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27:1  Ta, Seen. These are the Quran’ verses, and an apparent Book.
27:2  A guidance and preach for the believers.
27:3  Those who establish the prayers, and give the Zakat, and with the Hereafter they are certain
27:4  Surely those who are not believing in the Hereafter: We prettified their works for them, so they are confusing blindly.
27:5  Those who are for them the bad torment, and they in the Hereafter, are the losers.
27:6  And surely you are receiving the Quran from the presence of who is Wise, Knower.
27:7  When Moses said for his family, “I have familiarized a fire. I will bring you news from it; or bring you a burning flame, perhaps you may heat up.”
27:8  So, when he came to it, he was called, that: “Blessed who is in the fire, and who is around it, and glorified is Allah, The Worlds' Lord.
27:9  O Moses, surely, I am, Allah, Al-Aaziz (The Almighty), Al-Hakeem (The Wise).
27:10  And throw down your staff.” So, when he saw it quivering, as it was a Jinn, he turned away, and not retraced back. “O Moses do not fear; surely with Me the messengers do not fear.
27:11  Except whoever oppressed, then substituted excellence after badness. So, surely, I am Forgiver, Merciful.
27:12  And enter your hand into your bosom pocket, it will exit white, without blemish, in nine miracles to Pharaoh and his kinsfolk, surely, they are debaucherous kinsfolk.”
27:13  So, when our verses came to them visibly, they said, “This is an apparent magic.”
27:14  And they denied them, and their souls were certain of them, out of oppression and haughtiness. So, observe how it was the spoilers’ sequel.
27:15  And We already gave David and Solomon knowledge. And they said, “The Praise for Allah, who has favored us over many among His believing slaves.”
27:16  And Solomon inherited David. And he said, “O the people, we were taught the bird's pronunciation, and we were given, from everything. Surely this is the apparent bounty.”
27:17  And mustered for Solomon his troops among the jinn, the humans and the birds, so they were directing in rows.
27:18  Until, when they came upon The Ants Valley, an ant said, “O the ants! Enter your dwellings, lest Solomon and his troops crush you while they were unaware.”
27:19  So, he smiled, laughing from its saying, and said, “My Lord, direct me that to thank your graces which You have graced upon me and upon my parents, and that to work righteous, You satisfy with it. And enter me by Your mercy, within Your righteous slaves.”
27:20  And he inspected the birds, so he said, “What is it with me? Why do I not see the hoopoe? Or is it among the absentees?
27:21  I will torture it severe torment, or I will slay it, or it should bring me with an apparent Sultan.”
27:22  So, it did not abide for far. So, it said, “I have encompassed what you have not encompassed, and I have brought you from Sheba with a certain news.
27:23  I found a woman who kinged them, and she was given among everything, and for her a great throne.
27:24  I found her and her kinsfolk prostrating for the sun, without Allah. And Satan prettified their works for them, so he hindered them about the access, so they are not guided.
27:25  Are not they prostrating for Allah, the one who exits out the hidden within the skies and the earth and knows what you are hiding and what you are announcing. ۩
27:26  Allah, there is no God except Him, The Great Throne’s Lord.”
27:27  He said, “We will observe, whether you trued, or you were among the liars.
27:28  Go with my written book this, so throw it to them; then turn away from them, so observe what they will return.”
27:29  She said, “O the Chieftains, I was thrown by a noble book to me.
27:30  It is from Solomon, and it is, ‘In the name of Allah, Al-Rahman, Al-Raheem (The Widely merciful, The merciful of his creation and himself).
27:31  So do not be haughty upon me and come to me submitted [as Muslims].' "
27:32  She said, “O the Chieftains, seek me ruling in my matter. I never defined a command until you are witnessing.”
27:33  They said, “We are possessors of power and possessors of severe might, and the command is to you, so observe what you are commanding.”
27:34  She said surely, “The kings if they entered a village, they spoiled it, and set up its precious inhabitants humiliated. And thus, they are doing.
27:35  And I am sending them with a gift, so I will observe, with what the messengers will bring back.”
27:36  So, when he came Solomon, he said, “Are you supplying me with money? So, what Allah has given me is more goodness than what He has given you? Nay, but you who are with your gift are rejoicing.
27:37  Return back to them. So, we will come to them with troops they cannot confront; and we will exit them out from it as humiliated, while they are slavish ones.”
27:38  He said, “O the Chieftains, which of you will bring me with her throne before they are coming to me as submitting (Muslims)?"
27:39  An Afreet among the Jinn said, “I will bring with it to you before you stand from your stature. And I am upon it strong, honor.”
27:40  The one who had knowledge among the Book said, “I will bring it to you before your glance returns to you (blink).” So, when he saw it settled before him, he said, “This is from my Lord’s bounty, to try me, whether I will thank or disbelieve. And whoever is thanking, so he is only thanking for himself; and whoever is disbelieving, so surely my Lord is Rich and Generous.”
27:41  He said, “Disguise her throne for her, and we shall observe whether she guides, or will be among those who are not guiding.”
27:42  So, when she came, it was said, “Is your throne like this?” She said, “As if this is it.” “And we were given the knowledge from before her, and we were submissive (Muslims).”
27:43  And hindered her what she was worshiping without Allah; surely, she was among an infidel kinsfolk.
27:44  It was said to her, “Enter the pavilion.” So, when she saw it, she considered it deep water, and she uncovered her legs. He said, “It is a pavilion paved from glass flasks.” She said, “My Lord, I have oppressed myself, and I have submitted with Solomon, to Allah, The Worlds' Lord.”
27:45  And We already sent to Thamud their brother Saleh: “That be worshiping Allah.” So, then they are two teams disputing.
27:46  He said, “O Kinsfolk, why are you hastening with the bad deed before the excelled deed? If only you would seek Allah’s forgiveness, perhaps you may be mercified.”
27:47  They said, “Our evil bird omen is with you, and with whoever with you.” He said, “Your bird omen is with Allah. Nay, but you are an infatuated kinsfolk.”
27:48  And there in the city nine bands were spoiling the earth and were not repaired.
27:49  They said, “Swear by Allah that we will kill him and his family by night, then we will say to his guardian, 'We did not witness his family’ destroy, and we are truthful ones.'“
27:50  And they guiled a guiling, and We guiled a guiling, while they were unaware.
27:51  So observe how it was their guile’s sequel; Surely, We devastated them and their kinsfolk, altogether.
27:52  So those are their houses, empty, with what they have oppressed. Surely in that is a verse for knowing kinsfolk.
27:53  And We saved those who believed and were showing piety.
27:54  And Lot, when he said to his kinsfolk, “Are you coming to the fornication while you are seeing?
27:55  Are you coming to the men as desires without the women? Nay, but you are ignoring kinsfolk.”
27:56  So, it was not his kinsfolk answer except that they said, “Exit Lot’s folk from your village. Surely, they are purifying people.”
27:57  So We saved him and his family, except his woman, whom We destined her among the remaining ones.
27:58  And We rained upon them, a rain. So bad was the rain of the forewarned ones.
27:59  Say, “The Praise for Allah, and peace be upon His slaves whom He has selected. Is Allah better, or what do they associate with?”
27:60  Or, who created the skies and the earth, and sent down water from the sky for you? So, with it We plant gardens possessing a joyful beauty, it was not for you to plant its trees. Is there a god with Allah? Nay, but they are deviating kinsfolk.
27:61  Or, who set up the earth as a settlement, and set up through it, rivers, and set up for it stabilizing mountains, and set up between the two seas a barrier? Is there a god with Allah? Nay, but most of them are not knowing.
27:62  Or, who answers the compelled if he calls Him, and uncovers the badness, and sets up you the earth's successors? Is there a god with Allah? Little is what you are remembering.
27:63  Or, who guides you in the land darkness and the sea, and who sends the winds as preach between His merciful hands? Is there a god with Allah? Exalted is Allah, above what they associate.
27:64  Or, who starts the creation, then repeats it, and who gives you livelihood from the sky and the earth? Is there a god with Allah? Say, “Bring your evidence, if you are truthful.”
27:65  Say, “Whoever is in the skies and the earth does not know the unseen except Allah; and they are unaware whenever they will be raised.”
27:66  Nay, but their knowledge in the Hereafter is arrested. Nay, but they are in suspicion of it. Nay, but they are blind from it.
27:67  And those who are disbelieved said, “Were we When we become dust, and our parents, shall we be exit out.?
27:68  We already were promised that before, we and our parents, these are nothing except the formers’ legends.”
27:69  Say, walk on the earth, so observe how the criminal's sequel was."
27:70  And do not grieve upon them, and do not be in distress from what they are guiling.
27:71  And they are saying, “When is this promise, if you are truthful?”
27:72  Say, “Perhaps that will be a reserve for you, some of which you are hastening with it.”
27:73  And surely your Lord is possessor of a bounty over the people, but most of them are not thankful.
27:74  And surely your Lord knows what their chests conceal, and what they are announcing.
27:75  And none among an unseen in the sky and the earth, except it is in an Apparent Book.
27:76  Surely this Quran stories on Israel's children most of what they are differing within it.
27:77  And surely it is a guidance and a mercy for the believers.
27:78  Surely your Lord judges between them by His judgment. And He is Al-Aziz (The Almighty), Al-Aalim (The -Knower).
27:79  So rely upon Allah. You are upon the Apparent Right.
27:80  You will not make the dead hear, nor will you make the deaf hear the calling if they are turning backsliders.
27:81  And you are not guiding the blind about their astray. You only will not listen, except those who believe with Our verses; so, they are Muslims.
27:82  And when the say has occurred upon them, We will exit out for them from the earth a moving creature which will talk to them that the people are uncertain with Our verses.
27:83  And on a Day when We muster from every community a cohort among those who falsified with Our verses; so, they will be setting in rows.
27:84  Until, if they came, And He said, “Did you falsify with My verses and you did not encompass with them in knowledge? Or what you were working on?”
27:85  And, the say occurred upon them with what they oppressed, so they are not speaking.
27:86  Have they not seen that We set up the night for them to repose within it, and the day for giving sight? Surely in that are verses for believing kinsfolk.
27:87  And on a Day when it is blown in the Trumpet, so whoever is in the skies and the earth will be horrified, except whomever Allah wills; and all will come to Him, degraded.
27:88  And you see the mountains, and consider them motionless, while they pass, as the clouds; passing, Allah’s made, the one who perfected everything. Surely, He is an expert with what you are doing.
27:89  Whoever brings with the excelled deed, so for him better than it, and they, from the terror of that Day, will be safe.
27:90  And whoever brings with the bad deed, so their faces will dump into the Fire. Will you be penalized except for what you were working on?
27:91  “I was commanded only to worship this, the town’s Lord, Who has sanctified it, and for Him is everything; and I was commanded to be among the submitting (Muslims).
27:92  And to recite the Quran.” So, whoever is guided, so only guided for himself. And whoever strayed, So, say, “I am only among the Warners.”
27:93  And say, “The Praise for Allah; He will show you His verses, so you will recognize them. And Your Lord is not inattentive about what you are working.”