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19:1  Kaf Ha Ya Ain Sad.
19:2  This is an account of your Lord’s compassion for Zakariyya, His servant
19:3  when he quietly prayed to His Lord
19:4  saying, “My Lord, my bones are weak because of old age, my hair has turned grey, but My prayer has never gone unanswered by My Lord.
19:5  I am afraid of what my relatives might do after me. My wife is childless, give me a gift, a successor,
19:6  who will be my successor and the successor of Yaqub’s family. My Lord, make him pleasing to all.
19:7  Zakariyya, We give you good news of a son! He shall be called Yahya, no one has been named like him before.
19:8  He said, “Lord, will I have a son when my wife is barren and I’m old?
19:9  An angel said, “It will be so; your Lord said, ‘That is easy for me, I created you before this when you were nothing.’”
19:10  Zakariyya said, “Lord, make for me a sign.” He said, “Your sign is: you won’t be able to speak to people for three days and nights.”
19:11  So, he came out of his prayer room and signalled to the congregation to glorify Allah morning and evening.
19:12  “Yahya, hold the Book firmly,” and We gave him wisdom in his childhood,
19:13  soft-hearted, pure and pious.
19:14  He was kind to his parents, never a tormentor or disobedient.
19:15  So Allah’s peace be on him the day he was born, the day he will die and the day he will be resurrected
19:16  Mention Maryam, when she left her family to go to a place in the East.
19:17  She separated herself from them to stay in an isolated place; We sent the Angel of Revelation to her and he appeared in human form.
19:18  She said, “I seek the protection of the Kind Lord from you if you fear Allah.”
19:19  He said, “I am a messenger from Your Lord, and I have come to give you a pure son.”
19:20  She replied, “How can I have a son when no man has touched me and I am not loose woman?”
19:21  He told her, “That is how it will be; your Lord said, ‘This is easy for me, and We shall make him a sign of Our Kindness for people, a command, done!’
19:22  And so it was she conceived him and moved to a far-off place.
19:23  When the pains of childbirth drove her to the trunk of a date tree, she cried: “I wish I were dead and forgotten long before all this.”
19:24  A voice from below cried out to her: “Do not worry; your Lord has provided flowing water at your feet;
19:25  shake the trunk of the date Palm and fresh ripe dates will fall.
19:26  Eat and drink, be happy. When you see someone say, ‘I vowed to the Kind Lord a fast, so today I shan’t speak to anyone.
19:27  She came to her family, carrying him. They said, “Maryam, you have brought something unheard of;
19:28  sister of Harun, your father was not evil, nor was your mother loose woman.”
19:29  She pointed to him. They replied, “How can we speak to an infant in a cradle?”
19:30  Isa spoke: “I am a servant of Allah; He has given me the Book, made me a prophet,
19:31  made me blessed wherever I go, commanded me to pray and to give charity. I shall do so as long as I live,
19:32  and I will take care of my mother. He has not made me overbearing or disobedient.
19:33  So Allah’s peace be on me the day I was born, the day I die and the day that I am resurrected.
19:34  That was Isa, son of Maryam; that’s the truth they have doubt about.
19:35  Allah has not taken a son, glory to Him. When he gives an order, He says to it, “Be,” and it becomes.
19:36  Surely Allah is My Lord and Your Lord, so worship Him; this is the straight path.
19:37  The sects differed among themselves; anguish awaits the disbelievers when the terrible Day comes.
19:38  How well they will hear and see the day they come to Us, yet today the evildoers are totally lost.
19:39  Warn them of a fateful Day when the decree shall be fulfilled; they were neglectful and didn’t believe.
19:40  We shall inherit the Earth and all that’s in it, and to Us they will all be returned
19:41  Mention Ibrahim in the Book; he was a truthful man and a prophet.
19:42  When he said to his father, “My father, why do you worship idols that cannot hear nor see nor benefit you in the least?
19:43  My father, the knowledge that didn’t reach you has come to me. Therefore, follow me; I shall guide you on the straight path.
19:44  My father, do not worship Satan, he has disobeyed the Kind Lord.
19:45  My father, I fear that you shall be punished by the most Kind, and become a friend of Satan.”
19:46  His father replied, “Ibrahim, are you turning away from my gods? If you do not stop this, I will torture you; off you go and leave me alone.”
19:47  He said, “Peace be on you. I shall seek My Lord’s forgiveness for you, since He is Most Kind to me.
19:48  In the meantime, I shall leave you and those you call upon beside Allah. I shall pray to My Lord and believe that my prayer will not go unanswered.”
19:49  When he detached himself from them and what they worshipped beside Allah, We gave him Ishaq and Yaqub, and We made them all prophets.
19:50  We gave them Our gifts and We gave them fame and honour
19:51  Mention Musa in the Book; he was a chosen messenger and a prophet.
19:52  We called out to him from the right-hand side of the mount Sinai and brought him closer to speak to him in secret.
19:53  We treated him kindly and gave him as a support Harun, his brother, a prophet.
19:54  Mention Ismail in the Book; he was man of his word, a messenger and a prophet.
19:55  He used to tell his family to pray and to give Zakat, and his Lord liked him.
19:56  Mention Idris in the Book; he was a man of truth, and a prophet.
19:57  And We raised him to a high rank.
19:58  Allah favoured these wonderful men; the prophets from the children of Adam, and they came from those We carried with Nuh, and they were from the children of Ibrahim and Yaqub. We guided and selected them. When the verses of the Kind Lord were recited to them, they fell in prostration tearfully
19:59  After them came generations who neglected the prayer and followed their lusts. Soon they will face the consequences of their evil.
19:60  Except those who repent, believe and do righteous deeds – they shall enter Paradise, and they will not be wronged in the slightest.
19:61  The Kind Lord’s Promise to his servants are Gardens of Eternity, the unseen. His Promise will certainly be fulfilled.
19:62  They will not hear any useless chatter but peace, there will be plentiful provisions for them morning and evening
19:63  Such a marvellous Paradise We shall bless Our pious servants to inherit
19:64  “We don’t come down except by the command of your Lord. To Him belongs what is in front and behind us, and that which is in between. Your Lord never forgets –
19:65  Lord of the Heavens and the Earth and what is between them. So, worship Him and be committed to His worship. Is there anyone who is equal to Him?
19:66  A person queries: “Once I am dead will I be raised up again?”
19:67  Don’t people remember We created them before when they were non-existent?
19:68  So your Lord will gather them all and the Satan; We will make them kneel around Hell,
19:69  and from every group We will drag out the bitterest enemy of the Kind Lord.
19:70  We know who deserves to burn in it.
19:71  However, every one of you will come near it – a decree of your Lord that will be fulfilled.
19:72  Then We shall save the pious whilst leaving the wrongdoers on their knees in Hell
19:73  When Our clear verses are recited to them, the disbelievers say to the believers, “Which of the two groups has better dwellings and who has luxurious clubs?”
19:74  How many generations did We destroy before them who were more affluent and looked smart?
19:75  Say: “Whoever is misguided, the Kind Lord gives him time until he sees what has been promised – either the punishment or the Final Hour. Then they will know who was in a bad place and who had the weakest forces.”
19:76  Allah keeps developing the guided in their guidance, and the lasting deeds of goodness are best with your Lord as a reward and the best outcome
19:77  Have you seen him, who denies Our signs and boasts: “I will certainly be given wealth and children.”
19:78  Has he got knowledge of the unseen? Or has he taken a pledge from the Kind?
19:79  Nay, We shall write down what he speaks and We shall prolong his punishment.
19:80  We shall divest him of what he spoke when he comes to us alone.
19:81  They took Gods beside Allah to gain strength;
19:82  but it will not be so, their idols will reject their worship and become their enemies.
19:83  Haven’t you realised We sent Satans to the disbelievers, who constantly rouse them
19:84  Don’t be hasty about them, since We are counting their days.
19:85  On the Day We shall ceremoniously gather the pious before the Kind Lord,
19:86  and the sinful will be driven to Hell like thirsty cattle driven to a waterhole,
19:87  no one will be able to make intercession except the one given permission by the Kind Lord
19:88  They said, “The Kind Lord has taken a child.”
19:89  What a monstrous thing you have said!
19:90  The skies would crack, the Earth shudder, and the mountains crumble to dust
19:91  when they attribute a child to the Kind Lord.
19:92  It is not befitting for the Kind Lord to have children.
19:93  Everyone in the Heavens and on Earth must come to the Kind Lord as an obedient servant.
19:94  He has accurately counted them and numbered them exactly.
19:95  So on the Day of Judgement, each one of them will come to Him alone
19:96  The Kind Lord will put love for those who believe and do righteous deeds in people’s hearts.
19:97  We made the Quran easy in your language so you can give good news to the pious, and warn the opponents with it.
19:98  How many generations have We destroyed before them? Do you find any one of them alive or hear as much as their whisper