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43:1  Ha Mim.
43:2  By the clear book.
43:3  We made it an Arabic reading (Qur´an) so that you might understand.
43:4  And in the original book with Us it is exalted and wise.
43:5  Should We then withdraw the reminder from you entirely because you are wasteful people?
43:6  And how many a prophet have We sent to the earliest communities.
43:7  And whenever a prophet came to them, they made fun of him.
43:8  So We destroyed those with a grip stronger than theirs and the example of the earliest communities came to pass.
43:9  And if you asked them who created the heavens and the earth, they will say: the mighty and knowing has created them.
43:10  The One who gave you the earth as an expanse and cut paths in it for you so that you might be guided.
43:11  And the One who sent water from the sky in measure, then We revive with it a dead land; likewise you will be brought out.
43:12  And the One who created all pairs and gave you the ship and the cattle which you mount.
43:13  So that you are well established on them, then remember the blessings of your Lord when you are established on them and say: glorified is He who made this subservient to us, we could not have subjected them.
43:14  And we will turn to our Lord.
43:15  And they assign for Him a portion of His (own) servants, for man is clearly ungrateful.
43:16  Has He then taken daughters from what He created and chosen for you sons?
43:17  And when any of them is given news of what they coin as a likeness for the Merciful, his face darkens and he is upset:
43:18  Someone brought up amongst pleasantries - and he cannot sustain the argument.
43:19  And they make the angels who are amongst the servants of Allah female. Did they witness their creation? Their evidence will be recorded and they will be asked.
43:20  And they say: if the Merciful pleased, we would not serve them besides Him. They have no knowledge of this, for they only guess.
43:21  Or did We give them a book before so that they hold on to it?
43:22  But they say: we found our fathers upon a practice and we are guided by their traditions.
43:23  And this is how We never sent a warner before you to a town but its affluent people said: we found our fathers upon a practice and we emulate their traditions.
43:24  He said: what if I brought you something better guided than what you found your fathers doing? They said: we reject what you have been sent with.
43:25  So We took revenge on them, then see what the outcome of those who denied was like.
43:26  And when Ibrahim (Abraham) said to his father and his people: I am free of what you serve.
43:27  Except for the One who originated me, for He will guide me.
43:28  And He made this into a lasting word amongst his descendants so they would return.
43:29  But I have given provision to those and their fathers until the truth reaches them and a clearly spoken messenger.
43:30  And when the truth reached them, they said: this is magic and we reject it.
43:31  And they said: why was not this Qur´an revealed to a man of the two great towns?
43:32  Do they divide the mercy of your Lord? We divide amongst them their livelihood in the worldly life and raised some of them above others in stages so that some of them take others in service, and the mercy of your Lord is better than what they amass.
43:33  And if it wouldn´t turn mankind into a single community We would have granted those who reject the Merciful silver roofs on their houses and stairs on which they ascend.
43:34  And (silver) doors for their houses and couches on which they recline.
43:35  And golden decorations, but all of that would only be the provision of this world, and the hereafter with your Lord is for those who beware.
43:36  And whoever is blind to the reminder of the Merciful, We assign for him a devil who will be a friend for him.
43:37  And they divert them from the way but they think that they are guided.
43:38  Until when he comes to Us he says: if only there was the distance of the two Easts between me and you, what a bad friend.
43:39  And today it will not benefit you, if you did wrong, that you will share the punishment.
43:40  Can you then make the deaf hear or guide the blind or who is in clear error?
43:41  And if We take you away, We will take revenge on them.
43:42  Or if We show you what We have promised them, We have power over them.
43:43  So hold on to that which has been revealed to you, for you are on a straight path.
43:44  And it is a reminder for you and your people, and you will soon be asked.
43:45  And ask the messengers whom We sent before you, did We allow gods besides the Merciful to be served?
43:46  And We sent Musa (Moses) with Our signs to Pharaoh and his leaders and he said: I am a messenger of the Lord of all worlds.
43:47  Then when he came to them with Our signs, they made fun of them.
43:48  And every sign We showed them was greater than the previous one, and We overtook them with the punishment so that they might turn back.
43:49  And they said: oh you magician, call your Lord for us on account of what He has promised to you, for we will be guided.
43:50  Then when We removed the punishment from them, they broke their promise.
43:51  And Pharaoh announced amongst his people, saying: oh my people, do I not own the kingdom of Egypt and these rivers which flow before me? Don´t you see?
43:52  Am I not better than him who is a low cast and can hardly speak clearly?
43:53  Then why have not golden bracelets been given to him or did the angels come in tow with him?
43:54  So he fooled his people and they obeyed him, for they were sinful people.
43:55  Then when they provoked Us We took revenge on them and drowned them altogether.
43:56  Then We made them a precedent and an example for those to come.
43:57  And when the son of Maryam (Mary) is given as an example, your people protest against it.
43:58  And they say: are our gods better or he? They only present it to you as a contradiction, for they are argumentative people.
43:59  For he is only a servant whom We have favoured and made him an example for the Children of Israel.
43:60  And if We pleased, We could replace you with angels to be successors on the earth.
43:61  And there is sure knowledge of the hour, so do not doubt it, and follow me, that is a straight path.
43:62  And let not the devil divert you, for he is a clear enemy to you.
43:63  And when ´Isa (Jesus) came with clear proofs he said: I have brought you wisdom and am to clarify to you some of that in which you differed, so beware of Allah and obey me.
43:64  For Allah is my Lord and your Lord, so serve Him. This is a straight path.
43:65  Then the allies differed amongst themselves, so woe to those who do wrong from the punishment of a painful day.
43:66  Do they just wait that the hour reaches them suddenly when they are not aware?
43:67  Close friends will be enemies to each other on that day, except those who beware (of Allah).
43:68  Oh My servants, you shall not fear today nor shall you worry.
43:69  Those who believe in Our signs and did submit (as Muslims).
43:70  Enter the garden, you and your partners, happily.
43:71  They will be waited upon with golden plates and cups and it will contain whatever the souls desire and what the eyes delight in, and you will remain there forever.
43:72  And this is the garden which you have inherited on account of what you did.
43:73  You have lots of fruit in it and eat from it.
43:74  For the sinful remain in the punishment of hell-fire.
43:75  It will not be lightened for them and they will be left with nothing.
43:76  And We did not wrong them, but they were the wrongdoers.
43:77  And they will call: oh angel, let your Lord finish us off. He will say: you will stay.
43:78  We previously brought you the truth, but most of you disliked the truth.
43:79  Or do they decide any matter? We decide.
43:80  Or do they think that We do not hear their secrets and secret meetings? But no, Our messengers are with them, recording.
43:81  Say: if the Merciful had a son, then I would be the first to serve (him).
43:82  Glorified is the Lord of the heavens and the earth, the Lord of the throne, above what they make out.
43:83  So leave them to busy themselves and play until they meet their promised day.
43:84  And He is god in the heaven and god on earth, and He is the wise and knowing.
43:85  Exalted is He to whom belongs the kingdom of the heavens and the earth and what is between them, and He has knowledge of the hour and to Him you return.
43:86  And those whom they call besides Him have no power of intercession except for him who is a witness to the truth and with knowledge.
43:87  And if you were to ask them who created them, they would say: Allah. So where to are they diverted?
43:88  And his saying (will be): oh my Lord, these people did not believe.
43:89  So ignore them and say: peace, for they will soon know.