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42:1  Ha, Meem.
42:2  Ayn, Seen, Qaf.
42:3  Thus He reveals to you, and to those before you, Allah, Al-Aziz (The Almighty), Al-Hakeem (The Wise).
42:4  For Him is whatever in the skies and whatever is on the earth. He is Al-Ali (The Highest), Al-Azeem (The Great).
42:5  The skies almost are torn from above them, and the angels glorify with their Lord’s praises, and ask forgiveness for whoever is on the earth. Verily, that Allah is Al-Ghafoor (The Forgiver), Al-Raheem (The merciful of his creation and himself).
42:6  And those who take without Him, guardians, Allah is keeper upon them; and you are not upon them a trustee.
42:7  And thus We have revealed to you an Arabic Qur'an to warn the villages’ mother [Makkah] and those around it and warn of The Gathering Day there is no doubt in it. A team is in The Paradise and a team is in The Blaze Fire.
42:8  And if Allah willed, He would set them up one community, but He enters whom He wills into His mercy. And the oppressors none for them among a guardian nor victorious.
42:9  Or have they taken without him, guardians? So, Allah is Al-Walie (The Guardian), and He gives the dead life, and He is over everything competent.
42:10  And whatever thing you differ in it, so its judgment is to Allah. “Such that is Allah, my Lord, upon Him I rely, and to Him I penitent.”
42:11  Originator of the skies and the earth. He set up for you mates among yourselves, and among the livestock mates, He multiplies you therein. Nothing like the likeness of Him; and He is Al-Samieu (The Hearer), Al-Baseer (The Seer).
42:12  For Him reins of the skies and the earth. He extends the livelihood to whomever He wills, and quantizes. Surely, He is with everything, Knower.
42:13  He legalized for you among the religion which He enjoined with it Noah, and that which We have revealed to you, and what We enjoined with it Abraham and Moses and Jesus, that you establish the religion and do not separate within it. It was aggrandized upon the polytheists, what you are calling them to. Allah elects to Him whom He wills and guides to Him whoever is penitent.
42:14  And they did not separate except after the knowledge had come to them - out of striving between them. And if not for a word that preceded from your Lord till a named term, it would have been decreed between them. And surely, those who inherited the book after them, from it are in suspicious doubt.
42:15  So for that invite and straighten as you were commanded and do not follow their desires and say, "I have believed in what Allah has sent down among a book, and I commanded to justify between you. Allah is our Lord and your Lord. For us are our works, and for you your works. There is no wrangle between us and between you. Allah gathers between us, and to Him is the destiny."
42:16  And those who wrangle in Allah after He has responded to Him - their wrangle is disproved with their Lord, and upon them is anger, and for them is a severe torment.
42:17  Allah is the one who sent down the Book with the right, and the Balance. And what cognize you, perhaps the Hour is nearby?
42:18  They hasten with it those who are not believing in it; and those who believed were apprehensive from it, and they know it is the right. Verily, those who skepticize within the Hour are in far astray.
42:19  Allah is Subtle with His slaves. He has livelihood whomever He wills. And He is Al Qawiy (The Powerful), Al-Aziz (The Almighty).
42:20  Whoever wants the Hereafter’s tilth, We increase for him his tilth; and whoever wants the Dunya’s tilth (This world), We give him among it, and for him in the Hereafter none of share.
42:21  Or they have associates who legalize for them from the religion which is not permitted with it by Allah? And if not the separation word, it would have been decreed between them. And surely the oppressors for them is a painful torment.
42:22  You see the oppressors are apprehensive from what they have earned, and it has occurred with them. And those who believed and worked the righteous deeds, in the Paradise Meadows; for them whatever they wish with their Lord; that is the great bounty.
42:23  That is which Allah preaches His slaves who believed and worked the righteous deeds. Say, “I do not ask you a wage for it, except affection in relativity.” And whoever perpetrates a good deed, We will increase for him in it an excellence. Surely Allah is Forgiver, Thankful.
42:24  Or are they saying, “He slandered a lie against Allah.” So, if Allah willed, He could have sealed upon your core. And Allah erases the void, and truths the right by His Words. Surely, He is a knower with the chests’ ego.
42:25  And He is the one who accepts the repentance about his slaves and pardons about the bad deeds, and He knows what you are doing.
42:26  And He answers those who believed and worked the righteous deeds, and He increases them among His bounty. And the infidels for them are a severe torment.
42:27  And if Allah had extended the livelihood for His slaves, they would have transgressed in the earth. But He sends down with a quantity as what He wills. Surely, He is with His slaves, an Expert, Seer.
42:28  And He is the one who sends down the rainfall after they had despaired and spreads His mercy. And He is Al-Waliuo (The Guardian), Al-Hameed (The Praiseworthy).
42:29  And among his verses is a creation of the skies and the earth and what He has spread in them among living creatures. And He is upon gathering them when He wills, is competent.
42:30  And whatever targeted you of calamity, so it is with what your hands have earned; and He pardons about a lot.
42:31  And you are not disabling in the earth; And for you without Allah is none among a guardian or a victorious.
42:32  And among His verses are the ships in the sea, like the banners.
42:33  If He willed, He could have stagnated the winds, so they would remain motionless on its surface. Surely, within that is verses for every patient and thankful.
42:34  Or He demolishes them, with what they have earned. And He pardons about a lot.
42:35  And those who argue in Our verses know that for them there is no place of escape.
42:36  So, whatever thing you are given. So it is only enjoyment of the Dunya (worldly) life. And what is with Allah is better and more lasting for those who believed and upon their Lord are relying.
42:37  And those who are avoiding the sins’ grands and the abominations, and if they are angry, they are forgiving.
42:38  And those who responded for their lord and established the prayers, and their matter is consultation between them, and from what We have livelihood them, they are spending.
42:39  And those who, if the transgression targeted them, they are victorious.
42:40  And a penalty for a bad deed is a bad like it, so whoever pardoned and repaired it, so his wage is upon Allah. Surely, He does not love the oppressors.
42:41  And whoever victoried after having been oppressed - so those have not against them an access.
42:42  Surely the access is only against those who are oppressing the people and transgressing on the earth without the right. Those for them are a painful torment.
42:43  And for those who are patient and forgiving, surely that would be among the matter's determination.
42:44  And whoever Allah strays, so for him there is no guardian after Him. And you see the oppressors, when they see the torment, saying, "Is there for a return any access?"
42:45  And you saw them being presented upon it (The Fire), humbled from the humiliation, looking from a furtive glance. And those who had believed said, "Surely, the losers are those who lost themselves and their families on The Resurrection Day. Verily, the oppressors are in a resident torment."
42:46  And it was not for them among guardians to victory them without Allah. And whoever Allah strays - so for him there is none of access.
42:47  Respond for your Lord before that comes from Allah a Day has not for it a turn back. You have not, among a refuge on that Day, and have not among a denial.
42:48  So, if they turned away, So We did not send you as a keeper over them, upon you is only the notification. And surely, if We let the human taste mercy from us, he rejoiced with it; but if targets them a badness with what their hands have forwarded, so surely the human is ungrateful.
42:49  For Allah is the Sovereignty of the skies and the earth. He creates whatever He wills. He gifts females to whomever He wills, and He gifts the males to whomever He wills.
42:50  Or He marries them, males and females; and He sets up whomever He wills barren. Surely, He is Knower, Competent.
42:51  And it is not for a humankind that Allah should speak to him, except by revelation, or from behind a veil, or He sends a messenger, so reveal by His permission whatever He wills. Surely, He is Most High, Most Wise.
42:52  Thus, We revealed to you a spirit, among Our command. You did not cognize what the Book is, nor what the faith is, but We set up it a light, with it We guide whomever We will among Our slaves. And you are surely guiding, to a straight path.
42:53  Allah’s path, the one who for Him whatever is in the skies and whatever is on the earth. Verily, to Allah the matters endeavor.