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43:1  Ha, Meem.
43:2  And by The Obvious Book.
43:3  Surely, We set up it, Arabic Quran, perhaps you may be reasoning.
43:4  And it is with Us, in The Mother Book is high, wise.
43:5  So, Shall We utterly ignore citing the Reminder from you as condoning, because you were an extravagant kinfolk?
43:6  And how many among a prophet, We sent within the former?
43:7  And there was not a prophet who came to them, except they were ridiculed by him.
43:8  So We destroyed stronger than them in annihilating, and the example of the former has passed away.
43:9  And if you asked them, “Who created the skies and the earth?” They would say, “Created them, Al-Aziz (The Almighty), Al-Aalim (The Knowledgeable).”
43:10  The One who set up the earth a bedding for you, and set up in it, pathways for you, perhaps you may be guided.
43:11  And the One who sends down water from the sky with measure; so, We Propagate (revive) by it a dead town. And thus, you will exit out.
43:12  And the One who created all the mates; and set for you from the arks, and the livestock what you are riding.
43:13  That you may settle on its backs, then remember your Lord’s graces when you settle upon it, and say, “Glorified is the one Who subserviated this for us; and we were not capable of bound it.
43:14  And surely, we are, to our Lord will be returning.”
43:15  And they set up for Him from His slaves a part; surely the human, is an obvious infidel.
43:16  Or has He taken from what He creates daughters and He has selected you by the sons?
43:17  And when one of them is preached with what he cited for Al-Rahman (The Widely merciful) as an example, his face remains blackish, while he was a suppressor.
43:18  “Or who was engendered in the sweet creation medium (Embryo), and he is in the dispute not obviously defined (Male or Female)?”
43:19  And they set up the angels, who are Al-Rahman’s slaves (The Most Gracious), as females. Have they witnessed their creation? Their witnessing will be written, and they will be questioned.
43:20  And they said, “Had Al-Rahman (The Widely merciful) willed, we would not have worshiped them.” They have no knowledge of that; surely, they only, except they are guessing.
43:21  Or have We given them a Book before it, so they are with it, firmly withholding?
43:22  Nay, but they said, “We found our parents upon a community style, and we are upon their traces, guided.”
43:23  And thus, We did not send before you warner in a village except that its luxurious ones said, "Surely, We found our parents upon a community style, and we are upon their traces, being led."
43:24  He said, “Even if I bring you with better guidance than what you found your parents upon it?” They said, “Surely we, in that with which you were sent, are infidels."
43:25  So We got revenge from them. So, observe what was the consequence of falsifiers.
43:26  And, when Abraham said to his father and his kinfolk, "Surely, I am innocent from what you are worshiping.
43:27  Except the One who originated me, so surely, He will guide me.”
43:28  And he set it up as a remaining word in his posterity, perhaps they may be returning.
43:29  Nay, but I gave enjoyment to these and their parents, until the right came to them and an obvious messenger.
43:30  And when the right came to them, they said, “This is magic, and surely we are with it, infidels.”
43:31  And they said, “If only this Quran was sent down to a man among the two villages, great.”
43:32  Are they dividing your Lord’s mercy? We have divided between them their living in the Dunya life (this world) and have raised some of them above some others in degrees to let some of them take some others in mockery; And your Lord’s mercy is goodness than whatever they are gathering.
43:33  And if not that the people would be one community, We would set up for those who disbelieved by Al-Rahman (The Widely merciful), roofs from silver for their houses, and places of ascent upon which they are mounting.
43:34  And for their houses are doors, and beds upon which they recline.
43:35  And golden ornaments. And surely all that is nothing but the Dunya enjoyment (present) life. And the Hereafter, with your Lord, is for the pious.
43:36  And whoever turns blindly away from Al-Rahman’ reminder, We configured a devil for him, so he is for him, a consort.
43:37  And surely, they are hindering them about the pathway, and they assume that they are guided.
43:38  Until, when he came to Us, he said, “Oh, I wish there was between me and you the distance between the two East.” How wretched is the consort!
43:39  And it will not benefit you Today, when you oppressed that you are in torment, shared.
43:40  So, are you making the deaf hear, or guiding the blind, and whoever is in an obvious astray?
43:41  So, whether We go by you away, so surely, We from them will get revenge.
43:42  Or We will show you that which We have promised them; so surely, We are over them, powerful.
43:43  So withhold firmly by which was revealed to you. Surely you are upon a straight path.
43:44  And surely it is a reminder for you, and your kinfolk; and you will be questioned.
43:45  And ask whom We sent before you among Our messengers; have We set up without Al-Rahman (The Widely merciful) gods to be worshiped?
43:46  And We already sent Moses with Our verses to Pharaoh and his chieftains. So, He said, “I am The Worlds' Lord Messenger.”
43:47  So, when he came to them with Our verses, lo! They are laughing at them.
43:48  And We did not show them a verse except it was greater than its sister, and We overtook them with the torment perhaps they may be returning.
43:49  And they said, "O the magician, call for us your Lord with what He has covenanted with you. Surely, we will be guided."
43:50  So, when We uncovered the torment about them, lo! They are reneging.
43:51  And Pharaoh called out within his kinfolk; he said, "O kinfolk, does not Egypt sovereignty is for me, and these rivers are running beneath me; so, do you not see?
43:52  Or am I surely better than this one who is despised and almost does not demonstrate (speech)?
43:53  "So, why aren't only gold bracelets thrown on him, or come with him the angels coupled?"
43:54  So he disparaged his kinfolk, so they obeyed him; surely, they were debauchees’ kinfolk.
43:55  So when they enraged Us, We got revenge from them, so We drowned them altogether.
43:56  So, We set them a precedent and an example for the others.
43:57  And when Mary's son was cited as an example, lo! your kinfolk hindered away from him.
43:58  They said, “Are our gods better, or is he?” They did not cite it for you except to argue. Nay, but they are kinfolk who dispute.
43:59  Surely, he was only a slave whom We graced upon him, and We set him up as an example for Israel's children.
43:60  And had We willed, We would set up from you angels to be successors in the earth.
43:61  And surely it is knowledge for the Hour, so do not skepticize it, and follow Me. This is a straight path.
43:62  And let not Satan hinder you. Surely, he is an obvious enemy for you.
43:63  And when Jesus came with the proofs, he said, “I have already come to you with wisdom, and to demonstrate for you some of what you differ in it. So, show the piety of Allah, and obey me.
43:64  Surely Allah is my Lord and your Lord, so worship Him, this is a straight path.”
43:65  So, the parties differed between them. So, woe to those who oppressed from a painful Day torment.
43:66  Are they except waiting for the Hour to come upon them unexpectedly, while they do not feel.
43:67  The intimate friends on that day, , some of them will be enemies to some others, except for the pious.
43:68  O My slaves, today no fear is upon you, nor you are grieving.
43:69  Those who believed in Our verses and were submissive (Muslims).
43:70  Enter Paradise, you and your spouses will be elated.
43:71  Circulated upon them with plates of gold and cups. And therein is whatever the souls desire and delights the eyes, and you are therein, immortals.
43:72  And that is The Paradise which you have inherited, with what you were working.
43:73  For you therein is much fruit from which you will eat.
43:74  Surely the criminals are in Gohanam torment (Hell), immortals.
43:75  Do not subside for them. And they are in it bewildering.
43:76  And We did not oppress them, but they were the oppressors.
43:77  And they called out, "O Malik, let your Lord execute upon us!" He said, "Surely, you will be abiding."
43:78  We have already brought to you, with the right, but most of you for the right are hating.
43:79  Or do they conduct a matter? So, We will be conducting.
43:80  Or do they consider that We hear not their secrets and their private consultations? Yes, and Our messengers are with them writing.
43:81  Say, “If it was for Al-Rahman (The Widely merciful) a son, So I would be the worshippers’ first.”
43:82  Glorified is the skies Lord and the earth, The Throne’s Lord, about what they are describing.
43:83  So leave them, to discourse and play, until they meet their Day which they are promised.
43:84  And He is the one who is in the sky a god, and on the earth a god. And He is Al-Hakeem (The Wise), Al-Aalim (The Knowledgeable).
43:85  And blessed is the one who is for Him the skies Sovereignty and the earth and whatever is between them and with Him is the Hour’s knowledge and to Him you are returning.
43:86  And they do not own those who are calling without Him the intercession, except whoever witnesses by the right while they are knowing.
43:87  And if you asked them who created them, they would surely say, " Allah." So, how will they be fooled?
43:88  And for his saying: “My Lord, these are kinfolk who do not believe.”
43:89  So, condone them and say, “Peace.” So, they will know.