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43:1  H. M
43:2  Wal-Kitab-il-Mobin (‘The Evidently manifest Book’ is a Witness)
43:3  Verily We, We have made it an Arabic Quran, perchance you may use your intellect
43:4  And certainly it is in Um (source) of Al-Kitab with Us; indeed (We being) Aliyyun (Most High), Most Wise
43:5  Shall We then slide-away Az-Zikr (‘The Message’) from you people, overloohead of state (your faults and bringing no punishment over you) although you are a nation composed of people who break or cross the limits
43:6  And how many a Prophet have We sent among the initial people
43:7  And there comes not to them a Prophet but they used to ridicule and mock at him
43:8  So We destroyed groups stronger than them in power, and the example of the initial people has already been put forward (in the previous pages of this Book)
43:9  And indeed if you asked them 'who has created the heavens and the earth,' they will surely say: “The All-mighty, the All-Knower has created them”—
43:10  That (One) Who made for you the earth as a resting-bed; and He established for you walhead of state-tracks therein, so that you may be guided (to your destinations)
43:11  And That Who made the water descend down from towards the sky in due measure (i.e., according to needs). Then We spread in revived form therewith a dead land. Likewise you will be brought out (from the dead)
43:12  And Who created pairs to all things of it, and He has set for you out of ships and the quadrupeds on which you ride (or embark) —
43:13  in order that you may mount firmly on their backs, (and) then remind (yourself and remind others) about the favour of your Nourisher-Sustainer and you may say: “Glory be to Him Who has controlled and tamed this for us, and we were not unto it as those who could subdue (them)
43:14  And surely, we are indeed those who return back to our Nourisher-Sustainer. ”
43:15  And people have assigned unto Him out of His Ibad a portion (as a son, as a daughter or as a co-deity). Verily, the human being is indeed a manifest ingrate
43:16  Has He taken daughters from what He has created, and honoured you with sons
43:17  And when one of them is given the glad-news about that which he associated with Ar-Rahman in an example, his face became pale and gloomy and he is choked with grief (at the news of the birth of a daughter)
43:18  “What then? Such a one who is reared in ornaments and that who is not clear (when pleading) in a disputation.” [The anti-women comments proceed from misguided people]
43:19  And (misled) people have made the angels who are Ibad of Ar-Rahman as feminine (in gender). Have they witnessed the creation of those (angels)? Soon will be recorded their testimony and they will be put to questioning
43:20  And they said. “If Ar-Rahman had desired we would not have worshipped them (i.e., the false gods)”. (There is) not for them, about this, (anything) of knowledge. They are not (on the Right Path), but they indulge in senseless thinhead of state
43:21  Have We delivered them a Book before this (Al-Kitab), then they are those who are attached to it
43:22  Nay! They have said: “Surely we, we found our ancestors with a certain concept, and truly we in their foot-steps are those who have received guidance.”
43:23  And similarly, We did not send before you a warner to (any) habitation but its rich-class of people said: “Surely we, we found our fore-fathers with a concept, and truly we are those who move along their foot-steps.”
43:24  (The warner-Prophet) said (to them): “What? And if I have approached you with a more guidance-giving (source) than that over which you found your fore-fathers?” They said: “Certainly, we are disbelievers with what you have been sent (unto us) ”
43:25  So We took retribution from them, then ponder how was the final end of the deniers
43:26  And (bring to mind) when Ibrahim said to his father and to his nation: “Verily, I am absolved of what you people worship
43:27  except Him, Who did initially create me, so surely He will very soon guide me (to the desired Path) ”
43:28  And he made that statement as a lasting, well-remembered and oft-repeated utterance among his posterity, perchance they may take a turn (to Allah)
43:29  Nay! (It is) I (Who) made these people enjoy (the life of this world) until Al-Haqq as well as a Manifestly-evident Messenger came to them
43:30  And when Al-Haqq has already come to them, they said: “This is sorcery, and surely we are disbelievers to it.”
43:31  And they said, “Why is not this Al-Quran sent down to a great person of the twain cities?” [Throughout the parent human world (i.e., the Arabic-speahead of state area of the planet) the most important city is Makka, while the next important is Al-Madinah]
43:32  Is it they who would allot the mercy of your Nourisher-Sustainer? We, We have distributed their provisions among them in the life of this world; and We have elevated some of them, over some (others) in ranks, so that some of them may pick-up some (others) as employees (or subordinates). And the Mercy proceeding from your Nourisher-Sustainer is better than that which they amass (as the temporary wealth of this immediate life)
43:33  And were it not that mankind would have become one community, We would have indeed provided for that one who disbelieves in Ar-Rahman— for their houses, roofs made of silver, and the stair-ways they will mount thereon
43:34  and for their houses, doors and couches — they would recline thereat
43:35  and gold-ornaments. And yet all this would have been but an enjoyment and provision relating to the life of this world. And the Hereafter with your Nourisher-Sustainer is meant for Muttaqun (those who pay obedience to Allah in accordance with the teachings in Al-Kitab)
43:36  And whosoever withdraws (himself) from Zikr (Message) from Ar-Rahman, We specify for him a Satan, so he unto him is a constant companion
43:37  And definitely they (these satans) surely hinder them from the Path, but they assess that they are guided ones
43:38  till, when (such a one) came unto Us he said: “Would that, between me and between you were the distance of the two easts. So, (what an) evil companion (indeed)
43:39  And will never profit you this Day when you transgressed, that you (together with your Satan-companions become) sharers in the Punishment (in Hell)
43:40  Would you then make the deaf to hear; or would you guide the blind, and that who is in manifest error
43:41  And if (it) so (happens) that We move away with you, then surely We (become) those who take vengeance on them
43:42  Or (if) We show you that which We promised unto them, then surely We (become) those who have perfect command and control over them
43:43  So be attached to what has been inspired unto you. Surely you stand on SiratimMustaqim
43:44  And certainly this (Al-Kitab or Al-Quran) is surely a Zikr (‘Message’.) for you and for your nation. And you will be put to question soon
43:45  And ask whom We sent before you out of Our Messengers: ‘Did We appoint besides Ar-Rahman, aalihah (gods) that may be obeyed (by people)?’
43:46  And surely, indeed We did send Musa with Our Credentials to Firaun and his chiefs. So he said: “Verily, I am a Messenger of the Nourisher-Sustainer to the worlds.”
43:47  And when he came to them with Our Signs, behold, they laugh thereat
43:48  And We show them out of a sign but it is greater than its sister (-sign); and We seized them with torment, perchance they may turn (to Allah’s Book)
43:49  And they said (to Musa): “O you sorcerer! Invoke your Nourisher-Sustainer in our favour of that which He covenanted with you. Verily, we shall indeed be those who accept the guidance.”
43:50  But when We removed from them the torment, behold, they break (their undertahead of state)
43:51  And Firaun proclaimed among his nation (and) said: “O my nation! Is not mine the head of statedom of Misr (Egypt) and (all) these rivers that flow underneath me? Will you not then see
43:52  Am I better than this who is Maheen and does not become capable (that) he may express himself (forcefully)
43:53  Then why have not been bestowed unto him bracelets of gold; or (why have not) come, along with him, angels — marching as guards of honour?”
43:54  So he (i.e., Firaun) paralysed the intellectual capacity of his nation so they obeyed him. Surely, they were a nation of Fasiqun
43:55  So when they made Us angry, We took retribution from them, so We drowned them en-masse
43:56  And We made them a precedent and an example to (keep the eyes open, of) the future generations
43:57  And when (Iesa) the son of Maryam is quoted as an example, behold, your nation present a repelling feeling against him
43:58  And they said: “Are our aalihah better or he?” They did not make him a target before you except for creating trouble. Nay! They are a nation of quarrelsome people
43:59  He (i.e., Iesa) is not but an Abd. We granted Our Favour to him, and We made him an example for Bani Israiel
43:60  And if We may think proper We would have made from amongst you, angels in the earth; they will stay as successors
43:61  And certainly it [i.e., the DivineBook (contains)] a sure knowledge for the Hour. So have no doubt against that (Hour of Resurrection) and follow me. This is the Permanent Path [Numerous Verses specially 31/34, 33/63, 41/47, 43/85 and also 6/31, 40 7/187 12/107 15/85 16/77 18/21 19/75 20/15 21/49 22/1, 7, 55 25/11 30/12, 14, 55 34/3 40/46, 59 41/50 42/17, 18 45/27, 32 47/18 54/1, 46 79/42 and numerous other Ayaat in the Text) emphasize the reality about the Hour and discuss the events to occur on the Doom's Day. There is no other source which provides this knowledge]
43:62  And let not Satan hinder you (from the Permanent Path). Surely, he is unto you an open enemy
43:63  And when Iesa came with Al-Bayyinat, he said: “Indeed I have come to you with Al-Hikmah and in order that I may make clear to you some of that you create disputes therein. So pay obedience to Allah and follow me
43:64  Surely, Allah — He is Nourisher-Sustainer to me and Nourisher-Sustainer to you, so pay obedience to Him (Alone). This (becomes) the Permanent Path
43:65  But the forces allied (against Islam) from amongst these people have created disputes and arguments (against the Permanent Path). So woe to those, who have transgressed — from the torment of a painful Day
43:66  What do they await except the Hour — that it comes to them out of a sudden while they will perceive it not
43:67  The friends, this Day — some of them for some (others) are foes except Al-Muttaqun
43:68  O My Ibad! There is no fear on you this Day, and nor you feel any grief
43:69  those who have Believed in Ayaatina, and have remained Muslims
43:70  Enter Paradise, you and those allied to you (in Beliefs and deeds), you shall be provided peace, tranquility and happiness
43:71  (Boys in lasting freshness) shall be made to pass round them with trays made of gold and (also) cups; and therein (are eatables and drinks) what the personalities desire and wherein the eyes feel delight. And you shall be abiders therein (forever)
43:72  And this is the Garden which you have been made to inherit because of what you had been acting upon
43:73  For you therein are fruits in abundance — out of it you will consume (as you desire)
43:74  Surely, the criminals shall be abiders in the punishment of Hell
43:75  It shall not be reduced unto them, and they therein will be as those who feel sorrow
43:76  And We did no injustice or wrong to them; but they remained: they (themselves) as those who do wrong (against their persons)
43:77  And they called upon: “O Maalik (this is the title of the keeper of Hell)! Let your Nourisher-Sustainer make an end unto us”. (The keeper-angel) said: “Surely you are those who stay (in the torment of Hell and shall not die).”
43:78  Surely indeed, We came to you with Al-Haqq (‘The Truth’) but a vast majority of you people are those who feel disgust against Al-Haqq
43:79  Have they prepared a plan, so surely We are Planners (against the disbelievers and arrogant tyrants)
43:80  Do they assess that We do not hear their secret (talks) and their private counselling? Definitely (We do) and Our messengers (attached) with them record (every thing)
43:81  Declare: “If there is unto Ar-Rahman a son, then I am the first of those who obey.”
43:82  Glorified and Exalted became (the) Nourisher-Sustainer of the heavens and the earth, Nourisher-Sustainer of the Throne — above that which people concoct
43:83  So leave them — they may indulge in useless, unproductive talk, and they may remain involved in sport and play until they meet the Day of theirs, which they have been promised (for Resurrection and Accountability)
43:84  And He it is Who is Ilah in the heaven and Ilah in the earth. And He is the All-Wise, the All-Knowing
43:85  And became Blessed That: for Him is the Dominion of the heavens and the earth and whatever (exists) between those two; and with Him lies the knowledge about the Hour, and to Him you will be made to return
43:86  And those whom people invoke besides Him do not own any power or authority for intercession except who gave testimony in accordance with Al-Haqq and they know (their limits)
43:87  And if you asked them as to who has created them, they will surely say: “Allah”. How then they are made to deviate in falsehood
43:88  His statement becomes a witness: “O my Nourisher-Sustainer! Verily, all these people are a nation who do not attain Faith!” [See the allied statement in 25/30]
43:89  So politely bye-pass them and say: “Salam [Peace (on you)].” So (very) soon they will come to know (their fate)