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19:1  K. (Kaf), H. (Haa), Y. (Ya), Ain, S. (sad), and what these introductory represent and what they stand for as a natural symbol of adoration
19:2  This O Muhammad is an oration relative to the particular occasion when Allah your Creator, extended His mercy to His servant Zakariya (Zachariah
19:3  Who once expressed his feelings and his thoughts to Allah, his Creator, in an invocatory prayer which was not openly avowed
19:4  He said: "O Allah", my Creator, " I have lived long enough to make old bones and my hair has turned white and never has my; invocatory prayer to You O Allah, my Creator, been unblest or a disadvantage"
19:5  "I only fear that my kindred and those connected in thought may not know, after I have gone off, how to serve Your purpose with the appropriate acts and rites, and my wife has been barren". "I pray and beseech You O Allah to give me through Your efficacious grace a descendent destined to be my successor"
19:6  "Who inherits the divine knowledge You imparted to me and the appropriate system of faith and worship You imbued in me and to inherit the spiritual possessions of the family of Ya'q?b (Jacob) who had the world all before them and Providence their guide, and make him O Allah my Creator, acceptable to You and a recipient of Your mercy and blessings"
19:7  He was told: "O Zakariya, We relate to you the divine edict of a happy event: it is the procreation of a son named Yahya whose appellation We designated to no one before"
19:8  He -Zakariya- exclaimed: "How shall I have a son when my wife has been, barren and I have been carried through the stealing steps of age to advanced life"
19:9  "So be it", says Allah, your Creator; "this is an easy act actuated upon My swill and I have created you earlier when you were non-existent!"
19:10  He -Zakariya- said: "O Allah, my Creator, may I be given a token which satisfies my reason!" He was told: "What serves to indicate the fact shall be your inability to talk to people for three nights albeit you are all sound"
19:11  And so he went out of the temple to his people and by making signs he intimated to them to praise the O Allah frequently and to glorify Him and extol His glorious attributes morning and evening
19:12  "O Yahya", he was told, "take the Book AL-Tawrah (the Torah) adhere to all that We have imparted to you and observe the code of discipline and body of regulations and hold them in esteem and hold to your promise and pay attention. Regard to it and be mindful of Our commandments", and We imbued him with wisdom in his childhood
19:13  And We imbued him with compassion and tenderness of the heart and We made piety reign in his heart and he entertained the profound reverence dutiful to Allah
19:14  He was naturally well disposed, he exhibited a kind and affectionate disposition by his conduct to his parents and he never played the tyrant nor did his heart beat rebellious to lawful and pious resolves
19:15  And with peace and truth did his birth ever shine; peace be unto him at the encounter with death and in Day of Judgement when he is restored to life
19:16  Relate O Muhammad to the people what is narrated in the Book -the Quran- relative to Maryam when she withdrew from her family to an eastern chamber -in the Jewish Temple- to perform her religious observances
19:17  She veiled herself from them, since solitude best serves deep devotion. There We sent to her Our Spirit who disguised his identity and appeared as a human all sound
19:18  She exclaimed: "I commit myself to AL-Rahman counter to your personage for infringing upon my privacy, if indeed in your heart reigns piety."
19:19  The disguised angel said: "But I am the Messenger of Allah, your Creator", I am assigned to grace you with the divine prerogative of procreating a son who is stamped with the character of sublimity, holiness and piety"
19:20  "How shall I possibly procreate a son", asked Maryam, when, no man has ever touched me nor did I participate in immorality?"
19:21  "So be it", Thus said Allah, your Creator, "this is an easy act actuated upon My Will and We will make him a symbol of Our Omnipotence denoting to the people Our Uniqueness and infinite power to say to any entity "Be", and it is. " He is a mercy from Us to guide the people into all truth, and for the matter of that it has already been decreed"
19:22  There, Maryam conceived not only a babe in the womb but also horror in the mind and with both she moved away to a distant place
19:23  Just to be confronted with the onset of labour, and there, the severe labour pains drove her to the nearby trunk of a palm-tree. Overwhelmed with fear mingled with grief she exclaimed: "I wish, I had died long ago and were consigned to oblivion"
19:24  There and then, a cry -of triumph and joy came out from below. The new born said to her: "Do not lament the event, Allah, your Creator, has provided beneath you a brook that is moved for you"
19:25  And if you shake the trunk of the palm-tree it will shower you with ripe and delicious dates in plenty"
19:26  "Eat then and drink", he said, and compose your countenance and let your eyes speak content. Should you come across anyone of the people, you just say: "I vowed to Allah to fast from talking and to consecrate the day in religious observance, pray to Him and converse with Him, glorify Him and extol His glorious attributes; by consequence I will not give a speaking tongue today to a human being"
19:27  She carried the babe taking him home to her people who exclaimed: "O Maryam," they said, "you have committed yourself to an evil line of conduct of grave consequence"
19:28  "O Maryam", they added, "sister of Har?n (Aaron) -in priesthood - never was your father a man of evil nor was your mother immoral !"
19:29  She simply pointed her finger at him -the babe- with an intimation, as it were, that they ask or speak to him. But they exclaimed: "How in Allah's Name can we discourse with a new born babe?"
19:30  "I am", said the babe -Isa- "a devout servant of Allah Who shall entrust me with His Book -the Bible- and confer on me the prerogative of Prophethood"
19:31  " He conferred on me benediction that I will be blessed wherever I may be, and He has enjoined me, for as long as I live, the practice of praying to Him and of Zakat (almsgiving), -for alms are but the vehicles of prayer-"
19:32  " He emphasized that I should be kind and dutiful to my mother, and He excluded tyranny and depravity from my nature"
19:33  " Peace be upon me the day I was born and the day I encounter death and in Day of Judgement when I am restored to life"
19:34  This is Isa, the son of Maryam, declaring the truth of his own eventful birth. He was called into existence as stated in divine truth and not in the manner which Ahl AL –Kitab maintain by disputation and will die for it
19:35  It is never becoming that Allah should adopt or beget a son. Praise be to Him and extolled are His glorious attributes. When He determines no matter what, He only says "Be" and it is
19:36  "Allah is my Creator and your Creator", Isa continued, "He exacts obedience and submission from the whole and from all in all, and so worship him with appropriate acts and rites, for this is the path of righteousness leading directly to Him"
19:37  Nevertheless the various sects found a cause for which they were ready to contend to their life's end. Woe betide them who will not acknowledge Allah's Oneness, Uniqueness and Absoluteness. How distressful shall be the stormy scene they shall have to encounter on a Momentous Day
19:38  How acute shall be their vision and their hearing on the Day they assemble before Us in Day of Judgement when the wrongful of actions shall realize their grave error
19:39  Warn them O Muhammad –the wrongful of actions- of the Day when long shall they sigh as the die is cast, being already convicted by reason of their negligence of Allah's statutes and their disbelief in Him and in His Messengers
19:40  They do not seem to realize that it is We Who inherit the earth and the whole and all in all thereon; they all return back to Us
19:41  Narrate O Muhammad to the people what is discoursed in the Book- the Quran- relative to Ibrahim (Abraham) who was a man who kept Allah's truth so pure, and his words and his deeds together accorded; he was a Prophet
19:42  For once he asked his father: "O father, why do you revere and adore with appropriate acts and rites objects that are deaf and blind and can avail you absolutely nothing!"
19:43  "O father", he continued, "I am a recipient of divine knowledge imparted to me and not imparted to you. Should you follow Me. I will guide you to the path of righteousness, the path of Allah"
19:44  "My father", he said, "do not take AL-Shaytan (Satan) as a guide and espouse his cause. He incites you to regard idols with reverence and veneration and feelings akin to worship". "Keep in mind that he exercised open and determined defiance of Allah, AL-Rahman and resisted His Authority"
19:45  "O father", he added, "I have an uneasy sense of the probability of a retributive punishment which might be assigned to you from AL-Rahman in requital of your submission to AL-Shaytan, and that shall bring you closer to him in alliance and intimacy"
19:46  There, the father exclaimed: "Do you Ibrahim drop my gods into oblivion and dismiss them as unfit for worship"! "unless you desist" he added, "from disqualifying them and treating them as of no importance, I promise I will pelt you with stones. You had better keep away for sometime so that you do not come within the measure of my wrath and until I have forgotten the incident"
19:47  "Peace be upon you O father", Said Ibrahim, "I will invoke Allah on your behalf for mercy and forgiveness; Allah has always been Merciful and gracious to me"
19:48  "Meanwhile I will withdraw from your society and remove myself from your atmosphere of idolatry which you profess besides the faith in Allah". "I will devote my act of worship to Him alone and invoke Him for forgiveness and look forward to His mercy; perhaps my hopes will not be doomed to disappointment"
19:49  When he removed himself from their society and from their idols which they invoked besides Allah, We bestowed on him Ishaq (Isaac) and Ya'q?b each of whom We graced with the prerogative of Prophethood
19:50  We extended to them Our mercy and made all grace abound in them and We savoured their speaking tongue with prudence and truth that it was honoured in the wide circle of the all
19:51  You may narrate to them O Muhammad what is discoursed in tThe Book -the Quran- relative to M?ssa (Moses) who was chosen for his virtuousness and purity; he was a Messenger endowed with the prerogative of Prophethood
19:52  We called him from the right side of the Mount (Sinai) and We brought him in a proximate position to honour him and to converse with him upon mystic matters
19:53  We mercifully assigned him an adjutor, his brother Har?n whom We proclaimed a Prophet
19:54  Also, narrate O Muhammad to the people what is discoursed in the Book -the Quran- relative to Ismail who was true-hearted, true to his promise, and his words and his deeds together accorded; he was a Messenger endowed with the prerogative of Prophethood
19:55  He always enjoined his family and his people the practice of praying to Allah and the religious duty of Zakat, and he was very near and well pleasing to Allah, his Creator
19:56  And narrate O Muhammad to the people what is discoursed in the Book -the Quran- relative to Idris, -possibly he was Ozoris or he was not, or he was Enoch or was not and it seems that he was sent before Ibrahim-. He was a man who kept Allah's truth so pure and his words together with his deeds accorded ,he was a Prophet
19:57  We exalted him and ennobled him and graced him with a lofty position
19:58  These aforementioned were among the prophets on whom Allah conferred His blessings and in whom all His grace abounded. They were the posterity of Adam and of those whom We carried with N?h (Noah) in the Ark and of the posterity of Ibrahim and Ismail and of the posterity of those whom We guided into all truth and chose to promote the divine knowledge. When Allah's revelations were recited to them they fell prostrate in adoration and were moved with reverential awe which prompted weeping and they wept out their eyes and their hearts
19:59  (Pitifully) they were followed by generations who neglected the act of worship, and lusted after the worthless, and in vanity they wasted their days. But as there came the day to those of old, the day will come to those of today and shall come to those-to-come when they shall taste the evil consequence here, and worse shall it be Hereafter
19:60  But excluded are those who in lowliest plight repentant stood and were wise enough to acknowledge Allah, their Creator, and their hearts reflected the image of religious and spiritual virtues and their deeds wisdom and piety. These and such persons shall with great cordiality receive the welcome in Paradise, and never shall they be wronged in one way or another
19:61  Paradise which is pictured in the Garden of Eden AL-Rahman has promised to His devoted servants who apprehend it mentally even though hitherto unseen. Indeed, His promise is truth personified and shall come to pass
19:62  No vain discourse shall they hear therein, but peace shall forever shine and in Allah's Name shall they be greeted with the formula of good will, good wishes and respect "Peace", and they shall be provided with victuals, eatables and drinkables morning and evening
19:63  Such is the paradise which shall be the eternal right to those of Our devout servants in whose hearts reigned piety
19:64  "We -The Angels- do not just come down as We please. We only come down at Allah's command, to Him belong all that is before us and all that is behind us and all that is between, and never is Allah, your Creator, forgetful"
19:65  Allah is the Creator of the heavens and the earth and of all that is between, therefore, worship Him and entertain the profound reverence dutiful to Him, and exercise patience in religious observance and in face of difficulties and hindrances. Think but this: do you know of any who shares His divine nature and His divine attributes
19:66  Yet man says to himself: "Would I be resurrected and be restored to life after I have long been dead!"
19:67  Does man not remember that We created him in the beginning when he was absolutely nothing and nonexistent
19:68  By Allah, your Creator, We will throng them together with those who played the devil and with those with characteristics befitting AL-Shaytan and throng them all on their knees girdling round Hell
19:69  Then We will haul up from every sect those who were disobedient and rebellious against AL-Rahman the most
19:70  We do know quite well the most deserving among the wide circle of the all to the torment to be laid upon the damned in Hell
19:71  None of you people but shall go by it -the confines of Hell-, an inevitable event that is promised by Allah and incumbent upon Him and no one is destined to escape it
19:72  There, will We lead safely and deliver those who entertained the profound reverence dutiful to Allah and leave to it down on their knees the wrongful of actions whom it asserts as her own
19:73  When Our revelations are recited to them, revelations distinctly expressing all that is meant leaving nothing merely implied, they exclaim: "which of the two parties" they ask, "holds a high position in the social scale and status and in society, the nobility who do not follow Muhammad or the no-bodies who follow him!"
19:74  They fail to realize how countless were the generations We destroyed, generations who came to this world before them and were more affluent and enjoyed more splendour
19:75  Say to them -The infidels- O Muhammad "Those who are satisfied with their state of loss in the maze of error shall experience more of it. Allah shall give them enough rope to allow them free scope of action to commit themselves until the encounter with the promised punishment either at the hands of the Muslims here below or in Day hi Judgement Hereafter. There and then, shall they realize who are in the most grievous and dreaded state and have the lesser and weaker forces
19:76  But those who chose the path of righteousness and Providence their guide shall Allah make circumstances favourable to them to think better and do better wherefore the everlasting deeds of wisdom and piety are esteemed by Allah as most rewarding and of note and so much consequence
19:77  Do you see O Muhammad the one* who totally rejects Our revelations and denies the Hereafter as well as Our convincing signs, and mockingly says to his debtee**: "l will be given Hereafter, plenty and live in affluence and have progeny in numerosity then I will pay you the debt"
19:78  How insolent to presume upon Providence! Has he been given divine knowledge of the unknown or the ability to realize the unseen or has he entered into a covenant with Allah, AL-Rahman
19:79  Never, but he had better restrain himself from uttering words conveying absurdities. We will relate in writing and record all that he says and prolong the punishment of his soul which welcomes wrongs, to such an extent as he never portrayed in his mind
19:80  We will take possession of all that he said he would have, and he comes back to Us all alone
19:81  They -the infidels- chose to take besides Allah false gods through whom they seek predominance and glory here and intercession Hereafter
19:82  Never, but they shall disclaim knowledge of their zealous devotion and exercise active opposition against them, and as enemies they -the false gods- shall obtain their end
19:83  Do you look O Muhammad into the way We use the satanic! We send them against the infidels to rouse up their vain desires and incite them to do evil
19:84  Therefore, do not call O Muhammad upon Allah to hasten the retributive punishment unto them. We keep count of their misdeeds and all their pursuits of the world during their numbered days here, and they shall have much to answer for Hereafter
19:85  The Day shall come when the faithful are assembled before AL-Rahman in a presentable and dignified manner
19:86  And We drive the sinful to Hell like thirsty cattle
19:87  No one shall have the advantage nor the power of intercession except him who has been promised to this effect by AL-Rahman
19:88  They say: "Allah, AL-Rahman has taken up, adopted or begotten a son"
19:89  You blasphemers have instituted a notion that is indeed monstrous, enormous anal atrocious
19:90  A notion indeed shocking. Its impact makes the heavens tremble and almost tear apart asunder and the earth quakes and almost parts asunder and the mountains quiver and almost crumble
19:91  that they ascribe to AL-Rahman a so
19:92  when it is absolutely unbecoming nor is it consonant with His Supreme Majesty that He should take up, adopt or beget a son
19:93  that is besides the fact that there is not one single creature in the heavens and on earth but shall come back to stand before AL-Rahman as a servant submitting to His Authority and surrendering himself or itself to Judgement
19:94  He has counted them and ascertained their number
19:95  All and each shall present himself or itself to AL-Rahman singly
19:96  But not those whose hearts reflect the image of religious and spiritual virtues and their deeds wisdom and piety. They shall be the recipients of Allah's mercy. AL-Rahman shall overshadow them with His gracious wing and impart to them His loving care
19:97  We have revealed it -the Quran- in a language conducive to ease, worded in your own tongue O Muhammad in order to use it when you announce joyful tidings to those who entertain the profound reverence dutiful to Allah and to warn the disdainful who are ready to contend to their life's end
19:98  How many generations before them have We reduced to a useless form. Look around and see if you can find any one of them or hear their voice, be it uttered loudly or under their breath