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9:1  Quittance is this from Allah and His aposle unto the associators with whom ye had covenanted
9:2  Go about, then, in the land for four months. And know that verily ye cannot escape Allah, and that verily Allah is the humiliator of the infidels
9:3  And a proclamation is this from Allah and His apostle unto the mankind on the day of the greater pilgrimage that Allah is quit of the associators, and so is His apostle. Wherefore if ye repent, it shall be better for you,but if ye turn away, then know that ye cannot escape Allah. And announce thou unto those who disbelieve a torment afflictive
9:4  Except those of the associators with whom ye covenanted and they have not failed you in aught, nor have they backed up anyone against you; so fulfil unto them their covenant till their full period. Verily Allah loveth the Godfearing
9:5  When, therefore, the sacred months have slipped away, slay the associators's wheresoever ye find them and capture them and beset them and lie in wait for them at every ambush. Then, should they repent and establish prayer and give the poor-rate, leave their way free. Verily Allah is Forgiving, Merciful
9:6  And should one of the associators seek protection of thee grant him protection, that he may hear the word of Allah,then let him reach his place of security. That is because they are a people who know not
9:7  How can there be for the associators covenant with Allah.and His apostle save for those with whom ye covenanted near the Sacred Mosque? Act straight with them so long as they act straight with you. Verily Allah loveth the God-fearing
9:8  How indeed! whereas if they get the better of you they respect not regarding you either kinship or agreement. They please you with their mouth, the while their hearts refuse; and most of them are Ungodly
9:9  They have bartered the revelations of Allah for a small price, so they keep back from His path. Verily vile is that which they have been working
9:10  They respect not either kinship or agreement in a believer: those! they are the transgressors
9:11  If they repent and establish prayer and give the poor- rate, then they are your brethren-in-faith. And we detail the revelations unto a people who know
9:12  And if they violate their oaths after their covenant and revile your religion, fight those leaders of infidelity-verily no oaths will hold in their case that haply they may desist
9:13  Will ye not fight a people who have violate their oaths and resolved the expulsion of the apostle and who began against you for the first time? Fear ye them? Allah is more worthy that ye should fear Him, if ye are believers
9:14  Fight them. Allah will torment them at your hands, and humiliate them and give you victory over them and heal the breasts of the believing people
9:15  And He will take away the rage of their hearts. And Allah will relent toward whomsoever He liketh; and Allah is Knowing, Wise
9:16  Deem ye that ye would be left alone while yet Allah hath not known those of you who have striven hard and have not taken an ally besides Allah and His apostle and the believers? And Allah is Aware of that which ye work
9:17  It is not for the associators that they shall tend Allah's mosques, while giving evidence of infidelity against themselves. Those! vain shall be their works, and in the Fire they shall be abiders
9:18  They only shall tend Allah's mosques who believe in Allah and the Last Day and establish prayer and give the poor rate and fear none save Allah. Belike those will be of the guided ones
9:19  Make ye the giving of drinks unto the pilgrims and the tendance of the Sacred Mosque like unto the conduct of one who believeth in Allah and the Last Day and striveth hard in the way of Allah! Equal they are not with Allah, and Allah guideth not the wrong-doing people
9:20  Those who have believed and emigrated and have striven hard in the way of Allah with their riches and their lives are for higher in degree with Allah. Those! they are the achievers
9:21  Their Lord giveth them glad tidings of a mercy from Him and of goodwill and of the Gardens wherein theirs will be a delight lasting
9:22  As abiders therein for evermore. Verily Allah: with Him is a hire mighty
9:23  O Ye who believe! take not your fathers and your brothers for friends if they love infidelity above faith. Whosoever of you then befriendeth them then those! they are the wrong-doers
9:24  Say thou: if you fathers and your sons and your brothers and your wives and your family and the riches ye have acquired and the traffic wherein ye fear a slackening and the dwellings which please you are dearer unto you than Allah and His apostle and striving in His cause, then wait until Allah bringeth about His decree, and Allah guideth not the ungodly people
9:25  Assuredly Allah hath succoured you on many fields and on the day of Hunain, When your number elated you; then it availed you naught, and the earth, wide as it is, straitened unto you; then ye turned away in retreat
9:26  Thereafter Allah sent down His calm upon His apostle and upon the believers, and He sent down hosts ye saw not and tormented those who would disbelieve: such is the meed of the infidels
9:27  Then Allah will, thereafter, relent toward whomsoever He liketh, and Allah is Forgiving, Merciful
9:28  O Ye who believe! the associators are simply filthy; so let them not approach the Sacred Mosque after this their year; and if ye fear poverty, Allah shall presently enrich you out of His grace, if He will. Verily Allah is grace. Knowing, Wise
9:29  Fight against those who believe not in Allah nor in the Last Day and hold not that forbidden which Allah and His apostle have forbidden and observe not the true religion, of those who have been vouchsafed the Book, until they pay the tribute out of hand and they are subdued
9:30  And the Jews say: Uzair is a child of God; and the Nazarenes say: the Masih is a child of God. That is their saying with their mouth, resembling the saying of those who disbelieved aforetime. May Allah confound them'. whither are they turning away
9:31  They have taken their priests and their monks for their Lords besides God, and also the Masih son of Maryam; whereas they Were commanded not but to worship the One God: no god is there but he. Hallowed be He from that which they associate'
9:32  They seek to extinguish the light of Allah with their mouths; and Allah refuseth to do otherwise than perfect His light, although the infidels may detest
9:33  He it is who hath sent His apostle with the guidance and the true religion that he may make it prevail over all religions, although the associators may detest
9:34  O Ye who believe! verily many of the priests and the monks devour the substances of men in falsehood and hinder People from the way of Allah. And those who treasure up gold and silver and expend them not in the way of Allah -announce thou unto them a torment afflictive
9:35  On a Day whereon they Shall be heated in Hell-Fire, and therewith shall be branded their foreheads and their sides and their backs: this is that which ye treasured up for yourselves, so taste now that which ye have been treasuring up
9:36  Verily the number of months with Allah is twelve months ordained in the writ of Allah on the day whereon He created the heavens and the earth; of these four sacred: that is the right religion. Wherefore wrong not yourselves in respect thereof. And fight the associators, all of them even as they fight all of you; and knew that Allah is with the God-fearin
9:37  The postponement is but an addition unto infidelity, whereby the infidels are led astray, allowing it one year and forbidding it anot her year, that they may make up the number which Allah hath sanctified; and then they allow that which Allah hath forbidden. Made fair-seeming unto them is the vileness of their works; and Allah guideth not an infidel people
9:38  O Ye who believe! what aileth you that when it is said unto you: march forth in the way of Allah, ye are weighed down earthward? Are ye pleased with the life of the world rather than the Hereafter? whereas the enjoyment of the life of the world by the side of the Hereafter is but little
9:39  If ye march not forth, He will torment you with a torment afflictive, and will substitute for you a people-other than you; and Him ye cannot hurt in aught; and Allah is over everything Potent
9:40  If ye succour him not, then surely Allah hath succoured him when these who disbelieved drave him: the second of the two When the twain were in a cave, and when he Said unto his companion. grieve not, verily Allah is with Us. Then Allah sent down His calm upon him and aided him with hosts whom ye saw not, and made the word of those who disbelieved nethermost, and the word of Allah! that is the upper most. And Allah is Mighty, wise
9:41  March forth light and heavy and strive hard with your riches and your lives in the way of Allah; that is the best for you, if ye have knowledge
9:42  Were there a gear nigh and a journey moderate, they would have surely followed thee, but the distance seemed far unto them. And anon they will be swearing by Allah: if only we could we would surely have come forth with you. They destroy their own souls: and Allah knoweth that verily they are liars
9:43  Allah pardon thee! why didst thou give them leave before it was manifest unto thee as to whosoever told the truth and thou hadst known the liars
9:44  Those who believe in Allah and the Last Day would not ask thy leave to be excused from striving hard with their riches and their lives; and Allah is Knower of the God-fearing
9:45  It is only those who believe not in Allah and the Last Day and whose hearts doubt who ask thy leave, so in their doubt they are tossed to and fro
9:46  And had they intended the going forth, they would have made some preparation therefor; But Allah was averse to their wending, wherefore He withheld them, and the word was passed: stay of home with the stay-at-homes
9:47  Had they gene forth with you, they would have added unto you naught save unsoundness, and they would surely have hurried about in Your midst seeking sedition unto you; and amongst you there are listeners to them; and Allah is Knower of the wrong-doers
9:48  Assuredly they besought sedition afore and turned the affairs upside down for thee until the truth arrived and the decree of Allah prevailed, averse though they were
9:49  And of them there is he who saith: give me leave, and tempt me not. Lo! into temptation they are already fallen, and verily the Hell is the encompasser of the infidels
9:50  If good befalleth thee, it annoyeth them, and if an affliction befalleth thee, they say; surely we took good hold of our affair before. And they turn away while they are exulting
9:51  Say thou: naught shall ever befall us save that which Allah hath ordained for us; He is our patron, and on Allah let the believers rely
9:52  Say thou await ye for us ought save one of the two excellences; while for you we wait that Allah shall afflict you with a torment from Himself or at our hands. Await then, we also are with you awaiting
9:53  Say thou: expend willingly or unwillingly, it will not be accepted of you; verily ye are ever a people ungodly
9:54  And naught preventeth their expendings being accepted except that they have disbelieved in Allah and His apostle, and they perform not prayer except as sluggards and expend not except as those averse
9:55  Let not wherefore their riches and their children amaze thee. Allah intendeth only to torment them therewith in the life of the world and that their souls pass away while they are infidels
9:56  And they swear by Allah that they are surely of you, whereas they are not of you; but they are a people who dread
9:57  Could they find a place of refuge or caverns or a retreating hole, they would turn round thereto rushing headlong
9:58  And of them are some who traduce thee in respect of alms. Then if they are given thereof they are pleased and if they are not given thereof, lo! they are enraged
9:59  Would that they were pleased with that which Allah and His apostle had given them, and were to say: sufficient unto us is Allah, anon Allah will give us out of His grace and so will His apostle, verily unto Allah we lean
9:60  The compulsory alms are only for the poor and the needy and the agents employed therein and those whose hearts are to be conciliated and those in bondage and debtors and for expenditure in the way of Allah and for the wayfarer: an ordinance from Allah: and Allah is Knowing, Wise
9:61  And of them are some who vex the prophet and say: he is all ears Say thou: he is all ears unto good for you, believing in Allah and giving credence to the believers and a mercy unto those of you who believe. And those who vex the apostle of Allah, unto them shall be a torment afflictive
9:62  They swear unto you by Allah that ye be pleased, whereas wortheir are Allah and His apostle that they should please Him, if they be believers indeed
9:63  Know they not that whosoever shall oppose Allah and His apostle, verily for him shall be Hell-Fire wherein he shell be an abider? That is a mighty humiliation
9:64  The hypocrites apprehend lest a Surah should be revealed unto them declaring unto them that which is in their hearts. Say thou: mock on! verily Allah is about to bring out that which ye apprehend
9:65  Shouldst thou question them, they will surely say: : we were only plunging about and playing. Say thou: was it Allah and His signs and His apostle that ye have been mocking
9:66  Make no excuse. Of a surety ye are disbelieving after declaring your faith. If, party of you We shall Opardon, anot her party We shall torment for they have remained sinners
9:67  The hypocritical men and the hypocritical women are all of a piece; they command that which is disreputable and restrain from that which is reputable, and they tighten their hands. They neglected Allah, so He had neglected them. Verily the hypocrites! they are the ungodly ones
9:68  Allah hath promised the hypocritical men and hypocritical women and unto the open infidels Hell-Fire, wherein they shall be abiders: sufficient is that unto them. And Allah shall accurse them, and theirs shall be a torment lasting
9:69  Like ye are unto those before you: mightier were they than you in prowess and more abundant in riches and children. They enjoyed their portion awhile, so enjoy your portion awhile even as those before you enjoyed their portion awhile, and ye plunged about even as they plunged about. Those! their works have come to naught in the world and the Hereafter, and those! they are the losers
9:70  Have not come to them the tidings of those before them: the people of Nuh and 'Ad and Thamud and the people of Ibrahim and the dwellers of Madyan and of the overturned cities! There came unto them their apostles with evidences. Wherefore Allah was not one to wrong them, but themselves they were wont to wrong
9:71  And the believing men and believing women are friends one unto anot her: they command that which is reputable and restrain from that which is disreputable, and establish prayer and give the poor-rate and obey Allah and His apostle. Those! Allah will surely show mercy to them; verily Allah is Mighty, Wise
9:72  Allah hath promised the believing men and believing women Gardens whereunder rivers flow, wherein they shall be abiders, and goodly dwellings in the Everlasting Gardens --and goodwill from Allah is the greatest ofall--that! it is the achievement supreme
9:73  O Prophet! strive hard against the infidels and the hypocrites; and be severe unto them. And their resort is Hell--a hapless destination
9:74  They swear by Allah that they said it not, but assuredly they said the word of infidelity and disbelieved after their Profession of Islam and they resolved that to which they could not attain. And they avenged not except for this that Allah and His apostle had enriched them out of His grace. If then they repent, it will be better for them, and if they turn away, Allah will torment them with an afflictive torment in the world and the Hereafter, and theirs shall be on the earth no friend nor helper
9:75  And of them are some who covenanted With saying: if He giveth of His grace, we will surely give alms and we will surely become of the righteous
9:76  Then when He gave them out of His grace, they became niggardly therewith and turned away as backsliders
9:77  So He chastised them with setting hypocrisy in their hearts until the Day they shall meet Him, because they kept back from Allah that which they had promised Him, and because they were wont to lie
9:78  Knew they not that Allah knoweth their secret and their Whisper, and that Allah is the Knower of Things Hidden
9:79  These are they who traduce those who give alms cheerfully, from among the believers, and those who find not anything to give but their hard earnings: at them they scoff. Allah shall scoff back at them. and theirs shall be a torment afflictive
9:80  Ask thou forgiveness for them or ask thou not forgiveness for them: if thou askest forgiveness for them seventy times, Allah will forgive them not. This, because they disbelieved in Allah and His apostle, and Allah guideth not an ungodly people
9:81  Those who were left rejoiced at their staying behind the apostle of Allah, and they detested to strive hard with their riches and their lives in the way of Allah, and they said: march not forth in the heat. - Say thou: hotter still is the Hell-Fire. Would that they understood
9:82  Little then let them laugh, and much they shall weep: the meed of that which they have been earning
9:83  If, then, Allah bring thee back to a party of them, and they ask leave of thee for going forth, say thou: never ye shall go forth with me, nor ever fight an enemy with me; verily ye were pleased with sitting at home the first time, wherefore sit now with those who stay behind
9:84  And pray thou not ever over any of them that may die nor stand thou over his grave. Verily they have disbelieved in Allah and His apostle and died while they were ungodly
9:85  And let nor their riches and their children amaze thee.Allah intendeth only to torment them therewith in the world, and that their souls may pass away while they are infidels
9:86  And whenever any Surah is sent down commanding: believe in Allah and strive hard in the company of His apostle, the opulent among them ask leave of thee, and say: leave us; we shall be with those who stay
9:87  Pleased are they that they should be with the women sitters-at-home, and their hearts are sealed up, so they understand not
9:88  But the apostle and those who believed in his company strave hard with their riches and their lives. These are they for whom are goods, and these: they are the blissful
9:89  For them Allah hath gotten ready Gardens whereunder rivers flow, wherein they shall be as abiders. That is the supreme achievement
9:90  And there came the apologists from among dwellers of the desert men praying that leave may be given them and those Who had lied unto Allah and His apostle sat at home. An afflictive torment shall afflict those of them who disbelieve
9:91  Not on the feeble and the ailing nor on those who find not the where withal to expend there is any blame, when they wish well to Allah and His apostle. No way is there against the well-doers; and Allah is Forgiving, Merciful
9:92  Nor on those who, when they came unto thee that thou mightest mount them and thou saidst: I find not any animal to mount you on, turned back while their eyes overflowed with tears for grief that they could not find ought to expend
9:93  The way is only against those who ask leave of thee while they are rich. They are pleased that they should be with the women sitters-at-home. Allah hath sealed up their hearts, so they know not
9:94  They will excuse themselves unto you when ye return to them. Say thou: excuse not yourselves, we shall by no means believe you: Allah hath already declared unto us some tidings of you, and Allah will behold your work and so will His apostle; and thereafter ye will be brought back unto Him who knoweth the hidden and the manifest, who will then declare unto you that which ye have been working
9:95  They will indeed swear unto you by Allah when ye return to them that ye may avert from them. So avert from them: verily they are an abomination, and their resort is Hell--a recompense for that which they have been earning
9:96  They will swear unto you in order that ye may be well- pleased with them. Then if ye are well-pleased with them, verily Allah will not be well-pleased with an ungodly people
9:97  The dwellers of the desert are the hardest in infidelity and hypocrisy and likeliest not to know the ordinances of that which Allah hath sent down unto His apostle. And Allah is Knowing, Wise
9:98  And of the dwellers of the desert is one who taketh that which he expen deth as a fine, and waiteth for evil turns of fortune for you. Upon them shall be the evil turn of fortune. And Allah is Hearing, Knowing
9:99  And of the dwellers of the desert is one who believeth in Allah and the Last Day, and taketh that which he expendeth as approaches unto Allah and the blessings of His apostle. Lo ! verily these are an approach for them; anon Allah will enter them into His mercy. Verily Allah is Forgiving, Merciful
9:100  And the Muhajirs and Ansar, the leaders and the first ones and those who followed them in well-doing, --well-pleased is Allah with them, and well pleased are they with Him, and He hath gotten ready for them Gardens where under the rivers flow, as abiders therein forever. That is the achievement supreme
9:101  And of the dwellers of the desert around you some are hypocrites, and so are some of the people of Madinah; they have become inured to hypocrisy thou knowest them not, We know them. We will torment them twice, and thereafter they shall be brought back to a torment terrible
9:102  And others have confessed their faults; they have mixed up a righteous work with anot her vicious. Bellike Allah will relent toward them; verily Allah is Forgiving, Merciful
9:103  Take thou alms out of their riches; thereby thou wilt cleanse them and purify them; and pray thou for them. Verily thy prayer is a repose for them; and Allah is Hearing, Knowing
9:104  Know they not that it is Allah who accepteth the repentance of His bondmen and taketh the alms, and that it is Allah who is the Relenting, the Merciful
9:105  And say thou: work on! Allah beholdeth your work and so do His apostle and the believers, and anon ye will be brought back to the Knower of the hidden and the manifest; He will then declare unto you that which ye have been working
9:106  And others are awaiting the decree of Allah, whether He shall torment them or whether He will relent toward them; and Allah is Knowing, Wise
9:107  And as for those who have set up a mosque for hurting and blaspheming and the causing of division among the believers and as a lurking-place for one who hath warred against Allah and His apostle aforetime, and surely; they will swear: we intended only good, whereas Allah testifieth that they are liars
9:108  Thou Shalt never stand therein. Surely a mosque founded from the first day on piety is wortheir that thou shouldst stand therein. In it are men who love to cleanse themselves: and Allah approveth the clean
9:109  Is he, then, who hath founded his building upon piety towards Allah and His good-will better, or he who hath founded his building on the brink of a crumbling bank, so that it crumbleth with him into the Hell-fire! And Allah guideth not the wrong-doing people
9:110  And their building which they have builded will not cease to be a cause of doubt in their hearts unless it be that their hearts are cut asunder; and Allah is Knowing, Wise
9:111  Verily Allah hath bought of the believers their lives and their riches for the price that theirs shall be the Garden: they fight in the way of Allah and slay and are slain: a promise due thereon in the Taurat, in the Injil - and the Qur'an-and who is more faithful unto his covenant than Allah? Rejoice wherefore in your bargain which ye have made. And that it is the mighty achievement
9:112  They are those who repent, who worship who praise, who fast constantly, woo bow down, who prostrate themselves, who command the reputable and restrain from the disreputable and who keep the ordinances of Allah; and bear thou glad tidings to the believers
9:113  It is not for the Prophet and those who believe to ask for the forgiveness of the associators, although they be of kin after it hath become manifest unto them that they are the fellows of the Flaming Fire
9:114  And Ibrahim's asking for the forgiveness of his father was only in pursuance of a promise which he had made unto him. Then, when it became manifest unto him that he was an enemy of Allah, he declared himself quit of him. Verily Ibrahim was long-suffering, forbearing
9:115  Allah is not one to leed a people astray after He hath guided them until He hath made manifest unto them that which they should guard against. Verily Allah is of everything the Knower
9:116  Verily Allah! His is the dominion of the heavens and the earth. He giveth life and He causeth to die; and for you there is, besides Allah, no protector or helper
9:117  Assuredly Allah hath relented toward the Prophet and the Muhajirs and the Ansar who followed him in the hour of distress after the hearts of a part of them had well-nigh swerved aside when He relented toward them. Verily He is unto them Tender, Merciful
9:118  And also He relented toward the three who were left behind until when the earth, vast as it is, became straitened unto them and their own lives became straitened unto them and they imagined that there was no refuge from Allah except unto Him. Thereafter He relented toward them, so that they might repent. Verily Allah! He is the Relenting, the Merciful
9:119  O Ye who believe! fear Allah, and be with the truthful
9:120  It was not for the people of Madina and those around them of the desert dwellers that they should lay behind the apostle of Allah, nor that they should prefer themselves before him. That is because there afflicteth them not thirst or fatigue or hunger in the way of Allah or they tread a place trodden on enraging the infidels, nor they attain an attainment from the enemy, but a good deed is thereby written down unto them. Verily Allah wasteth not the hire of the well-doers
9:121  And they expend not an expending, small or great, or transverse a vale, but it is written down unto them, so that Allah may recompense them with the best for that which they have been working
9:122  And it is not for the believers to march forth all together. So why should not a band from each party of them march forth so that they may gain understanding in religion and that when they come back unto them, haply they might warn their people when they come back unto them, haply they may beware
9:123  O Ye who believe! fight the infidels who are near unto you, and surely let them find in you sternness, and know that Allah is with the God-fearing
9:124  And whenever a Surah s sent down, there are some of them who say which of You hath this increased in faith! As for those who believe, it hath increased them in faith, and they rejoice
9:125  And as for those in whose hearts is a disease, unto them it hath increased pollution to their pollution, and they die while they are infidels
9:126  Behold they not that they are tried every year once or twice? Yet they repent not, nor are they admonished
9:127  And whenever a Surah is sent down they look on at each other as though saying: observeth you anyone? Thereafter they turn to go; Allah hath turned their hearts, for verily they are people who understand not
9:128  Assuredly there hath come unto you an apostle from amongst yourselves: heavy upon him is that which harasseth you, solicitous for you, and with the believers tender and merciful
9:129  If, then, they turn away, say thou: sufficing unto me is Allah, there is no god but he, on Him I rely and He is the Lord of Mighty Throne