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27:1  Ta Sin. These are the signs of the reading (Qur´an) and a clear book.
27:2  A guidance and good news for the believers.
27:3  Those who keep up prayer and give Zakat and are certain about the hereafter.
27:4  Those who do not believe in the hereafter, We make their deeds appeal to them, so they get lost.
27:5  For those is the worst punishment and they will be the losers in the hereafter.
27:6  And you have received the Qur´an from One wise and knowing.
27:7  When Musa (Moses) said to his family: I noticed a fire, I will bring you news from there or will bring you a glowing ember so you can warm yourselves.
27:8  Then when he reached it, he was called: blessed is who is in the fire and who surrounds it and glorified is Allah, the Lord of all worlds.
27:9  Oh Musa (Moses), I am Allah the mighty and wise.
27:10  And throw your stick, then when he saw it move as if it was a snake, he turned away and did not turn around; oh Musa (Moses): do not fear, the messengers have no fear in My presence.
27:11  Except he who has done wrong, then replaces bad with good, for I am forgiving and merciful.
27:12  And place your hand on your chest, it will come out white without harm amongst seven signs for Pharaoh and his people, for they were sinful people.
27:13  And when Our signs reached them clearly visible they said: this is plain magic.
27:14  And they disputed them sinfully and arrogantly whilst their own souls acknowledged them, so see what the outcome was like for the corrupters.
27:15  And We gave Dawud (David) and Sulayman (Solomon) knowledge and they said: praised is Allah who favoured us over many of His believing servants.
27:16  And Sulayman (Solomon) inherited from Dawud (David) and said: oh people, we were taught the speech of birds and have been given of everything, this is indeed a clear favour.
27:17  And his soldiers from the Jinn and humans and birds were gathered before Sulayman (Solomon) and arranged into divisions.
27:18  Until when they came upon the valley of the ants, an ant said: oh ants, enter your homes so that Sulayman (Solomon) and his soldiers do not crush you without realising.
27:19  Then he smiled amused at her words and said: my Lord, grant me that I am grateful for Your blessing which You have blessed me and my parents with and that I do good work which You will be pleased with and enter me by Your mercy amongst Your righteous servants.
27:20  Then he inspected the birds and said: how come I don´t see the hoopoe (Hudhud) or is he absent?
27:21  I shall punish him severely or slaughter him unless he brings a clear authority.
27:22  But he wasn´t far off and said: I discovered what you had not discovered and brought you from Sheba (Saba´) reliable information.
27:23  I found a woman ruling over them who has been given of everything and has a mighty throne.
27:24  And I found her people prostrate to the sun instead of Allah, and the devil made their deeds appeal to them so he diverted them from the way and they are not guided.
27:25  That they do not prostrate to Allah who brings out what is hidden in the heavens and the earth and knows what you conceal and what you disclose.
27:26  Allah, there is no god but Him, the Lord of the mighty throne.
27:27  He said: we shall see whether you are truthful or a liar.
27:28  Go with this letter of mine and deliver it to them, then turn away from them and see what they come back with.
27:29  She said: oh leaders, an honourable letter has been delivered to me.
27:30  It is from Sulayman (Solomon) and is in the name of Allah, the Owner and Giver of Mercy.
27:31  Do not exalt above me and come to me in submission (as Muslims).
27:32  She said: oh leaders, advise me in the matter, I do not decide a matter unless you are witnesses.
27:33  They said: we possess power and terrifying strength, and the matter is for you to decide, so see what you will command.
27:34  She said: when kings enter a town they ruin it and make the most respected of it the most humiliated, and that is what they do.
27:35  And I shall sent a gift to them, then wait what the messengers return with.
27:36  And when it reached Sulayman (Solomon) he said: are you providing me with wealth when what Allah has given me is better than what He has given you? But you rejoice in your gift.
27:37  Return to them, for we will come to them with soldiers they cannot face up to and will expel them humiliated and conquered.
27:38  He said: oh leaders, who of you will bring me her throne before they come to me in submission?
27:39  A cunning Jinn said: I will bring it to you before you get up from your seat and I am certainly able to do that.
27:40  The one who had knowledge of the book said: I will bring it to you in the wink of an eye; then when he saw it positioned near him he said: this is of the favour of my Lord to test me whether I am grateful or ungrateful, and whoever is grateful, he is grateful for his own good, and whoever is ungrateful, my Lord is rich and generous.
27:41  He said: we will alter her throne for her to see if she is guided or of those who are not guided.
27:42  Then when she came, she was told: is your throne like this? She said: as if it was the one. And we were given knowledge before her and had submitted (as Muslims).
27:43  And what she used to serve besides Allah diverted her, for she belonged to people who rejected (the truth).
27:44  She was told: enter the palace. Then when she saw it, she thought it was water and bared her legs. He said: it is a palace made of crystal. She said: my Lord, I have wronged myself and submit with Sulayman (Solomon) to Allah, the Lord of all worlds.
27:45  And to Thamud We sent their brother Salih, (saying) serve Allah, then they became two arguing factions.
27:46  He said: oh my people, why do you hasten the bad before the good? Why don´t you ask Allah for forgiveness in order to receive mercy?
27:47  They said: we see a bad omen in you and those with you. He said: your bad omen is with Allah, but you are being tried as a people.
27:48  And there were nine clans in the town who caused corruption on earth and did not reform.
27:49  They said: let´s swear by Allah that we will attack him and his family at night then say to his protector that we did not witness the destruction of his family and that we are truthful.
27:50  And they schemed their scheme and We schemed Our scheme, and they did not realise.
27:51  So see what the outcome of their scheme was like: We destroyed them and their people altogether.
27:52  And these their houses are deserted because of their wrongdoing. In that is a sign for people who know.
27:53  And We rescued those who believed and constantly bewared (of Allah).
27:54  And Lut (Lot) when he said to his people: do you visibly go for indecency?
27:55  Do you come to men with lust instead of women? But you are an ignorant people.
27:56  And the reply of his people was merely that they said: expel the family of Lut (Lot) from your town for they are people who want to keep clean.
27:57  So We rescued him and his family except his wife whom We decreed to stay behind.
27:58  And We let it rain on them, and it was an evil rain for those who had been warned.
27:59  Say: Allah is praised and peace upon His servants whom He has chosen. Is Allah better or what you assign as partners?
27:60  Or who created the heavens and the earth and sent water for you from the sky, so that We grow with it gardens full of splendour? You could not grow its trees! Is there a god with Allah? But they are people who turn away.
27:61  Or who made the earth firm and made rivers run through it and made stabilisers for it and placed a barrier between the two bodies of water? Is there a god with Allah? But most of them don´t know.
27:62  Or who responds to the distressed when he calls Him and removes the harm and makes you successors on earth? Is there a god with Allah? Little do you reflect.
27:63  Or who guides you in the darkness on land and on sea and who sends the wind as a bringer of good news before His mercy? Is there a god with Allah? Exalted is Allah above what they assign as partners.
27:64  Or who originates the creation then repeats it and who provides from you from the sky and the earth? Is there a god with Allah? Say: bring your proof if you are truthful.
27:65  Say: nobody in the heavens and the earth knows the unseen except Allah and they have no idea when they will be raised.
27:66  But does their knowledge extend to the hereafter? No, they are in doubt of it. No, they are blind to it.
27:67  And those who reject (the truth) say: when we are dust as well as our fathers, are we going to be brought back?
27:68  We and our fathers were promised this before, these are only stories of old.
27:69  Say: travel on the earth, then see what the outcome was like for the sinful.
27:70  And do not worry about them nor be uptight about what they are scheming.
27:71  And they say: when will this promise happen if you are truthful?
27:72  Say: maybe some of what you hasten will befall you quickly.
27:73  And your Lord is full of generosity towards people, but most of them give no thanks.
27:74  And your Lord knows what they hide inside and what they disclose.
27:75  And there is nothing hidden in the sky or on earth but it is in a clear record.
27:76  This Qur´an relates to the Children of Israel most of what they differ in.
27:77  And it is a guidance and mercy for the believers.
27:78  Your Lord decides between them by His judgement and He is the mighty and knowing.
27:79  So rely on Allah, for you are upon the clear truth.
27:80  For you cannot make the dead hear and cannot make the deaf hear when they turn away.
27:81  And you will not guide the blind away from their error. You can only make those hear who believe in Our signs and submit (as Muslims).
27:82  And when the word against them comes to pass We bring out a creature from the earth for them to speak to them that mankind were not sure about Our signs.
27:83  And on the day We gather a portion from each community of those who denied Our signs and arrange them into divisions.
27:84  Until when they come, He will say: did you deny My signs without grasping them in knowledge, or what did you do?
27:85  And the word against them comes to pass on account of their wrongdoing, so they cannot speak.
27:86  Do they not see that We made the night for them to rest in and the day to see? In that are signs for people who listen.
27:87  And on the day the horn is blown, whoever is in the heavens and on earth is terrified except whom Allah pleases, and all come to Him in submission.
27:88  And you will see the mountains, which you consider solid, disperse like the clouds. This is the design of Allah who perfected everything, for He knows what you do.
27:89  Whoever brings a good deed will have better than it, and they will be safe from the terror of that day.
27:90  And whoever brings a bad deed, their faces will be thrown into the fire. Are you being punished except for what you did?
27:91  I have only been commanded to serve the Lord of this land which He has made sacred, and everything belongs to Him, and I have been commanded to be the first to submit (as Muslim).
27:92  And to recite the Qur´an; so whoever wants to be guided, is guided for his own good, and to whoever goes astray say: I am only a warner.
27:93  Say: Allah is praised, He will show you His signs so that you know them, and my Lord is not unaware of what you do.