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42:1  Ha Meem,
42:2  Ain Seen Qaaf.
42:3  This is what Allah the Almighty, the Wise revealed to you, and those before you
42:4  Everything in the Heavens and the Earth belongs to Him; the Exalted, the Great.
42:5  The Heavens above nearly collapsed, the angels glorify and praise their Lord and seek forgiveness for those on Earth. Allah is the Forgiving, the Caring.
42:6  Those who have taken lords beside Allah know that He watches over them; you aren’t their keeper
42:7  We revealed an Arabic Quran, so you may warn the people of Makkah and its surroundings of the Day of Gathering, in which is no doubt; a group will be in the Garden and another group in the blazing Fire.
42:8  Had Allah wanted He would have made them one community, but He allows into His Care whom He pleases. The disobedient have no friend, no helper.
42:9  Have they taken lords or protectors beside Him? Allah is the only Lord, He gives life to the dead and controls all things.
42:10  Whatever you disagree about, the final decision will be Allah’s, that’s Allah, My Lord; I trust Him, and I turn to Him sincerely
42:11  Creator of the Heavens and the Earth. He made the pair of you, the human species, so you may multiply on Earth, and a pair of each livestock. Nothing is like Him and He is the Hearing and the Seeing.
42:12  The keys to the Heavens and the Earth belong to Him. He increases or decreases the provision as He pleases. He knows all things
42:13  He made the same religion for you as for Nuh; We revealed the same to Ibrahim, Musa and Isa, to accept this religion and not be divided. What you call them to, the idolaters dislike. Allah selects and guides to Himself anyone He wants.
42:14  The conflict among people, despite having knowledge, was caused by jealousy. Had your Lord’s sentence, that they will be given respite for a fixed term, not been passed, then the Judgment would have come sooner. Those who were made heirs of the Book, Jews and Christians, are in doubt and are making others doubt too.
42:15  Therefore, continue inviting people to the truth; remain steadfast as you have been commanded; do not follow their whims, but say: “I believe in what Allah has revealed from the Book; I have been commanded to be fair to you; Allah is our Lord and your Lord; our works are for us and yours for you; there is no argument between us and you; Allah will gather us all and we’ll return to Him.
42:16  Those who debate Allah’s being and attributes after He has been accepted, their arguments are meaningless in the sight of their Lord, upon them is wrath, and they shall have a severe punishment.
42:17  Allah sent down the Book with truth and scales of justice, and the Final Hour is near.
42:18  The disbelievers want to hasten its onset, and the believers are fearful of it, since they know it’s the truth. But those in doubt have gone far astray
42:19  Allah is most Caring to His servants, provides sustenance as He pleases, He is the Strong, the Almighty.
42:20  Those who want the harvest of the Hereafter, We shall increase its harvest for them, and those who want the harvest of this life, We shall give its harvest to them, but they won’t have a share in the Hereafter
42:21  Did their idols start a religion without Allah’s permission? Had the judgement not been passed, their fate would have long been sealed, and for the wrongdoers is a painful punishment.
42:22  You will see them in a state of terror because of what they did, as they face its consequences. But the believers who were righteous will be in the Gardens of Paradise, where their wishes will be fulfilled; they’ll have whatever they wish from their Lord. What a great bounty!
42:23  Allah gives this good news to His believing, righteous servants. Say: “I don’t ask you for any reward, except, ‘love one’s relatives’. And whoever does a good deed We shall increase its positive impact for him. Allah is Forgiving, Rewarding.
42:24  How dare they say, “He has invented a lie about Allah.” In that case Allah would have sealed your heart and blotted out the falsehood, and established the truth with His Words. He knows what’s in people’s minds.
42:25  He accepts the repentance of His servants, forgives evil deeds, knows what you are doing,
42:26  answers the righteous believers, and increases His bounty for them. But for the disbelievers there is a severe punishment
42:27  Were Allah to give all the people same amount of sustenance in the city, they would be indifferent to each other, but Allah gives it in right measure as He pleases; He is Aware and watching His servants.
42:28  He sends the rain when they lose hope, and spreads His kindness all around. He is the Helper, the Praiseworthy
42:29  Among His signs are the creation of the Heavens and the Earth, and the living things He has spread out. He will gather them together when He likes.
42:30  The misfortune you face is due to your own fault. However, Allah forgives much.
42:31  You can’t disrupt Allah’s plan on Earth; you have no protector and helper beside Him.
42:32  Among His signs are the ships sailing on open seas, appearing like mountains.
42:33  He could stop the wind blowing if He wished, so they would stand still on the surface of the sea. In that are signs for every patient and thankful person.
42:34  Or else He could wreck their ship, because of what they have done, but Allah forgives a lot.
42:35  Those who argue about Our message, let them know there’s no escape for them
42:36  What you are given is passing enjoyment of the worldly life, and what Allah has is lasting and excellent; it will be given to the believers who: trust their Lord;
42:37  avoid major sins of indecency; forgive readily when angered;
42:38  respond by obeying their Lord; perform the prayer; consult each other to settle their affairs; spend what We have provided them;
42:39  when oppressed they defend themselves.
42:40  A revenge against a wrong could turn into an equal evil, therefore be careful and forgive and put things right through reconciliation; such a person will have his reward from Allah directly. Allah does not like the wrongdoers.
42:41  Anyone who defends himself against injustice mustn’t be blamed;
42:42  the blame is on those who commit injustice and oppress people in the city. For them will be a painful punishment.
42:43  Whoever is patient and forgives, now these are things one ought to do
42:44  Whoever Allah allows to go astray will have no helper after that, and you will see the wrongdoers when they see the punishment; they will say, “Is there any way of going back?”
42:45  And you will see them offered to Hell, overwhelmed and disgraced, looking around ashamedly, whilst the believers will say, “Today, on Judgement Day, the losers ruined themselves and their families.” Beware, the wrongdoers will have eternal punishment.
42:46  They will have no protectors beside Allah to help them, and whoever Allah allows to go astray will not find his way
42:47  Come back to your Lord before the Day when there will be no turning back from Allah. You will find nowhere to escape that Day, nor be able to deny your sins.
42:48  If they turn away from you Prophet! Know, We didn’t send you as their keeper; your responsibility is to deliver the Message. When We give people a taste of Our kindness they are joyful, but when times are difficult because of their fault they are ungrateful.
42:49  The Heavens and the Earth belong to Allah; He creates what He pleases, He gives daughters or sons as He pleases to whom He pleases,
42:50  to some He gives boys and girls and others He leaves childless as He pleases. He is the Knower, the Powerful
42:51  Allah doesn’t speak to any human being directly, except by revelation from behind a screen, or an angel brings the revelation by His permission. He is the Exalted, the Wise.
42:52  So, We revealed to you the Quran when you didn’t know the details of faith or the Scripture. We made it a light and We guide with it whom We please from among Our servants. And you are guiding them to a straight path,
42:53  the path of Allah – His is what is in the Heavens and the Earth – in the end, all things will return to Allah.In the name of Allah, the Kind, the Caring