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28:1  ^a S M\m.
28:2  That are the signs of the clear Book.
28:3  We recount to thee the tiding of Moses and Pharaoh with The Truth for a folk who believe.
28:4  Truly, Pharaoh exalted himself on the earth and made his people partisans, taking advantage of due to their weakness, a section among them. He slaughters their children and saves alive their women. Truly, he had been of the ones who make corruption.
28:5  And We want to show grace to those who were taken advantage of due to their weakness on the earth and to make them leaders and to make them the ones who inherit
28:6  and to establish them firmly on the earth. And We cause Pharaoh and Haman to see—and their armies from them— that of which they had been fearful.
28:7  And We revealed to the mother of Moses: Breast feed him. But if thou hadst feared for him, then, cast him into the water of the sea and neither fear nor feel remorse. Truly, We will be ones who restore him to thee, ones who make him among the ones who are sent.
28:8  Then, the people of Pharaoh picked him out to be an enemy to them and a cause of grief. Truly, Pharaoh and Haman and their armies had been ones who are inequitable.
28:9  And the woman of Pharaoh said: He will be a comfort to our eyes for me and for thee. Kill him not. Perhaps he may profit us or we may take him to ourselves as a son. But they are not aware.
28:10  And it came to be in the morning that the mind of the mother of Moses was that which is empty. Truly, she was about to show him, if We had not invigorated her heart so that she became among the ones who believe.
28:11  And she said to his sister: Track him. So she kept watching him from afar while they are not aware.
28:12  And We forbade any breast feeding female for him before. Then, she said: Shall I point you to the people of a house who will take control of him for you and they will be ones who will look after him?
28:13  So We returned him to his mother that her eyes settle down and she not feel remorse and that she knows that the Promise of God is true. But most of them know not.
28:14  And when he was fully grown, come of age and he straightened himself up, We gave him critical judgment and knowledge. And, thus, We give recompense to the ones who are doers of good.
28:15  And he entered the city at a time of heedlessness of its people. He found in it two men fighting one against the other. This who was from among his partisans and this who was from among his enemies. The one who was among his partisans cried for help against him who was among his enemies. So Moses struck him with his fist and Moses made an end of him. He said: This is the action of Satan. Truly, he is a clear enemy, one who leads astray.
28:16  He said: My Lord! Truly, I did wrong to myself so forgive me and He forgave him. Truly, He is The Forgiving, The Compassionate.
28:17  He said: My Lord! For that with which Thou wert gracious to me I will never be a sustainer of the ones who sin.
28:18  So he came to be in the morning in the city one who is fearful and is vigilant. That is when the one who had asked for help yesterday cries out aloud to him. Moses said to him: Truly, thou art clearly a hothead.
28:19  Then, when he wanted to seize by force the one who he was an enemy of both of them—he said: O Moses! Wouldst thou want to kill me as thou hadst killed a soul yesterday? Thou wouldst want nothing, but to be haughty on the earth? And thou wouldst want not to be among the ones who make things right?
28:20  A man drew near from the farther part of the city, coming eagerly, he said: O Moses! Truly, the Council is conspiring against thee to kill thee, so go forth. Truly, I am the one who gives advice to thee.
28:21  So Moses went forth from there as one who is fearful, is vigilant. He said: My Lord! Deliver me from the folk, ones who are unjust.
28:22  When of his own accord he turned his face toward Midian he said: Perhaps my Lord guides me to the right way.
28:23  And when he went down to the well of Midian, he found a community there of personages drawing water and he found other than them two women who keep away. He said: What is your business? They both said: We draw not water until the ones who are shepherds move on. And our father is an aged, old man.
28:24  So he drew water for them. Again, he turned away to the shade and said: My Lord! Truly, I am, certainly, of whatever Thou caused to descend of good to me, in need.
28:25  Then, drew near him one of the two women, walking bashfully. She said: Truly, my father calls to thee that he may give thee recompense of compensation because thou hadst drawn water for us. So when he drew near him and related to him the narrative, he said: Fear not. Thou wert delivered from the folk, ones who are unjust.
28:26  One of the two women said: O my father! Employ him. Truly, best is that thou wouldst employ the strong, the trustworthy.
28:27  He said: Truly, I want to wed thee to one of my two daughters if that thou wilt hire thyself to me for eight years. But if thou wert to fulfill ten years, then, it will be from thee, for I want not to press thee hard. Thou wilt find me, if God willed, among the ones in accord with morality.
28:28  He said: That is between thee and between me whichever of the two terms I satisfied. There will be no deep seated dislike from me. And God is Trustee over what we say.
28:29  Then, when Moses satisfied the term and journeyed with his people, he observed at the edge of the mount a fire. He said to his people: Abide! Truly, I, I observed a fire so that perhaps I will bring you some news from there or burning wood of fire so that perhaps you will warm yourselves.
28:30  So when he approached it, it was proclaimed from the right side of the ridge of the valley, in a corner of the blessed ground from the tree: O Moses! Truly, I am God, the Lord of the worlds.
28:31  Cast thy staff. But when he saw it quiver as if it were a snake, he turned as one who draws back, and he retraces his steps. O Moses! Come forward and fear not. Truly, thou art among the ones who are safe.
28:32  Insert thy hand into thy bosom. It will go forth shimmering white without evil and clasp thy arm pits against fright. These are two proofs from thy Lord to Pharaoh and his Council. Truly, they had been a folk, ones who disobey.
28:33  He said: My Lord! Truly, I killed a soul among them and I fear that they will kill me.
28:34  And my brother Aaron, he is more oratorical in language than I, so send him with me as a helpmate to establish me as true. Truly, I fear that they will deny me.
28:35  He said: We will strengthen thy arm through thy brother and assign to you both authority so that they reach not out to you both. With Our signs, you two and whoever followed you two will be the ones who are victors.
28:36  Then, when Moses drew near them with Our signs, clear portents, they said: This is nothing but forged sorcery. We heard not of this from our fathers, the ancient ones.
28:37  Moses said: My Lord is greater in knowledge of who drew near with guidance from Him and what will be the Ultimate End in the Abode. Truly, the ones who are unjust will not prosper.
28:38  And Pharaoh said: O Council! I knew not of any god for you other than me so kindle for me, O Haman, a fire on the clay and make a pavilion for me so that perhaps I will peruse the God of Moses. And, truly, I think that he is among the ones who lie.
28:39  And he grew arrogant, he and his armies, on the earth without right and they thought that they would not be returned to Us.
28:40  So We took him and his armies and We cast them forth in the water of the sea. So look on how had been the Ultimate End of the ones who are unjust.
28:41  We made them leaders. They call to the fire. And on the Day of Resurrection, they will not be helped.
28:42  And a curse pursued them in the present. And on the Day of Resurrection they will be of the ones who are spurned.
28:43  And, certainly, We gave Moses the Book, after We caused previous generations to perish as clear evidence for humanity and a guidance and a mercy so that they recollect.
28:44  And thou hadst not been on the western edge when We decreed the command to Moses and thou hadst not been among the ones who bear witness.
28:45  But We caused generations to grow and their lifetimes continued to be long. And thou hadst not been one who is a dweller with the people of Midian who recount Our signs to them, but it is We Who had been ones who send.
28:46  And thou hadst not been at the edge of the mount when We proclaimed, but as a mercy from thy Lord, that thou wast to warn a folk to whom no warner approached them before thee so that perhaps they will recollect.
28:47  So that if affliction lights on them for what their hands put forward, they say: Our Lord! Why hadst Thou not sent a Messenger to us that we would have followed Thy signs and we would be among the ones who believe?
28:48  But when The Truth drew near them from Us they said: Why was he not given the like of what was given to Moses? They are ones who are ungrateful for what was given to Moses before. They said: Two kinds of sorcery, each helped one against the other. And they said: Truly, we disbelieve in all of it.
28:49  Say: Then, bring a Book from God that is better guided than these two that I follow it, if you had been ones who are sincere.
28:50  But if they respond not to thee, then, know that they only follow their own desires. And who is one who goes astray than whoever followed his own desires without guidance from God? Truly, God guides not the folk, the ones who are unjust.
28:51  And, certainly, We caused the saying to reach them so that perhaps they will recollect.
28:52  Those to whom We gave the Book before it, they believe in it.
28:53  And when it is recounted to them, they say: We believed in it. Truly, it is The Truth from our Lord. Truly, even before it we had been ones who submit to God.
28:54  Those will be given their compensation two times because they patiently endured and drive off evil deeds with benevolence and they spend out of what We provided them.
28:55  And when they heard idle talk, they turned aside from it and said: To us are our actions and to you are your actions. Peace be to you! We are not looking for the ones who are ignorant.
28:56  Truly, thou hast not guided whom thou hast loved but God guides whomever He wills. And He is greater in knowledge of the ones who are truly guided.
28:57  They said: If we follow the guidance with thee, we would be snatched away from our region. Establish We not firmly for them a holy, safe place where all kinds of fruits are collected as provision from that which proceeds from Our Presence? But most of them know not.
28:58  And how many a town that We caused to perish boasted about its livelihood. And these are their dwellings, not to be inhabited after them but a little. And, truly, We, We had been the ones who inherit.
28:59  Thy Lord had not been One Who Causes towns to perish until He raises up to their mother-town a Messenger who recounts Our signs to them. We never had been Ones Who Cause towns to perish unless their people are ones who are unjust.
28:60  And whatever things you were given are enjoyment for this present life and its adornment. And what is with God is better for one who endures. Will you not, then, be reasonable?
28:61  Is he to whom We promised a fairer promise—and it is one that reaches fulfillment—like him to whom We gave the enjoyment of enjoyment for this present life? Again, on the Day of Resurrection he will be among the ones who are charged?
28:62  And on that Day He will proclaim to them and will say: Where are My ascribed associates whom you had been claiming?
28:63  They would say about whom will be realized the saying: Our Lord! These are they whom we led into error. We led them into error even as we erred. We clear ourselves with Thee. They had never been worshipping us.
28:64  And it would be said: Call to your ascribed associates. Then, they will call to them, but they will not respond to them and they will see the punishment. If only they had been truly guided!
28:65  And on a Day when He would proclaim to them and He would say: What have you answered to the ones who are sent?
28:66  Then, the tidings of that day will be in darkness and they will not demand anything of one another.
28:67  As for him who repented and believed and did as one in accord with morality, then, perhaps he will be among the ones who prosper.
28:68  And thy Lord creates whatever He wills and chooses. Not for them had there been a choice. Glory be to God and exalted is He above partners they ascribe!
28:69  And thy Lord knows what their breasts hide and what they speak openly.
28:70  And He, God, there is no god but He. His is all Praise in the First and in the Last. And His is the determination. And to Him you will be returned.
28:71  Say: Considered you what if God made the nighttime endless for you until the Day of Resurrection? What god other than God brings you illumination? Will you not, then, hear?
28:72  Say: Considered you what if God made the daytime endless for you until the Day of Resurrection? What god other than God brings you nighttime wherein you rest? Will you not, then, perceive?
28:73  And it is out of His mercy that He assigned for you the nighttime and the daytime that you rest in it and that you be looking for His grace and so that perhaps you will give thanks.
28:74  And on a Day He will proclaim to them and say: Where are My ascribed associates whom you had been claiming?
28:75  And We will tear out a witness from every community and We will say: Prepare your proof. Then, they will know that The Truth is with God and will go astray from them what they had been devising.
28:76  Truly, Korah had been of the folk of Moses, but he was insolent towards them. And We gave him of the treasures which truly, the keys of it were a heavy ordeal to many imbued with strength. Mention when His folk said to him: Exult not. Truly, God loves not the exultant.
28:77  Look for what God gave thee for the Last Abode. And forget not thy share of the present and do good even as God did good to thee. And be not insolent, corrupting in and on the earth. Truly, God loves not the ones who make corruption.
28:78  Korah said: I was only given it because of the knowledge with me. Knows he not that God caused to perish before him some of the generations who were more vigorous in strength than he and more numerous in multitude yet the ones who sin will not be asked about their impieties?
28:79  So he went forth to his folk in his adornment. And said those who want this present life: O would that we had the like of what was given to Korah! Truly, he is the possessor of a sublime allotment.
28:80  And those who were given the knowledge said: Woe to you! The reward for good deeds from God is better for whoever believed and did as ones in accord with morality. And none will be in receipt of it, but the ones who remain steadfast.
28:81  So We caused to swallow him the earth and his abode! Then, there had been not any faction to help him against God. And he had been of the ones who are helpless.
28:82  And it came to be in the morning those who had coveted his place but yesterday, say: God extends the provision to whomever He wills of His servants and confines it to whomever He wills. Were it not that God showed grace to us, He would have caused the earth to swallow us; O how the ones who are ungrateful will not prosper!
28:83  This is the Last Abode that We will assign to those who want not self-exaltation in the earth, nor corruption. And the Ultimate End is for the ones who are Godfearing.
28:84  Whoever brought about benevolence, for him there will be better than it. And whoever brought about an evil deed, then, not will be given recompense to those who did evil deeds other than for what they had been doing.
28:85  Truly, He Who imposed the Quran for thee will be one who restores thee to the place of return. Say: My Lord is greater in knowledge of whoever drew near guidance and whoever is clearly wandering astray.
28:86  And thou hadst been without hope that the Book would be cast down to thee, but as a mercy from thy Lord. Be thou not a sustainer of the ones who are ungrateful.
28:87  And let them not bar thee from the signs of God after they were caused to descend to thee. And call to thy Lord. And be thou not among the ones who are polytheists.
28:88  And call not to any god other than God.• There is no god but He! Everything is that which perishes, but His Countenance. To Him is the determination and to Him you will be returned.