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42:1  +[ M\m.
42:2  <Ayn S Q[f.
42:3  Thus, He reveals to thee and to those who were before thee, God is The Almighty, The Wise.
42:4  To Him belongs whatever is in and on the heavens and whatever is in and on the earth. And He is The Lofty, The Sublime.
42:5  The heavens are about to split asunder from above them while the angels glorify the praise of their Lord and ask forgiveness for whoever is on the earth. Truly, God, He is The Forgiving, The Compassionate.
42:6  As for those who took to themselves other than Him as protectors, God is Guardian over them and thou art not a Trustee over them.
42:7  And, thus, We revealed to thee an Arabic Recitation that thou wilt warn the Mother of the Towns and whoever is around it. And warn of the Day of Amassing. There is no doubt about it. A group of people will be in the Garden and a group of people will be in the blaze.
42:8  And if God willed, He would have made them one community but He causes to enter whom He wills into His mercy. And the ones who are unjust, there is not for them either a protector or a helper.
42:9  Or they took other than Him to themselves as protectors. But God, He alone is The Protector. And He gives life to the dead. And He is Powerful over everything.
42:10  Whatever thing about which you were at variance in it, then, its determination is with God. That is God, my Lord in Whom I put my trust and to Him I am penitent,
42:11  One Who is Originator of the heavens and the earth. He made for you spouses of yourselves and of the flocks, pairs by which means He makes you numerous in it. There is not like Him anything. And He is The Hearing, The Seeing.
42:12  To Him belongs the pass keys of the heavens and the earth. He extends provision for whomever He wills and measures it. Truly, He is The Knowing of everything.
42:13  He laid down the law of the way of life for you, that with which He charged Noah and what We revealed to thee and that with which We charged Abraham and Moses and Jesus. Perform the prescribed way of life and be not split up in it. Troublesome for the ones who are polytheists is that to which thou hast called them. God elects for Himself whomever He wills and guides the penitent to Himself.
42:14  And they split not up until after the knowledge drew near them through insolence between themselves. And if it were not for a Word that preceded from thy Lord—until a term, that which is determined—it would be decided between them. And, truly, those who were given as inheritance the Book after them are in uncertainty, in grave doubt about it.
42:15  Then, for that, call to this. And go thou straight as thou wert commanded. And follow not their desires. And say: I believed in what God caused to descend from a Book. And I was commanded to be just among you. God is our Lord and your Lord. For us are our actions and for you, your actions. There is no disputation between us and between you. God will gather us together. And to Him is the Homecoming.
42:16  And those who argue with one another about God, after He was assented to, their disputations are null and void with their Lord, and on them is His anger. And for them will be a severe punishment.
42:17  It is God Who caused the Book to descend with The Truth and the Balance. And what causes thee to recognize it so that perhaps the Hour is near?
42:18  Seeking to hasten are those who believe not in it. Those who believed are ones who are apprehensive of it. And they know that it is The Truth, those who altercate, truly, about the Hour are, certainly, going far astray.
42:19  God is Subtle with His servants. He provides to whom He wills. And He is The Strong, The Almighty.
42:20  Whoever had been wanting cultivation of the world to come, We increase his cultivation for him. Whoever had been wanting cultivation of the present, We give him of it. And he has not a share in the world to come.
42:21  Or ascribe they associates who laid down the law of the way of life for them for which God gives not permission? Were it not for a decisive word, it would be decided among them. And, truly, the ones who are unjust, for them is a painful punishment.
42:22  Thou wilt see the ones who are unjust as ones who are apprehensive of what they earned and it is that which falls on them. And those who believed and did as the ones in accord with morality, are in the well-watered meadows of the Gardens. For them will be whatever they will from their Lord. That it is the great grace.
42:23  That is what God gives as good tidings to His servants who believed and did as the ones in accord with morality. Say: I ask you not for compensation, but for the affection for any kin. And whoever gains benevolence, We will increase for him goodness in it. Truly, God is Forgiving, Most Ready to Appreciate.
42:24  Or they say: He devised against God a lie. But if God wills He would have sealed over thy heart. And God blots out falsehood and verifies The Truth by His Words. Truly, He is Knowing of what is in the breasts.
42:25  And He accepts the remorse of His servants and pardons their evil deeds. And He knows what you accomplish.
42:26  And He responds to those who believed and did as the ones in accord with morality, and increases them of His grace. And as for the ones who are ungrateful, theirs will be a severe punishment.
42:27  And if God extended the provision for His servants, they would be insolent in the earth, but He sends down by measure whatever He wills. Truly, He is The Aware, The Seeing of His servants.
42:28  And He it is Who sends down plenteous rain water after they despaired and He unfolds His mercy. And He is The Protector, The Worthy of Praise.
42:29  And among His signs are the creation of the heavens and the earth and whatever of moving creatures He disseminated in them. And He has the power of amassing them when He wills.
42:30  And whatever affliction lit on you is because of what your hands earned. And He pardons much.
42:31  And you are not ones who frustrate Him on the earth. And there is not for you other than God either a protector or a helper.
42:32  And among His signs are the ones that run on the sea like landmarks.
42:33  If He wills, He stills the wind. Then, they would stay, that which is motionless on the surface. Truly, in that are signs for every enduring and grateful one.
42:34  Or He wreck them because of what they earned. And He pardons them from much.
42:35  And those who dispute Our signs know that there is no asylum for them.
42:36  So whatever thing you were given is the enjoyment of this present life. And what is with God is better and is that which endures for those who believed and put their trust in their Lord
42:37  and those who avoid the major sins and the indecencies and they forgive when they were angry
42:38  and those who responded to their Lord and performed their formal prayer and their affairs are by counsel among themselves, and who spend of what We provided them,
42:39  and those who, when insolence lit on them, they help each other.
42:40  And the recompense for an evil deed is the like of an evil deed. Then, whoever pardoned and made things right, his compensation is due from God. Truly, He loves not the ones who are unjust.
42:41  As whoever helped himself after an injustice, so those, there is not any way against them.
42:42  The way is only against those who do wrong to humanity and are insolent in and on the earth unrightfully. Those, for them is a painful punishment.
42:43  And whoever endured patiently and forgave, truly, that is, certainly, a sign of constancy of affairs.
42:44  And whomever God causes to go astray has no protector apart from Him. And thou wilt see the ones who are unjust when they would see the punishment. They will say: Is there any way of turning it back?
42:45  And thou wilt see them being presented to it as ones who are humbled by a sense of humility looking on with secretive glances. And those who believed will say: Truly, the ones who are losers are those who lost themselves and their people on the Day of Resurrection. Truly, the ones who are unjust will be in an abiding punishment
42:46  that there had not been for them any protector to help them other than God. And he whom God causes to go astray, there is not for him any way.
42:47  Respond to the call of your Lord before a Day approaches for which there is no turning back from God. There will be no shelter for you on that Day, nor is there for you any refusal.
42:48  But if they turned aside, We put thee not forward as a guardian over them. It is for thee not but the delivering of the message. And, truly, when We caused the human being to experience mercy from Us, he was glad in it. But when evil deeds light on him—because of what his hands sent—then, truly, the human being is ungrateful.
42:49  To God belongs the dominion of the heavens and the earth. He creates what He wills. He bestows females on whom He wills. And He bestows males on whom He wills.
42:50  And He couples them, males and females. And He makes barren whom He wills. Truly, He is Knowing, Powerful.
42:51  And it had not been for a mortal that God speak to him, but by revelation or from behind a partition or that He send a Messenger to reveal by His permission what He wills. Truly, He is Lofty, Wise.
42:52  And, thus, We revealed to thee the Spirit of Our command. Thou hadst not been informed what the Book is nor what is belief, but We made it a light by which We guide whomever We will of Our servants. And, truly, thou, thou hast guided to a straight path—
42:53  the path of God, to whom belongs whatever is in the heavens and whatever is in and on the earth. Truly, will not all affairs come home to God?