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43:1  H M
43:2  And The Book , the clear/evident
43:3  We (E) made it an Arabic Koran , maybe/perhaps you reason/comprehend
43:4  And that it truly is in The Books' mother/origin at Us (The Book's origin is at Us), height and mighty (E) ,wise/judicious (full of wisdom)
43:5  Do We disregard/move from you the reminder/remembrance forgiveness/ condonation ? That (E) you were a nation (of) spoilers/neglecters
43:6  And how many We sent from a prophet in the first/beginners
43:7  And a prophet does not come to them except they were with him mocking/making fun
43:8  So We destroyed , (those who were) stronger than them violent destruction/attack, and the first's/beginner's proverb/example passed/expire
43:9  And if (E) you asked/questioned them: "Who created the skies/space and the earth/Planet Earth?" They will say (E): "The glorious/mighty , the knowledgeable created them (B)."
43:10  Who made/created for you the earth/Planet Earth spread/prepared , and He made/put for you in it roads/means , maybe/perhaps you be guided
43:11  And who descended from the sky/space water with a measure/predestiny , so We revived/resurrected with it a dead/lifeless land , as/like that you are being brought out
43:12  And who created the pairs/kinds all of them, and He created for you from the ship/ships and the camels/livestock what you ride/board
43:13  To sit on on its backs/surfaces , then you remember/mention your Lord's blessing/goodness when you sat on it, and you say: "Praise/glory (to) who humiliated/subjugated for us this, and we were not to it overpowering/connecting (without God) ."
43:14  And that We are to our Lord returning (E)
43:15  And they made/put for Him from His worshippers/slaves a part/portion (partner), that truly the human/mankind (is a) a clear/evident (insisting) disbeliever (E)
43:16  Or He took/received from what He creates daughters, and he chose (specialized) you with sons
43:17  And if any of them was announced good news to with what He gave to the merciful (as) an example (the daughters), his face became/continued blackened, and he is holding (his) breath/suppressed
43:18  Is who (is) being brought up/originated in the ornament/decoration (luxuriated i.e.: girls and those effeminate and unmanly) and he is in the dispute/controversy/argument not evident/shown
43:19  And they made the angels those who they are the merciful's worshippers/slaves (as) females, did they witness their creation? Their testimony/certification will be written , and they (will) be asked/questioned
43:20  And they said: "If the merciful willed/wanted we would not have worshipped them, none from knowledge with that (is) for them, that truly they are except lying/speculating
43:21  Or We gave them a Book from before it, so they are with it holding/seizing/ grasping
43:22  But they said: "We (E), we found our fathers on a constitution (set example) , and We (E) on their tracks are guided."
43:23  And as/like that We did not send from before you in a village/urban city from a warner/giver of notice except its luxuriated ungrateful and arrogant said: "We (E), we found our fathers on a constitution (set example) , and we (E), on their tracks , we are following/imitating (their) example."
43:24  He (the messenger) said : "Even if I came to you with more guiding than what you found on it your fathers?" They said: "We (E) (are) with what you were sent with it (are) disbelievers."
43:25  So We revenged from them, so see/wonder about how was the liars'/deniers' end/turn (result)
43:26  And when Abraham said to his father and his nation: "That I am innocent from what you worship."
43:27  Except who created me/brought me into being , so that He truly will guide me
43:28  And he made it a word/expression , remaining/lasting in his sons/descendants , maybe/perhaps they return
43:29  But I gave those a long life/made those enjoy, and their fathers, until the truth and a clear/evident messenger came to them
43:30  And when the truth came to them, they said: "That (is) magic/sorcery, and we are with it disbelieving."
43:31  And they said: "If only this the Koran was descended on a great man from the two villages/urban cities."
43:32  Are they apportioning/dividing/making fate (of) your Lord's mercy, We (E) apportioned/divided/fated between them their livelihood in the life the present/worldly life, and We raised some of them over/above some steps/stages/degrees, for some to take some of them making fun/ridiculing , and your Lord's mercy (is) better than what they gather/collect
43:33  Were it not for that the people be one nation We would have made to who disbelieves with the merciful, for their houses/homes roofs/ceilings from silver and stairs/lifts on it they mount/ascend
43:34  And for their houses doors/entrances and beds/sofas, on it they lean/recline on
43:35  And ornament/decoration , and that (E) all (of) that (is) accumulatively/collectively the life the present's/worldly life's long life/enjoyment, and the end (other life) at your Lord (is) to the fearing and obeying
43:36  And who ignores about the merciful's reminder, We predestine/lead/assign for him a devil, so he is for him a companion/friend
43:37  And that they truly, they prevent/obstruct them (E) from the way/path , and they think/suppose that they are guided
43:38  Until if he came to Us, he said: "Oh if only between me and between you (are) the two sun rises'/easts' far distances, so how bad (is) the companion ?"
43:39  (It) will never/not benefit you today/the day if you caused injustice/oppressed, that you are in the torture sharing
43:40  So do you make the deaf hear/listen, or guide the blind/confused , and who was in a clear/evident misguidance
43:41  So when We go away with you (We make you die), so We are from them revenging/punishing
43:42  Or We show you/make you understand what We promised them, so We are on them, We are capable/over powering
43:43  So hold fast/grasp with what was inspired/transmitted to you, that you are on a straight/direct road/way
43:44  And that it truly is a remembrance/reminder to you and to your nation, and you will/shall be asked/questioned
43:45  And ask/question whom We sent from before you from Our messengers, did We make/create from other than the merciful gods (that) they are being worshipped
43:46  And We had sent Moses with Our signs/evidences to Pharaoh and his nobles/group/assembly, so he (Moses) said: "That I am messenger (of) the creations all together's/ (universes') Lord."
43:47  So when he came to them with Our evidences/signs , then they are from it laughing
43:48  And We do not show them/make them understand from a verse/evidence/sign except (that) it is greater than its sister, and We took/punished them with the torture, maybe/perhaps they return
43:49  And they said: "You, you the magician/sorcerer, call for us your Lord with what He promised at you, that we truly are guided (E)."
43:50  So when We removed/uncovered from them the torture, then they are breaking/breaching/violating
43:51  And Pharaoh called in his nation, he said: "You my nation, is not for me ownership/kingdom (of) Egypt/(the) region , and these the rivers flow/run from beneath/below me, so do you not see/ understand?"
43:52  Or I am better than that which He is (Moses) humiliated and nor, is (he) about to clarify/show/explain
43:53  So if only bracelets from gold were thrown on him, or the angels came with him accompanying/joining
43:54  So he misled/fooled his nation, so they obeyed him, that they truly were a nation (of) debauchers/dissoluters
43:55  So when they made Us angry/sad , We revenged from/punished them, so We drowned/sunk them all/all together
43:56  So We made them an advance/past (precedent), and an example/proverb to the ends/lasts/others
43:57  And when Mary's son was given (as) an example , then your nation from Him, they object/obstruct
43:58  And they said: "Are our gods better or He?" They did not give it (the question) to you except arguing/disputing (E), but they are a nation disputing/controverting
43:59  That truly he (Jesus) is except a worshipper/slave We blessed on him and We made him an example to Israel's sons and daughters
43:60  And if We will/want, We would have made from you angels in the earth/Planet Earth they succeed/follow
43:61  And that he/it truly is knowledge (E) to the Resurrection/Time of Resurrection/Hour, so do not doubt/argue (E) with it, and follow Me, that (is a) straight/direct road/way
43:62  And (let) not the devil prevent/obstruct you, that he truly is for you a clear/evident enemy
43:63  And when Jesus came with the evidences, he said: "I had come to you with the wisdom, and to clarify/explain for you some/part (of) what you differ/disagree in it, so fear and obey God, and obey me."
43:64  That truly God He is my Lord and your Lord so worship Him, that (is) a straight/direct way/road
43:65  So the group/parties differed/disagreed from between them, so calamity/scandal to those who caused injustice/oppression from a day's/time's painful torture
43:66  Do they look/watch/wonder about except that the Hour/Resurrection comes to them suddenly/unexpectedly and they do not feel/know/sense
43:67  That day, the faithful close friends some of them to some (to each other are) an enemy, except the fearing and obeying
43:68  You My worshippers , (there is) no fear/fright on you the day/today, and nor you be sad/grieving
43:69  Those who believed with Our verses/evidences and they were Moslems/submitters/surrenders
43:70  Enter the Paradise you and your spouses , you rejoice/delight
43:71  Being circled/walked around on them with platters/plates/bowls from gold and cups , and in it what the selves lust/desire/crave it, and delights/pleasures the eyes/sights, and you are in it immortally/eternally
43:72  And that (is) the Paradise which you were made to inherit it, because (of) what you were making/doing
43:73  For you in it many/much fruits, from it you eat
43:74  That truly the criminals/sinners (are) in Hell's torture immortally/eternally
43:75  (It is) not to be weakened/subsided on them, and they are in it confused/dumbfounded
43:76  And We did not cause injustice/oppression to them, and but they, they were the unjust/oppressive
43:77  And they called: "You Malek , (let) your Lord to end/destroy on us." He said: "That you are waiting/remaining (in it)."
43:78  We had (E) come to you with the truth , and but most of you to the truth (are) hating
43:79  Or they conspired and determined a matter/affair , so We are conspiring and determining
43:80  Or they think/suppose that We do not hear/listen (to) their secret and their confidential talk , yes/certainly, and Our messengers (are) at/by them writing/dictating
43:81  Say: "If (there) was to the merciful a child (son), so I am the worshippers' first/beginner ."
43:82  Praise/glory (to) the skies'/space's and the earth's/Planet Earth's Lord, the throne's Lord, from/about what they describe/categorize
43:83  So leave them plunge into/engage in conversation (their wishful interpretation of the scriptures) and play/amuse , until they meet/find their day/time which they are being promised
43:84  And He is who (is) in the skies/space a God, and in the earth/Planet Earth a God, and He is the wise/judicious, the knowledgeable
43:85  And blessed who for Him (is) the skies'/space's and the earth's/Planet Earth's and what (is) between them (B)'s ownership/kingdom , and at Him (is) the Hour's/Resurrection's knowledge, and to Him you are being returned
43:86  And those whom they call from other than Him, do not own/possess the mediation, except who testified/witnessed with the truth and they are knowing
43:87  And if (E) you asked/questioned them: "Who created them?" They will say (E): "God." So where/how they be lied to/turned away
43:88  And his saying/word: "You my lord, that truly those (are) a nation not believing."
43:89  So turn away/disregard from them, and say: "A greeting/safety/security/peace." So they will know