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19:1  KHYA
19:2  Here is how your Lord showered his mercy upon his servant Zechariah
19:3  When he called his Lord secretly in a low voice
19:4  He said: “My Lord! Because of my age, my very bones have become weak and my head is shining with gray hair and you have never refused my prayers
19:5  “I worry about what will happen to my folks after my death, and my wife is barren. Would you grant me an heir out of your kindnes
19:6  “One that will be my heir and the heir of Jacob (who was before me); the one who will please you
19:7  (In response God told him): “O Zechariah, I give you the good news: A son whose name shall be John. No one like him has ever been created before”
19:8  (Zechariah replied): “My Lord, how is it possible that an old man like me and a barren woman like my wife have a son?”
19:9  God replied: “So shall it be. Your Lord says: this is easy for me; the one who created you before that while you were nothing at all.”
19:10  Zechariah said: “My Lord, confirm your will with a sign.” God said: “Your sign is that you will become so overcome with the emotions that you will not be able to speak to the people for three day and nights.”
19:11  Zechariah then left that place of the worship and by the sign language asked his people to glorify the Lord in the morning and in the afternoon
19:12  I ordered Zechariah’s son: “John, you shall observe the laws (as revealed in the Scripture) with the utmost respect.” Evan as a child I blessed John with wisdom
19:13  I gave him tenderness of heart and saved him from any sin and he responded to these blessings with righteousness
19:14  He was very respectful towards his parents. He was neither arrogant nor disobedient
19:15  He was greeted the day he was born, the day he died, and will be greeted in the day of his resurrection
19:16  Now mention in the Book (Qur’an) the story of Mary. She left her family to an eastern province to dedicate herself completely to the worship of the Lord
19:17  She covered herself up and I sent to her My Spirit (Angel Gabriel.) The Holly Spirit appeared before her in the form of a perfect man
19:18  She said: “I seek refuge in the Most Gracious from your presence. I hope that you are a God fearing person [with the least evil intention.]
19:19  The angel replied: “Relax, I am a Messenger from your Lord. I am sent to inform you that you are going to have a righteous son as a gift (in response to your devotion to God.
19:20  She said: “How can a chaste woman who has never been touched by a man conceive a child
19:21  The angel replied: “Thus has decreed your Lord, and He says: “This is easy for me. It has been My decision to send him as a mercy to the people, and to be a sign of Mine.”
19:22  Thus she conceived Jesus, and moved further (to Bethlehem in order not to be reproached by people who would have asked her about the father.
19:23  She went under a date-palm tree to give birth. The pain of the moment made her to cry: “I wish I were dead, forgotten, and out of memories.”
19:24  Then she heard a voice beneath her (most probably baby Jesus) saying
19:25  “Do not worry. The Lord thus informs you of a water stream which is passing under this tree. Now stand up and shake the tree to get fresh dates. Eat, drink and be merry….
19:26  If you do not want to talk to a human being, simply use the sign language explaining that you have made a vow to the Lord to fast and not to talk to anyone today.”
19:27  Mary then came back to her folks, carrying the baby. They told her: “What a surprise Mary.”
19:28  “How could sister of Aaron (who enjoyed a good reputation in piety) do that? Neither your father was an evil person nor your mother an unchaste woman.”
19:29  She pointed at the baby (meaning: Ask him.) They said: “How can we talk to a new born baby?”
19:30  Baby Jesus [in the cradle started to talk and] said: “I am a servant of God. He has given me the Scripture and has appointed me to be His Prophet.”
19:31  “God has blessed me wherever I walk. He has ordered me to worship Him regularly and be charitable as long as I live.”
19:32  “God has made me to honor my mother; He has not made me a disobedient rebel.”
19:33  “I was greeted on my birth day, and I will be greeted the day that I die and the day that I will be resurrected.”
19:34  Such is the true story of Jesus, sun of Mary, about whom they (non-Muslims) wonder
19:35  It is beneath the dignity of God to have a son. The Glorious One is so Powerful that it suffice for Him to say “Be” and, whatever He has willed, will be created
19:36  Know that (as Jesus said:) “God is my Lord and your Lord (John 17.) Worship him alone (Luke 8), this is the right path.”
19:37  Unfortunately they divided themselves into different sects and presented different images of Jesus. Pity to the disbelievers on that Great Day in which they have to meet their Lord (and present the reasons for which they made Jesus son of God.
19:38  You will see and hear them on the Day that they have to face Me. They will be totally lost
19:39  Warn them about the coming of the Day that they have to face a judgment against them. What a shame that they are careless and that they choose the disbelief
19:40  I am the One Who will eventually inherit the earth and everything in it. The inhabitants of the earth then have to return to face Me
19:41  Now devote this part of the Book to the story of Abraham, a truthful Prophet
19:42  He said: “Father, why do you worship these things which neither hear, nor see, nor can be of any help to you?”
19:43  “Dear father, I have been blessed with certain knowledge that you have not been blessed with. Follow me, and I will guide you to the straight path.”
19:44  “O’ father, please do not obey the Satan. He is the one who has rebelled against the Most Merciful.”
19:45  “Dear father: I resent seeing you being subject to the punishment of the Most Merciful. If such thing happens, then you will become Satan’s companion (in the Hell.)”
19:46  His father replied: “How dare you to reject the gods of your father? If you do not stop this nonsense, I will stone you. Now get out of here before I punish you.”
19:47  Abraham replied: “Peace be on you! The only thing that has remained for me to do for you is to beg my Lord to forgive you. He has always been the Most Gracious to me.”
19:48  “Now I will leave you and all those things that you worship instead of God. I will worship none but my Lord. I hope that I will not fail in getting the Lord’s blessings.”
19:49  In return for leaving his folks and what they were worshipping, I blessed him with Isaac and Jacob; two prophets of Mine
19:50  I showered them all with My blessings and granted them an honorable position in history
19:51  Now it is the place for you in this Book to mention the story of Moses. He was a devoted Prophet sent as My Messenger
19:52  I called him from the eastern side of Mount Sinai and gave him a private audience
19:53  I granted (his wish and chose) his brother Aaron (out of My mercy) as a Prophet [to assist him in his mission.]
19:54  Now Mention the name of Ishmael in Qur’an who (as a Prophet of Mine) had to deliver My Message. Indeed he was a man of his word
19:55  He would invite his folks to worship Me on regular basis and encourage them to be charitable. God is satisfied with him
19:56  Also mention the name of Idris in Qur’an. He was a righteous Prophet
19:57  I have raised him to an honorable rank
19:58  The above mentioned are (some of the) blessed Prophets of God originated from Adam whom I carried their grand parents in the Noah’s Arc. They are the descendants of Abraham and Israel. They were from among those whom I guided and chose. When the Revelations of the Most Gracious were recited to them, they would become emotional and fall prostrate while weeping
19:59  Then there came after them generations who forgot to worship the Lord on regular basis, and pursued their lusts instead. They will soon suffer the consequences
19:60  The exceptions are those who repent, choose to believe, and change their style of life to the righteousness. They will not be subjected to the least injustice and will be welcomed to Paradise
19:61  The (unseen) gardens of Eden (which the Most Gracious has promised) belongs to His worshippers. Certainly, the Lord’s promise must be fulfilled
19:62  There will be no foul language spoken in Paradise. Only peace. The inhabitants of the Paradise will be served day and night
19:63  Such is the Garden which My righteous servants will inherit
19:64  The angels of the Lord do not appear to you (Mohammad) except by the will of the Lord [and they will confess to you that: “Our past, our future, and everything between belongs to the Lord. Your Lord is never forgetful (and there was a wisdom behind a long silence during which you did not receive any Revelation.]
19:65  You shall keep regularly worshipping the Lord of the heavens, the earth, and whatever there is between. Do you know of anyone who equals Him
19:66  Man wonders whether he will be brought to life after death
19:67  Does the human being forget that I created him at first out of nothing
19:68  I swear that I will gather all men and satans around Hell while they are absolutely submitted
19:69  Then I will choose the ones who have been the most rebellious to the Most Gracious
19:70  I know exactly who deserves to be burnt in the Hell
19:71  Every one of you will tour the Hell (to feel how awful of a place it is.
19:72  Then I will rescue the righteous ones and leave the criminals therein to suffer
19:73  When My Revelations is recited to people, those who disbelieve say to those who believe: “How come then we are more prosperous and more powerful than you?”
19:74  How many of generations before them I destroyed while they were more prosperous and more powerful
19:75  Say to them: “Those who choose the darkness, the Most Gracious will let them continue their appointed life span. Then they will see what is already promised for them (either the punishment or the Resurrection.) It is only then when they will realize who is the least prosperous and the least powerful.”
19:76  God will increase in guidance those who crave for it. What really last is the good deeds; and the Lord knows what a fantastic reward and destiny waits for those who do the good deeds
19:77  Did you note the one who disregarded My Revelations and [sarcastically] said: “I will have lots of money and many children!”
19:78  Does he know his future? Has he received such a pledge from the Most Gracious
19:79  I will record his nonsense and present as an evidence explain why he should get a higher punishment
19:80  Such person will come back to Me all alone as I am the One Who will inherited all his belongings
19:81  Such people worship their own gods hoping that they will give them power
19:82  If they knew that the same gods will deny them and turn to be their enemies
19:83  Do you not see how I have given absolute freedom to satans to entice the disbelievers to oppose the truth
19:84  Do not be impatient; if you knew what I am preparing for them
19:85  Rest assured, the Day will come when I will gather the righteous ones under the umbrella of My protection
19:86  I will then herd the guilty ones to Hell so that they stay there forever
19:87  No one will have the ability to intercede, except those who conform to the laws of the Most Gracious
19:88  They say that the Gracious One has got a son
19:89  What a disgusting thing to fabricate
19:90  The heavens would like to crack, the earth would like to split asunder…
19:91  and the mountains might crumble down when they saw that the Gracious One has begotten a son
19:92  It is beneath the dignity of the Most Gracious to beget a son
19:93  Every single being in the heavens and the earth is a servant of the Most Gracious
19:94  They are all counted in the Lord’s census
19:95  All of them individually will be summoned before the Lord on the Day of Resurrection
19:96  Those who chose to believe and did good deeds, will be loved by God
19:97  Thus I have presented this Qur’an in an easy to understand Arabic so that you may deliver the good news (about the Heaven) to the righteous ones and warn with it the rebellious ones
19:98  Many a generation before them I destroyed. Do you find any trace of them? Do you hear any whisper from them