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43:1  ῌā‘ mīm
43:2  By the veritable Book
43:3  We have revealed it an Arabic Koran, that perchance you may understand it
43:4  It is a transcript of the Eternal Book in Our keeping, sublime, and full of wisdom
43:5  Should We hold back the Admonition from you simply because you are a prodigal people
43:6  Many a prophet did We send forth to the ancients
43:7  but no prophet did arise among them that they did not mock
43:8  We obliterated them, though they were mightier than these.¹ Such then, was the example of the ancients
43:9  Yet, if you ask them¹ who created the heavens and the earth, they are bound to say: ‘The Almighty, the All-knowing, created them.‘
43:10  He it is who has made the earth a cradle for you and traced out routes upon it that you may find your way
43:11  who sends down water from the sky in due measure and thereby We resurrect a dead land: even thus shall you be raised to life
43:12  who has created all living things in pairs and made for you the ships and beasts on which you ride
43:13  so that, as you rest upon their backs, you may recall the goodness of your Lord and say: ‘Glory to Him who has subjected these to us. But for Him we could not be their masters
43:14  To our Lord we shall surely return.‘
43:15  Yet they¹ assign to Him some from among His servants. Surely man is monstrously ungrateful
43:16  Would God choose daughters for Himself from what He created and favour you with sons?²
43:17  And yet when the birth of a female is announced to any of them his countenance darkens and he is grievously vexed
43:18  Or would they ascribe to God females who adorn themselves with trinkets and are powerless in disputation
43:19  They make females the angels who are the Merciful‘s servants: did they witness their creation? Their testimony shall be noted down; and they shall be closely questioned
43:20  They say: ‘Had it been the will of the Merciful, we should never have worshipped them.‘ Surely of this they have no knowledge: they are only lying
43:21  Or have We given them a scripture before this, so that they should hold fast to it
43:22  Indeed, they say: ‘This was the faith our fathers practised; and we are merely guided by their footsteps.‘
43:23  Thus, never did We sent forth before you to a city one to give warning, but those who lived therein in opulence said: ‘This was the faith our fathers practised; and we are merely following in their footsteps.‘
43:24  Each of them said: ‘What if I bring you a faith more enlightened than your fathers‘?‘ But they said: ‘We reject the message you have been sent with.‘
43:25  So We took vengeance on them; and consider the fate of those who disbelieved
43:26  And tell of Abraham, who said to his father and to his people: ‘I renounce the gods you worship,
43:27  except Him who created me, for He will rightly guide me.‘
43:28  He made this an abiding precept among his descendants, that they might for ever turn to Him
43:29  Indeed, I made things pleasant for these and for their fathers until there came to them the Truth and an undoubted Apostle
43:30  But now that the Truth has come to them, they say: ‘This is sorcery. We utterly reject it.‘
43:31  They also say: ‘Why has this Koran not been revealed to some important man from the two cities?‘¹
43:32  Is it they who apportion your Lord‘s blessings? It is We who deal out to them their livelihood in this world, exalting some in rank above others, so that the one may take the other into his service. Better is your Lord‘s mercy than all their hoarded treasures
43:33  But for the chance that all humankind might have become one race of unbelievers, We would have given those who denied the Lord of Mercy mansions with silver roofs, and stairs to ascend to; mansions with silver gate
43:34  and silver couches to recline on;
43:35  and ornaments of gold: for all these are but the baubles of this life. It is the life to come that your Lord reserves for those who fear Him
43:36  He that does not observe the remembrance of the Merciful shall have a demon for his companion
43:37  they turn people away from the right path, though they may think themselves rightly guided
43:38  And when he comes before Us, he shall say:² ‘Would that we were as far apart as the East is from the West.‘ Evil indeed is that companion
43:39  But on that day, because you have done wrong, the thought that you will share the scourge with others will not console you
43:40  Can you make the deaf hear, or guide the blind or those in grievous error
43:41  Whether We take you hence or let you live to see Our promises fulfilled, of them We shall surely be avenged
43:42  for We have power absolute over them
43:43  Therefore hold fast to that which was revealed to you: you are surely on a straight path
43:44  It is an Admonition to you and to your people: and you shall be questioned all
43:45  Ask those of Our apostles whom We sent before you if We ever appointed gods besides the Merciful to be worshipped
43:46  We sent forth Moses with Our signs to Pharaoh and his nobles. He said: ‘I am the apostle of the Lord of the Universe.‘
43:47  But when he came to them with Our signs they laughed at them;
43:48  yet each fresh sign We revealed to them was more powerful than the one that came before it. We therefore smote them with the scourge, so that they might return to the right path
43:49  You, sorcerer,‘ they said, ‘pray for us to your Lord and invoke the promise He has made you. We will accept your guidance.‘
43:50  But when We removed the scourge from them, they broke their pledge
43:51  And Pharaoh made a proclamation to his people. ‘My people,‘ said he, ‘is the kingdom of Egypt not mine, and are these rivers which flow at my feet not mine also? Can you not see
43:52  Am I not better than this despicable wretch, who can scarcely make his utterance clear
43:53  Why have no bracelets of gold been given him, or angels sent down to accompany him?‘
43:54  Thus did he incite his people: and they obeyed him, for they were degenerate people
43:55  And when they provoked Us, We took vengeance on them and drowned them all
43:56  as a precedent and an example to those who succeeded them
43:57  And when Mary‘s son is cited as an example, your people turn awa
43:58  and say: ‘Who is better, he or our gods?‘ They cite him to you merely to provoke you. They are indeed a contentious people
43:59  He was but a mortal whom We favoured and made an example to the Israelites
43:60  Had it been Our will, We could have turned you into angels, your successors on the earth
43:61  He is a portent of the Hour: have no doubt about its coming and follow Me
43:62  This is a straight path: let not Satan debar you, for he is your veritable foe
43:63  And when Jesus came with evident signs, he said: ‘I have come to give you wisdom, and to make plain to you some of the things you differ about. Fear God and follow me
43:64  God is my Lord and your Lord: therefore serve Him. That is a straight path.‘
43:65  Yet the factions disagreed among themselves. But woe betide the wrongdoers, for they shall suffer the anguish of a woeful day
43:66  Are they only waiting for the Hour to overtake them suddenly when they are unaware
43:67  Friends shall on that day become enemies to one another, except the God-fearing
43:68  But you, My servants, who have believed in Our revelation
43:69  and are become Muslims, shall on that day have nothing to fear or to regret
43:70  Enter Paradise, you and your spouses, rejoicing
43:71  You shall be served around with golden dishes and golden goblets. Therein shall abound what every soul desires and every eye delights in; and therein shall you abide for ever
43:72  And such is the Paradise you shall inherit by virtue of your good deeds
43:73  Therein your sustenance shall be abundant fruit
43:74  But the transgressors shall endure for ever the torment of Hell
43:75  which for them will not be assuaged; they shall be speechless with despair
43:76  We did not wrong them, but it was they who did wrong
43:77  Malik,‘¹ they will call out, ‘let your Lord make an end of us!‘ But he will say: ‘Here you shall remain!‘
43:78  We have made known to you the Truth, but most of you the Truth abhor
43:79  If they are resolved to ruin you,² We are resolved to ruin them
43:80  Or do they think We cannot hear their secret talk and private converse? Yes! Our emissaries, at their side, record it all
43:81  Say:³ ‘If the Lord of Mercy had a son, I would be the first to worship him.‘
43:82  Exalted be the Lord of the heavens and the earth, the Lord of the Throne, above their falsehoods
43:83  Let them paddle, let them play, until they face the day they are promised
43:84  And He it is who in heaven is God and on earth is God; He is the Wise One, the All-knowing
43:85  Blessed be He who has sovereignty over the heavens and the earth and all that lies between them! He alone has knowledge of the Hour, and to Him shall you be recalled
43:86  Those to whom they pray besides Him have not the power to intercede for them, save those who testify to the Truth and have knowledge of it
43:87  Yet if you ask them who created them, they will surely say, ‘God.‘ How then can they be so misled
43:88  And he can only says: ‘Lord, these are surely people that do not believe.‘
43:89  So bear with them and wish them peace; they shall learn