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43:1  Ha Mim
43:2  And the clear Book (the Quran that makes things clearly visible)—
43:3  Verily, We have made it a Quran in Arabic that you may be able to understand (and learn)
43:4  And surely, it is (from within) the Mother of the Book (Verse 13.39) with Us, indeed, in Our Presence, high (in dignity), full of wisdom
43:5  Shall We then take away the Remainder (this Quran) from you and keep (you) away, because you are people who exceed (your) limits
43:6  And how many prophets We sent among the peoples of the old
43:7  And there was never a prophet who came to them at whom they did not mock
43:8  Then We destroyed (them)— (Even) stronger in power than these (people)— The stories of the olden peoples have been passed (to you to learn from them)
43:9  And indeed, if you were to ask them, "Who created the heavens and the earth?" They would be sure to reply; "They were created by (Him), the Exalted in Power (Al-Aziz), the All Knowing (Al-Aleem);"
43:10  (Allah,) Who has made for you, the earth spread out (like a carpet), and has made for you roads (and channels) in there, that you may find guidance (on the way)
43:11  And (Allah,) Who sends down rain from the sky (from time to time) in correct amounts— And with it We raise to life a land that is dead; And in the same way you will be raised (from the dead)
43:12  That (He) has created pairs (male and female) in all (living) things, and (He) has made for you ships and cattle on which you ride
43:13  In order that you may sit firm and square on their backs; And when are seated, you may think (and feel) the kindness of your Lord, and say, "Glory to Him Who has subjected this to our (use), and we could never have done this (for ourselves)
43:14  "And surely, to our Lord, we must return back!"
43:15  Yet, they give to some of His servants a share with Him (in His Supremacy)! Truly, man is known as being unjust and ungrateful
43:16  Or has He (Allah) chosen daughters from what He Himself creates, and given to you sons of choice
43:17  And when news about (the birth of a baby-girl) that one sets up with a likeness to (Allah) Most Gracious (Rahman), is brought back to (any) one of them (as his own baby), then his face darkens, and he is filled with inward grief
43:18  Then, is one brought up in pettiness, and unable to give clear account in a dispute (to have the likeness to Allah)
43:19  And they make into females angels who serve Allah. Did they witness their (the angel’s) creation? Their evidence will be recorded, and they will be questioned (about it)
43:20  And they said: "If it was the Will of (Allah), Most Gracious (Rahman), we should not have worshipped such (petty gods)!" About that they have no knowledge! They do nothing but lie
43:21  Or have We give them a Book before this, (the Quran) to which they are holding fast
43:22  No, they say: "We found our fathers following a certain way and religion, and we follow their footsteps."
43:23  And just the same way, whenever We sent a warner before you to any people, the wealthy ones among them said: "We found our fathers following a certain way and religion, and we will certainly follow their footsteps."
43:24  He (the warner) said: "Even if I brought you better guidance than that which you found your fathers following?" They said: "Verily, for us, we deny that you (prophets) are sent (for any purpose at all)."
43:25  So We took the toll from them: Now see what was the end of those who rejected (the Word of Allah)
43:26  And (remember) when Ibrahim (Abraham) said to his father and his people: "Verily, I am innocent of what you worship
43:27  "Except Him (Allah) Who created me, and He will certainly guide me."
43:28  And he left it as a Word to remain for those who came after him, that they may turn back (to Allah)
43:29  Nay (in reality)! I (reference to Allah), have given the good things of this life. To these (men) and their fathers, until the Truth has come to them and a messenger who makes things clear
43:30  And when the Truth came to them, they said: "This is magic, and we reject it."
43:31  And they also say: "Why is this Quran not sent down to some leading man in either of the two (main) cities? (Makkah and Taif.) "
43:32  Is it they who would give out the Mercy of your Lord? It is We (reference to Allah) Who distribute their living between them. And in the life of this world, We (reference to Allah) raise some of them above others in position, so that some may ask (and order) others to work. But the Mercy of your Lord is better than the (wealth) that they gathe
43:33  And could it not be possible that (all) men may become used to one (evil) way of life, We would give, for everyone who lies against (Allah) Most Gracious (Rahman), silver roofs for their houses, and (silver) stair-ways on which to go up
43:34  And (silver) doors to their houses, and (silver) thrones on which they could lean back
43:35  And also adornments (ornaments made) of gold. But all this were nothing but good things for the present life: And in the Sight of your Lord, the Hereafter, is for the righteous
43:36  If anyone withdraws himself from remembering (Allah) Most Gracious (Rahman), for him, We appoint an Evil one (Satan) to be a close friend to him
43:37  And verily, such (Evil ones) really keep them (the misguided) away from the (Straight) Path but they think that they are being guided right
43:38  Till, at the end, when (the misguided) comes to Us, he (the misguided) says (to his evil companion): "(I) wish that between me and you, there was the distance of the two Easts (East to far, far East or the West)!" Ah! Evil is the companion (indeed)
43:39  When you have done wrong, it will be of no use to you: that Day, then you shall be partners in punishment
43:40  Can you then make the deaf to hear, or give direction to the blind or to such as (those who are) in open error
43:41  And even if We take you (O Prophet!) away, We shall be sure to punish them
43:42  Or if We show you that what We have promised to them (will become true): For surely We shall overcome them
43:43  So, you hold fast to the Revelation sent down to you: Surely, you are on the Straight Path
43:44  And verily, the (Quran) is indeed the Message, for you and for your people; And soon (all of) you shall be questioned (about it)
43:45  And you (O Prophet) question Our messengers whom We sent before you; Did We appoint any gods other than (Allah) the Most Gracious (Rahman), to be worshipped
43:46  And We did send Musa (Moses) before this time, with Our Signs, to Firon (Pharaoh) and his Chiefs: He (Moses) said: "Verily, I am a messenger of the Lord of the Worlds."
43:47  But when he came to them with Our Signs, look! They made fun of them (the Signs)
43:48  And We showed them Sign after Sign, (see verse 7.133) each greater than the other, and (then) We gave them the punishment, in order that they might turn (to Us)
43:49  And they said (to Musa): "O you magician! Pray to your Lord for us according to His promise to you; Verily, we shall truly accept guidance."
43:50  But when We removed the penalty from them, look! They broke their promise
43:51  And Firon (Pharaoh) announced to his people, saying: "O my people! Does not the kingdom of Egypt belong to me, (do you see) these streams flowing beneath my (palace)? What! Do you not see then
43:52  "Am I not better than this (Musa), who is an undignified (and) miserable person and (who) cannot even speak (see verse 28.34) clearly
43:53  "Then why are not gold bracelets given to him, or (why do the) angels (not) come with him in procession (and groups)?"
43:54  Thus he made fools of his people, and they obeyed him: Truly, they were a people who turned rebellious (against Allah)
43:55  So, when at the end, they acted to Anger Us (Allah), We (grievously) punished them and We drowned them all
43:56  And We made them (a people) of the past and an example for the ages to come
43:57  And when (Isa), the son of Maryam (Mary) is held up as an example, look! Your people raise an uproar at it (to pull it down)
43:58  And (they) say: "Are our gods best or he (Isa)?" This they put in front of you, only by the way of dispute: Yes! They are a challenging (and opposing) people
43:59  He (Isa) was no more than a servant: We granted Our favor to him, and We made him an example to the Children of Israel
43:60  And if it was Our Will, We could make angels from (those) within you, to follow each other on the earth
43:61  And (Isa) shall be a sign chosen (for the coming of) the Hour (of Judgment): Therefore have no doubt about the (Hour), but, you follow Me (Allah): This is the Straight Way
43:62  Let not the Satan make it difficult for you: Verily, he is an open and declared enemy to you
43:63  And when Isa (Jesus) came with clear proofs, he said: "Now have I come to you with Wisdom (Al-Hikmah), and in order to make clear to you some of the (points) about which you dispute: Therefore fear Allah and obey me
43:64  "Verily Allah, He is my Lord and your Lord: So you worship Him: This is the Straight Path."
43:65  But groups from among themselves fell into disagreement: Then misery to the wrong doers, from the penalty of a painful Day
43:66  Do they only wait for the Hour— That it should come on them all of a sudden, while they do not expect it
43:67  Friends on that Day will be enemies, one against another— Except the righteous
43:68  My (Allah’s) servants (and devotees)! There shall be no fear for you on that Day, and you shall not suffer—
43:69  (You are) those who have believed in Our Signs (verse of the Quran), and bowed (your wills) in Islam
43:70  You will enter the Paradise, you and your wives, in (honor and) happiness
43:71  To them will be passed round dishes and cups of gold: In there will be all that the souls could ever want, and all that the eyes could delight in: And you shall live in there (for ever)
43:72  Like this will be the Paradise to which you are made inheritors because of your (good) deeds (in life)
43:73  You shall have plenty of fruit in there, from which you shall have satisfaction
43:74  Verily, the sinners will be in the punishment of Hell, to live in there (for ever)
43:75  In no way will the (punishment) be lowered for them, and they will be thrown in destruction, despair and sorrow
43:76  In no way shall We (Allah) be unjust to them: But it is they who have been unjust to themselves
43:77  And they will cry: "O keeper, (the malik of Hell)! If only your Lord put an end to us!" He will say, "Verily, you shall live on forever!"
43:78  Surely, We (Allah) have brought the truth to you: But most of you hate the Truth
43:79  Or have they settled some plan (among themselves)? But (in reality) it is We Who settle all things
43:80  Or do they think that We do not hear their secrets and their private conversations? Indeed (We do), and Our (angels) messengers are beside them to record
43:81  Say: "If (Allah) Most Gracious (Rahman) had a son, then, I would be the first to worship."
43:82  Glory to the Lord of the heavens and the earth, the Lord of the Throne! Exalted is He, (He is free) from the things they associate (with Him)
43:83  So leave them (alone) to talk aimlessly and play (with petty things) until they meet that Day of theirs, which they have been promised
43:84  It is He (Allah) Who is the Only God (Ilah) in the heaven and the Only God (Allah, Ilah) on earth; And He is All Wise (Al-Hakeem), All Knowing (Al-Aleem)
43:85  And blessed is He to Whom belongs the dominion of the heavens and the earth, and all between them: And with Him is the knowledge of the Hour (of Judgment): And to Himself shall you be returned
43:86  And those whom they pray besides Allah, (they) have no power of act (for anyone);— Except he (a true believer) who bears witness to the Truth (Allah), and they know (him)
43:87  And if you ask them; Who created them? they will certainly say, "Allah": How then are they moved away (from the Truth)
43:88  (Allah hears) the (Prophet’s) cry, "O my Lord! Truly, these are a people who will not believe!"
43:89  So (O Prophet!) turn away from them, and say: "Peace!" But soon they shall know