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43:1  +[ M\m.
43:2  By the clear Book,
43:3  We, truly, made it an Arabic Recitation so that perhaps you will be reasonable.
43:4  Truly, it is in the essence of the Book from Our Presence, Lofty, Wise.
43:5  Will We turn away the Remembrance from you, overlooking as you had been a folk, ones who are excessive?
43:6  And how many a Prophet sent We among the ancient ones!
43:7  And approaches them not a Prophet, but that they had been ridiculing him.
43:8  Then, We caused to perish the more vigorous in courage than them and the example of the ancient ones passed.
43:9  And, certainly, if thou hadst asked them: Who created the heavens and the earth? They will, certainly, say: The Almighty, The Knowing created them,
43:10  Who made the earth a cradle for you and made in it ways for you so that perhaps you would be truly guided
43:11  and Who sent down water from heaven in measure. Then, We revived with it a lifeless land. Thus, you are brought out.
43:12  And it is He Who created all the pairs and assigned for you the boats and the flocks on which you ride
43:13  so that you sit upon their backs. And, again, remember the divine blessing of your Lord when you are seated on them and you say: Glory be to Him Who caused this to be subservient to us and we had not been ones who are equal to it!
43:14  And, truly, we, certainly, are to our Lord ones who are turning.
43:15  Yet they assigned with Him a part of some of His servants. Truly, the human being is clearly ungrateful.
43:16  Or took He to Himself daughters from what He creates and selected He sons for you?
43:17  And if good tidings were given to one of them of what he cited as an example from The Merciful, his face stayed one that is clouded over and he chokes.
43:18  Is whoever is brought up amid glitter one who is without clarity when he is in an altercation?
43:19  And made they the angels—who themselves are servants of The Merciful— females? Bore they witness to their creation? Their giving testimony will be written down. And they will be asked about it.
43:20  And they would say: If willed The Merciful, we would not have worshiped them. And they have no knowledge of that. They do nothing but guess.
43:21  Or gave We them any Book before this so they are ones who hold fast to it?
43:22  Nay! They said: We found our fathers in a community holding to a way of life and we are, truly, in their footsteps ones who are truly guided.
43:23  And, thus, We sent not a warner to any town before thee without ones who are given ease saying: We found our fathers in a community. We are, certainly, ones who imitate their footsteps.
43:24  He said: Even if I brought about better guidance for you than what you found your fathers on. They would say: Truly, we, in that with which you were sent are ones who disbelieve.
43:25  So We requited them. Then, look on how had been the Ultimate End of the ones who deny.
43:26  Mention when Abraham said to his father and his folk: Truly, I am released from obligation to what you worship
43:27  other than He Who originated me and, truly, He will guide me.
43:28  And He made it an enduring Word among his posterity, so that perhaps they will return.
43:29  Nay! I gave enjoyment to these and to their fathers until The Truth drew near them and a clear Messenger.
43:30  And when The Truth drew near them, they said: This is sorcery and we are ones who disbelieve in it.
43:31  They said: Why was this, the Quran, not sent down to some eminent man of the two towns?
43:32  Would they divide the mercy of thy Lord? It is We Who divided out among them their livelihood in this present life. Exalted are some of them above some others in degree so that some take to themselves others in their bondage. And the mercy of thy Lord is better than what they gather.
43:33  And were it not that humanity be one community, would We have made for whoever is ungrateful for The Merciful, roofs of silver for their houses, and stairways which they would scale up
43:34  and for their houses, doors, and couches on which they would recline
43:35  and ornaments? Yet all this would have been nothing, but enjoyment of this present life. And the world to come with your Lord is for the ones who are Godfearing.
43:36  And whoever withdraws from the Remembrance of The Merciful, We allotted for him a satan, so he is a comrade for him.
43:37  And, truly, they bar them from the way, but they assume that they are ones who are truly guided.
43:38  Then, when he drew near us he would say: Would that there were a distance between me and between thee of two sunrises! Miserable was the comrade.
43:39  And it will never profit you this Day as you did wrong. You will be ones who are partners in the punishment.
43:40  So hast thou caused someone unwilling to hear, to hear or wilt thou guide the unwilling to see, or someone who had been clearly going astray?
43:41  And even if We take thee away, We will, truly, be ones who requite them
43:42  or We will cause thee to see what We promised them. Then, We are ones who are omnipotent over them.
43:43  So hold thee fast to what was revealed to thee. Truly, thou art on a straight path.
43:44  And, truly, this is a remembrance for thee and thy folk. And you will be asked.
43:45  And ask ones whom We sent before thee of Our Messengers: Made We gods other than the Merciful to be worshiped?
43:46  And, certainly, We sent Moses with Our signs to Pharaoh and his Council. So he said: Truly, I am a Messenger of the Lord of the worlds.
43:47  But when he drew near them with Our signs, that is when they laugh at them.
43:48  And We cause them not to see any sign, but it was greater than its sister’s sign. And We took them with the punishment so that perhaps they would return.
43:49  And they said: O one who is a sorcerer! Call for us to thy Lord by the compact He made with thee. Truly, We will be ones who are truly guided.
43:50  But when We removed the punishment from them, that is when they break their oath!
43:51  And Pharaoh proclaimed to his folk. He said: O my folk! Is not the dominion of Egypt for me and these rivers run beneath me? Will you not, then, perceive?
43:52  Or am I better than this one who is despicable, who scarcely makes things clear?
43:53  Why were bracelets of gold not cast down on him or the angels drawn near to him as ones who are connected with one another?
43:54  Thus, he irritated his folk. Then, they obeyed him. Truly, they had been a folk, ones who disobey.
43:55  So when they provoked against Us, We requited them and drowned them one and all
43:56  and We made them a thing of the past and a parable for later ages.
43:57  And when the son of Mary was cited as an example, that is when thy folk cry aloud
43:58  and said: Are our gods better or is he? They cited him to thee not but to be argumentative. Nay! They are a contentious folk.
43:59  He was but a servant to whom We were gracious, and We made him an example to the Children of Israel.
43:60  And if We will, We would have assigned angels to succeed among you on the earth.
43:61  And, truly, he is with the knowledge of the Hour, so contest not about it and follow Me. This is a straight path.
43:62  And let not Satan bar you. Truly, he is a clear enemy to you.
43:63  And when Jesus drew near with the clear portents, he said: Truly, I drew near you with wisdom and in order to make manifest to you some of that about which you are at variance in it. So be Godfearing of God and obey me.
43:64  Truly, God He is my Lord and your Lord so worship Him. This is a straight path.
43:65  The confederates were at variance among themselves. So woe to those who did wrong from the punishment of a painful Day.
43:66  Looked they on but for the Hour that will approach them suddenly while they are not aware?
43:67  Friends on that Day will be enemies some to some others, but ones who are Godfearing.
43:68  O My servants! This Day there shall be no fear in you nor will you feel remorse.
43:69  It will be said to those who believed in Our signs and had been ones who submit to God:
43:70  Enter the Garden, you and your spouses, to be walking with joy!
43:71  There will be passed around among them platters of gold and goblets. And in it will be whatever souls lust for and all that in which the eyes delight. And you will be ones who dwell in it forever.
43:72  This is the Garden that you were given as inheritance because of what you had been doing.
43:73  For you there will be much sweet fruit from which you will eat.
43:74  Truly, ones who sin will be in the punishment of hell, ones who will dwell in it forever.
43:75  It will not be decreased for them and they will be ones who are seized with despair in it.
43:76  And We did not wrong them, but they had been ones who are unjust.
43:77  And they would cry out: O Malik! Let thy Lord finish us. He would say: Truly, you will be ones who abide.
43:78  Certainly, We brought about The Truth to you, but most of you are ones who dislike The Truth.
43:79  Or fixed they on some affair? Then, We, too, are ones who fix some affair.
43:80  Assume they that We hear not their secret thoughts and their conspiring secretly? Yea! Our messengers are near them writing down.
43:81  Say: If The Merciful had had a son, then, I would be first of the ones who worship.
43:82  Glory be to the Lord of the heavens and the earth, the Lord of the Throne, from all that they allege!
43:83  So let them engage in idle talk and play until they encounter their Day which they are promised.
43:84  And it is He Who is in the heaven, God, and on the earth, God. And He is The Wise, The Knowing.
43:85  Blessed be He to whom belongs the dominion of the heavens and the earth and whatever is between them and with Whom is the knowledge of the Hour and to Whom you will be returned.
43:86  And those whom they call to possess no power other than Him for intercession, only whoever bore witness to The Truth, and they know.
43:87  And if thou hadst asked them: Who created them? They would, certainly, say: God. Then, how are they misled?
43:88  And his saying: O my Lord! Truly, these are a folk who believe not,
43:89  so overlook them and say: Peace. And they will know.