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28:1  Ta Sin Mim
28:2  These are the Signs (verses) of the Book (Quran) that makes (things) clear
28:3  We recite (and restate) to you with truth a part of the story of Musa (Moses) and Firon (Pharaoh), for people who believe
28:4  Truly, Firon (Pharaoh) had raised himself in the land and broken up its people into groups, keeping a small group (Israelites) lowly among them: Their sons, he killed but keep their females alive: Verily, he was truly a mischief-maker
28:5  And We wished to be kind to those who were kept lowly in the land, to make them leaders and to make them the inheritors
28:6  To make a firm place for them in the land, and to show Firon (Pharaoh), Haman, and their armies, at their (Israelites) hands, exactly those things which they were careful (to avoid themselves)
28:7  And We sent this inspiration to Musa's (Moses’) mother: "(Breast) feed (baby Musa), but when you have fears for him, put him into the river (in a basket), but do not fear or feel sad (for him): Verily, We shall bring him back to you, and We shall make him one of Our messengers."
28:8  Then the household of Firon (Pharaoh) lifted him up (from the river): (It was) that (baby Musa) would be an opponent and a reason of sorrow for them: Verily, Firon (Pharaoh) and Haman and their armies were men of sin
28:9  And Firon's (Pharaoh's) wife said: "(He is) a comfort (and joy) of the eye for me and for you: Kill him not! It could be that he will be of use to us, or we may adopt him as a son." And they did not foresee (what they were doing)
28:10  And there come an emptiness in the heart of the mother of Musa (Moses): She was almost going to tell his (story and her loss), if We had not strengthened her heart (with faith), so that she may remain a (true) believer
28:11  And she said to his (Musa's) sister, "Follow him (floating on the river)," so she (the sister) watched him from a distant place, as a stranger, and they (Egyptians) did not know
28:12  And We commanded that he refused to (breast) feed at first, until (the sister) said: "Shall I point to you the people of a house who will feed and raise him for you and be truly attached to him?"
28:13  Like this We brought him back to his mother, so that her eye might be comforted, and that she might not feel sad, and that she might know that the Promise of Allah is True: But most of them do not understand
28:14  And when he reached full maturity (of manhood), and was well placed (in life), We gifted him with wisdom and knowledge. Like this We reward those who do goo
28:15  And at one time he entered the City while its people were not watching: And he found there, two men fighting— One of his own part (religion), and the other, of his enemies (Egyptians). Now the man of his own religion asked for help against his enemy, and Musa (Moses) hit him (the Egyptian) with his fist and (that) killed him. (In regret Musa,) he said: "This is a work of Satan verily, he is an enemy who clearly misleads!"
28:16  He prayed: "O my Lord! I have wronged myself! So (I pray You) forgive me!" Then (Allah) forgave him: Verily, He is the Often Forgiving (Ghafoor), Most Merciful (Raheem)
28:17  He said: "O my Lord! For what You have granted Your Grace on me, I will never be a help to those who are criminals!"
28:18  So he saw the morning in the City, (still) looking around in a state of fear, when look! The man who had wanted his help, the previous day, called loudly for his help (again). Musa (Moses) said to him: "Clearly, you are truly a quarrelsome fellow!"
28:19  Then, when he decided to catch the man who was an enemy to both of them, that man said: "O Musa (Moses)! Is it your intention to kill me like you killed a man yesterday? Your intention is nothing except to become a harsh powerful man in the land, and not to be one who sets things right!"
28:20  And (about the same time) there came a man, running from the far end of the City. He said: "O Musa (Moses)! Verily, the Chiefs together are (now) Taking an opinion about you, to kill you: So you go away, truly, I am one of the sincere advisors to you."
28:21  Therefore he got away from there, looking around (still) in a state of fear. He prayed: "O my Lord! Save me from people used to doing wrong."
28:22  And then, when he turned (went) towards Madyan, he said: "I hope that my Lord will show me the smooth and straight Path."
28:23  And when he came to the watering (place) in Madyan, there he found a group of men watering (their herds), and in addition to them, he found two (young) women who were holding back (their herds). He said: "What is the matter with you?” They said: "We cannot water until the shepherds take back (their herds); And our father is a very old man."
28:24  So, he watered (their herds) for them; Then he turned back to the shade, and said: "O my Lord! Truly, I am in need of any good that you will send me!"
28:25  Afterwards one of the (two young women) came, walking shyly to him. She said: "Verily, my father invites you so that he may reward you for having watered (our herds) for us." So when he came to him and narrated the story, he (the father) said: "You, do not be afraid: You have run away from unjust people."
28:26  And one of the (two women) said: "O my father! Hire him on wages: Truly, the best of men to work for you is the (man) who is strong and trustworthy."
28:27  He (the father) said: "I want to marry one of these (two) daughters of mine to you, provided you serve me for eight years; But if you complete ten years, it will be (kindness) from you. But I do not want to put you under a difficulty: You will truly find me, if Allah wills, one of the righteous."
28:28  He (Musa) said: "Let that be (the agreement) between me and you: Whichever of the two duration's I fulfill, let there be no bad feelings for me. Let Allah be a witness to what we say."
28:29  When Musa (Moses) had fulfilled the time, and was journeying with his family, he saw a fire in the direction of Mount Thr. He said to his family: "You wait (here); I see a fire; I hope to bring some news from there for you, or (bring) a piece of burning fire, so that you may warm yourselves."
28:30  So when he came to the (fire), a voice was heard from the right side of the valley, from a tree in hallowed ground: "O Musa (Moses)! Surely, I am Allah, the Lord of the Worlds (Rab-ul-'Ala'meen)..
28:31  "Now you throw your rod!" But when he saw it moving (of its own accord) as if it was a snake, he turned back going away, and did not look back (at the past): "O Musa (Moses)!" (The voice said): "Come near, and do not be afraid: Verily, you are of those (people) who are safe
28:32  "Move your hand towards your chest, and it will come out white without stain (or disease), and take your hand close to your side (to guard) against fear. These are the two Signs from your Lord to Firon (Pharaoh) and to his chiefs: Verily, they are a people unruly and rebellious."
28:33  He said: "O my Lord! I have killed one of their men, and I fear that they will kill me
28:34  "And my brother Haroon (Aaron)— He is more fluent in speech than me: So send him (also) with me as a helper, to support (and strengthen) me: Indeed, I fear that they may accuse me of lying."
28:35  (Allah) said: "We will certainly (strengthen you,) make your arm strong through your brother, and trust you both with power (and authority), so that they will not be able to touch you: With Our Signs (verses), both of you, and those who follow you— Will be the victorious."
28:36  Then when Musa (Moses) came to them with Our Clear Signs (verses), they said: "This is nothing but magic made up (for us): We never heard (anything) like this from our fathers of the past!"
28:37  Musa (Moses) said: "My Lord knows well who comes with guidance from Him and whose end will be the best in the Hereafter: It is sure that the wrongdoers will not prosper."
28:38  And Firon (Pharaoh) said: "O Chiefs! I do not know of any god for you except myself: Therefore, O Haman! Fire up a (large oven to make bricks) from the clay for me, and build me a high palace, so that I may climb up to the God of Musa (Moses): But as far as I know, I think (Musa) is one of the lairs!"
28:39  And he and his armies were arrogant and rude in the land, beyond limit— without (being) right, they thought that they would not have to come back to Us
28:40  So, We caught him and his armies, and We threw them all into the sea: So see what was the end of the wrongdoers
28:41  And We made them (only) the leaders inviting (others) to the Fire: And on the Day of Judgment, they will find no help
28:42  And We made a curse to follow them in this world: And on the Day of Judgment they will be from the hated (and damned)
28:43  And We gave the Book to Musa (Moses) after We had ruined the earlier generations, (as a) Vision (of Truth, the Torah) to men, and Guidance and Mercy, that they may receive warning (and guidance)
28:44  And you (O Prophet!) were not on the Western side (of the Tawa valley of Mount Thr) when We gave the prophethood to Musa (Moses) and you did not see (those events)
28:45  But We raised up (new) generations from them, and the ages that passed over them were long; And you were not a resident among the people of Madyan, repeating Our Signs to them; But it was We Who send (them) messengers
28:46  And you were not at the side of (the Mountain of) Thr, when We called (to Musa). Still (O Prophet! You are sent) as a Mercy from your Lord, to give warning to a people (of Arabia) to whom had come no warner before you: In order that they may remember and receive the warning
28:47  And if (We had) not (sent you to the people of Makkah)— (and) if a misfortune came over them for (the actions that) their hands have already done, they might say: "Our Lord! Why did You not send a messenger to us? We should then have followed Your Signs and been from those who believe!"
28:48  But (now), when the Truth has come to them from Ourselves, they say, "Why are not (Signs of Allah) sent to him, like those (Signs; The rod, the glowing hand) which were sent to Musa (Moses)? Then, did they not reject (the Signs) which were formerly sent earlier to Musa (Moses)? They say: "Two types of magic, one helping the other!”, And they say: “For us, We reject all (types of magic)!"
28:49  Say (to such rejecters): "Then you bring a Book from Allah, which is a better Guide than earlier of them, that I may follow it! If you are truthful!"
28:50  But if they do not listen to you, (You) know that they only follow their own wishes: And who is more lost than one who follows his own wishes without the guidance from Allah? Verily, Allah does not guide people used to doing wrong
28:51  And indeed, We have made the Word (this Quran) reach them, so that they may remember and receive the warning
28:52  Those to whom We sent the Book before this— They (also) believe in it (the Word of Allah)
28:53  And when it is read out to them, they say: "We believe in it, verily, it is the Truth from our Lord: Truly, we have been Muslims even before this."
28:54  These (people) will be given their reward twice over, because they have persevered, and (in) that they repel evil with good, and that they spend (in charity) from what We have given to them
28:55  And when they hear evil and vain talk, they turn away from it and say: "To us our deeds, and to you yours; Peace be to you: We do not search out the ignorant."
28:56  It is true that you will not be able to guide everyone whom you love; But Allah guides those whom He will. And He knows best those who receive guidance
28:57  And they say: "If we were to follow the guidance with you, we will be driven away from our land." Have We not built for them a land of safety, to which are brought all types of fruits, as gifts— A stock (of food) from Ourselves? But most of them do not understand
28:58  And how many a town have We destroyed, (those) that became thankless for the livelihood: Now after them (the people of the towns), their homes lie empty and unlived— All except for a little! And We took over after them
28:59  And your Lord was never the One to ruin a population until He had sent to its center a messenger, reciting (and rehearsing) to them Our Signs; And We not going to ruin a population unless its members commit injustice
28:60  And whatever (worldly) things you are given are only the comforts of this life and its show; But what is with Allah is better and more lasting: Then will you not be wise
28:61  Can (these two) be the same? One to whom We have made a good promise, and who is going to see its (fulfillment), and (the other) one to whom We have given the good things of this life, but who, on the Day of Judgment, will be from those raised up (for punishment)
28:62  And the Day when (Allah) will call to them, and say: "Where are My (so called) 'partners’? Whom you thought (to be so)?"
28:63  Those against whom the charge will be proved, will say: "Our Lord! These are the ones whom we led astray: Because we were astray ourselves: We free ourselves (from them) in Your Presence: They did not worship us."
28:64  And it will be said (to them): "Call to your 'partners' (for help):" They will call to them, but they will not listen to them; And they will see the penalty (before them); (They will wish:) "Only if they were open to guidance!"
28:65  And that Day (Allah) will call to them, and say: "What was the answer you gave to the messengers (of Allah)?"
28:66  Then on that day, the (whole) story will seem dark (and distant) to them and they will not be able to question each other
28:67  But any who had repented, believed, and worked righteousness, will hope to be with those who are successful
28:68  And your Lord creates and chooses as He pleases: No choice have they (about it): Glory to Allah! And He is far above the 'partners' they give (to Him)
28:69  And your Lord knows what their breasts (hearts) hide and what they reveal
28:70  And He is Allah: There is no god but He. To Him be praise, at the first and at the last: For Him is the Command, and to Him you will be returned
28:71  Say: "Tell me! If Allah was to make the night last for ever for you till the Day of Judgment, which god is there other than Allah, can give you Light? Then will you not listen?"
28:72  Say: "Tell me! If Allah was to make the day last for ever for you till the Day of Judgment, which god is there other than Allah, can give you a night in which you can rest? Then will you not see?"
28:73  And it is from His Mercy that He has made for you night and day— That you may rest in it (the night), and that you may seek His Grace (in the day)— And so that you may be thankful
28:74  And the Day that when He will call to them, and He will say: "Where are My (so called) 'partners'? Whom you thought (to be of those)?"
28:75  And from each people, We will draw a witness, and We shall say: "Produce your proof:" Then shall they know that the Truth is with Allah (Alone), and the (lies) that they had invented will leave them in the bad situation
28:76  Verily, Qarun (Qaroon) was from the people of Musa (Moses); But he acted rudely towards them: The treasures We had given to him were such that just their very keys would have been a burden to a group of strong men; "Remember", his (Qaroon’s) people said to him: "Do not feel overjoyed, because Allah does not love those who are joyful (in their wealth)
28:77  "But search out, with the (wealth) that Allah has given to you, the Home of the Hereafter, and do not forget your lawful (and good) fortune in this world: But you do good, like Allah has been good to you, and do not search (to make) mischief in the land: Verily, Allah loves not those who do mischief."
28:78  He said: "This (wealth) has been given to me only because of a certain knowledge which I have." Did he not know that Allah had ruined, before him, (whole) generations— Which were superior to him in strength and exceeded in the amount (of riches) that they h.ad collected? But the wicked are not called (right away) to account for their sins
28:79  So he went before his (own showy) people with the (pride of his worldly) show. Those whose goal is the life of this world, said: "Oh! If only we had the (wealth) like what Qarun (Qaroon) has got! Verily, he is truly a lord of very good fortune!"
28:80  But those who had been given (true) knowledge said: "Sorrow for (woe unto) you! The reward of Allah (in the Hereafter) is best for those who believe and act righteousness: But this no one will get, except those who continuously persevere (in good)."
28:81  So, then We made the earth to swallow him up and his house; And he had not (the smallest) group to help him against Allah, and he could not protect himself
28:82  And those who wished his position the day before began to say the next day: "Ah! It is truly Allah, Who grows the provision or shrinks it, to any of His servants He pleases! If it was not that Allah was kind to us, he could have caused the earth to swallow us up! Those who disbelieve will never be successful."
28:83  We will give that Home of the Hereafter to those who do not want arrogance or mischief on earth: And the end is (best) for the righteous
28:84  If any does good, the reward for him is better than his deed; But if any does evil, the doers of evil are only punished to the extent of their deeds
28:85  Surely (O Prophet!) He, Who ordained the Quran for you, will bring you back to the Place of Return (signifies both Makkah and the Hereafter). Say: "My Lord knows best who brings true guidance, and who is openly in the wrong."
28:86  And you had not expected that the Book would be sent down to you, except as a Mercy from your Lord: Therefore you do not give any support to those who reject (Allah’s Message)
28:87  And let nothing keep you away from the Signs of Allah (verses) after they have been made known to you: And invite (men) to your Lord, and do not be in the company of those who join gods with Allah
28:88  And call not, besides Allah, to another god. There is no god but He: Everything (that lives) shall die except His Own Face. To Him belongs the Command, and to Him will (all of) you be brought back