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42:1  H. M
42:2  ’A. S. Q
42:3  In this fashion Allah, the All-Mighty, the All-Wise makes wahi (sends inspiration) to you and to the people who (went) before you
42:4  To Him belongs whatever is in the heavens and whatever is in the earth, and He is the Most High, the Most Great
42:5  (As the Hour approaches), the heavens reach the stage that they fall down from their high position; and the angels swiftly act with Praise of their Nourisher-Sustainer and they seek forgiveness for that who is in the earth. Beware! Surely Allah: He is the Oft-Forgiving, the continuously Merciful
42:6  And those who have adopted ‘auliya’ besides Him — Allah is Hafeez (Real Protector) over them; and you are not wakil (disposer of affairs) over them
42:7  And thus We have inspired unto you Quranan Arabiyyan (‘A Quran in Arabic Language’, ‘An Arabic Reading’) so that you may warn mother of (all) habitations (i.e., the parent-city of mankind), and whoever is (anywhere) around it. And warn of the Day of Assembly — there is no doubt about it: a group (is provided permanent abode) in the Garden (of Bliss), while (another) group (is provided permanent residence to burn) in the blazing Fire (of Hell)
42:8  And if Allah had willed, He could have surely made them one community; but He admits whom He thinks proper in His Mercy. And the transgressors: (there is) not for them out of a wali and nor a helper
42:9  Or have they adopted auliya besides Him? But Allah: He (Alone) is the Wali; and He gives life to the dead; and He is All-Capable over every thing
42:10  And whatsoever you people differed in this (i.e., if you have a dispute regarding any ordainment in this Al-Kitab, then be careful) that its verdict (is traceable) to Allah. This is to you, Allah, (He is) my Nourisher-Sustainer. In Him I have put my trust and to Him (Alone) I turn (for help and forgiveness)
42:11  The Creator of the heavens and the earth! He has made for you mates from yourselves (i.e., of the people of your own species). And He has made various kinds of quadrupeds. He spreads you herein (i.e., in this earth). (There is) not any thing like unto Him, and He is the All-Hearer, the All-Seer
42:12  To Him belong the keys of the heavens and the earth. He enlarges provision (beyond needs) for whom He thinks proper and provides according to needs (when He thinks proper). Surely, He is All-Knower of everything
42:13  He has ordained for you from The Religion what He advised Nuh therewith; and what We inspired to you; and what We enjoined therewith Ibrahim, and Musa, and Iesa, (saying) that: “You should establish Religion and do not create sects therein”. Has become intolerable for Al-Mushrikun, what you call upon them thereto. Allah makes closer to Himself whom He thinks proper, and He guides to Himself whoever turns (to Him)
42:14  And they did not fall in sects but after Al-Ilm has already reached them due to selfish transgression between themselves. And if the Statement had not been issued already from your Nourisher-Sustainer regarding an appointed term, (the matter) would have been surely settled between them. And verily, those who were made to inherit Al-Kitab after these (sects) are surely in grave doubt against it
42:15  So because of this (grouping of sects do not become disappointed) but call upon (and invite people to the Book of God) and be steadfast as you are commanded, and follow not their vain desires and declare: “I have Believed in accordance with what Allah has sent down in the form of (His) Kitab (Scripture); and I have been commanded that I may do justice among you. Allah is our Nourisher-Sustainer, and Nourisher-Sustainer to you. For us our deeds and for you your deeds. There is no dispute between us and between you. Allah will create a link between us (i.e., He shall make us assemble all at one place); and to Him is the final returning-place .
42:16  And those who dispute and argue concerning Allah after what has been accepted (on a universal level) regarding Him — their ‘mahead of state disputes’ is something that is ‘about to be defeated’ in the Sight of their Nourisher-Sustainer, and on them is wrath, and for them (awaits) a severe torment
42:17  Allah is That Who has sent down Al-Kitab in original, and (He has sent down) Al-Mizan (‘The Balance’. This is also an attribute for Allah’s Scripture). And what will make you realise — perhaps the Hour is close at hand
42:18  Those who Believe not therein seek to hasten it, while those who have Believed are fearful of it and they know that it is a definite truth. Beware! Verily, those who dispute regarding the Hour are surely in remote error
42:19  Allah is (the) Keenest Observer to His Ibad. He gives provisions to whom He thinks proper. And He is the All-Strong, the All-Mighty
42:20  Whosoever had been desiring harvest in the Hereafter, We do increase in his harvest. And whosoever used to intend and desire a harvest in the immediate world, We deliver him thereof. And there is not for him in the Hereafter (anything) of the share
42:21  Are there for them such associates who have prescribed for them as religion (something) what Allah has given no permission thereof? And had there not been issued a decisive statement, the matter would have been surely judged between them. And verily, the transgressors: for them is a painful punishment
42:22  You will see the transgressors as those who are fearful of that which they have earned, and it (Allah’s torment) is as one which is about to befall over them. And those who had Believed and performed righteous deeds (will go) in the flowering meadows of the Gardens (in Paradise). For them (would be available) with their Nourisher-Sustainer, whatever they shall desire. This: it is the Supreme Grace
42:23  This is (the Paradise) whereof Allah gives glad tidings to His Ibad who have Believed and have performed righteous deeds. Say: “I do not ask you (any) reward over this (propagation work) except Al-Mawaddatah (The loving desire) for Al-Qurbah [nearness or closeness (to Allah)]”. And whoever shall earn a good deed, We shall increase for him therein, goodness. Surely, Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Ready to appreciate
42:24  Do they say that he has forged a lie against Allah? Then, if Allah thinks proper He will put a seal (of closure) over your heart (mahead of state it unreceptive to the contents of Al-Kitab). Rather, Allah wipes out Al-Batil and establishes as true Al-Haqq (‘The Truth’) through His Statements. Verily, He is All-Knowing regarding the state of the (hearts in the) chests
42:25  And He it is who accepts repentance from His Ibad, and overlooks the sins; and He (fully) knows what you do
42:26  And He responds to the invokation of those who have Believed and have done righteous deeds, and increases them (in possessions) out of His Bounty. And the disbelievers: for them (awaits) a severe torment
42:27  And if Allah increased the provisions for His Ibad, surely they rebelled in the land. But He delivers according to needs whatever He thinks proper. Verily, He is Well-Aware, All-Seer of His Ibad
42:28  And He it is Who sends down the rain after that stage where they despaired (and lost all hopes), and He spreads His Mercy. And He is the Wali, the Highly Praised One
42:29  And among His Credentials is the creation of the Heavens and the earth and whatever moving, living creatures He has dispersed in these two. And He is All-Capable over their assembly together en-masse, as and when He thinks proper
42:30  And whatever adversity or affliction befell you, so it is because of what your hands have already earned; and He pardons and overlooks numerous (of your errors and deviations)
42:31  And you are not those who will frustrate (Allah regarding His punishment) in the earth. And there is not for you besides Allah, out of a wali, and nor a helper
42:32  And among His Credentials are the ships in the sea like mountains
42:33  If He thinks proper He causes the wind to cease (its motion), then the ships become those who are without motion on its surface. Surely, in this are indeed signs for all the patient and grateful individuals
42:34  or He explodes or breaks them up because of what they earned, although He overlooks and pardons numerous (of the errors and deviations committed by His Ibad)
42:35  And (Allah) knows those people who argue and make disputes against Ayaatina; (there is) not for them out of a place of escape
42:36  So whatever you have been provided in the form of anything, then it is a passing enjoyment for this worldly life; and whatever is available with Allah (in the Hereafter,) is better and more lasting for those who have Believed and in their Nourisher-Sustainer they put their trust
42:37  and those who avoid the more grievous sins and Al-Fawahish, and when they became angry, (they do not lose temper but rather) they pardon and forgive
42:38  and those who responded to their Nourisher-Sustainer, and they established Salat, and their affairs are handled through mutual consultation amongst them, and of what We have provided them as provisions, they spend (in accordance with the recommendations and priorities set in Allah’s Scripture)
42:39  and those who, when an oppressive and aggressive wrong is done to them, they do take revenge
42:40  And a recompense for an evil is an evil similar to it, but whoever overlooked and forgave and made a reform or correction, then his reward is due from Allah. Verily, He likes not the transgressors
42:41  And surely, whoever took revenge after an injustice done to him, then those people — there is not against them any way (of blame or condemnation)
42:42  Certainly, what (is a fact is that) the way (of blame) is against those who commit wrong against people, and rebel (against the law in Al-Kitab) on the earth without (any) right. Those people: for them is a painful torment
42:43  And truly whoever remained patient and pardoned, certainly this (attitude is) surely out of great will-power for handling affairs
42:44  And whomsoever Allah allows to go astray, then (there is) not unto him out of a wali after Him. And you will notice the transgressors as and when they saw the Punishment — they will say: “Is there any wayout for tahead of state a return (to the worldly life)?”
42:45  And you will notice them (when) they will be pushed to that (Hell-Fire), behaving as very humble because of disgrace; they will look with stealthy glance. And those who had Believed said: “Verily, the real losers are those who put their selves to loss and their followers — on the Day of Resurrection”. Beware! Definitely, the transgressors (will be) in a lasting torment
42:46  And there is not unto them out of any auliya who will help them besides Allah. And whomsoever Allah allows to go astray, then there is not unto him any wayout
42:47  Give response to your Nourisher-Sustainer before the stage that there may come (the) Day for which there is no reversing (allowed) from Allah. There is not for you people any place of refuge this Day and there is not (possible) for you any (way of) denial (or rejection regarding the Day of Resurrection)
42:48  So if they have turned away, then, We have not sent you (unto them) as a protector. (There is) not (made any thing as) compulsory on you except the propagation (of the Book). And certainly We, when We made man to taste mercy from Us, he rejoiced thereat. And if an adversity inflicts him because of what their hands brought forward, then the human being (behaves as an) ingrate
42:49  To Allah belongs the dominion of the heavens and the earth. He creates what He thinks proper. He bestows for whom He thinks proper, females (as offsprings); and He bestows for whom He thinks proper, males (as offsprings)
42:50  Or He gives them males and females together. And He makes whom He thinks proper as barren (or infertile). Verily, He is All-Knowing, All-Capable
42:51  And it is not (possible) for a human-being that Allah may talk to him except through Revelation, or from behind an (invisible) barrier, or He sends a Messenger, then he delivers inspiration under His permission whatever He thinks proper. Verily, He is Aliyyun (Most High), Most-Wise [The three lettered word Ali (Ain, Lam and Ya, together) has not been used in Allah’s Scripture for any human being]
42:52  And thus Auhaina (We inspired) to you Ruhan (‘an Inspiration’, ‘a Revelation’, ‘a Spirit’. This is one of the attributes for Allah’s Scripture) proceeding under Our command. You had not been realising what is Al-Kitab and nor Al-Iman (The Faith). But We made this (Al-Kitab) a Light wherewith We guide whom We think proper out of Our Ibad. And verily, you indeed guide to the Permanent, Eternal Path —
42:53  Path of Allah, to Whom belongs whatever is in the heavens and whatever is in the earth. Beware! To Allah slide the affairs (of all the creations)