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9:1  Freedom from (all) obligations (is declared) from Allah and His Messenger to those of the Mushrikun with whom you made a treaty
9:2  So move freely through the land for four months [as we are not expected to initiate war on you during the four months protected by Allah (in the interest of Fasting and Hajj)], and know that you are not one who can frustrate Allah, and that Allah is the One Who brings disgrace on the disbelievers
9:3  And (there is) an Announcement from Allah and His Messenger to mankind (on the) Youm (‘Day’, the afternoon of the 9th Day of the closing month of the lunar year) of Al-Hajj-il-Akbar that Allah is free from (all) obligations to the Mushrikun, and (so is) His Messenger. So if you (Mushrikun) repented (and returned to the teachings of Al-Kitab) then it (is) better for you, and if you turned away (as polytheists or pagans), then know that you are not one who can frustrate Allah. And give tidings to those who have disbelieved for a painful torment
9:4  except those of the Mushrikun with whom you made a treaty, then they did not damage you (in your expectations about them) in any way, and have not provided aid against you to any one. So fulfil (sincerely and honestly) for them their treaty to the end of the term agreed to them. Surely Allah likes Al-Muttaqun
9:5  So, as soon as Al-Ashhurul-Hurum have passed, then kill the Mushrikun wherever you found them, and capture them, and keep them under surveillance and establish for them all means for ambush. So if they repented and took a turn (to reform) and established As-Salat and paid up Az-Zakat, then leave their way free. Verily, Allah is Oft-Forgiving, continuously Merciful
9:6  And if any one of the Mushrikun sought your protection then grant him protection until he listens to the Kalam of Allah. Afterwards (also) escort him to the place of safety for him. This is because they are a nation who do not know
9:7  How would there be, regarding Mushrikun, a covenant with Allah and with His Messenger, except (for) those who made a treaty with you near Al-Masjid-al-Haram? So, as long as they took a stand in your favour, so you take a stand in their favour. Surely, Allah loves Al-Muttaqun
9:8  How (one can be sincere to the treaty when they show treachery?) and if they overpowered you they pay no regard to you for ties of kinship and nor (for) covenant. They (try to) make you happy (by uttering hollow words) with their mouths, although their hearts disagree and most of them are Fasiqun
9:9  They have purchased with the Ayaat of Allah a meagre sum, so they obstructed (people) from His Path. Certainly they: evil (it is) what they used to do
9:10  They pay no regard to the Believer for ties of kinship and nor (for) covenant. And they: they are the transgressors
9:11  And if they repented (and entered the fold of Islam) and established As-Salat and paid up Az-Zakat, then they are your brethren in Religion. And We give details to the Ayaat for a nation who know
9:12  And if they violated their oaths after their covenant and brought bad remarks regarding your Religion then perform Qital with the Imams of Kufr — surely they: (their) oaths (have) no (meaning) to them — so that they may cease (their evil actions)
9:13  Will you not indulge in Qital with a nation who have violated and nullified their oaths and made an intention to expel the Messenger, and they: they have provided you a start for the first time? Would you fear them? Then Allah has more right that you should fear Him provided you are Believers
9:14  Make Qital with them, Allah will punish them by your hands and disgrace them and would provide you aid and assistance against them and heal the (hearts within the) chests of the nation of Believers
9:15  and remove the anger of their (i.e., Believers’) hearts, and Allah will turn (in Mercy) on whom He may think proper. And Allah is All-Aware, All-Wise
9:16  Have you assessed that you shall be left (without any test and trial) and yet Allah has not tested those amongst you who strove hard, and have not picked up besides Allah and not (besides) His Messenger, and not (besides) the Believers (any one) as walijah? And Allah is Well-Aware with what you do
9:17  It is not (suitable) for Mushrikun that they should visit or maintain the Mosques of Allah (being) witnesses against their own selves exhibiting disbelief. Those people: their deeds went in vain and in the Fire they (become) dwellers
9:18  Definitely it is, that he visits and maintains the Mosques of Allah who Believed in Allah and the Last Day, and established As-Salat and paid up Az-Zakat and he feared not but Allah. Then quite possible that those people may become out of the guided ones
9:19  Have you made the providing of drinhead of state water to those who are attending Hajj, and the construction or renovation of Al-Masjid-al-Haram as (an act) equal to that who developed Faith in Allah and the Last Day, and strove hard in the Way of Allah? They are not equal in the Sight of Allah. And Allah does not guide the nation of transgressors
9:20  Those who have developed Faith, and emigrated, and strove hard in the Cause of Allah with their possessions and their persons — are higher in rank in the Sight of Allah, and those people: they very ones are the successful
9:21  Their Nourisher-Sustainer gives them glad tidings of Mercy from Him and agreements and Gardens meant for them; in them (are available) everlasting delights
9:22  (They become) dwellers therein for ever. Verily, Allah: with Him (is available) a great reward
9:23  O you who have Believed! Take not your fathers and your brothers as auliya if they preferred disbelief over Faith. And whoever would accept them as wali from amongst you, then those people: they are the transgressors
9:24  Say: “If became — your fathers and your sons and your brothers and your consorts and your kindred, and the wealth and possessions you have accumulated them, and the business you fear a decline thereof, and the residential houses (and the establishments) you delight therein — dearer to you than Allah and His Messenger, and striving hard in His Way, then wait until Allah comes with His Order. And Allah does not guide the nation of Al-Fasiqun
9:25  Truly, Allah provided you aid and assistance on many lands and on the Day of Sympathetic Mercy when your great number (in comparison to the invading infidels) made you bewitched and over-confident; but it did not make you avail any thing and constricted against you the earth (allowing you no link with your people) inspite of how expanded (it stood). Then you retreated showing your backs (and Allah proved on you that dependence on the great number or vastness of armaments are not the main factors for any encounter)
9:26  Then Allah sent down His Sakinah on His Messenger and on the Believers and sent down forces you did not see (them physically) and punished those who had disbelieved. And such is the recompense for disbelievers
9:27  Then Allah turns (in Mercy) after this to whom He thinks proper. And Allah is Oft-Forgiving, continuously Merciful
9:28  O you people who have Believed! Certainly it is that Mushrikun are Najasun. So they must not approach Al-Masjid-al-Haram after this year (i.e., this lunar year which is having this Hajj congregation in its closing month; and the year comes to a close three weeks after the Greater Day of Al-Hajj. Also see Ayaat 1st to 5th of this Surah to understand the end of the Al-Ashhurul-Hurum or the Protected Months). And if you apprehended decrease in revenue, then very soon Allah will make you rich out of His bounty if He thought proper. Surely, Allah is All-Knowing, All-Wise
9:29  Make Qital with those who do not Believe in Allah and nor in the Last Day, and do not prohibit what Allah and His Messenger have declared Haram, and do not adopt as religion the Original and Truthful Religion — among those who are given Al-Kitab until they pay the Jizya out of (their own) hand (i.e., out of their own earnings or possessions) and they become low grade (citizens)
9:30  And Al-Yahood said: “Uzair is the son of Allah,” and An-Nasaaraa said: “Al-Maseeh (The Messiah) is the son of Allah''. This is their utterance coming from their mouths. They imitate the utterance of those who have disbelieved in previous (times). Allah made Qital with them, how they are being involved in falsehood
9:31  They have regarded their scholars (of religious matters) and their (God-) fearing people as nourisher-sustainer besides Allah; and (also) Al-Maseeh, son of Maryam. And they were not commanded except that they should pay obedience to One Ilah (God) La-ilaha-illa-Huwa. He became Glorified and Elevated above that (whom) they associate as partners (to Him)
9:32  They intend that they may extinguish the Light of Allah with their mouths (by uttering anti-Al-Kitab statements and mahead of state false propaganda). And Allah puts a barrier (to every undesirable effort) leaving free His intention that He may put to perfection His Light even though the disbelievers felt disinclination
9:33  He it is Who sent His Messenger with Al-Huda (‘The Guidance’) and the Original Religion so that He may make it prevail over way of life, to each and every aspect of it, even though the Mushrikun felt aversion (against it)
9:34  O you who have Believed! Surely, a great number among the scholars (of religious matters) and (those posing as God-) fearing people definitely eat up the possessions of the people in an undesirable way and they obstruct people from the Way of Allah. And those who accumulate treasures of gold and silver and do not spend them in the Cause of Allah: so announce to them the tidings of a painful torment
9:35  The Day this (treasure of gold and silver) is heated upon in the Fire of Hell, then are branded therewith their foreheads, and their flanks, and their backs (and it will be said to them): “This is what you collected as a treasure for yourselves. So taste what you have been collecting as a treasure.”
9:36  Verily, the number of months with Allah is twelve months (in one year) in Kitabullah (since) the Day He created the heavens and the earth; of them four are sacred and protected (i.e., the last four months of every lunar year. See Verse number 28 of this Surah, and also Verses 1st to 5th). This is the Established Religion (and it creates an atmosphere of peace and tranquility throughout the world during the month of Fasting and the three-months’ season of Hajj). So wrong not therein your ownselves (by initiating armed encounters). And do indulge in Qital with Mushrikun collectively as they make Qital with you collectively (if and when they pay no regard to the ‘protected’ status of the closing four months). And be aware that Allah is with those who are righteous
9:37  Certainly it is, that Nasi [interchanging or replacement (of a protected month by one which is not protected)] amounts to going deeper in disbelief; thereby the disbelievers are led astray. They make it (a certain month) permissible (to initiate an armed encounter) one year and make it (another certain month) prohibited (to initiate an armed encounter therein) in (another) year in order to adjust the number of the months prohibited by Allah (and) so (that) they may make Halal (permissible) what Allah has declared Haram (prohibited). (There is) made alluring to them the evil of their deeds. And Allah does not guide the nation of disbelievers
9:38  O you people who have Believed! What (is the matter) with you? When it was said to you: “March forth in the Cause of Allah,” you clung heavily to the earth. Did you get satisfied with the life of this world in comparison to the Hereafter? So what is the enjoyment of the life of this world in comparison to the Hereafter — except a very very negligible one
9:39  If you do not march forth (to defend or to establish the Religion of Allah) He will punish you with a painful torment and will replace (you) with a nation other than you and you will harm Him not in any way. And Allah is All-Capable over all things
9:40  And if you help him not (it does not matter), for surely Allah has helped him when those who disbelieved made him leave. The second of the two — when both of them (stay) in the cave, when he says to his companion: “Be not depressed or anxious, surely Allah is with us (both).” Then Allah sent down His Sakinah upon him and provided him aid and assistance with forces — you saw them not. And He made the statement of those who disbelieved, as the lowermost; and the Kalimah (Statement or Slogan) of Allah: that (is) the Uppermost. And Allah is All-Mighty, All-Wise
9:41  March forth (whether) light (not properly armed) or heavy (fully armed) and strive hard with your possessions and your personalities in the Cause of Allah. This is better for you if you had been knowing (the truth)
9:42  Had there been an immediate gain, and an easy journey, they would have followed you, but the hardship (of the journey and the season) appeared extreme to them. And they would soon swear by Allah: “If we only could, we would certainly have gone out with you.” They destroy their personalities, and Allah knows: certainly they, without doubt, are liars
9:43  Allah has forgiven you, (but) why did you grant them permission until it had become clear to you (as to who were) those who spoke the truth and you had (also clearly) known the liars
9:44  Do not ask your permission those who Believe in Allah and the Last Day that they may strive hard with their possessions and their personalities (in the Cause of Allah. Rather they come of their own as volunteers)
9:45  Definitely it is that ask your permission those who do not have Faith in Allah and the Last Day; and their hearts fell in doubt, so they are in a state of doubt in their own (and thus) they waver
9:46  And if they had intended to march out, certainly they would have arranged for it some preparation. But Allah became averse to their being sent forth, so He made them lag behind and (it) was said (to them): “Sit (behind) with those who sit (behind at their homes like the ill or the invalids)
9:47  If they had marched out amongst you they would not have increased for you except disorder; and surely they would have hurried about in your midst. They seek against you Fitnah. And amongst you are listeners (who come to listen to you and then report back) in their interest (to the chief devils). And Allah is Fully Aware of the transgressors
9:48  Verily, they sought Fitnah since before, and they would upset for you the matters until the Just became evident and the ordainment of Allah manifested (itself), and they (appeared as) those who are averse (to the encounters)
9:49  And amongst them is that who says: “Grant me permission (to stay away from Qital) and do not put me to test.” Have they not (already) fallen into trial (and have failed in the test)? And Verily, Hell is surely all-surveillant for the disbelievers
9:50  If reached you (some) good it hurts them, and if befell you a difficulty, they say: “We took our precaution beforehand,” and they turned away, and they (are) those who rejoice
9:51  Say: “Never shall happen to us except what Allah has ordained for us. He is our Maula. And in Allah, let the Believers put (their) trust
9:52  Say: “Do you wait for us but (definitely) one of the two ideal things (martyrdom or victory)? While we await for you (either) that Allah inflicts you punishment (directly) from Himself or at our hands. So wait, certainly we, alongwith you, are those who await.”
9:53  Say: “Spend willingly or unwillingly, it shall never be accepted of you. Surely you: you people had been a nation of Fasiqun.”
9:54  And did not stop them, that may be accepted from them their contributions, except that they disbelieved in Allah and in His Messenger; and they do not come to As-Salat except while they feel reluctance; and they do not contribute except while they feel aversion
9:55  So must not amaze you their possessions and their children. Surely, it is that Allah intends that He may put them to punishment thereby in the life of this world, and their souls may depart (from their bodies) while they (are) disbelievers
9:56  And they swear by Allah: surely they (are) without doubt, of you. And they are not of you but they are a nation who create dissensions and sects
9:57  If they shall find a place of refuge, or caves or anything where one can enter and hide himself, surely they would turn thereto, and they would rush uncontrollably
9:58  And amongst them is that who accuses you about the donations (received). Then if they are given (a part) thereof, they got pleased, and if they are not given (any portion) thereof, then and there they go into rage
9:59  And if (it was so) that they remained contented and satisfied (over) what Allah and His Messenger gave to them, and had said: “Allah (Alone) is sufficient to us, soon Allah shall provide us of His bounty, and (also) His Messenger. Surely we (are) attentive to Allah (in complete humility).”
9:60  Surely, what is As-Sadaqat are meant for Fuqara, and Al-Masakin and the workers or staff handling and administering these (donations) and for those who keep their hearts (i.e., the hearts of those who revert to Islam) cemented. [These are those missionaries, preachers and messengers who call people towards the Ayaat of Al-Kitab and also see that the people who revert to Islam, stay in Islam in satisfaction, and with full inclination of hearts]. And (these are to be spent) in (arranging the freedom of) the necks (from all sorts of bondage of slavery and dependence), and for those in debts, and for the Cause of Allah and (for) a victim of travel (i.e., any traveller who has accidentally become a needy person) — (this is the) ordainment coming from Allah. And Allah is All-Aware, All-Wise
9:61  And among them are those who hurt the Prophet and they say: “He is (all) ear (to any one who wants to talk to him).” Say: “(His being) an ear (to every one) is better for you. He has Faith in Allah, and he has Faith for the Believers and mercy for those who have Believed out of you.” And those who hurt the Messenger of Allah: for them is a grievous punishment
9:62  They swear by Allah regarding you (Muslims) so that they may please you. Although ‘Allah and His Messenger’ have more right that they should please that (twain together), if they happened to be Believers
9:63  Didn’t they know that it (is so, that) whoever shows hostility to Allah and His Messenger, so surely, for him is the Fire of Hell, (he becomes) a dweller therein? This is an extreme disgrace
9:64  The hypocrites feel afraid (and apprehend) that a Surah regarding them would be sent which would make evident over them about what is in their hearts. Say: “You continue to ridicule! Certainly, Allah is the One Who brings out in the open what you apprehend ''
9:65  If you ask them (about this), they will surely say: “Surely, it is that we talk idly and we play.” Say: “Whether, with Allah, and His Ayaat and His Messenger, you had been ridiculing?”
9:66  Make no excuse; indeed, you have disbelieved after (getting) your Faith. If We overlook (and do not punish) a group amongst you, We will punish the (other) group because they were criminals
9:67  The male hypocrites and the female hypocrites — some of them (are) from some (others). They enjoin what is forbidden and they forbid what is desirable (and ordained); and they keep closed their hands (and make no donations in Allah’s Cause). They have forgotten Allah, so He forgot them. Verily, the Munafiqun: they are the Fasiqun
9:68  Allah has promised the male hypocrites and the female hypocrites and the disbelievers, the Fire of Hell. (They shall be) dwellers therein. It sufficed them and Allah has cursed them and for them is the lasting torment
9:69  Like those before you, they were mightier than you in power, and more abundant in wealth and children. So they enjoyed with their portion, then you enjoyed with your portion in the same way as enjoyed those who went before you with their portion; and you indulged in purposeless activity as they indulged in purposeless activity. Those people: their deeds went in vain in this world and in the Hereafter. And those people: they (very ones are) the losers
9:70  Has not reached them the news of those (who went) before them: the nation of Nuh, ’Ad, and Samud, and the nation of Ibrahim, and the residents of Madyan, and the habitations that indulged in forgery, imitation and plagiarism — came to them their Messengers with Al-Bayyinat? So Allah was not (such) that He may do injustice to them, but they had been doing injustice to themselves
9:71  And the Believing males and the Believing females: some of them are auliya to some (others). They enjoin Al-Ma’ruf and forbid against Al-Munkar, and they establish the Salat and pay up the Zakat, and they obey Allah and His Messenger. Those people: soon shall Allah have Mercy over them. Surely Allah is All-Mighty, All-Wise
9:72  Allah has promised the male Believers and the female Believers, — Gardens, flow underneath them rivers, they (shall be) dwellers therein; and beautiful residences in the Jannat (Gardens) Adnin (everlasting), as well as the agreements (and pleasure) from Allah (which is surely) a greater thing. This: it is the supreme achievement
9:73  O you Prophet! Strive hard against the disbelievers and hypocrites, and be very severe against them, and their abode is Hell, and (it is) an evil abode
9:74  They swear by Allah what they said (as if they uttered nothing objectionable), although surely, they uttered a statement of disbelief, and they disbelieved after their (accepting) Islam and they resolved which they could not accomplish, and they did not retaliate except that Allah and His Messenger enriched them out of His bounty. And if they repent (and adopt the right Path) it will be better for them, and if they turned back, Allah will punish them with a painful torment in this world and in the Hereafter. And there will not be for them in the world a wali (supporter, protector) — and nor a helper
9:75  And out of them is that who made a covenant with Allah: “If He bestowed on us of His Bounty, surely we will donate generously (for the Cause of Allah), and certainly, we will be from amongst the righteous.”
9:76  Then surely, whatever He gave them out of His Bounty they became niggardly regarding it and turned away, and they are those who stray away (from the covenant)
9:77  So He ensheathed them with hypocrisy in their hearts till the Day they shall meet Him — because they went against Allah (in) what they promised Him and because they had been telling lies
9:78  Didn’t they know that Allah knows their secret ideas and their secret discussions; and that Allah is deeply-Aware of the hidden and unseen
9:79  Those who blame those who take their willing initiative among the Believers on the subject of voluntary donations, (as well as) those who do not find (any possessions or wealth to donate) except their labour/effort, — then(the disbelievers) mock at them — Allah has ridiculed them (the disbelievers) and for them is a painful punishment
9:80  (Whether) you ask for forgiveness for them or do not ask forgiveness for them — if you ask for forgiveness for them (even) seventy times, then never will Allah grant forgiveness for them. This is so because they disbelieved in Allah and His Messenger. And Allah does not guide the nation of Fasiqun
9:81  Rejoiced those who stayed behind at their place of stay in opposition to the Messenger of Allah and they felt aversion that they may strive hard with their possessions and their personalities in the Cause of Allah and they said: “Do not move out in the heat.” Say: “The Fire of Hell is more intense in heat,” if they had been understanding
9:82  So, they should laugh less and they should weep frequently because of what they had been earning (in their sinful deeds and filthy concepts)
9:83  So if Allah brought you back to a group of them then they asked your permission to move out (to take part in the encounters), then say: “Never shall you move out with me — forever, and never you would indulge in Qital on my side, with the enemy. Surely, you felt satisfied in sitting unconcerned on the first occasion. So sit unconcerned alongwith those who stay behind (due to illness or invalidity).”
9:84  And do not offer (funeral) salat over any one of them who died — never, and do not stand at his grave (to attend or to assist in burial). Certainly, they disbelieved in Allah and His Messenger, and they died while they were Fasiqun
9:85  And must not amaze you their possessions and their children. Certainly what (is the fact is that) Allah intends that He may put them to punishment through these in this world, and may depart their souls (from their bodies) while they are disbelievers
9:86  And when descended a Surah (proclaiming) that: “Believe in Allah and strive hard alongwith His Messenger,” asked for your permission those who are well to do amongst them and said: “Leave us. We would be alongwith those who stay (behind due to illness or invalidity).”
9:87  They felt satisfied that they may remain alongwith those who stay behind. And a seal has been over their hearts so they do not understand
9:88  But the Messenger and those who have Believed with him strove hard with their possessions and their personalities (in the Cause of Allah); and those people: for them are the good things (of here and the Hereafter) and those people: they are the successful ones
9:89  Allah has prepared for them Gardens, flow underneath them rivers, (they will be) dwellers therein. This is the supreme success
9:90  And approached those who make excuses, out of the rural population of the Arabic speahead of state lands (also called bedouins) so that permission may be given to them (to stay out of the encounter); and continued to stay (at home) those who had lied to Allah and His Messenger (without even putting up a request for exemption). Very soon shall reach them — who have disbelieved among them — a painful punishment
9:91  (There is) not on the weak, invalid or incapacitated, and nor on those who are ill and nor on those who do not find that which they may spend (in the Cause of Allah) — any blame, while they provided sincere advice in favour of Allah and His Messenger. (Similarly, there is) not, against the Muhsinun any ground (for complaint). And Allah is Oft-Forgiving, continuously Merciful
9:92  And neither (there is any blame) on those (who), when (and) as they came to you that you may make them ride (by providing the means of riding and cavalry etc.) you told (them): “I do not find that I may make you ride thereon,” they (therefore) turned back (disappointed and grieved) and their eyes overflow with tears in grief that they did not find what they may spend (to purchase or take on rent the means that they may ride and move to take part in the encounters against infidels)
9:93  Certainly it is that the ground (of complaint is) against those who ask your permission (for exemption) although they are well-off. They became satisfied that they may remain with those (ill, weak, invalid and incapacitated) who stay behind. And Allah put a seal over their hearts so they do not know (what they are losing)
9:94  They will bring their excuses to you when you returned to them (after facing the encounter with the infidels). Say: “Don’t bring excuses. Never we shall believe you. Surely Allah has (already) told us about all news concerning you. And soon Allah and His Messenger will observe your behaviour. Ultimately you will be brought back to The Knower of the hidden and the evident, then He will inform you of what you used to do
9:95  Soon they will swear by Allah to you when you returned to them (after accomplishing the encounters with the enemies of Islam) that you may overlook them (inspite of their indirect assistance to the infidels by avoiding to take part in the encounters), so do overlook them; definitely they are Rijsun and their dwelling place is Hell — a recompense for what they used to earn (through their hypocrisy)
9:96  They swear before you so that you may be pleased with them. So if you get pleased with them, (even) then certainly Allah does not get pleased with the nation of Al-Fasiqun
9:97  The rural Arabs (bedouins) are a grade higher in disbelief and hypocrisy and more ignorant that they do not know the limits of what Allah has sent to His Messenger. And Allah is All-Knower, All-Wise
9:98  And out of the rural Arabs (is) that who regards what he spends (in Allah’s Cause) as a burden and he awaits for you bad days. (In reality) over them (i.e., on the hypocrites and the disobedient are) evil days. And Allah is All-Hearer, All-Knower
9:99  And out of the rural Arabs (is) that who Believes in Allah and the Last Day and regards it which he spends (in the Cause of Allah) as means of nearness to Allah and blessings from the Messenger. Behold! Certainly, it acts as a way of nearness for them. Soon Allah will admit them to His Mercy. Surely Allah is Oft-Forgiving, continuously Merciful
9:100  And the initial mosts (or vanguards) of the first ones (initiators) out of the Muhajirun and the Ansar (those who welcomed the emigrants and provided them all sorts of help, assistance and protection) and those who (afterwards) followed them (and did the same) in perfection — Allah is well-pleased with them and they are well pleased with Him. And He has arranged for them Gardens, flow underneath them rivers — (they will be) dwellers therein, permanently. This is the supreme achievement
9:101  And out of those who are around you out of the rural Arabs are hypocrites, and out of the residents of the city. They strictly persisted in hypocrisy, you know them not, We know them. Soon We shall punish them twice, thereafter they shall be brought back to a horrible punishment
9:102  And the other ones have acknowledged their sins, they have mixed up a righteous action and another evil (one). It could be that Allah turns to them (in Mercy), surely Allah is Oft-Forgiving, continuously Merciful
9:103  Accept out of their possessions Sadaqa (donation), you will sanctify them and cleanse them thereby and invoke blessing over them. Surely, your invocking a blessing is a solace for them. And Allah is All-Hearer, All-Knower
9:104  Didn’t they know that Allah: He (it is Who) accepts repentance from His Ibad and (even) He accepts Sadaqat, and that Allah: He (it is Who is) Ever-Turning (to grant Forgiveness), continuously Merciful
9:105  And say: “Continue in actions and deeds, then soon Allah will observe your deed, and His Messenger (also), and the Believers (too). And soon you would be brought back to the Knower of the hidden and the evident, then He will inform you about what you had been doing "
9:106  And (there are) others (who) await for Allah’s order. Could be He gives them punishment and could be He turns to them (in Mercy). And Allah is All-Aware, All-Wise
9:107  And those who have established a mosque for creating harm and disbelief and disunity among the Believers and as a place of attraction and protection for that who made war against Allah and His Messenger since before (and thus have a definite credential and proof about their anti-Islam personality): and surely, they will swear: “We did not intend except extreme good,” And Allah gives evidence (that) certainly, they (are) without (any) doubt those who tell lies
9:108  You must not stand (or stay) therein ever. Verily, the mosque whose foundation was laid on obedience (to Allah) from Day-One is more worthy that you stand therein. Therein are men who desire and love that they may remain sanctified. And Allah loves those who remain sanctified
9:109  So then that who laid the foundation of his building on obedience to Allah and (His) agreements, attestations and good pleasures — is better, or that who laid the foundation of his building on an undetermined brink, of a precipice, ready to crumble down? So (this brink) crumbled down together with that (building) into the Fire of Hell. And Allah does not guide the nation of the transgressors
9:110  The building which they have constructed will never cease from acting as a source of doubt and suspicion in their hearts (against Islam) except that their hearts detach themselves (from their bodies). And Allah is All-Knowing, All-Wise
9:111  Verily, Allah has purchased of the Believers their persons and their possessions that for them shall be the Paradise, they make Qital in the cause of Allah, so (sometimes) they kill and (at another time) they are killed. Promise about this is a truth — in At-Taurat, and Al-Injeel, and Al-Quran. And that who fulfills more his covenant with Allah: then take glad tidings for your bargain which you bargained with Him. And that: that (very one) is the supreme achievement
9:112  At-Taibun, Al-Aabidun, Al-Hamidun, As-Saihun (in the Cause of Islam), Ar-Rak’iun, As-Sajidun, Al-Aamirun bil Ma’ruf, and An-Nahun-un-il-Munkar, and Al-Hafizun le-Hudud-illah (those who): and give glad tidings to the Believers
9:113  It suits not a Prophet and those who have Believed that they may invoke Forgiveness for Mushrikun even though they happened to be close relations, after it has become clear to them that they are companions of Hell-Fire
9:114  And Ibrahim’s invocking Forgiveness for his father was not but related to a promise which he made to him. So surely, when became clear to him that he is an enemy to Allah he dissociated from him. Verily, Ibrahim was definitely awwah (tender-hearted), haleem (forbearing)
9:115  And Allah is not (such) that He may allow a nation go astray after when He has guided them until He explains to them clearly what they should guard against. Verily, Allah is All-Aware of all things
9:116  Verily, Allah! For Him is the dominion of the heavens and the earth. He gives life and He causes death. And there is not for you besides Allah any one as a wali, and nor as a helper
9:117  Surely, Allah paid attention (in Mercy and Forgiveness) to the Prophet, and the Muhajirun and the Ansar: those who followed, assisted and got attached to him in an hour of distress after a (situation) appeared (which) disturbs the hearts of a small group amongst them; afterwards He paid attention to them. Certainly, He is unto them full of Kindness, continuously Merciful
9:118  And (also) to the three — those who were left behind until became constricted and narrowed down over them the earth, inspite of how expanded (it stood), and became a burden over them their own persons, and they became convinced that there is no place for flight and protection from Allah except unto Him. Then He paid attention to them in Mercy and Forgiveness so that they may turn (to Him in obedience to His Book) Verily, Allah! He is the One Who accepts repentance (and is) continuously Merciful
9:119  O you people who have Believed! Pay obedience to Allah, and be with those who stick to the truth
9:120  It was not suitable for the residents of Al-Madinah and whoever (lived) around them out of the rural Arabs that they may stay behind in defiance of the Messenger of Allah, and they must not prefer their ownselves over his (i.e., the Messenger’s) life. That is because they: there reaches not them thirst, and nor fatigue and nor helplessness in hunger in the cause of Allah, and they do not march through a track (in the form of a military column) which enrages the disbelievers, and they do not take from the enemy any gain — but there is written in their account through it a clean and desirable act. Verily, Allah does not allow to go unimplemented the reward of those who do good in perfection
9:121  And they spend not a sum, small and nor great, and they do not traverse through a valley but it is written down in their account, so that Allah may reward them better for what they used to do
9:122  And the Believers are not (such) that they may march out, each and every one. So why not marched out from all sections amongst them a group (so that they who are scholars, they stay out of the encounters) so that they may think over about Religion, and so that they may warn their nation (against undesirable behaviour) when they returned back to these (scholars at their parent place of residence), so that they (the Muslim nation) may fully guard (against evil beliefs, concepts and practices)
9:123  O you who have Believed: make Qital with those who stay close to you out of the disbelievers, and they must find in you harshness and strictness, and beware that Allah is alongside those who are righteous
9:124  And when, what was made to descend (as) a Surah, so out of them (is one) that he says: “Which of you, made him increased, this one (i.e., Surah), in Faith?” As for those who have Believed, it has increased them in Faith, and they: they receive glad tidings (thereby)
9:125  And as for those in whose hearts is a disease (in the form of doubt, suspicion, hypocrisy or disbelief) then it increased them in filth, in addition to their filth (they are already involved in), and they (even) died while they (were) disbelievers
9:126  So won’t they ponder that they are put to test and trial in every year once or twice, even then they do not take a turn in repentance and nor they learn a lesson (from it)
9:127  And when, what was made to descend as a Surah some of them looked towards some (others): “Does any one watch you?” Then they dispersed. Allah has dispersed their hearts (to complete disunity) because they are a nation who do not ponder and think
9:128  Definitely there has come unto you a Messenger from amongst yourselves. Very trouble-creating (becomes) to him what gave you hurt: ardently anxious is he over you; and for the Believers, (he is) extremely kind and always merciful
9:129  So if they turned away, then declare: “Allah became sufficient to me. La-ilaha-illa-Huwa; in Him I have put my trust and He is the Nourisher-Sustainer of the Mighty Throne.”