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27:1  Ta Sin: These are the Signs (verses) of the Quran— A Book that makes (things) clear
27:2  A Guide; And glad tiding (news) to the believers—
27:3  Those who perform prayers regularly and give charity regularly, and also have (total) belief in the Hereafter
27:4  Verily, for those who do not believe in the Hereafter, We have made their actions pleasing in their eyes; And so they walk around lost without a focus
27:5  These are they for whom lies a painful penalty: And their loss will be greatest in the Hereafter
27:6  And verily, you (O Prophet!), the Quran is granted upon you from the One, All Wise (Hakeem), All Knowing (Aleem)
27:7  (Remember) when Musa (Moses) said to his household: "Surely, I see a fire; Soon I will bring you some news from there, or I will bring you a burning piece to light our (own fire) fuel, so that you may warm yourselves."
27:8  But when he came to the (fire), he was called: "Those in the fire and those around are blessed: And Glory to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds (Rub-ul-'Ala'meen)
27:9  "O Musa (Moses)! Surely, I am Allah, the Supreme in Might (Al-Aziz), the Wise! (Al-Hakeem)..
27:10  "And now you throw your rod!" But when he saw it moving (by itself) like it was a snake, he was set back wondering, and (he) did not look back on his steps: (Again, the voice said), "O Musa (Moses)! Do not be afraid! Truly, in My Presence, those called as messengers (they) do not have (any) fear—
27:11  "But if any have done wrong and have afterwards replaced good in place of evil, then truly, I am Often Forgiving (Ghafoor), Most Merciful (Raheem)
27:12  "Now put your hand on your chest, and it will come out white without stain: (These are) from the nine Signs (you will take) to Firon (Pharaoh) and his people: Verily, they are unruly people exceeding all limits."
27:13  But when Our Signs came to them that should have (really) opened their eyes, they said: "This is clearly magic!"
27:14  And they denied (rejected) those Signs with injustice and pride, even though their souls were convinced of them: So, see what was the end of those who acted wrongly
27:15  And indeed, We gave knowledge to Dawood (David) and to Sulaiman (Solomon): And they both said: "All the Praises (and thanks) be to Allah, Who has chosen us above many of His servants who believe!"
27:16  And Sulaiman (Solomon) was to inherit after Dawood (David). He said: "O you people! We have been taught the language of Birds, and to us is given (a little) of all things: Truly, this is (by Allah’s) clear Grace."
27:17  And before Sulaiman (Solomon) were gathered his armies— Of jinns' and men, and birds, and all of them marching forward in order and ranks
27:18  Till when they came to a valley of the ants, (and) one of the ants said: "O you ants, get into your houses, lest Sulaiman (Solomon) and his armies will crush you (while marching) without knowing it."
27:19  So he (Sulaiman) smiled, amused at her speech; And he said: "O my Lord! Command me that I may be thankful for Your mercies, which You have blessed upon me and upon my parents, and that I may act righteous that will please You: And admit me, by Your Grace, to the ranks of your righteous servants."
27:20  And he took a troop of the birds, and he said: "Why is it I see not the Hoopoe? (A bird with feathers like a crown on its head ) or is he from those absent
27:21  "I will really punish him with a harsh penalty, or (even) kill him, unless he brings to me a clear reason (for being absent)."
27:22  But (the Hoopoe) did not stay behind too far: He (approached Sulaiman and) said: "I have traveled (through lands) where you have not gone and I have come to you from Saba (Sheba) with true (and correct) news
27:23  "I found a woman (queen Bilqiz) ruling (there) over them and made things available for every want; And she has a grand (and beautiful) throne
27:24  "I found her and her people worshipping the sun besides Allah: Satan has made their actions appear pleasing to their eyes, and (he) has kept them away from the (Straight) Way— So they receive no guidance—
27:25  "(And) so they do not prostrate themselves before Allah, Who brings to light what is hidden in the heavens and the earth, and knows what you hide and what you show
27:26  "Allah! There is no god but He! Lord of the Throne Supreme (Rab-ul-Arsh Al-Azeem)!"
27:27  (Sulaiman) said: "Soon shall we see if you have told the truth or you are one of the liars
27:28  "Go you with this letter from me, and give it to them: Then get back from them, and (wait to) see what answer they give back." .
27:29  She (the queen of Saba) said: "You chiefs! Here is a letter delivered to me— A noble letter
27:30  "It is from Sulaiman (Solomon), and is (written): ‘In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful
27:31  " ‘You do not act proudly with me, but come to me as Muslims, in submission (to the Religion of Allah).’ "
27:32  She (the queen) said: "You chiefs! Advise me about (this) ordeal of mine: No ordeal have I decided without your presence."
27:33  They said: "We are blessed with great strength, and used to fierce war: But the power is with you; So think about what you will command."
27:34  She said: "Verily, when kings enter a country, ruin it, and make the noblest from its people, its meanest; They act like this
27:35  "But verily, I am going to send him (Sulaiman) a present, and (wait) to see with what (answer) return (my) ministers."
27:36  So, when (the ministers) came to Sulaiman (Solomon), he said: "Will you give me a lot of wealth? But what Allah has given me is better than what He has given to you! Really! It is you who take joy in your gift
27:37  "Go back to them, and be sure we will come to them with strong armies that they will never be able to meet: And we shall remove them from there in disgrace, and they will feel in low position."
27:38  He said (to his own army): "You chiefs! Which of you can bring me her throne before they come to me surrendering as Muslims, in submission
27:39  Said an Ifrit, from the (race of) jinns': "I will bring it to you before you get up from your Court (and gathering now): Truly, I have the full strength for the deed, and (I am) trustworthy for such work (service to you)."
27:40  Said one who had knowledge of the Scripture: "I will bring it to you by the blinking of an eye!" then as (Sulaiman) saw it placed firmly before him, he said: "This is by the Grace of my Lord! To test me whether I am thankful or unthankful! And if anyone is thankful, truly, his gratitude is (only for the good) for his own soul; But if anyone is unthankful, truly, My Lord is free of all Needs (Ghani), All Bountiful (Kareem, in His generosity)!"
27:41  He said: "Change her throne that it is beyond recognition by her let us see whether she is guided (to Allah) or (she) is one of those who takes no guidance."
27:42  So when she arrived, she was asked, "Is your throne like this?” She said; "(It is) as if it was just the same;" He said: "Knowledge was bestowed to us before her, and we have submitted to Allah (in Islam)."
27:43  And she came away from the worship of others besides Allah: For she was from a people who had no faith
27:44  She was asked to enter the high palace: but when she saw it, she thought it was a pool (lake) of water, and (pulled up her skirts), showing her legs. He (Sulaiman) said: "This is only a palace smoothly covered with sheets of glass." She said: "O my Lord! Truly, I have wronged my soul: And I submit with Sulaiman (Solomon) to Allah and to the Lord of the Worlds (Rab-ul-'Ala'meen)."
27:45  (Before now), We sent to the Samood (Thamud), their brother Salih, saying, "Worship (serve) Allah:" But look! They became two groups arguing with each other
27:46  He said: "O my people! Why do you hurry to evil rather than the good? If you only ask Allah for forgiveness, you can (still) hope to receive (His) mercy."
27:47  They said: "We foresee bad sign from you, and from those who are with you." He said: "Your bad sign is with Allah; Yes, you are a people under trial."
27:48  And in the City, there were Nine men of a family, who made mischief in the land, and would not correct (themselves)
27:49  (Among themselves) they said: "Make a common oath by Allah that we shall make a secret night-attack on him (Salih) and his household, and that we shall then tell his heirs (when they want to punish us): 'We were not there at the killing of his household, and verily, we are surely telling the truth'. "
27:50  So they plotted and planned but We too planned, even while they were not aware of it
27:51  Then see what was the end of their plan! (Only) this— That We ruined them and their people, altogether
27:52  Now their houses were like this— In utter ruin, because they did wrong, surely in this, there is a Sign for people with knowledge
27:53  And We saved those who believed and did righteousness
27:54  (And We also sent) Lut (Lot, as a prophet): When he said to his people, "You do what is shameful (sodomy), even though you see (it is wrong and unjust)
27:55  "Would you really run after men in your excessive (sexual) desire rather than after women? No! You are a people (totally) ignorant!"
27:56  But his people gave no other answer except this: They said, "Drive out the followers of (Lot) from your City: Truly, these are men who want to be clean and pure!"
27:57  So We saved him and his family, except his wife: We destined her to be of those who remained behind
27:58  And We rained down on them a rain (of yellow sulfurous stones): And evil was the rain on those who were warned (but did not pay attention)
27:59  Say: "Praise (and thanks) be to Allah, and Peace on His servants whom He has chosen. (Who) is better? Allah or the false gods they associate (with Him)
27:60  "Is it not He, Who has created the heavens and the earth, and Who sends down rain for you from the sky? Yes, We cause well planted gardens to grow with it full of beauty and delight: It is not in your power to cause the growth of (such) trees in them. (Is there another) god with Allah? No! They are a people who turn away from justice
27:61  "Is it not He, Who has made the earth strong to live on; Made rivers in its middle; Set mountains firmly upon it; And made a separating boundary between the two expanses of flowing water? (Is there another) god with Allah?" — No! Most of them do not know
27:62  "Is it not He, Who listens to the hurting (soul) when it calls on Him, and Who removes its hurt, and makes you (believers) inheritors of the earth? (Is there another) god besides Allah? Little is the attention you give
27:63  "Is it not He, Who guides you in middle of the depths of darkness on land and sea, and Who sends the winds as (the blowing) Signs of the good news, which come before His Mercy? (Is there another) god with Allah? Allah is High above what they associate with Him
27:64  "Is it not He, Who originates Creation, then repeats it, and Who gives you the means to live from heaven and earth? (Is there another) god with Allah?"— Say: "Bring up your reasons, if you tell the truth!"
27:65  Say: "No one in the heavens or on earth, except Allah, knows what is the unseen:" Nor can they foresee when they shall be raised up (for Judgment)
27:66  Even less can their knowledge understand the Hereafter: No! They are in doubt and uncertainty about it; No! They are blind to it
27:67  The unbelievers’ say: "What! When we become dust— We and our fathers— Will we truly be raised (from the dead)
27:68  "Indeed, we were promised this— We and our fathers before (us): These are nothing but the stories of the old."
27:69  Say to them: "Travel through the earth and see what is the end of the criminals."
27:70  But do not feel sad for them, and do not pain yourself because of their plots
27:71  And they say: "When will this promise (be true)? (Speak) if you are truthful."
27:72  Say: "It can be that some of the events that you want hurried can be following (close to) you!"
27:73  But surely, your Lord is full of grace to mankind, still most of them show no gratitude
27:74  And surely, your Lord knows all that their hearts conceal, and all that they reveal
27:75  And there is nothing from the unseen, in heaven or earth, which is not (written) in a clear book (a record)
27:76  Surely, this Quran does explain to the children of Israel most of the things about which they disagree
27:77  And it certainly is a Guide and a Mercy to those who believe
27:78  Surely, your Lord will decide between them by His Order: And He is Supreme in Might (Aziz), All Knowing (Aleem)
27:79  So, (believers!) put your trust in Allah: Surely, you (O Prophet!) are on (the Path of) clear (and open) Truth
27:80  Truly, you cannot make the dead to hear, nor can make the deaf to hear the call, especially when they go away in hiding
27:81  Nor can you lead the blind, from wandering away (from the Path): You will get only those who believe in Our Signs to hear, and those who have submitted (to Allah as Muslims)
27:82  And (remember) when the Word is made true against them, We shall bring out from the earth a beast to (face) them: To speak to them, because mankind did not believe in Our Signs with (due) certainty
27:83  And (remember) one Day We shall bring together from every people a group of those who reject Our Signs (verses), and they shall be kept in (their proper) order—
27:84  Until, when they come (for Judgment, Allah), will say: "Did you reject My Signs, even though you did not understand them with (any) knowledge, or what you were doing?"
27:85  And the Word will be made true against them, because of their doing wrong, and they will not be able to speak (for mercy)
27:86  Do they not see that We have made the night for them to rest and the day to give them light? Surely, in this are Signs for any people who believe
27:87  And (remember) the Day that the Trumpet will be blown—and all those who are in the heavens and those who are on earth, will be struck with fear; except those as Allah will please (to forgive): And all will come to His (Presence) as the created (ones) aware of their lowliness
27:88  You see the mountains and think that they are firmly fixed; But they (too) will blow away like the clouds blow away: (Like this is) the doing of Allah, who regulates all things with Perfect Order: Verily, He is very familiar with all that you do
27:89  If any do good, (their portion of) good will (increase) for them from it; And they will be safe from the terror that Day
27:90  And if any do evil, their faces will be thrown straight down into the Fire: (It shall be said:) "Do you receive a reward different from what your actions have earned (for you)?"
27:91  For me, I have been ordered to worship (and serve) the Lord of this City (Makkah), He Who has cleansed it (as pure and holy) and (He) to Whom belong all things: And I am ordered to be of those who bow in Islam to Allah’s Will—
27:92  And to recite (and rehearse) the Quran: And if any accept guidance, they do it for the good of their own souls, and if any wander away, say: I am only a Warner
27:93  And say: "All the Praise (and thanks) be to Allah, He, Who will soon show you His Signs, and you will recognize them"; And your Lord is not unaware of all that you do