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43:1  Ha. Mim
43:2  By the Luminous Book
43:3  We have made it an Arabic Koran that ye may understand
43:4  And it is a transcript of the archetypal Book, kept by us; it is lofty, filled with wisdom
43:5  Shall we then turn aside this warning from you because ye are a people who transgress
43:6  Yet how many prophets sent we among those of old
43:7  But no prophet came to them whom they made not the object of their scorn
43:8  Wherefore we destroyed nations mightier than these Meccans in strength; and the example of those of old hath gone before
43:9  And if thou ask them who created the Heavens and the Earth, they will say: "The Mighty, the Sage, created them both,"
43:10  Who hath made the Earth as a couch for you, and hath traced out routes therein for your guidance
43:11  And who sendeth down out of Heaven the rain in due degree, by which we quicken a dead land; thus shall ye be brought forth from the grave
43:12  And who hath created the sexual couples, all of them, and hath made for you the ships and beasts whereon ye ride
43:13  That ye may sit balanced on their backs and remember the goodness of your Lord as ye sit so evenly thereon, and say: "Glory to Him who hath subjected these to us! We could not have attained to it of ourselves
43:14  And truly unto our Lord shall we return."
43:15  Yet do they assign to him some of his own servants for offspring! Verily man is an open ingrate
43:16  Hath God adopted daughters from among those whom he hath created, and chosen sons for you
43:17  But when that is announced to any one of them, which he affirmeth to be the case with the God of Mercy, his face settleth into darkness and he is silent - sad
43:18  What! make they a being to be the offspring of God who is brought up among trinkets, and is ever contentious without reason
43:19  And they make the angels who are the servants of God of Mercy, females. What! did they witness their creation? Their witness shall be taken down, and they shall hereafter be enquired at
43:20  And they say: "Had the God of Mercy so willed it we should never have worshipped them." No knowledge have they in this: they only lie
43:21  Have we ere this given them a Book? and do they possess it still
43:22  But say they: "Verily we found our fathers of that persuasion, and verily, by their footsteps do we guide ourselves."
43:23  And thus never before thy time did we send a warner to any city but its wealthy ones said: "Verily we found our fathers with a religion, and in their tracks we tread."
43:24  SAY, - such was our command to that apostle - "What! even if I bring you a religion more right than that ye found your fathers following?" And they said, "Verily we believe not in your message."
43:25  Wherefore we took vengeance on them, and behold what hath been the end of those who treated our messengers as liars
43:26  And bear in mind when Abraham said to his father and to his people, "Verily I am clear of what ye worship
43:27  Save Him who hath created me; for he will vouchsafe me guidance."
43:28  And this he established as a doctrine that should abide among his posterity, that to God might they be turned
43:29  In sooth to these idolatrous Arabians and to their fathers did I allow their full enjoyments, till the truth should come to them, and an undoubted apostle
43:30  But now that the truth hath come to them, they say, "'Tis sorcery, and we believe it not."
43:31  And they say, "Had but this Koran been sent down to some great one of the two cities . . .!"
43:32  Are they then the distributors of thy Lord's Mercy? It is we who distribute their subsistence among them in this world's life; and we raise some of them by grades above others, that the one may take the other to serve him: but better is the mercy of thy Lord than all their hoards
43:33  But for fear that all mankind would have become a single people of unbelievers, verily we would certainly have given to those who believe not in the God of Mercy roofs of silver to their houses, and silver stairs to ascend by
43:34  And doors of silver to their houses, and couches of silver to recline on
43:35  And ORNAMENTS OF GOLD: for all these are merely the good things of the present life; but the next life doth thy Lord reserve for those who fear Him
43:36  And whoso shall withdraw from the Warning of the God of Mercy, we will chain a Satan to him, and he shall be his fast companion
43:37  For the Satans will turn men aside from the Way, who yet shall deem themselves rightly guided
43:38  Until when man shall come before us, he shall say, "O Satan, would that between me and thee were the distance of the East and West." And a wretched companion is a Satan
43:39  But it shall not avail you on that day, because ye were unjust: partners shall ye be in the torment
43:40  What! Canst thou then make the deaf to hear, or guide the blind and him who is in palpable error
43:41  Whether therefore we take thee off by death, surely will we avenge ourselves on them
43:42  Or whether we make thee a witness of the accomplishment of that with which we threatened them, we will surely gain the mastery over them
43:43  Hold thou fast therefore what hath been revealed to thee, for thou art on a right path
43:44  For truly to thee and to thy people it is an admonition; and ye shall have an account to render for it at last
43:45  And ask our Sent Ones whom we have sent before thee, "Appointed we gods beside the God of Mercy whom they should worship?"
43:46  Of old sent we Moses with our signs to Pharaoh and his nobles: and he said, "I truly am the Apostle of the Lord of the worlds."
43:47  And when he presented himself before them with our signs, lo! they laughed at them
43:48  Though we shewed them no sign that was not greater than its fellow: and therefore did we lay hold on them with chastisement, to the intent that they might be turned to God
43:49  Then they said, "O Magician! call on thy Lord on our behalf to do as he hath engaged with thee, for truly we would fain be guided."
43:50  But when we relieved them from the chastisement, lo! they broke their pledge
43:51  And Pharaoh made proclamation among his people. Said he, "O my people! is not the kingdom of Egypt mine, and these rivers which flow at my feet? Do ye not behold
43:52  Am I not mightier than this despicable fellow, And who scarce can speak distinctly
43:53  Have bracelets of gold then been put upon him, or come there with him a train of Angels?"
43:54  And he inspired his people with levity, and they obeyed him; for they were a perverse people
43:55  And when they had angered us, we took vengeance on them, and we drowned them all
43:56  And we made them a precedent and instance of divine judgments to those who came after them
43:57  And when the Son of Mary was set forth as an instance of divine power, lo! thy people cried out for joy thereat
43:58  And they said, "Are our gods or is he the better?" They put this forth to thee only in the spirit of dispute. Yea, they are a contentious people
43:59  Jesus is no more than a servant whom we favoured, and proposed as an instance of divine power to the children of Israel
43:60  (And if we pleased, we could from yourselves bring forth Angels to succeed you on earth:
43:61  And he shall be a sign of the last hour; doubt not then of it, and follow ye me: this is the right way
43:62  And let not Satan turn you aside from it, for he is your manifest foe
43:63  And when Jesus came with manifest proofs, he said, "Now am I come to you with wisdom; and a part of those things about which ye are at variance I will clear up to you; fear ye God therefore and obey me
43:64  Verily, God is my Lord and your Lord; wherefore worship ye him: this is a right way."
43:65  But the different parties fell into disputes among themselves; but woe to those who thus transgressed, because of the punishment of an afflictive day
43:66  For what wait they but for the hour "to come suddenly on them, while they expect it not?"
43:67  Friends on that day shall become foes to one another, except the God-fearing:
43:68  "O my servants! on this day shall no fear come upon you, neither shall ye be put to grief
43:69  Who have believed in our signs and become Muslims
43:70  Enter ye and your wives into Paradise, delighted."
43:71  Dishes and bowls of gold shall go round unto them: there shall they enjoy whatever their souls desire, and whatever their eyes delight in; and therein shall ye abide for ever
43:72  This is Paradise, which ye have received as your heritage in recompense for your works
43:73  Therein shall ye have fruits in abundance, of which ye shall eat
43:74  But in the torment of Hell shall the wicked remain for ever
43:75  It shall not be mitigated to them, and they shall be mute for despair therein
43:76  For it is not we who have treated them unjustly, but it was they who were unjust to themselves
43:77  And they shall cry: "O Malec! would that thy Lord would make an end of us!" He saith: "Here must ye remain."
43:78  We have come to you with the truth (O Meccans), but most of you abhor the truth
43:79  Have they drawn tight their toils for thee? We too will tighten ours
43:80  Think they that we hear not their secrets and their private talk? Yes, and our angels who are at their sides write them down
43:81  SAY: If the God of Mercy had a son, the first would I be to worship him
43:82  But far be the Lord of the Heavens and of the Earth, the Lord of the Throne, from that which they impute to Him
43:83  Wherefore let them alone, to plunge on, and sport, until they meet the day with which they are menaced
43:84  He who is God in the Heavens is God in earth also: and He is the Wise, the Knowing
43:85  And Blessed be He whose is the kingdom of the Heavens and of the Earth and of all that is between them; for with Him is the knowledge of the Hour, and to Him shall ye be brought back
43:86  The gods whom they call upon beside Him shall not be able to intercede for others: they only shall be able who bore witness to the truth and knew it."
43:87  If thou ask them who hath created them, they will be sure to say, "God." How then hold they false opinions
43:88  And one saith, "O Lord! verily these are people who believe not."
43:89  Turn thou then from them, and say, "Peace:" In the end they shall know their folly