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27:1  ^[ S . That are the signs of the Quran and a clear Book,
27:2  a guidance and good tidings for the ones who believe,
27:3  those who perform the formal prayer and give the purifying alms so that they of the world to come, they are certain.
27:4  Truly, as for those who believe not in the world to come, We made their actions appear pleasing to them so that they wander unwilling to see.
27:5  Those are those for whom is the dire punishment and they, in the world to come, they are the ones who are the losers.
27:6  And, truly, thee, thou art in receipt of the Quran, that which proceeds from the Presence, Wise, Knowing.
27:7  Mention when Moses said to his people: Truly, I, I observed a fire! I will bring you news from it or I will approach you with a flaming firebrand so that perhaps you would warm yourselves.
27:8  But when he drew near it, it was proclaimed that: Blessed be He Who is in the fire and Who is around it, and glory be to God, the Lord of the worlds.
27:9  O Moses! Truly, I alone am God, The Almighty, The Wise.
27:10  Cast down thy staff. But when he saw it quiver as if it were a snake, he turned as one who draws back to retrace his steps. O Moses! Fear not! The ones who are sent fear not My nearness
27:11  but whoever did wrong does. Again, he substituted goodness after evil and, truly, I am Forgiving, Compassionate.
27:12  Cause thy hand to enter into thy bosom. It will go forth shimmering white without evil. These are among nine signs to Pharaoh and his folk. Truly, they had been a folk, ones who disobey.
27:13  But when Our signs drew near them, ones who perceive, they said: This is clear sorcery.
27:14  And they negated them—although their souls confessed to them—out of injustice and self-exaltation. So look on how had been the Ultimate End of the ones who make corruption.
27:15  Certainly, We gave David and Solomon knowledge; and they said: All Praise belongs to God Who gave us advantage over many of His servants, ones who believe.
27:16  And Solomon inherited from David and he said: O humanity! We were taught the utterance of the birds and everything was given to us. Truly, this is clearly grace.
27:17  And there was assembled before Solomon his armies of jinn and humankind and birds and they are marching in rank
27:18  until when they approached the Valley of the Ants. One ant said: O ants! Enter your dwellings so that Solomon and his armies not crush you while they are not aware.
27:19  So Solomon smiled as one who laughs at its saying and he said: My Lord! Arouse me that I give thanks for Thy divine blessing with which Thou wert gracious to me and ones who are my parents and that I do as one in accord with morality. May Thou be well-pleased and cause me to enter by Thy Mercy among Thy servants, ones in accord with morality.
27:20  And he reviewed the birds and said: Why see I not the hoopoe bird? Had it been among the ones who are absent?
27:21  I will, certainly, punish him with a severe punishment or deal a death blow to it unless it brings me a clear authority!
27:22  But it was not long in coming. Then, it said: I comprehended what thou hast not comprehended of it. And I drew near thee from Sheba with certain tidings.
27:23  Truly, I found a woman controlling them. And she was given everything and for her is a sublime throne.
27:24  I found her and her folk prostrating herself to the sun—instead of God—and Satan made to appear pleasing to them their actions and barred them from the way so they are not truly guided.
27:25  So they prostrate themselves not to God Who brings out that which is hidden in the heavens and the earth and knows what you conceal and what you speak openly.
27:26  God, there is no god but He, the Lord of the Sublime Throne.‡
27:27  Solomon said: We will look on if thou hadst been sincere or thou art of the ones who lie.
27:28  Go thou with this letter of mine and cast it to them. Again, turn away from them and look on what they return.
27:29  She said: O Council! Truly, a generous letter was cast down to me.
27:30  Truly, it is from Solomon and, truly, it is in the Name of God, The Merciful, The Compassionate.
27:31  Rise not up against me, but approach me as ones who submit to God.
27:32  She said: O Council! Render me an opinion in my affair. I had not been one who resolves unless you bear witness.
27:33  They said: We are imbued with strength and vigorous might, but the command is for thee. So look on what thou wilt command.
27:34  She said: Truly, when kings entered a town, they made corruption in it and made the most mighty of its people humiliated in spirit. Thus, this is what they accomplish.
27:35  But, truly, I am one who will send to them a present and will be one who looks with what returns the ones who are sent.
27:36  So when they drew near Solomon, he said: Are you furnishing me relief with wealth? What God gave me is better than what He gave you. Nay! It is you who should be glad with your present!
27:37  Return thou to them and We, truly, will approach them with armies against which they will not be capable and we will drive them out from there as ones who are disgraced and they, humble-spirited.
27:38  He said: O Council! Which of you will bring me her throne before they approach me as ones who submit to God?
27:39  A demon from among the jinn said: I will bring it to thee before thou wilt stand up from thy station. And, truly, I am strong, trustworthy.
27:40  Said he who has knowledge of the Book: I will bring it to thee before thy glance goes back to thee. And, then, when he saw that which is settled before him, he said: This is from the grace of my Lord to try me whether I give thanks or am ungrateful. And whoever gave thanks, truly, he gives thanks for himself. And whoever was ungrateful, then, truly, my Lord is Rich, Generous.
27:41  He said: Disguise her throne for her that we look on whether she will be truly guided or she will be of those who are not truly guided.
27:42  So when she drew near, it was said: Is thy throne like this? She said: It is as though it had been it. Solomon said: The knowledge was given us before her and we had been ones who submit to the One God.
27:43  She was barred from worshipping God by what she had been worshipping other than God for, truly, she had been of a folk, ones who are ungrateful.
27:44  It was said to her: Enter the pavilion. And when she saw it, she assumed it to be a pool and she bared her legs. He said: Truly, it is a smooth, crystal pavilion. She said: My Lord! Truly, I did wrong to myself and I submitted with Solomon to God, the Lord of the worlds.
27:45  And, certainly, We sent to Thamud their brother, Salih that they worship God! Then, when they became two groups of people striving against one another,
27:46  he said: O my folk! Why seek you to hasten the evil deed before benevolence? Why ask you not for forgiveness of God so that perhaps you will find mercy?
27:47  They said: We auger ill of thee and whoever is with thee. He said: That which is your omen is with God. Nay! You are a folk who are being tried.
27:48  And there had been nine groups of persons in the city who make corruption in the earth and make not things right.
27:49  They said: Swear to one another by God: We will, certainly, attack him by night and his people. Again, we will, certainly, say to his protector: We bore not witness to the destruction of his people and, truly, we are ones who are sincere.
27:50  So they planned a plan and We planned a plan while they were not aware.
27:51  So look on how had been the Ultimate End of their planning! Truly, We destroyed them and their folk one and all.
27:52  And that are their houses, ones that have fallen down for what they did wrong? Truly, in this is a sign for a folk who know.
27:53  And We rescued those who believed and had been Godfearing.
27:54  And Lot, when he said to his folk: You approach indecency and you perceive what you do.
27:55  Why approach you men with lust instead of women? Nay! You are a folk who are ignorant.
27:56  Then, there had been no answer by his folk, but that they said: Drive the people of Lot out from your town. Truly, they are a clan to cleanse themselves.
27:57  So We rescued him and his people, but his woman. We ordained her to be among the ones who stay behind.
27:58  And We rained down on them a rain. How evil was the rain to the ones who are warned!
27:59  Say: The Praise belongs to God and peace be on His servants, those whom He favored. Is God better or what they ascribe as partner with God
27:60  Who created the heavens and the earth and caused to descend for you from the heavens, water? With it We caused joyous, fertile gardens to develop. It had not been for you to cause their trees to develop. Is there any god besides God? Nay! They are a folk who equate others with God. 
27:61  Who made the earth a stopping place and made rivers in the midst and made firm mountains for it and made between the two sees that which hinders? Is there a god besides God? Nay! But most of them know not! 
27:62  Who answers one who is constrained when he called to Him and He removes the evil and assigns you as vice-regents on the earth? Is there a god besides God? Little is what you recollect! 
27:63  Who guides you in the shadows of the dry land the sea and Who sends the winds, bearer of good news in advance of His mercy? Is there a god besides God? Exalted is God above partners they ascribe with God
27:64  Who begins creation, again, will cause it to return and Who provides you from the heaven and the earth. Is there a god besides God? Say: Prepare your proof if you had been ones who are sincere!
27:65  Say: None knows who is in the heavens and the earth, nor the unseen but God. Nor are they aware when they will be raised up.
27:66  Nay! Their knowledge of the world to come failed. Nay! They are in uncertainty about it. Nay! They are in the dark about it.
27:67  And those who were ungrateful said: When we had been earth dust like our fathers will we, truly, be ones who are brought out?
27:68  Certainly, we were promised this, we and our fathers before. Truly, this is nothing but fables of the ancient ones.
27:69  Say: Journey through the earth; then, look on how had been the Ultimate End of the ones who sin.
27:70  And feel thou not remorse for them, nor be troubled by what they plan.
27:71  And they say: When is the promise if you had been ones who are sincere?
27:72  Say: Perhaps coming close behind you be some of that which you seek to hasten.
27:73  And, truly, thy Lord is Possessor of Grace for humanity, but most of them give not thanks.
27:74  And, truly, thy Lord knows what their breasts hide and what they speak openly.
27:75  Not is that which is absent in the heaven and the earth, but that it is in the clear Book.
27:76  Truly, this, the Quran, relates about the Children of Israel and most of what they are at variance in it.
27:77  And, truly, it is a guidance and a mercy for the ones who believe.
27:78  Truly, thy Lord will decree between them with His determination. And He is The Almighty, The Knowing.
27:79  So put thy trust in God. Truly, thou art on The Clear Truth.
27:80  Truly, thou wilt not cause the dead to hear nor wilt thou cause to hear the unwilling to hear the calling to them when they turned as ones who draw back.
27:81  Nor wilt thou be one who guides the unwilling to see out of their fallacy. Thou wilt not cause to hear, but whoever believes in Our signs and so they are ones who submit to God.
27:82  And when the saying fell on them, We will bring out a moving creature for them from the earth that will speak to them, that: Humanity had not been certain of Our signs.
27:83  And on a Day We will assemble a unit out of every community of whoever denies Our signs and they will be marching in rank.
27:84  Until when they drew near, He will say: Denied you My signs without comprehending them in knowledge, or what is it that you had been doing?
27:85  And the saying will fall on them because they did wrong. And they will speak nothing for themselves.
27:86  Considered they not? We made the nighttime for them to rest in it and the daytime for ones who perceive. Truly, in that are signs for a folk who believe.
27:87  On a Day on which the trumpet will be blown, whoever is in the heavens will be terrified and whoever is on the earth, but him whom God willed. And all will approach Him as ones who are in a state of lowliness.
27:88  And thou wilt see the mountains thou hast assumed to be that which are fixed. But they will pass by as the passing of the clouds. This is the handiwork of God Who created everything very well. Truly, He is Aware of what you accomplish.
27:89  Whoever drew near with benevolence, for him will be better than it and they would be from the terror ones who are safe on that Day.
27:90  And whoever drew near with evil deeds, they would be slung on their faces in the fire: Are you given recompense but for what you had been doing?
27:91  Truly, I was commanded to worship the Lord of this land which He made sacred and to Whom everything belongs. And I was commanded that I be among the ones who submit to God
27:92  and to recount the Recitation. So whoever was truly guided, then, he is truly guided only for himself. And to whoever went astray say: Truly, I am among the ones who warn.
27:93  And say: The Praise belongs to God. He will cause you to see His signs and you will recognize them. Thy Lord is not One Who is Heedless of what you do.