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9:1  An immunity from Allah and His Messenger to those idolaters with whom you have made a treaty (or alliance)
9:2  Travel freely in the land for four months, but know that you cannot make Allah helpless, and that Allah will confound (or humiliate) the disbelievers
9:3  And a proclamation from Allah and His Messenger to the people on the day of the Greater Pilgrimage, that Allah is free of obligations to the idolaters, as is His Messenger! If then you repent it is better for you; but if you turn your backs, then know th
9:4  Except to those of the idolaters with whom you have made a treaty, and who then have not failed you, and have not supported any one against you. Fulfil for them then your treaty until its full term. Verily, Allah loves those who fear (the righteous, thos
9:5  9:5 But when the sacred months are past, then fight and slay the idolaters (those who plot against you) wherever you may find them; and seize them, and besiege them, and ambush them in every manner; but if they repent, and are steadfast in prayer, and pr
9:6  And if any one of the idolaters ask you for protection (or asylum), then aid him, in order that he may hear the word of Allah; then let him reach his place of safety. That is because they are a folk who know not
9:7  How can there be for the idolaters a treaty with Allah and with His Messenger, save those with whom you have made a treaty at the Sacred Mosque! Then while they stand by you, stand you by them; verily, Allah loves the righteous (those who fear evil)
9:8  How (can there be any treaty)! - for if they prevail against you, they respect neither ties of blood nor of agreements. They please you with their mouths while their heart refuse; and most of them work abomination (or are wicked and rebellious)
9:9  They barter Allah´s signs (or revelations) for a little price and they turn folk away from His way; verily, evil is that which they are wont to do
9:10  They will not observe towards a believer ties of kindred nor ties of honour (or covenants); these are the transgressors
9:11  But if they repent and establish regular prayer and practice regular charity, then they are your brethren in religion. We detail Our revelations unto a people that have knowledge
9:12  But if they break faith with you after their treaty, and assail (taunt or attack) your religion, then fight the leaders of disbelief - verily, they have no faith - in order that they may desist
9:13  Will you not fight a people who broke their solemn pledges, and intended to expel the Messenger and attacked you first? What! Fear you them? Allah is more deserving that you should fear Him if you be believers
9:14  Fight them! Allah will chastise them by your hands, and disgrace them, and give you victory against them, and He will heal the breasts of a people who believe
9:15  And He will remove rage from their heart; for Allah relents unto whomsoever He will. Allah is Knower, Wise
9:16  Did you suppose that you would be left in peace, when Allah has not yet determined (tested) those of you who will strive, and who take none other than Allah and His Messenger, and the believers for protectors and friends? But Allah is well aware of what
9:17  It is not for idolaters to tend the mosques of Allah, while bearing witness against the infidelity of their own souls; for such their works are vain, and in the Fire shall they dwell
9:18  Only he shall tend the mosques of Allah who believes in Allah and the Last Day, and is steadfast in prayer, and practices regular charity, and fears none but Allah. Only these can be expected to be among those who are rightly guided
9:19  Have you supposed that giving drink to the pilgrims and tending the Sacred Mosque are equal to believing in Allah and in the Last Day, and striving in the way of Allah? They are not equal in the sight of Allah, and Allah guides not a wrongdoing people
9:20  Those who believe and who have left their homes (migrated) and striven with their wealth and with their lives in the way of Allah, are highest in rank in the sight of Allah. These are the triumphant
9:21  Their Lord gives them glad tidings of mercy from Himself, and goodwill; and Gardens shall they have with enduring pleasure (or joy)
9:22  There they shall abide forever. Verily, Allah, with Him is mighty reward
9:23  O you who believe! Choose not your fathers, nor your brothers for patrons if they love disbelief rather than faith; for whoever amongst you takes them for patrons these are the wrong-doers
9:24  Say, "If your fathers, and your sons, and your brethren, and your wives, and your clansmen, and the wealth which you have gained, and the commerce in which you fear a decline, and the dwellings which you love, if all these are dearer to you than All
9:25  Allah has helped you in many fields, and on the day of Huneyn (where a Muslim army was ambushed) when you were pleased with your great numbers; but it availed you not at all, and the land grew too narrow for you where it had been broad; and you turned yo
9:26  Then Allah sent down His shechina (inner calm, peace, tranquillity, security reassurance) upon His Messenger and upon the believers; and sent down hosts which you could not see, and punished those who disbelieved; for that is the reward of the disbelieve
9:27  Then Allah turns after that to whom He will, for Allah is Forgiving and Merciful
9:28  O you who believe! It is only the idolaters who are unclean; they shall not then approach the Sacred Mosque after this year. But if you fear poverty (from the loss of trade with them) then (know that) Allah will enrich you from His grace if He will; veri
9:29  Fight those from amongst those to whom the Book has been brought, but who believe not in Allah and in the Last Day, and who forbid not what Allah and His Messenger have forbidden, and who do not practice the Religion of Truth, until they are brought low
9:30  The Jews say Ezra is the son of Allah; and the Christians say that Christ is the son of Allah; that is what they say with their mouths, imitating the sayings of those who disbelieved before. Allah (Himself) fights against them! How perverse are they
9:31  They take for lords rather than Allah their rabbis and their monks, and the Messiah the son of Mary; but they were bidden to worship only one Allah. There is no God but He. Be He glorified above all that they join with Him! (See Deuteronomy 5:7 and John6
9:32  They desire to put out the light of Allah with their mouths, but Allah disdains all but that He should perfect His light, however averse to this the disbelievers may be
9:33  He it is who sent His Messenger with guidance and the Religion of Truth, to make it prevail over every other religion, however averse to this the disbelievers may be
9:34  O you who believe! Verily, many of the (Jewish) rabbis and the (Christian) monks devour the wealth of mankind openly, and turn away folk from the way of Allah; but those who store up gold and silver and spend it not in the way of Allah, unto them give ti
9:35  On the day when it shall be heated in the fire of hell, and their brows and their sides and their backs shall be branded therewith. "This is what you stored up for yourselves, taste then what you used to store."
9:36  Verily, the number of months with Allah is twelve months in Allah´s Book, ordained on the day when He created the heavens and the earth. Of these four are sacred. That is the right religion, so wrong not yourselves in them. But fight the idolaters
9:37  Verily, postponement (of the sacred months) is but an addition of disbelief to lead astray therewith those who disbelieve. They make it lawful one year, but they make it unlawful in another, that they may make up the number of months which Allah has made
9:38  O you who believe! What ailed you when you were told to march forth in Allah´s way, that you were bowed down to the ground with heaviness? Were you content with the life of this world instead of the Hereafter? But the comforts of the life of this w
9:39  Unless you march forth He will afflict you with grievous doom, and will choose instead of you a people different from you! You cannot harm Him at all, for Allah has Power to do all things
9:40  If you do not help him (Muhammad), Allah will. (Remember) Allah did help him when those who disbelieved drove him forth, along with another (Abu Bakr). When the two were in the cave, he said to his comrade, "Fear not, verily, Allah is with us."
9:41  March you then, lightly or heavily equipped, and strive with your wealth and persons in the cause of Allah. That is best for you if you did but know
9:42  Had there been an immediate gain, and an easy journey, they would have followed you; but the distance was too far for them; yet they will swear by Allah, "If we could, we would have gone forth with you." They destroy their own souls, but Allah
9:43  Allah forgives you (O Muhammad); why did you give them leave (to stay) until it was made manifest to you who spoke the truth, and you did know the liars
9:44  Those who believe in Allah and in the Last Day ask no leave of you from striving with their wealth and their lives; but Allah knows those who fear (do their duty)
9:45  It is only those who believe not in Allah and in the Last Day who beg leave from you, and those whose heart have doubts, and in their doubt do waver
9:46  Had they wished to go forth, they would certainly have prepared some equipment; but Allah was averse from their being sent forth, and held them back, and they were told "Sit you with the inactive (sedentary or passive)."
9:47  Had they gone forth with you they would have made you naught but more trouble, and they would have hurried about amongst you creating a sedition; and amongst you are some who would have listened to them; but Allah knows those who are evil-workers
9:48  They used to crave sedition before and upset your affairs, until the Truth came, and Allah´s decree was made manifest, much to their aversion (disgust, consternation)
9:49  Of them are some who say, "Grant me exemption, and draw me not into trial (or temptation (of the beauty of the enemy women))" Have they not fallen into the trial already, but Hell surrounds the disbelievers
9:50  If good befall you it also afflicts (or grieves) them; but if a calamity befall you they say, "We took precautions." and they turn away well pleased (or rejoicing)
9:51  Say, "Naught befalls us save what Allah has written down for us; He is our Patron. In Allah let believers trust!"
9:52  Say, "Can you expect for us aught but one of the two best things (martyrdom or victory)? We too expect that Allah will afflict on you with doom from Himself or by our hands. Wait then, and verily, we are waiting with you!"
9:53  Say, "Spend (for the Cause), willingly or unwillingly, it shall not be accepted from you; for verily, you are a people who are rebellious and wicked."
9:54  But naught hinders their contributions from being accepted save that they disbelieve in Allah and His Messenger, and perform not prayer save lazily (unmindfully), and spend not in charity save reluctantly
9:55  Let not their wealth nor their children please you. Allah only wishes to punish them therewith in the life of this world, and that their souls may pass away while still they disbelieve
9:56  They swear by Allah that, in truth, they are of you; but they are not of you, and they are a people who do stand aside in fear
9:57  Could they but have found a refuge, or some caves, or a hiding place in which to creep, thither would they have rushed (jamaha = hastened with uncontrollable urgency, madly, obstinately)
9:58  Of them are some who defame you, with respect to (the distribution of) charity; though if they are given a part thereof, they are content; and if they are not given a part thereof, then are they enraged
9:59  Would that they were content with what Allah and His Messenger had brought them, and would say, "Allah is sufficient for us! Allah will bring us of His Bounty, and so will His Messenger; verily, in Allah is our hope (or desire)."
9:60  Alms are only for the poor and needy, and those who work for them, and those whose heart are to be reconciled (to be converted to Islam), and those in captivity, and those in debt, and those who are on Allah´s path, and for the wayfarer. This is an
9:61  And of them are some who are at the ears of the prophet (they molest him), and say, "He is all ears (he listens to every one´s plea)." Say, "He is an ear (or Hearer) of what is good for you, who believes in Allah, has faith in (or is
9:62  They swear by Allah to please you (Muslims); but Allah and His Messenger are more worthy for them to please (or it is more fitting to please them or they have more right to it) if they be believers
9:63  Know they not that whoever sets himself against Allah and His Messenger, for him is the Fire of Hell, to dwell therein? That is the mighty shame
9:64  The hypocrites fear lest there be revealed against them a verse, exposing what is in their heart. Say, "Mock ye! Verily, Allah is disclosing what you fear!"
9:65  But if you should ask them, they will say, "We did but talk and jest." Say, "Was it at Allah and His revelations, and His Messenger, that you mocked?"
9:66  Make no excuse! You have disbelieved after your (confession of) faith; if We forgive one party of you, We will punish another party because they were guilty
9:67  The hypocrites, men and women, are of each other (influence, and agree with, each other, are tied together), bidding what is wrong and forbidding what is right, and they clench their hands (in anger to withhold charity, assistance, or power in the cause
9:68  Allah has promised unto the hypocrites, men and women, and unto the disbelievers, hell-fire to dwell therein. It is enough for them! Allah shall curse them, and theirs shall be an enduring woe
9:69  You are like those who were before you. They were stronger than you and more abundant in wealth and children. They enjoyed their portion awhile, and you will enjoy your portion awhile just as they enjoyed their portion before you. And you indulge in idle
9:70  Did there not come to them the story of those who were before them? Of the people of Noah and A´ad and Thamud, and of the people of Abraham, and the people of Midian? And of their overthrown cities? Their messengers came to them with manifest signs
9:71  And the believers, men and women, are patrons one of the others; they bid what is right, and forbid what is wrong, and are steadfast in worship, and give in charity, and they obey Allah and His Messenger. On these will Allah have mercy; verily, Allah is
9:72  Allah has promised to believers, men and women, Gardens beneath which rivers flow, to dwell therein; and goodly places in the Gardens of Bliss (Eden), But the greatest bliss is the good pleasure (or acceptance) of Allah. That is the Supreme Triumph
9:73  O you Prophet! Strive strenuously against the disbelievers and the hypocrites, and be stern against them; for their ultimate resort is hell, an evil destination indeed
9:74  They swear by Allah they did not speak wrong, but they did speak the word of disbelief (blasphemy); and they disbelieved after their Surrender (embracing Islam). And they plotted what they could not attain; and they only sought revenge after Allah throug
9:75  And of them are some who make a treaty with Allah, saying, "If He give us of His bounty, we will give alms and become of the righteous."
9:76  But when He gave them of His grace they hoarded it, and turned away, averse
9:77  So He caused hypocrisy to pursue them in their heart unto the day when they shall meet Him, for they did break their promises to Allah and because they lied
9:78  Do they not know that Allah knows their secrets and their whisperings, and that Allah knows the Unseen
9:79  Those who defame such of the believers as willingly give their alms, and such as can find nothing to give but their exertions and who mock at them - Allah Himself mocks them. Theirs is a grievous woe
9:80  Ask forgiveness for them or ask not forgiveness for them; if they should ask forgiveness for them seventy times, yet would not Allah forgive them; that is because they disbelieved in Allah and His Messenger, and Allah guides not a people who work abomina
9:81  Those who were left behind rejoiced in staying behind the Messenger of Allah, and were averse to striving with their wealth and their persons in the way of Allah, and said, "March not forth in the heat." Say, "The fire of hell is hotter st
9:82  Let them then laugh a little, they will weep much, as a recompense for that which they have earned
9:83  But if Allah brings you back (from a campaign) to a party of them, and they ask you then for permission to come out with you, say, "You shall by no means ever come out with me, nor shall you ever fight a foe with me! Verily, you were content to sit
9:84  Pray not ever for any one of them who dies, and stand not by his grave; verily, they disbelieved in Allah and His Messenger and died workers of perverse rebellion
9:85  Let not their wealth and their children please you. Allah only wishes to punish them therewith in this world, and that their souls may pass away while they disbelieve
9:86  Whenever a verse is sent down to them, saying "Believe you in Allah, and strive along with His Messenger," the men of wealth will ask you for leave to stay at home and say, "Let us be amongst those who stay behind."
9:87  They are content to be with those who are useless, and a seal is set upon their heart that they understand not
9:88  But the Messenger and those who believe with him strive with their wealth and with their lives. Such are they who shall have good things. Such are they who are successful (or prosper)
9:89  Allah has prepared for them Gardens beneath which river flow, to dwell therein; that is the supreme triumph
9:90  There were among the desert Arabs some who had excuses and came to claim exemption, and those who lied to Allah and His Messenger sat at home inactive. There shall befall those of them who disbelieved, a mighty woe
9:91  For the weak, and the sick, and those who cannot find wherewith to spend in alms, no blame is there for them, so long as they be sincere towards Allah and His Messenger. There is no blame against those who do good; for Allah is Forgiving and Merciful
9:92  Nor against those to whom, when they came to you that you should provide mount for them, you did say, "I cannot find whereon to mount you." They turned their backs while their eyes poured forth with tears, for grief that they could not find the
9:93  There is blame only against those who ask you for leave to stay at home while they are rich; content to be with the useless. Allah has sealed their heart so that they know not
9:94  They make excuses to you when you return to them. Say, "Make no excuse, we believe you not; Allah has informed us concerning you. Allah sees your works and so does His Messenger. Then shall you be brought back unto Him who knows the invisible (hidde
9:95  They will swear by Allah unto you when you have returned to them, that you may leave them alone. Let them be, for verily, they are polluted (unclean), and their resort is hell, a recompense for that which they have earned
9:96  They will swear unto you that you may accept them; but if you accept them, Allah, verily accepts not a people who work abomination
9:97  The wandering Arabs of the desert are keener in disbelief and hypocrisy, and more likely to be ignorant of the limits that Allah has revealed unto His Messenger. Allah is Knower and Wise
9:98  And of the wandering Arabs of the desert are some who take what they spend (in the cause of Allah) to be a loss (or a fine, punishment), and they wait for a turn of fortune against you; but the turn of evil fortune shall be against them. Allah is Hearer
9:99  And of the wandering Arabs of the desert are some who believe in Allah and the Last Day, and who take what they spends to be a means of bringing them nearer to Allah and obtaining the Messenger´s prayers. Verily it is an acceptable offering for the
9:100  As for the Foremost in the way, the first of the Muhajirin (those who migrated into exile from Mecca to Medina), and the Ansar (those in Medina who helped them), and those who followed them in their kindness, Allah is well pleased with them, and they are
9:101  And of those of the wandering Arabs of the desert who are round about you, some are hypocrites, and some of the people of Medina persist in hypocrisy; you do not know them. We know them, and We will chastise them twice; then shall they be sent off into m
9:102  And there are others who have acknowledged their sins. They have mixed a righteous action with another that was evil. It may be that Allah will relent towards them. Verily, Allah is Relenting and Merciful
9:103  Take alms from their wealth, so that you may purify them and make them grow thereby; and pray for them; verily, your prayer is a source of security for them. Allah is Hearer and Knower
9:104  Know they not that Allah is He who accepts repentance from His servants and takes the alms; and that Allah is He who is easily Relenting and Merciful
9:105  And say, "Act! Allah will see your action, and so will His Messenger and the believers, and you will be brought back to Him who knows the seen and the unseen (or the visible and invisible), and He shall inform you of that which you used to do
9:106  And there are others who are in hopes of Allah´s decree; whether He will punish them, or whether He will forgive them. Allah is Knower, Wise
9:107  And there are those who have chosen a place of worship (or mosque) for mischief and infidelity, in order to cause dissent amongst the believers, and for an outpost for those who made war against Allah and His Messenger in the past; they surely swear, &qu;
9:108  Never stand up (to pray) therein. The place of worship (or mosque) founded on piety (or duty to Allah) from the first day, is more worthy that you should stand (to pray) therein, wherein are men who love to purify themselves. Allah does love those who pu
9:109  Is he who has laid his foundation upon the fear of (duty to) Allah and of His good pleasure better, or he who has laid his foundation upon a crumbling undermined sand cliff, which crumbles away with him into the fire of hell? Allah guides not a people wh
9:110  The building which they have built will not cease to be a source of doubt in their heart until their heart are cut asunder; but Allah is Knowing, Wise
9:111  Verily, Allah hath bought of the believers their lives and their wealth, because the Garden will be theirs; they shall fight in the way of Allah, and they shall slay and be slain, a promised binding on Him in Truth, in the Torah and the Gospel and the Qu
9:112  Triumphant are those who repent, those who serve Him, those who praise, those who fast, those who bow down, those who fall down prostrate (in awe or surrender), those who bid what is right and forbid what is wrong, and those who keep the limits (ordained
9:113  It is not for the prophet and those who believe to ask forgiveness for the idolaters, even though they are their kindred, after it has been made manifest to them that they are the fellows of hell
9:114  Nor was Abraham´s asking pardon for his father aught else but through a promise he had promised him; but when it was made manifest to him that he was an enemy to Allah, he cleansed himself of him (dissociated himself); verily, Abraham was soft of h
9:115  Nor will Allah lead astray a people after He has guided them until that is made clear to them that which they have to fear (avoid). Verily, Allah is aware of all things
9:116  Verily, Allah, To Him belongs the kingdom of the heavens and the earth! He quickens and He slays. And you have beside Allah no protecting friend or helper
9:117  Allah has now turned in mercy towards the Prophet and to the Muhajirin (those who migrated with him into exile), and towards the Ansar (helpers) who followed him in the hour of difficulty. After the heart of a party of them had well-nigh swerved aside, t
9:118  And also unto the three who were left behind. When the earth, vast as it is, seemed too small for them, and their souls were constricted for them until they perceived that there was no refuge for them from Allah save towards Him (they felt imprisoned in
9:119  O you who believe! Fear (do your duty to) Allah and be with those who are True (in word, thought, motivation and deed)
9:120  It was not fitting for the people of Medina and for those around them of the wandering Arabs of the desert, to stay behind the Messenger of Allah and prefer their lives to his. That is because neither thirst, nor toil, nor heat, nor hunger befell them on
9:121  Nor do they spend in alms a small or great amount, nor do they cross a valley, but it is recorded for them, that Allah may repay them with better than that which they have done
9:122  The believers should not march forth altogether. If a section from every troop remain behind, then they could devote themselves to gaining sound knowledge of their religion and teach their people when they return to them, that per chance (or possibly) th
9:123  O you who believe! Fight those disbelievers who are near to you, and let them find in you sternness; and know that Allah is with those who fear (do their duty)
9:124  And whenever a verse is sent down, there are some of them who say (sarcastically), "Which of you has thus increased in faith?" But as for those who believe, it does increase their faith, and they shall rejoice
9:125  But as for those in whose heart is a disease, it only adds wickedness to their wickedness, and they die disbelievers
9:126  Do they not see that they are tried once or twice in every year? Yet they do not turn in repentance, nor do they heed
9:127  And whenever a surah (verse) is sent down, some of them look at the others, (as if to say), "Does any one see you?" (i.e. furtively to make sure their guilt is not observed) Then they turn away! Allah has turned their heart, for that they are a
9:128  There has come to you a Messenger from amongst yourselves; hard for him to bear is it that you should perish (from iniquity); full of concern for you, for believers full of compassion, merciful
9:129  But if they turn their backs, then say, "Allah is sufficient for me! There is no Allah but He! In Him do I trust. He is Lord of the Supreme Throne."