (spoils – a quality attained at the end of a challenge – or martyrdom – one who abandons his body or both his body and his sense of identity and tastes death in this way) will befall us? We await that Allah will afflict you with suffering from Himself (from within you, illness etc.) or through our hands... So wait in hope (of whatever you wish to befall us) we are also of the waiters with you.”
9:53  Say, “Spend willingly or unwillingly in the way of Allah, it will never be accepted of you... For you have become a people corrupted in faith!”
9:54  What prevents their charities (expenditures in the way of Allah) from being accepted is this: They became of the deniers of Allah, their essential reality with his Names, and His Rasul; they come to salat lazily and give charity unwillingly.
9:55  So, let neither their wealth nor their offspring impress you... With it, Allah only intends to punish them in the worldly life (i.e. suffering that results from becoming captivated by worldly things and hence falling far from the reality of Allah) and for their lives to depart while they are in a state of denying the knowledge of the reality (by way of a scheme).
9:56  They swear by Allah that they are certainly from among you! While they are not from among you! But they are people who are very afraid.
9:57  If they could find a place of refuge, a cave, or any place to enter (to hide), in fear they would seek refuge in it; they are a confused people!
9:58  And among them are some who criticize you concerning the help you give... If it were given to them, they would be pleased... But if the help is given to others they become furious.
9:59  If only they had been satisfied with what Allah and His Rasul gave them and said, “Sufficient for us is Allah... Soon He will give to us from His bounty, His Rasul too... Indeed, we are of those who have turned to Allah.”
9:60  Charity is an obligation by Allah, only for the poor and the needy, and those employed to collect charity, and for the purpose of guiding toward Islam, and for the servants, the indebted, for spending in the way of Allah and for the travelers... Allah is the Aleem, the Hakim.
9:61  Some of them distress the Nabi (the Rasul of Allah) and say, “He believes in everything he hears (every revelation he receives)”... Say, “He lends his ears (to revelation) so that good can reach you! He believes in Allah, as comprising his essential reality with His Names, and the believers, and he is a grace to the believers among you”... As for those who harm the Rasul of Allah, there is a painful suffering for them.
9:62  They swear by Allah, the One who comprises their essential reality, just to please you... If they were true believers (they would have known that) it is Allah and His Rasul, their essential reality, whose pleasure they should seek!
9:63  Do they still not know that whoever opposes Allah and His Rasul, for him there is hellfire, in which he will reside eternally? That is the great disgrace.
9:64  The hypocrites fear the revelation of verses informing them of what is in their hearts! Say, “Mock as you wish! Indeed, Allah will expose that which you fear.”
9:65  If you ask them, they will certainly say, “We were merely conversing and enjoying ourselves!” Say, “Is it Allah, your essential reality, His signs, and His Rasul that you were mocking?”
9:66  Make no excuse! You have denied the knowledge of the reality after believing! Even if We forgive some of you, We will subject those who are persistent in their error to suffering.
9:67  The hypocrite men and hypocrite women are of one another... They order what is against the command of Allah and prevent what is right; they are stingy... They have forgotten Allah, so He has forgotten them! Indeed, the hypocrites are the very corrupted ones (in faith)!
9:68  Allah has promised the fire of hell to the hypocrite men and women, and the deniers of the knowledge of the reality, to abide therein eternally... This is sufficient for them... Allah has cursed them (they are deprived of the Rahim quality in their Name composition). There is unceasing suffering for them.
9:69  (Just) like those before you... They were stronger than you in power... They were more abundant than you in wealth and offspring... They benefited from their share of worldly bounties... Like those before you benefited from their share, you also benefited from your share, and you indulged as they had indulged! Their deeds have become vain both in this world and the one to come... They are the very losers.
9:70  Has there not reached them the news of those before them, the people of Noah, Aad, Thamud, the people of Abraham, and the companions of Madyan and the people of Lot? Their Rasuls had come to them as clear signs! And it was not Allah who was doing wrong to them, but they were doing wrong to themselves.
9:71  The believing men and women are guardians of one another... They enjoin what is right, as the requisite of the reality, and prevent each other from the wrong; they establish salat and give alms (zakah), and they obey Allah and His Rasul... They are the ones to whom Allah’s grace will reach... Indeed, Allah is the Aziz, the Hakim.
9:72  Allah has promised the believing men and women Paradises underneath which rivers flow, in which they will abide eternally... And clean dwellings in Paradises of Eden, and the pleasure of Allah, which is the most magnificent (of all blessings)! This is the great bliss!
9:73  O Nabi! Strive with those who deny the knowledge and the hypocrites, and do not show them any compromise! Their shelter is hell! How wretched a place of return!
9:74  They swear by Allah, their essential reality with His Names, that they did not say it... But indeed they did say the word of disbelief; those who deny the knowledge of the reality after accepting Islam attempted a bad thing that they will never be able to attain! They tried to take revenge just because Allah and His Rasul enriched them from His bounty... If they repent it will be better for them... But if they turn away, Allah will punish them with a painful suffering, both in this world and the eternal life to come... They have neither a protector nor a helper on the earth.
9:75  And among them are some who promised Allah, “If You give to us from Your bounty, we will surely give offerings and be among the righteous.”
9:76  But when He gave to them from His bounty, they were stingy with it and turned away from their promise.
9:77  Because they failed to keep their promise and lied, (Allah) made them experience the hypocrisy in their consciousness, until the day they will meet (Him)!
9:78  Did they (still) not understand that Allah knows in detail what is in their essence, and their whisperings, and what is unknown to them (as He creates and comprises their essential reality with His Names)!
9:79  As for those who criticize the believers who voluntarily contribute more than they have to in charity, and those who cannot find much (due to their poverty), Allah will ridicule them... There is a painful suffering for them.
9:80  Ask for their forgiveness, or don’t (it makes no difference)! Even if you were to ask forgiveness for them seventy times, never will Allah forgive them! This is because they denied Allah, their essential reality with His Names, and His Rasul! Allah will not enable a people whose faith is corrupted to experience the reality.
9:81  Those who remained behind, contrary to the wish of Allah’s Rasul, rejoiced in their staying at home; they disliked the idea of striving in the way of Allah with their wealth and their lives, and said, “Do not go to battle in this heat”... Say, “The heat of the hellfire is far more intense!” If only they could comprehend it!
9:82  So, in thought of the recompense of their deeds, let them laugh a little but weep much!
9:83  If after you return from this battle those hypocrites come to you and ask for your permission to go to a new battle, say, “You will never go out (to battle) with me, you will not fight the enemy with me! You were happy to sit at home the first time, so sit at home from now on with those who stay behind!”
9:84  Don’t ever pray the funeral prayer for any of them who have died and do not pray over their grave! Indeed, they denied Allah, their essential reality with His Names, and His Rasul, and they died as corrupt people (whose consciousness is blocked to the reality; corrupt in faith).
9:85  And let not their wealth and offspring impress you! Allah only wills to give them suffering with them (by way of a scheme) and for their lives to depart while they are in a state of denying the knowledge of the reality.
9:86  And when a surah was revealed saying, “Believe in Allah who comprises your essential reality with His Names, and strive together with His Rasul” the wealthy ones among them asked for your permission (to not go to battle) and said, “Leave us; let us be with those who sit at home.”
9:87  They were satisfied with staying behind with the women, children and the helpless ones who could not go to battle... Their hearts were sealed (their consciousness was locked)! They can no longer understand!
9:88  But the Rasul and the believers with him, fought with their wealth and their lives. All good is theirs! They are ones who have been liberated.
9:89  Allah has prepared for them Paradises underneath which rivers flow, in which they will abide eternally... This is the great attainment!
9:90  Those with excuses among the Bedouins came to get permission to not attend the battle... And those who lied to Allah and His Rasul sat at home (without even offering any excuse)... A painful suffering will befall those who deny the knowledge of the reality among them.
9:91  There is no responsibility (for not attending battle) upon those who are in genuine financial difficulty, the ill, or those who cannot find anything to spend in this way... There is no condemnation upon those who live to do good... Allah is the Ghafur, the Rahim.
9:92  Nor is there any blame upon those who came to you that you might give them arms/mounts and you said, “I cannot find anything for you to ride upon” and they turned back with tears in their eyes out of grief because they could not find something to give unrequitedly for this cause.
9:93  Responsibility is upon those who, even though they are wealthy, ask for your permission (to not attend battle)... They are satisfied with staying back with the women, children, and the helpless ones who cannot attend the battle... So Allah sealed their hearts (locked their consciousness)... They can no longer know (the reality).
9:94  When you return from the battle they will give you excuses... Say, “Make no excuse... We will never believe you... Allah has (already) informed us about you... Allah and His Rasul will observe the result of your deeds and then you will be returned to the Aleem of the perceivable and the unperceivable worlds! And He will inform you of the consequences of your deeds.”
9:95  They will swear to you by Allah, their essential reality with His Names, when you return to them, so that you would leave them alone... So leave them alone! Indeed, they are a loathsome people! Hell will be their refuge as the return of their deeds.
9:96  They will swear to you so that you may be pleased with them... Even if you were to be pleased with them, Allah will never be pleased with a people of corrupt faith!
9:97  The Bedouins are stronger in disbelief and hypocrisy... They are more likely to not understand the subtleties of what Allah and His Rasul reveal... Allah is the Aleem, the Hakim.
9:98  And among the Bedouins are some who consider what they spend in charity as loss and wait in hope that misfortune befalls you... May misfortune (of the times, the changing system and the astrological effects) fall upon them! Allah is the Sami, the Aleem.
9:99  But among the Bedouins are some who believe in Allah, their essential reality with His Names, and the eternal life to come, and who consider what they give unrequitedly as a means to get closer to Allah and to be a part of Rasulullah’s prayers... Be careful, indeed, that (which they spend in charity) is definitely a means for closeness... Allah will include them into His grace... Indeed, Allah is the Ghafur, the Rahim.
9:100  And the forerunners (in faith) among the Muhajireen (those who migrated from Mecca) and the Ansar (the people of Medina) and those who followed them by observing the reality (by endowment/benevolence) Allah is pleased with them, and they are pleased with HU! There are Paradises for them, underneath which rivers flow, in which they will abide eternally... This is the great liberation!
9:101  There are hypocrites both from among the Bedouins around you and the people of Medina who are persistent and canny in hypocrisy... You do not know them, We know them... We will make them suffer twice... Then they will be returned to the greatest suffering!
9:102  And there are some (who did not go to battle) who confessed their offences... They mixed a good deed with a bad deed... Perhaps Allah will accept their repentance... Indeed, Allah is the Ghafur, the Rahim.
9:103  Take from their possessions in offering, by which you may cleanse and purify them. Turn to them, and pray... Indeed, your prayer (introspection) is a source of tranquility and security for them. Allah is the Sami, the Aleem.
9:104  Did they not understand that Allah, who accepts the repentance of His servants and receives their offering, is HU! HU is Allah, the Tawwab, the Rahim.
9:105  Say, “Work! Allah, His Rasul and the believers will see your deeds... You will live the consequences of returning to the perceivable (witnessed) and unperceivable (unseen) Aleem! He will notify you of the meanings of what you do.”
9:106  And there are others (among those who did not go to battle) who are deferred until the command of Allah... Either He will punish them or allow them to repent... Allah is the Aleem, the Hakim.
9:107  And there are some who have opened mosques to harm the believers, to cause disbelief and division among the believers and as a station to watch those who previously warred against Allah and His Rasul... They swear, “We intended only the best”... Allah testifies that they are certainly liars.
9:108  Do not ever stand to prayer in that mosque! The mosque founded on taqwa (protecting yourself in the way of Allah from the inadequacies of your identity) from the first day is more worthy of you to stand in... There are men there who love purification... Allah loves those who purify.
9:109  Is the one who founds his building on taqwa and the pleasure of Allah (Ridvan; the capacity to transform potentials into actions through the awareness of one’s reality) better or the one who founds it on the edge of a crumbling cliff that is ready to collapse with him into the fire of hell? Allah does not enable the wrongdoing people (dualists, deniers and hypocrites) to experience the reality!
9:110  Until their hearts are shattered, the mosques they build will continue to be a doubt in their hearts... Allah is the Aleem, the Hakim.
9:111  Indeed, Allah has purchased, from the believers, their souls and their properties in return for Paradise... They fight for the cause of Allah, so they kill or are killed... It is a true promise he bears from the Torah, the Gospel and the Quran! Who can be better at fulfilling a promise than Allah? So, rejoice in this transaction with Him! This is the great liberation!
9:112  The repentant, the worshippers, those who are in a state of hamd (evaluating things in terms of their essential reality), the travelers, those who bow (in the sight of the Divine Might), those who prostrate (in admission of their absolute servitude), those who enjoin what is right and forbid what is wrong and protect the limits set by Allah... Give good tidings to the believers!
9:113  It is not for the Nabi or the believers, to ask forgiveness for the dualists, even if they are relatives, after it has become clear that they are companions of fire (for Allah does not forgive duality; Allah has endowed the brain with such a system that when the state of duality, that is, deifying an external being, is dominant in the brain, it automatically becomes unable to activate the divine qualities inherent within itself).
9:114  Abraham asking of forgiveness for his father was only because of a promise he had made to him... But when it became apparent to Abraham that his father was an enemy to Allah, he disassociated himself from him... Indeed, Abraham was Halim (refrained from giving impulsive reactions to events and evaluated all situations in respect of their purpose of manifestation) and gentle in nature.
9:115  And Allah will not let a people stray after He has enabled them to realize their essential reality until He makes clear to them what they should avoid and they do not stray from it! Indeed, Allah is Aleem over all things.
9:116  The dominion of the heavens and the earth is for Allah... He gives life and causes death... You have no friend or helper besides Allah.
9:117  Allah has indeed bestowed his bounty... He enabled the Rasul of Allah, and the Muhajireen and the Ansar who supported him in the hour of difficulty to repent just as the hearts of a group of them were about to stray. Then He accepted their repentance... He is to them the Ra’uf, the Rahim.
9:118  And (He also accepted the repentance of) the three who were left behind... They had felt restrained on the earth despite its vastness, and their very being had confined them and they had thought the only refuge from Allah was yet again in Him... Then He accepted their repentance so they turn... Indeed, Allah is HU, the Tawwab, the Rahim.
9:119  O believers! Protect yourselves from Allah (for He will enforce upon you the consequences of your deeds) and be with the devout (those who confirm the Truth)!
9:120  It is not appropriate for the people of Medina and the Bedouins surrounding them that they remain behind the Rasul of Allah and that they prefer themselves over his self! That they are faced with thirst, fatigue and hunger in the way of Allah, and that they settle in places that enrage the disbelievers, and that they have victory over the enemy is already decreed for them as necessary deeds of faith! Indeed, Allah will not leave the doers of good unrewarded.
9:121  Whatever they spend as charity – small or great – or travel upon the earth, is because it is indeed decreed for them... This is so Allah may requite their deed with the best reward.
9:122  It is not appropriate for the believers to go forth to battle all at once! A group from every division should remain behind to obtain a better understanding of Religion, so they warn the people when they return to them, that they might be cautious.
9:123  O believers! Fight those who are close to you from the disbelievers (the deniers of the reality)! Let them find in you intensity, determination and a rich life of faith... Know that Allah is with those who are protected!
9:124  When a surah was revealed, some of them said, “Whose faith did this increase (what benefit did it have)?”... As for those who believed, it has increased their faith, they are rejoicing with good tidings.
9:125  But as for those with ill thought, it has only added filth to their filth, they have died as deniers of the knowledge of the reality.
9:126  Do they not see that they are tried once or twice every year? They (still) do not repent, nor do they take a lesson.
9:127  And whenever a surah is revealed they look at each other and say, “Does anyone see you?” and then sneak away... Allah has turned their consciousness (upside down) because they are a people of no understanding.
9:128  There has certainly come to you a Rasul from within yourselves, he is Mighty; your suffering grieves him... He is truly concerned for you! He is Ra’uf (compassionate) to the believers (who believe in their essential reality) and the Rahim (enables them to live the perfection in their essence).
9:129  But if they turn away, say, “Sufficient for me is Allah! There is no god, only HU! I have placed my trust in Him... HU is the Rabb of the Great Throne!”