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9:1  This is to declare that God and His Messenger are not respecting their treaty with the disbelievers [as the latter broke it at first place] any more
9:2  The disbelievers are hereby given four months to go anywhere they want but is there anywhere that they escape God’s punishment and humiliation
9:3  God and Hiss Messenger hereby, on the occasion of the General Pilgrimage, disown the disbelievers and give them their last chance to follow the right path. If they repent, they are saved; otherwise, where can they hide from God and His promised punishment
9:4  The exception is those disbelievers with whom you (Mohammad) have a treaty with and they have honored their treaty and have not helped your enemies against you. Respect your treaty with them till the end of their terms; indeed God loves righteous ones [who respect their word]
9:5  Once the sacred months are over, fight with disbelievers to the end and capture them. If they submit and start saying their daily prayers and engage in charitable actions, then they are forgiven; indeed God is the Most Forgiving, the Most Merciful
9:6  If a pagan asks for an asylum, grant him so that he may have the opportunity to hear the word of God. Then send him back to his safe home [to contemplate]; this courtesy is in account of the fact that the word of God has not reached them yet
9:7  How can God and His Messenger abide by the treaty that the idol worshipers have already broken? If they respect the treaty that you have signed with them in Masjid- Al Haram [the oldest house of worship built by Abraham and Ishmael in Mecca], you should respect it too for the simple reason that God loves the righteous people [who respect their words]
9:8  As far as the other idol worshipers are concerned, they never observed any right of kinship between you and them and, if they had the upper hand, they would have never offered any treaty to you. Therefore, how can they ask for a treaty [now that they are weak]? No way; they try to seem pleasant by using the right words but they have the worse intention as most of them are corrupt
9:9  They bartered the Lord’s revelations for the worldly pleasures and prevented the others to follow the Lord’s path. what they did was evil
9:10  They never respect any right of kinship nor do they take their promises seriously. They are indeed transgressors
9:11  Yet if they repent even now, worship the Lord on regular basis and devote a part of their [God given] income to the charity, then they will be considered as your brothers in faith. See how clearly I make My revelations so that those who use their brain can easily get it
9:12  Now if these idol worshipers break their promises and make fun of your faith, then you have My permission to fight with these leaders of the disbelief as there will be no treaty left to be respected. May the use of force can bring them to their senses
9:13  Will you not fight such people who have broken their promises so many times, who left no choice for the prophet but to live his hometown and were the first in assaulting you? Are you afraid of them? If you are true believers, you should fear Me not them
9:14  Therefore, fight them; God has decided to punish them with your hands. God will disgrace them, make you victorious and bless the believers with peace
9:15  If the disbelievers repent, God may pacify the believers [so that the disbelievers embrace Islam and become the believers’ brothers in faith]; God knows everything and the Most Wise
9:16  Do you expect to be left alone [and not be subjected to any test and trial]? you have to prove to your Lord that you will do your best for His cause and that you will befriend only God, His prophet and the believers. Know that God knows what you are doing
9:17  It is not proper that the disbelievers assume the guardianship of the houses [ such as Masjid-Al-Haram which was built by Abraham and Ishmael] devoted to the sole purpose of worshiping the Lord. After all, they bear witness that they do not believe! [Therefore, how can they become the guardians of houses built for worshiping what they do not believe in?] Indeed all their deeds are nullified and they have to live by the Fire forever
9:18  Only those are worthy of visiting/ maintaining the mosques (in Arabic meaning the place of worship) of God who believe in the existence of [the One and only One] God and the Last Day, worship the Lord on regular basis, devote a part of their income to the charity and do not fear none but God. Only such people are expected to be guided [and adopt the right path.]
9:19  Do the disbeliever really think that by offering water (to those who come to the pilgrimage of Mecca) and taking care of Masjid- Al-Haram, they are equal to those who have chosen to believe in God and the Last Day and do the ultimate sacrifice in the cause of God? These two groups are surely not equal in the sight of God and God will not guide the people who are unjust
9:20  Those who chose to believe, emigrated [under persecution] and offered their belongings and their lives to the cause of God, have earned a great rank with the Lord and have attained true success
9:21  Their Lord hereby informs them that He is satisfied with them and that they are under the umbrella of His mercy. Theirs will end up in the Gardens of Paradise and enjoy their privileges
9:22  They will stay in the Paradise for ever. Yes; with God there is a great reward
9:23  O’ believers, do not ally with your fathers or brothers, if they have chosen to disbelieve. Whoever allies himself with the disbelievers, has done a great injustice [to his soul.]
9:24  Proclaim: “If your fathers, sons, brothers, spouses, dear ones, the wealth that you have accumulated, the business that you have built up and the houses that you love so much are more important than God, His prophet and sacrifice in the cause of God, then go on and continue your lives till God passes His judgment [on the Day of Judgment] upon you [as you are for a big surprise.] Indeed God does not guide such corrupt people [who are so in love with this world that cannot let it go.]&rdquo
9:25  God has helped you so many times in the past. In the battle of “Hunain” (which took place eight years after the immigration of prophet to Medina and for the first time the Muslims’ army outnumbered the disbelievers’ army), however, you became too proud of your numbers [that you did not remember the Lord, the way He should be remembered, i.e., in humility.] Then you felt the spacious earth around you becoming smaller and smaller and you turned around and fled
9:26  Then [after having taught you a lesson about the pride], the Lord gave peace to His prophet and the believers and sent invisible fighters to defeat the disbelievers and to punish them for their disbelief
9:27  Now God guides whoever He wills to the repentance (referring to a great number of the defeated disbelievers who embraced Islam) as God is Forgiving and Merciful
9:28  O’ you who have chosen to believe, know that the disbelievers have a dirty nature. Therefore, from now on, do not let them to come close to Masjid-Al-Haram [the house that Abraham and Ishmael built for the purpose of worshiping the One and only One God.] If you are afraid of loosing your income [spent by disbelieving pilgrims], God promises to compensate you with His generosity, in accordance with His will. God is the Most Knowledgeable, the Most Wise
9:29  Fight back against those people of the Book who do not believe in God and the Last Day, nor do they avoid what God and His prophet have declared as unlawful, nor do they adopt the Right way (as prescribed by Islam.) If they want to live in Islamic state, they should give up their hostile attitude and pay a special tax (know as Jizyah in Arabic) in return for protection and other privileges that they get (such as not being obliged to join the “national Islamic army.”
9:30  The Jews say: “Ezra (who re-wrote the lost old testament after they were released from their captivity in Babylon around B.C.) is the son of God!” The Christians say: “Messiah is the son of God!” These are just bunch of senseless words that comes out of their tongues. They simply follow in the footsteps of the former disbelievers. God condemns them. They have been diverted from the straight path
9:31  they have taken their religious scholars and leaders (such as Pope) as their Lord. It was Messiah, son of Mary, who enjoined them not to worship none but the One and only One God (Mark 32.) Glory to the Lord; He is high above having a partner (or son or....
9:32  The disbelievers wish to extinguish the Lord’s light [of guidance] with puffs from their mouths but God insists upon perfecting His light, no matter how much it hurts the disbelievers
9:33  God is the One Who has sent His messenger with the guidance, leading to the best way of life, and will prevail it over alternative “ways of life” [suggested by Satan and practiced by man], in spite of the disbelievers’ resentment
9:34  O’ believers, know that most religious scholars and preachers are guilty of: a) devouring people’s money [which is trusted with them to be spent on charity] and b) preventing people to join the way of God. As to those who hoard their money and do not spend it in the way of God, let them know that a sever punishment is waiting for them
9:35  The Day will come when their [hoarded] gold and silver will be melted in the Hellfire. It will be used then to burn their front, back, neck and all other part of their bodies saying: “This is the treasure that you prepared for today. Taste what you have accumulated.”
9:36  The Lord’s official calendar (since the creation of the heavens and the earth) has been twelve months [lunar year.] Four out of these twelve months are declared as sacred [during which certain acts of violence are forbidden.] Do not be unjust to your souls by violating these laws. However, if the disbelievers start fighting with you during these sacred month, fight with them and present a united front against them in the same manner that they put a united front against you; be sure that God is with those who respect Him
9:37  Changing/ alternating/ replacing the months of the year [i.e., forgery in the calendar] is a sign of disbelief. The disbelievers make a month sacred in one year and then change it in another year! Thus making Lord declared unlawful as lawful. These kinds of evil deeds seems fine with them. The Lord, however, does not guide such people who deny the truth
9:38  O’ believers, what happened to you that, when [in preparation for the campaign of Tabuk] you were asked to march forth for the cause of God, you became heavily attached to the earth? Does it mean that you prefer this earthly life to the life of the Hereafter? If this is the case, rest assured that all the pleasures of the world is nothing compared to that of Hereafter
9:39  If you do not change your attitude, God will subject you to a sever punishment and will replace you with other [dedicated] people. He is capable of doing everything and your behavior [ lack of enthusiasm] cannot harm Him a bit
9:40  It is not important at all, if you do not help your prophet. God [suffices him as He] helped him before when the disbelievers made him to emigrate [from Mecca to Medina.] The prophet then told to his companion [while they were hiding from their persecutors, taking refuge] in the cave: “Do not be afraid. God is with us.” Then God gave him peace of mind and sent an invisible army and made the words of the disbelievers worthless. God’s word is the supreme word as He is Almighty and the Most Wise
9:41  March forth no matter how ill-prepared [physically or psychologically] you are and sacrifice your wealth and lives for the cause of God; if you knew how good of decision this is
9:42  O’ Mohammad, if it was an easy campaign, they would have been quite ready to follow you. However, they could not handle the situation (marching a long way in the desert in the hot summer, not having enough time to harvest their new crop and going to face the strong Roman empire’s army.) They would dare to swear by God and say: “If we could, we would certainly join you.” By saying such lies, they are destroying their own souls. God knows that they are liars
9:43  May God forgive you (Mohammad); why did you give them (the hypocrites who came with all kind of excuses in order not to march forward) permission to stay behind? How will then the truthful and hypocrite can be distinguished from each other now
9:44  Those who believe in God and the Last Day, will never ask you to exempt them from sacrificing their belongings and their lives to please the Lord; God knows well those who respect Him
9:45  The only people who make such requests are those who do not really believe in God and the Last Day and their hearts are filled with doubts. Their doubts have caused them to be confused
9:46  Had they really have any enthusiasm, they would have prepared themselves to go to the war. It was God Who resented their participation (for their lack of sincerity) and they were told to stay behind with those [children and women] who stay behind
9:47  If they had marched with you, they would not have created nothing but trouble for you. They would have created created confusions and disputes. There would have been some, among you, who would have listened to them. God knows very well those who are unjust to their souls
9:48  Even before this, these people had created lots of troubles and had to recourse to all kind of plots against you till the truth became evident and made them upset
9:49  One of them came to you saying: “Let me stay behind and do not subject me to the temptation (of seeing beautiful Roman women and then committing a sin!)” Such a person is already tempted and encircled by the Hellfire
9:50  If something good happens to you, they become sorry [why they did not follow you to have a share in it.] On the contrary, if something bad happens to you, they will become happy, turn away and say: “We told you so.”
9:51  Tell them: “Nothing will happen to us, unless God has destined for us [to go through that “good” or “bad” trial.] God is our Lord and the believers should put their trust in Him alone.”
9:52  Tell them: “Which one of the two best things are you expecting to happen to us [victory in the war or martyrdom?] As for us, we expect that God would severely punish you, either by our hands our any other mean that He wills. Wait, we are waiting too.”
9:53  Tell them: “Whether you (willingly or unwillingly) spend money in the cause of God, it does not matter: God will not accept the offerings of corrupt people like you.”
9:54  The reason for which their offerings will not be accepted is because of their attitudes: They have not truly believed in God and His prophet, they participate in daily prayers reluctantly and they participated in charities out of hypocrisy
9:55  Do not let their wealth or children delude you. God wants to punish them by means of these very things in their worldly life [as their wealth and children will create more headache for them than happiness.] their wealth and children will cause them to die in the state of disbelief [and, therefore, be sentenced to Hellfire.]
9:56  They swear by God that they are your followers. However, they are not your people. They are people who [resent you and] would do their best to divide your followers
9:57  If they could find a place (even a cave) to flea [like most hypocrites of our time who emigrate to the West], they would run as fast as possible to take refuge in it [and to save themselves from their Islamic obligations such as praying, fasting,............ ]
9:58  Some of them do not like the way that you distribute the charity funds. If you give them some, they become glad. But if you exclude them, they will become angry
9:59  How nice of them would have been, if they had counted their blessings. They could have said: “We only rely upon God and we are grateful for what God and His prophet have given us.”
9:60  The collected charities should go to the needy ones, the poor people, the administrators of the charities, those who sympathize with the Muslims, those who are heavily in debt, the travelers in distress and may be used in freeing the slaves as well as any God pleasing cause. This is how God wants it and God is the Most Knowledgeable, the Most Wise
9:61  Some hypocrites hurt the prophet when they mockingly say: “This man believes in whatever people tell him” Respond: “Good for you that he does so.” Know that Mohammad believes in God and trusts the believers. He is a blessing for the true believers. Those who hurt him, should expect a painful punishment
9:62  These hypocrites would like to please the Muslims by constantly swearing to God. If they were true believers, they would have tried to please God and His Messenger [by engaging in God pleasing acts rather than recourse to mere swearing.]
9:63  Do these hypocrites [who recourse to these silly actions] realize that the one who fights God and His Messenger will be condemned to eternal life in Hellfire, which is the greatest kind of humiliation
9:64  The hypocrites are afraid that their secret thoughts (their secret resentment of Islam) might be announced in Qur’an. Say to them: “Go ahead and make a fun out of Islam [in your private gatherings.] God surely will let the people know what you harbor in your hearts.”
9:65  If you ask them [why there were making fun of God and religious matters], they (like today’s comedians) would say: “We were just kidding.” Say: “Kidding or not kidding; do you realize that you were making fun of God, His Revelations and His Messenger?”
9:66  Let them know that by engagement in such activities they have proven their lack of belief (after having accepted Islam.) If I decide to forgive some of them [in account of their stupidity], I will surely punish [the rest of] them as they are guilty ones
9:67  The hypocrites (both men and women) are all of a kind: They invite people to evil deeds and forbid righteousness. Besides they are stingy. They have forgotten God and God has forgotten them. The hypocrites are indeed corrupt
9:68  God hereby promises the Hellfire to the hypocrites (both men and women) and the disbelievers. They will stay in the Hell forever; it is the proper place for them. They are “blessed” with the Lord’s curse and will “enjoy” a continuous torture
9:69  You (the hypocrites) are behaving like your predecessors. they were mightier than you and had more wealth and more children. They enjoyed their worldly life for a while. Like them, you also will enjoy your life for a while. Like them, you too are engaged in vain discussions. At the end all their deeds in this world, as well as [the repercussion of their deeds] in Hereafter, was nullified. They were true losers
9:70  Have these people ever heard of the previous sinners such as the people of Noah, Thamud, Aad, the people of Abraham, the citizens of Midyan and the evil doers [of Sodom & Gomorrah]? Their prophets went to them with undeniable proofs (miracles.) God never did any injustice to them. It was they themselves who were unjust to their own souls
9:71  As for the believing men and believing women, they are the guardian friends of each other. They encourage each other to do good deeds and forbid wrongdoings. They worship the Lord on regular basis, participate in charity and obey the Lord and His Messenger. God surely will shower them with His blessings; God is Almighty and the Most Wise
9:72  God hereby promises the believing men and women the gardens beneath which the canals of water flow. They will live forever in the most magnificent mansions located in these gardens of Eden. Above all, God will be pleased with them and there is no achievement greater than this
9:73  O’ Prophet, deal with the disbelievers and the hypocrites in a most decisive manner and do not yield to them. They will end up in the Hell which is the most horrible place
9:74  They swear by God that they have never said such and such thing and they are lying. They have returned back to disbelief as they did not find the belief accommodating. They have rebelled in spite of the fact that God and His Messenger showered them with the Lord’s grace and material provisions. If they repent even now, there is still hope for them. If they do not come to their senses and do not repent, then God will punish them severely in this world and in the Hereafter and no power on the earth can come to their help
9:75  Some of them pledged: “If the Lord increases our income, we will gladly contribute to the charity and lead a righteous life.”
9:76  But when God showered them with His blessings, they became stingy and did not fulfill their promises
9:77  As a result of their lies, and reneging their pledges, God has planted the [disease of] hypocrisy so deep in their heart that it will follow them till the Day that they have to meet their Lord
9:78  Do they not understand that God knows all their secrets and conspiracies? Do they not realize that God knows everything
9:79  Those who criticize the well of believers for their generous contributions to the charities and make fun of the small contribution of the less fortunate ones (who offer them at the cost of sacrificing their necessities) should know that the Lord will make fun of them when He sentences them to painful punishments
9:80  Whether you [the dear Messenger of God] pray for them or not, God will not forgive them. As a matter of fact, God will never forgive, nor guides, the corrupt people who choose to deny God and His Prophet even though you (Mohammad) pray for them seventy times
9:81  The hypocrites who [came with all kind of excuses in order not to participate in the expedition to Tabuk and] were permitted to stayed behind, could not hide their happiness that they have lost the opportunity of pleasing God with their belongings and lives. They were openly saying to the people: “It is crazy to set forth in such a heat.” Say: “This heat is nothing compared to the Hellfire.” If only they knew
9:82  Let them laugh a little bit as they are going to cry for the longest time; a punishment that they have earned
9:83  If by any chance the Lord crosses the path of some of them with yours, and if they ask whether or not they can join you, say: “No way; You will never join me in fight with the enemies. You decided to stay at first place; therefore, go stay with those who chose to stay.”
9:84  If the hypocrite [who publicly pretends to be a Muslim] die, you (Mohammad) are forbidden to say the farewell prayer for them. You are not even allowed to pay a visit to their graves as they died when they were corrupt and had chosen to deny [in their hearts] the Lord and His Messenger
9:85  Do not be impressed with their wealth and children. God has decided to punish them in this world by the mean of their very possessions and children and let them die in the state of disbelief (which is an automatic sentence to Hellfire, if God wills.
9:86  Any time a verse is revealed saying: “Believe in God and strive hard with the Lord’s Messenger”, you might have noticed that even the most capable ones of them start to beg asking to be excused from the fight for the cause of God and say: “Please give us permission [for such and such reason] so that we stay behind, like those (handicaps, children and women) who stay at home.”
9:87  Their choice of staying behind, has led their hearts to be sealed; thus they are deprived of the faculty of understanding
9:88  As to the Messenger, and those who joined in belief with him and strived hard with their possessions and their lives, theirs is the best and they are the true successful ones
9:89  God has prepared for them the Gardens beneath which canals flow and they will live therein forever; this is the biggest achievement
9:90  There were also some Arabs (living in the desert) who asked to be excused [from the expedition] and stay behind. Thus, they [showed their true color and] proved that they do not believe in God and His Messenger. Pretty soon they will receive a painful punishment
9:91  There is no blame upon those who are weak, sick or cannot finance their participation in the fight to stay behind, so long as they are sincerely faithful to God and His Messenger. The righteous ones among them will bear no burden of shame as God is the Most Forgiving, the Most Merciful
9:92  Likewise, there is no blame upon those who came to you asking for the means of transportation and left with tears in their eyes as you did not have any horse or camel to accommodate them and they did not have any mean to provide it themselves either
9:93  As for those who are rich enough to finance their participation in the expedition and still came to you asking your permission to stay behind with women, God has set a seal upon their hearts. Thus, they cannot understand [the repercussion of their cowardice behavior.]
9:94  When you return [from the battle], they will come to you with all kind of excuses [to justify their behavior.] Say: “Do not apologize as we do not believe you. God has already informed us what kind of people you are. God and His Messenger are going to keep an eye on you till you are summoned to the Lord Who knows everything; then He will inform you what you were doing.”
9:95  When you return, they will beg you that you leave them alone by the Grace of God. Break off all connections with them as they are nothing but filth. Their residence is Hell which they have earned it
9:96  Their convincing oaths may calm you down but such corrupt people can never please the Lord
9:97  The Arabs [Bedouins living in the desert surrounding Al-Medina] are worse in disbelief and hypocrisy. They will most likely stay away from a God pleasing way of life that Lord has revealed to His Messenger. God is the Most Knowledgeable, the Most Wise
9:98  Some of these Bedouins consider their expenditures in the cause of God as a penalty [rather than an opportunity to buy their Hereafter.] They hope that some kind of disaster happen to you (so that they rebel against the established Islamic laws) Their wish will come true for themselves. [If they knew that] God hears everything [that they say] and knows everything [that they do and everything wich they earn for themselves.]
9:99  Among the Bedouins, there are also those who believe in God and the Last Day and consider their expenditure in the cause of God as a mean to bring them closer to the Lord and His acceptance of the Messenger’s prayer on their behalf. Thus, they earn the closeness to the Lord and God will surely admit them to His blessings as God is the Most Forgiving, the Most Merciful
9:100  As for those who were the first to respond to the invitation to the Faith, God is pleased with them (those who immigrated (to Al-Medina) as well as those who welcomed them with kindness to their town). They are pleased with the Lord too as God has prepared for them gardens beneath which canals flow and they will live therein for ever; what a great achievement
9:101  Among the Arabs (living around Al-Medina) there are hypocrites [who pretended having embraced Islam in order to take advantage of its citizenship.] In Al-Medina, too, there are those who have mastered hypocrisy. You do not know that but I do know them. When the time comes, they will be subjected to double punishment (for their lack of belief and for their hypocrisy.) Once well punished, they will be sent to a far greater doom
9:102  There are some other sinner who have come to their senses and asked for forgiveness. They have a mixture of good and evil deeds. God may forgive them as He is the Most Forgiving, the Most Merciful
9:103  Accept their charitable offerings (which may purify and cleanse them), guide them to the right path and pray for them as your prayers will comfort them; God hears everything and knows everything
9:104  Do these people not know yet that it is only God Who accept His servants’ repentances and gives credit to their charitable contributions and that it is God Who is Forgiving and Merciful
9:105  Say to them: “Feel free to do whatever you want. God witnesses your behavior, and so do His Messenger and the believers. Pretty soon you will return to the One Who knows everything in the realm of perception and beyond. Then He will re-run your life for you
9:106  There are some whose actions have yet to surface so that God make a decision about them. He may either punish them or extend His Mercy to them: Rest assured that God is the Most Knowledgeable, the Most Wise
9:107  There are some (hypocrites led by Abu Amir, the Christian monk, who eventually went to Rome and encouraged the Caesar to attack the newly established Islamic nation which led to the expedition to Tabuk by Prophet Mohammad) who built their own mosque to use it as a mean to harm the cause, spread disbelief and to cause a division between the believers. They are the ones who have declared war with God a long time ago. Although they swear that they have the best intention, God hereby declares that they are liars
9:108  You should never attend that said mosque. The Mosque which was built the first day [of your entrance to Al-Medina] is founded upon piety and is the best place for you to worship the Lord. In this Mosque (Masjid Al-Nabavi) there are people who love to cleanse their souls and God loves those who engage in self-purification
9:109  Is the one who has built his place of worship on the basis of the piety and the Lord’s approval better or the one who establishes his building on the brink of a crumbling cliff, that is going to fall down with him in the Fire of Hell. God indeed does not guide the unjust people
9:110  The building that they have constructed will lead them to a lifetime doubt [and confusion] until they heart becomes insensitive to the truth; God is the Most Knowledgeable, the Most Wise (and consequently informs you of the truth.
9:111  God, in a sense, has bought from the believers their souls (as they devote all their lives to a God pleasing way of life) and their belongings (that they devote to the charities and the cause of God) for the price of the Garden of Paradise. They fight in the way of God; they kill and are killed. The Lord’s promise (about the Paradise) is the truth. It is mentioned in Torah, Gospel and the Qur’an—and who fulfils his pledge better than God? Enjoy the deal that you have made with the Lord as this is the greatest achievement
9:112  Give good news to the believers who ask forgiveness for their sins, worship the Lord, thank Him, meditate, bow down and fall prostrate in front of their Lord, encourage people to do good and forbid them of evil deeds and follow the Lord’s laws
9:113  It is not fit for the Prophet, nor the believers, to beg God to forgive those who think that God has partners (even though the latter may be their dearest ones), when it has become obvious to them that they deserve Hell
9:114  If Abraham said a prayer for his (idol worshipping) father, it was just in account of fulfilling a promise that he had made to him. As soon as Abraham realized that his father is an enemy of the Lord, he disowned him. The fact is that Abraham was a tenderhearted tolerant person
9:115  It is not the Lord’s tradition to mislead a people (whom He has guided.) God first plainly explains to them what they should avoid [and if they do not listen to Him, then He will let them go deeper and deeper into the darkness.] God is fully aware of everything
9:116  To God belongs the kingdom of the heavens and the earth. He is the One Who brings the living species to life and takes their lives from them. You do not have any protector nor helper beside the Lord
9:117  God has forgiven the Prophet (for permitting those who had the ability to go with him to the front to stay behind) and those local and immigrant believers who stood by him during the difficult time in spite of their initial hesitation. See how Kind and Merciful the Lord is
9:118  God also showed mercy to those three who stayed behind (Ka’ab Ibn Malik, Hilal Ibn Ummaya and Murarah Ibn Ruba’i) after having made the earth (with all its vastness) to seem too narrow for them and after they completely gave up (they were boycotted even with their wives while waiting for the Lord’s decision.) Finally they learned (through this experience) that their only refuge is the Lord. The Lord then turned mercifully to them so that they may repent and then accepted their repentance as He is the Most Forgiving, the Most Merciful
9:119  O’ you who have believed, have the utmost respect for the Lord and be sincere to Him
9:120  It was beneath the dignity of the people of Al-Medina and its suburban Arabs to abandon the Lord’s Messenger and (instead of supporting him) stay at home in order to take care of their worldly interests. They should know that any hardship such as hunger, thirst, physical pain (earned in the cause of God), as well as every step that they take toward enraging the disbelievers and every acts of theirs aimed to inflict a hardship upon the enemy will be credited to their account with God. Rest assured that God does not let go not rewarded the worthy deeds of the righteous people
9:121  Any thing that they spend for the cause of God (be a little or a lot) and any step that they take to pass a valley (and go to the battle ground) will be credited to their account so that the Lord generously reward them for their deeds
9:122  It was not required that all the believers should leave to the front. It would have been nice if, those who stayed behind, devote their time to learn more about Islam so that when their fellow tribesmen would return, share their findings with them and avoid sinful acts
9:123  O’ believers, fight with the disbelievers who live in your vicinities so that they realize how serious you are. Rest assured that God is with the pious people
9:124  Any time that a new chapter of Qur’an is revealed the disbelievers mockingly ask: “Did this increase your faith?” As a matter of fact, it increases the faith of the believers and make them rejoice
9:125  As for those who have a disease in their heart, they become more and more filthy and they end up dying in the state of disbelief
9:126  Do they not see that each year their faith is put to test once or twice. Yet they do not learn any lesson and do not repent (or adjust their attitudes.
9:127  When a new chapter of Qur’an is revealed, they look at one another as though they say: “Is someone watching our (indifferent) reaction?” then they quietly leave. God has rendered their hearts insensitive [to His revelations] as they do not make any effort to understand
9:128  Why do you not get it? Here you have a Messenger of God, chosen from among yourselves, who grieves at your spiritual loss, cares about you and is so gentle and compassionate toward the believers
9:129  All this being said, if they turn away from you, say: “God suffices me. There is no deity beside the Lord. In God I put my trust; the Lord of mighty power.”