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43:1  Haa. Me’im!
43:2  I swear by this Irrefutable Book:
43:3  We certainly made it an Arabic Qur’ān so that you may achieve a higher level of consciousness.
43:4  This Qur’ān- in the Preserved Tablet with Us- is indeed Sublime and Full of wisdom.
43:5  Should we then holds back the Book of Enlightenment from you, simply because you are a folk of prodigals?
43:6  And (be sure), We sent so many Prophets among the ancients!
43:7  And never did a Prophet come to them but that they used to mock at him.
43:8  Then We utterly destroyed those who were more powerful than these- (Pagan Arabs). And the example of the ancient peoples has gone before.
43:9  And if it happens that you ask them: "Who created the heavens and the earth?” they would surely say: "It is the Almighty Allâh, the All-Knowing Who has created them."
43:10  The One Who has made the earth for you a cradle and set up roads therein so that you may be able to find your way.
43:11  And He is the One Who sends down from the sky water according to a measure. Then, We resuscitate a dead land therewith. In the same manner you will be resurrected.
43:12  And He is the One who created all things in pairs and made for you ships and cattle on which you ride,
43:13  So that you may mount upon their backs and then remember the grace of your Lord when you mount thereon and say: "All Glory Be To Him who has subjected this to us since we were incapable of doing it.
43:14  And lo! it is to our Lord that we shall rerun."
43:15  Yet they ascribe to some of His servants a share with Him. Most surely man is evidently ungrateful.
43:16  Or has He taken daughters for Himself of what He creates and favored you with sons?
43:17  When one of them is informed of the news of that the like of which he ascribes to the True Merciful (God), his face becomes gloomy. And he is filled with sorrow.
43:18  Do they ascribe to Allâh one who is reared amid ornaments and incapable of making plain speech in disputes?
43:19  And they have made the Angels, who are the servants of the True Merciful (God), females. Did they witness their creation? Their testimony will be set down in writing and they will be questioned.
43:20  They even said: "If the True Merciful (God) had willed, we would not have worshiped (& venerated) them." They have no knowledge whatever of that. They only try to impose a misleading belief.
43:21  Or have We given them any book before and so they are holding fast to it?
43:22  Nay, but they say: "We found our fathers following a certain system of faith and worship, and so we are certainly inspired by their footsteps."
43:23  In the same manner, whenever We sent a Messenger before you into a town to warn (its inhabitants), the wealthy ones therein said: “We found our forefathers adhering to a certain system of faith and worship, so it is part of our duty to walk in their Footsteps."
43:24  He said: “What! "Even if I bring you better guidance than that which you found your forefathers adhering?" They said: "Most surely we pledge not to give credence to (this nonsense message) with which you have been sent.”
43:25  So We inflicted the divine retribution on them. Now look and see the dreadful end of those who were Spiritually blind.
43:26  And (mention) when Abraham said to his father and his people: "I disown whatsoever you worship (& venerate)
43:27  Except Him Who created me. And He will surely lead me to the Truth."
43:28  And He made this (Declaration of Monotheism) an abiding precept among his descendants in order that they would always return to the Truth.
43:29  Yea, I have allowed the (people of Mecca) and their forefathers to enjoy themselves, (and so they did not fully adhere to Monotheism), until the truth- (the Qur’ān)- came to them along with a Messenger making all things clear:
43:30  But when the Truth-the Qur’ān-has been revealed to them, they said: “This is mere magic, and so we pledge not to give credence to It."
43:31  They said: "Why was not this Qur’ān sent down upon a great man from one of the two cities?"
43:32  Are they the ones who divide and allocate the Mercy of your Lord? It is We who distribute between them their livelihood in this worldly life. And We exalt some of them above others in rank so that some of them may take others in subjection. The Mercy of your Lord is far better than what they accumulate.
43:33  And if it were not that, the people would become one nation, then We would have made for those who have no Faith in the True Merciful (God) roofs of silver to their houses, and stairs whereon to mount,
43:34  With doors to their houses, and couches (of silver) whereon to recline,
43:35  As well as ornaments of gold. Yet all this is naught but a provision of this worldly life. The Hereafter with your Lord is only for the Pious servants.
43:36  The one whose sight is dim to celebrate the praise of the True Merciful (God) and to declare His glory, We assign to him a devil who becomes his intimate companion.
43:37  Verily! These companions will most surely deceive them into going away from the right path, and yet they presume that they are walking on the path of truth.
43:38  Until, when he comes before Us, he will say (to his companion): "Oh, would that between you and me there were the distance of the East and the West. Ah! Evil is the associate indeed!
43:39  Now since you were unfair, regret will avail you nothing today. Most surely, both of you are partners in punishment!
43:40  Can you, then, make the deaf hear? Or can you save those who are Spiritually blind or the one who is in utter deception?
43:41  Even if We take you away, still We are going to inflict retribution on them,
43:42  Or We may show you what (sort of punishment) We have prepared for them. Most certainly We have All the Capability over them.
43:43  Now, therefore, hold fast to what has been revealed to you (from your Lord). You are indeed on the right path.
43:44  This Qur’ān is indeed a Book of Enlightenment for you and your people. Most assuredly you will be questioned about It.
43:45  And ask those Messengers whom We sent before you: Did We ever appoint gods to be worshiped beside the True Merciful (God)?
43:46  And verily, We have sent Moses with Our Signs to Pharaoh and his chiefs. He said: "I am the Messenger of the Lord of all the beings."
43:47  So, when he showed them Our Signs (of power & glory), lo, they laughed at them.
43:48  Every Sign We showed them was greater than the former one. Then We inflected punishment on them so that they might quit their perversion and return to the truth.
43:49  And they said: "Now, O’ magician, pray to your Lord for our sake through your covenant with Him (if He delivers us from such a deadly peril), then we will surely adhere to Monotheism.”
43:50  But when We did rescue them from the deadly peril, they broke (their solemn promise).
43:51  And Pharaoh proclaimed among his people: "O’ my people, is not mine the kingdom of Egypt and these rivers flowing under me? Do you not then see?
43:52  Am I not better than this despicable man, who can hardly speak the words clearly?
43:53  But why have not armlets of gold been placed upon him, or why have there not come with him Angels as escorts?”
43:54  So he inveigled his people and they yielded to his whims. They were a people indulging in personal disobedience extensively without repentance.
43:55  But when they persisted in opposing us, We did inflict Our retribution on them and drown them all.
43:56  And We made them a precedent and an example for the others.
43:57  And when the son of Mary is cited as an example, it caused great hilarity among your people.
43:58  And they exclaimed (with joy): "Are our gods better, or is he?" They only mention him to you for the sake of contention. Nay, but they are a people prone to argue.
43:59  He -(Jesus)- was no more than a servant whom We gave him (the Spiritual Gift of Prophecy) and made him a Sign of (Our power & glory) for the Children of Israel.
43:60  And had We willed, We could have easily made Angels from among you, succeeding each other (on the earth).
43:61  (Say): ‘Verily, (the Second Coming of Jesus Christ) is a Sign (for the coming of) the Hour (of Reckoning): Now, therefore, do not harbour doubts about it and follow me: this is the straight path.’
43:62  And do not let Satan turn you away from (the Truth). He is indeed your sworn enemy.
43:63  And When Jesus came (to the Children of Israel) with the evidence of the Truth, he said: "I have come to you indeed with the spirit of wisdom, and to clarify to you some of the issues in which you differ. So, act piously toward your Lord and yield to what has been revealed to me.
43:64  Most assuredly Allâh is my Lord and your Lord. Now, therefore, worship Him (in the way He wants us to worship Him): this is the straight path.”
43:65  But the sects differed among themselves. Then woe betide those who do wrong from the Penalty of a painful day!
43:66  Are they waiting for the Hour to come on them all of a sudden when they least expect it?
43:67  All intimate friends on that day will be enemies of one another, except for the Pious.
43:68  O’ My monotheistic servants! There will be no fear upon you this day, nor will you ever grieve-
43:69  (O’ You) who have Absolute Faith in what we have revealed, and wholly submitted (yourselves to the authority of Allâh),
43:70  Enter Al-Jannah, you and your spouses, in utter delight!
43:71  Trays of gold and cups will be circulated among them. Therein will be all that which the inner-selves would desire and all that which the eyes might delight in. And therein shall you live forever.
43:72  This is Al-Jannah which you are made to inherit as a result of what you used to do.
43:73  For you therein will be different kinds of fruits, which you would desire to eat.
43:74  Most surely, the Ungodly Sinners will be subjected to the eternal chastisement of Hellfire.
43:75  The chastisement will not be lightened for them and they, therein, will be completely nonplussed.
43:76  We did not wrong them, but they were the workers of iniquity (when they voluntarily and consciously abandoned the Full Knowledge of the Truth in favour of their own whims).
43:77  And they will cry: "O’ Malik! Let Your Lord put an end to us!” He will say: “Here where you must remain.”
43:78  We certainly brought the ultimate truth to you but most of you loathe the Truth.
43:79  Or Have they devised a plan? Then We too are devising.
43:80  Or do they think that We do not hear their secrets and their consultations? Nay, but Our emissaries with them set down in writing.
43:81  Say: "If the True Merciful (God) had a son, then I would be the first to worship (& venerate).”
43:82  All Glory be to the Lord of the heavens and of the earth, the Lord of the Throne, from all that which they ascribe.
43:83  Now, therefore, let them converse vainly and play until they meet the day of theirs, which they have been promised.
43:84  And He it is Who in the heaven is God, and in the earth is God and He is the All-Wise, the All-Knowing.
43:85  Most Exalted is He To Whom Belongs the (Absolute) Sovereignty of the Heavens and of the Earth and all that is between them. And with Him is the knowledge of the Hour. And to Whom you are all destined to return.
43:86  Those whom they call upon, other than Him, have no power to intercede, except those who bear witness of the truth and know (Him).
43:87  If it happens that you ask them who created these idols, they will certainly say: “Allâh”. So how are they deceived into going away from the truth?
43:88  (Allâh has the full knowledge) of the (Prophet's) saying: “O' my Lord! These are a people who are spiritually dead and blind.”
43:89  Now, therefore, turn away from them and say: “Peace”. Indeed, they will come to know (the dire consequence of their denial).