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43:1  Ha Meem
43:2  By the Book whose teachings are clear,
43:3  We sent an Arabic Quran so you may understand.
43:4  Preserved in the Divine Tablet, securely with Us; it is majestic and full of wisdom.
43:5  Should We turn away and deprive you of this reminder because you are people who have gone beyond limits?
43:6  We sent many prophets to the past generations;
43:7  when a prophet came to them they mocked him,
43:8  so We destroyed them. They were stronger than them, and now they are part of history
43:9  If you ask them who created the Heavens and the Earth they will say they were created by the Almighty, the Knower,
43:10  Who made the Earth flat and in it made many paths so that you may find your way around.
43:11  He sent rain from the sky in carefully measured amounts; with it We bring dead land to life, similarly you will be brought out alive from graves.
43:12  He created all kinds of things, made ships and livestock for you to ride on,
43:13  sitting comfortably on their backs remembering the bounties of your Lord, and when you are mounted comfortably on them you should pray: “Glory to Him Who made this for our benefit; we weren’t capable of controlling it,
43:14  and we are returning to our Lord.
43:15  Do the idolaters think some of His servants are His offspring? Humans are openly unthankful.
43:16  So Allah chose daughters for Himself from His creation and preferred sons for you?
43:17  When one of them is given the good news of what he ascribes to the Most Kind, his face turns dark and he is furious:
43:18  “What!” One who is brought up in fine jewellery and incapable of presenting a case clearly.
43:19  They describe the angels who are servants of the Most Kind as females. Were they present at their creation? Their false claims are recorded and they will be questioned
43:20  They say, “If the Most Kind wanted, we wouldn’t have worshipped the idols.” They don’t understand what they are saying and guessing.
43:21  Or have We given them a book before this which they follow?
43:22  Nay; they say, “We found our forefathers on this path and we are guided by their footsteps.”
43:23  Similarly, when We sent a Warner before you to a town, the affluent people said, “We found our forefathers on this path and we are followers in their footsteps.”
43:24  The Prophet said, “If I bring you a better guide than what you received from your forefathers, even then?” They said, “We are deniers of your message.”
43:25  Consequently, We punished them; look what was the fate of the deniers
43:26  Remember when Ibrahim told his father and his people, “I reject what you worship
43:27  and I worship the One Who created me, and He guides me.”
43:28  And he implemented this word among his children so they may return to it.
43:29  I let them and their forefathers enjoy life, until the truth eventually came to them and a noble messenger who explained clearly.
43:30  When the truth came to them they said, “This is magic and so we deny it.”
43:31  And said, “Why was this Quran not sent down on a famous personality from one of the two towns?”
43:32  Are they distributing your Lord’s Kindness? We Ourselves distribute among them their livelihoods in this worldly life, and We raise some among others in ranks so some may take others in employment. Your Lord’s Kindness is more excellent than the treasures they gather.
43:33  And if it weren’t for the prospect that people would become one disbelieving community, We would have made for the deniers of the Most Kind, houses with silver roofs and stairways to climb;
43:34  the gates of their houses and the couches on which they rest would be made of silver,
43:35  and they would be surrounded by golden ornaments. These are mere enjoyments of worldly life. The delights of your Lord in the Hereafter are for the pious
43:36  Anyone who turns a blind eye to the Most Kind’s reminder, will have a Satan appointed as their close companion.
43:37  They will stop them from following the straight path but they will believe they are guided.
43:38  Until he comes to Us and says, “Woe! I wish we were poles apart” what an evil companion.
43:39  This criticism today will not benefit you at all since you have sinned and now you will share the punishment together.
43:40  Can you make the deaf hear or guide the blind? Or the misguided.
43:41  Even if We took you away We would certainly punish them,
43:42  or We shall show you the punishment We have promised them, and We can do so.
43:43  So, hold firmly what’s revealed to you, since you are on the straight path.
43:44  This Quran is a great honour for you and your people; you will be questioned about it.
43:45  And ask Our messengers We sent before you: did We ever allow gods beside Allah to be worshipped
43:46  We sent Musa with Our signs to Pharaoh and his nobles. Musa said, “I am a messenger from the Lord of the worlds”.
43:47  When he came to them with Our miracles they laughed at him.
43:48  Every miracle We showed them was greater than the previous one, and each time We punished them for rejecting it, hoping they might return.
43:49  And they kept saying, “Magician! Pray for us to your Lord through the contract you have with Him; we will certainly accept guidance.”
43:50  However, as soon as We removed the punishment from them, they broke the promise
43:51  The Pharaoh announced to his people: “My people, isn’t the kingdom of Egypt and the rivers flowing under my feet mine? Can’t you see?
43:52  Am I not better than this wretched person who can barely express himself?
43:53  Why hasn’t he been given golden bracelets? Why are there no angels sent down with him?”
43:54  So he fooled his people and they followed him. They were a sinful people.
43:55  Then when they roused Our anger, We punished them by drowning them all,
43:56  We made them a thing of the past and an example for those coming after them
43:57  Whenever the example of the son of Maryam is given, your people kick up a fuss about it
43:58  and say, “Are our gods better or him?” They say this just to annoy you; they really are a quarrelsome lot.
43:59  He was Our blessed servant who We made a model for the Israelites.
43:60  Had We wanted, We could have made angels on Earth to succeed you.
43:61  He is indeed a sign of the Final Hour, so don’t doubt it and follow me; this is the straight path,
43:62  let not the Satan stop you, since he is your open enemy.
43:63  When Isa came with clear signs he said, “I have come with wisdom to you and to clarify for you those things in which you differ, so be mindful of Allah and obey me;
43:64  indeed Allah is Mine and Your Lord, worship Him. This is the straight path.”
43:65  Then groups began bickering amongst themselves. So woe to the wrongdoers when they will suffer the punishment of a painful Day.
43:66  Are they waiting for the sudden coming of the Final Hour when they are unaware?
43:67  Even best friends on that Day will be each other’s enemies – but not the pious
43:68  My servants, today don’t fear nor worry.
43:69  Those who believed in our Scriptures and were true Muslims,
43:70  they will be told: “Enter the Garden; you and your spouses together happily.”
43:71  Food and drink in golden trays and cups shall be passed around. Everything that one desires and the eyes delight in will be there; here you will live forever.
43:72  This is the Garden you are made heirs of, a reward for your works.
43:73  Here you will have plenty of fruit to eat from
43:74  The wicked will be punished in Hell forever.
43:75  It will not be lightened for them, so they will lose all hope.
43:76  We didn’t wrong them, they wronged themselves.
43:77  “Angel,” they will call out, “If only your Lord would finish us off .” He will reply, “You are here to stay forever!”
43:78  We brought the truth to you, but most of you disliked the truth.
43:79  Yes, if they have made a final decision, let them know We have also made a final decision.
43:80  Or do they think We don’t hear their secret chats and private discussions? Nay, Our messengers standing by their sides are recording them.
43:81  Say: “If the most Kind had a son, I would be his first worshipper.
43:82  Glory be to the Lord of the Heavens and the Earth, the Lord of the Throne, from what they ascribe to Him.”
43:83  Leave them in idle talk and amusement until they meet their Day, which they have been promised.
43:84  He is the only God in the sky, and He is the only God on Earth, the Wise, the Knower.
43:85  Blessed is He to Whom the Heavens and the Earth belongs and all that is between them, and He knows the coming of the Final Hour and to Him you will be returned.
43:86  Those they worship beside Him have no right of intercession; only those who bear witness to the truth will have the right to intercession, and they know that.
43:87  If you ask them: “Who created them?” They will certainly say, “Allah,” so why are they deceived?
43:88  And I swear by what He says, “My Lord, these are a people who don’t believe.”
43:89  Prophet forgive them and say: “Peace,” they will come to know the reality