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27:1  T S , those are the Koran's verses/evidences , and a clear/evident Book
27:2  Guidance and good news to the believers
27:3  Those who keep up the prayers and give/bring the charity/purification , and they are with the end (other life), they are sure/certain
27:4  That those who do not believe with the end (other life), We decorated/beautified for them their deeds , so they are being confused/puzzled
27:5  Those are for them the torture's harm/evil , and they are in the end (other life), they are the most losers
27:6  And that you are made to receive/meet/find (E) the Koran from at (a) wise/judicious, knowledgeable
27:7  When/if Moses said to his family/relation : "That I, I perceived/saw a fire, I will come to you from it with a news/information , or I come to you with a flame flame/torch , maybe/perhaps you warm (yourselves)"
27:8  So when he came to it, (it) was called: "That is/was blessed who is in the fire/mark and who (is) around/surrounding it, and God's praise/glory (is) to the nations all together's/(universe's) Lord
27:9  You Moses, that it truly is I, God, the glorious/mighty , the wise/judicious
27:10  And throw/throw away your stick/cane, so when he saw it , it shakes/moves as if it is a Jinn he turned away giving his back, and he did not follow/succeed/track: "You Moses, do not fear, that I, the messengers do not fear at/by/near Me."
27:11  Except who caused injustice/oppression then exchanged/replaced good after bad/evil/harm, so I am forgiving, merciful
27:12  And enter your hand in your collar/opening it appears/emerges white from without bad/evil/harm, in nine evidences/signs to Pharaoh and his nation, that they truly were a nation (of) debauchers
27:13  So when Our signs/evidences came to them manifest/clearly visible to the eye and understanding, they said: "That (is) clear/evident magic/sorcery."
27:14  And they disbelieved and denied with it, and their selves became sure/certain of it, unjustly/oppressively and height, might and dignity, so look/see how was the corruptings' end/turn (result)
27:15  And We had (E) given David and Soliman knowledge, and they (B) said: "The praise/gratitude (is) to God who preferred/favoured us over many from His slaves/worshippers , the believers."
27:16  And Soliman inherited David, and he said: "You, you the people we had been taught the birds' speech (language)/logic, and we were given from every thing, that truly that it is (E) the grace/favour/blessing , the clear/evident ."
27:17  And was gathered for Soliman his soldiers/warriors from the Jinns and the human/mankind, and the birds, so they are being restrained/apportioned (mobilized)
27:18  Until when they passed by the ants' valley, an ant said: "You, you the ants, enter your residences, (let) not Soliman and his warriors smash/destroy you (E) and they are not feeling/sensin
27:19  So he smiled laughing/wondering from its saying/word, and he said: "My Lord, inspire/influence me that I thank/be grateful (for) your blessing which you blessed on me and on my parents, and that I make/do correct/righteous deeds You accept/approve it, and enter me with Your mercy in (between) Your worshippers/slaves the correct/righteous."
27:20  And he seeked/searched the bird/birds , so he said: "Why (it is) not for me, I do not see the hoopoe bird/clucking bird , or he was from the absent? I will torture him strong (severe) torture."
27:21  I will slaughter it (E) , or it comes/brings to me (E) with a proof/evidence clear/evident
27:22  So it waited/remained not far/distant, so it said: "I became aware/enveloped with what you did not become aware (of)/envelope with it, and I came to you from Sheba with sure/certain news/information."
27:23  That I found a woman, she owns/rules them, and she was given from every thing, and for her (is) a great throne
27:24  I found her and her nation prostrating to the sun, from other than God, and the devil decorated/beautified for them their deeds , so he prevented/obstructed them from the way/path , so they do not be guided
27:25  Do they not prostrate to God who brings out the hidden/concealed in the skies/space and the earth/Planet Earth, and he knows what you hide, and what you declare/publicize
27:26  God, no God except Him, Lord (of) the throne , the great
27:27  He said: "We will look/see , had you been truthful, or you were from the liars/falsifiers ."
27:28  Go/take away , with my Book/letter/message, this, so throw it to them, then turn away from them, so look/see what they return
27:29  She said: "You, you the nobles/assembly , that I , was/is thrown to me (an) honoured/generous Book ."
27:30  That it truly is from Soliman, and that it truly is by God's name the merciful, the most merciful
27:31  That do not become high, mighty and dignified over me, and come to me (as) Moslems/submitters
27:32  She said: "You, you the nobles/assembly , give me your opinion in my matter/affair/order/command, I was not deciding a matter/affair/order/command until you witness/testify."
27:33  They said: "We are (owners) of power/strength, and (owners) of strong (severe) courage/might/power, and the matter/affair/order/command (is) to you, so think about what you order/command."
27:34  She said: "That truly the kings if they entered a village/urban city they corrupted it and they made/put its more dignified/honoured people , humiliated/disgraced , and as/like that they make/do ."
27:35  And that I am sending to them with a present, so (then I am) looking/considering with what the messengers return
27:36  So when (he) came (to) Soliman, he said: "Do you extend/spread me with property/wealth ? So what God gave me, (is) better than what He gave you, but you with your present, you be happy ."
27:37  Return to them, so we will come to them (E) with soldiers (there is) no power/ability for them with it, and we will drive them out (E) from it humiliated/disgraced , and (while) they are subservient
27:38  He (Soliman) said: "You, you the nobles/assembly, which of you brings/comes to me with her throne ,before that they come to me Moslems/submitters ?"
27:39  A wicked/manipulator from the Jinns said: "I come/bring to you with it before that you stand/get up from your place/position, and that I am on it powerful/strong (E), faithful/loyal ."
27:40  Who (is) at him knowledge from The Book said: "I come/bring to you with it before that your eye lid returns to you (you blink)." So when he saw it established/affixed at him, he said: "This (is) from my Lord's grace/favour/blessing, to test me do I thank/be grateful, or I disbelieve, and who thanked/became grateful, so but he thanks/becomes grateful for his self, and who disbelieved, so then my Lord (is) rich, honoured/generous ."
27:41  He said: "Change/disguise for her, her throne , we see is she to be guided or she becomes from those who do not be guided."
27:42  So when she came, (it) was said: "Is your throne like this?" She said: "As if it, it is." And we were given the knowledge from before her, and we were Moslems/submitters.
27:43  And what she was worshipping from other than God obstructed/prevented her , that she truly was from a disbelieving nation
27:44  (It) was said to her: "Enter the palace/tower ." So when she saw it, she thought/supposed it (was) a wide body of water , and she removed/uncovered from her two shins/legs, he said: "That it truly is a palace/tower smoothened and spread from clear glass/mirrors ." She said: "My Lord , that I caused injustice/oppression (to) myself, and I submitted/surrendered with Soliman, to God, the creations all together's/(universes') Lord."
27:45  And We had sent to Thamud their brother Saleh : "That worship God, so then they are two groups/parties disputing/controverting
27:46  He said: "You my nation, why (do) you hasten/urge with the sin/crime before the good/goodness? If only you ask God for forgiveness, maybe/perhaps you attain mercy."
27:47  They said: "We had a bad omen with you (you are a bad omen to us), and with whom (is) with you." He said: "Your omen (fate/future is) at God, but you are a nation being tested/misguided ."
27:48  And in the city/town were nine groups/tribes corrupting/disordering in the earth/Planet Earth, and they do not correct/repair
27:49  They said: "Swear/make oath (to each other) by God: 'We will attack him suddenly at night (E) and his people/family , then we will say (E) to his guardian/ally , we did not witness his people's/family's death/destruction , and we are (E) truthful (E).' "
27:50  And they schemed , a scheme and We schemed a scheme , and (while) they are not feeling/knowing/sensing
27:51  So look/see/wonder about how was their scheme's end/turn (result), that We (E), We destroyed them, and their nation all/all together
27:52  So those are their houses/homes destroyed/unoccupied because (of) what they caused injustice/oppression, that in that (is) an evidence/sign (E) to a nation knowing
27:53  And We saved/rescued those who believed and were fearing and obeying
27:54  And Lot when he said to his nation: "Do you commit the enormous/atrocious deed/homosexuality ,and you are seeing/ understanding ?"
27:55  Are you that you are coming/doing/committing (E) the men (with) a lust/desire/craving from other than the women, but you are a nation being lowly/ignorant
27:56  So his nation's answer/reply was not except that they said: "Bring/drive out Lot's family from your village/urban city, that they are people purifying ."
27:57  So We saved/rescued him and his family/people, except his woman (wife), We predestined her from the remaining behind
27:58  And We rained on them rain, so the warned's/given notice's rain was bad/evil/harmful
27:59  Say: "The praise/gratitude/thanks (is) to God, and peace/security on (to) His worshippers/slaves those whom He chose/purified; is God better/best or what they share/make partners (with Him)?"
27:60  Or Who created the skies/space and the earth/Planet Earth, and He descended for you from the sky water, so We sprouted/grew with it fenced gardens of beauty/splendor , (it) was not for you, that you sprout/grow its trees, is (there) a god with God? But they are a nation making equals (to Him)
27:61  Or Who made/created the earth/Planet Earth (as) a settlement/establishment , and made/created in between and around it rivers/waterways, and made/created for it anchors/mountains , and made/created between the two large bodies of water/seas a barrier/hindrance , is a god with God? But most of them do not know
27:62  Or Who answers/replies (to) the compelled/forced if he called him, and He removes/uncovers (relieves) the bad/evil/harm, and He makes/puts you (as) the earth's/Planet Earth's successors and replacers/top leaders, is a god with God? Little (is) what you mention/remember
27:63  Or Who guides you in the shore's/land's and the sea's/ocean's darknesses, and Who sends the winds/breezes (as) a good news, between His mercy's hand. Is a god with God? God (is) high, mighty, exalted and dignified from/on what they share/make partners (with Him)
27:64  Or Who creates/initiates the creation then He repeats it , and Who provides for you from the sky/space, and the earth/Planet Earth, is a god with God? Say: "Bring your proof/evidence , if you were truthful."
27:65  Say: "Who (is) in the skies/space and the earth/Planet Earth does not know the hidden/unseen except God, and they do not feel/sense/know when they are being resurrected/revived
27:66  But their knowledge caught up (with them) in the end (other life) but they are in doubt/suspicion from it, but they are from it blinded/confused
27:67  And those who disbelieved said: "Is (it that) if we and our fathers were dust/earth are we brought out (E)?"
27:68  We had been (E) promised this, we and our fathers from before, that this (is) except the first's/beginners/ myths/baseless stories
27:69  Say: "Walk/move/ride in the earth/Planet Earth, so look/see/wonder about how was the criminals'/sinners' end (result) ."
27:70  And do not be sad/grievous on (for) them, and do not be in tightness/distress from what they cheat/deceive
27:71  And they say: "When (is) this the promise if you were truthful?"
27:72  Say: "Maybe/perhaps that some (of) what you hurry/hasten be followed closely behind , for you."
27:73  And that your Lord (is owner) of grace/favour on the people, and but most of them do not thank/be grateful
27:74  And that your Lord knows (E) what their chests (innermosts) conceal/hide and what they declare/publicize
27:75  And (there) is not from a hidden/invisible in the sky/space and the earth/Planet Earth except (it is) in a clear/evident Book
27:76  That this, the Koran , narrates/informs on (to) Israel's sons and daughters most of (what) they are in it differing/disagreeing
27:77  And that it truly is guidance and mercy to the believers
27:78  That your Lord passes judgment/orders between them with His judgment/rule, and He is the glorious/mighty , the knowledgeable
27:79  So rely/depend on God, that you are on the truth , the clear/evident
27:80  That you do not make the deads hear/listen, and you do not make the deaf hear/listen (to) the call/prayer if they turned away giving their backs
27:81  And you are not (capable) with guiding the blind/confused from their misguidance, that truly you make (to) hear/listen except who believes with Our verses/evidence/signs, so they are Moslems/submitters
27:82  And if the saying/words fell/landed on (to) them, We brought out for them a walker/creeper from the earth/Planet Earth she/it converses/talks to them , "That the people were with Our verses/evidences not being sure/certain."
27:83  And a day/time We gather from every nation a group/crowd from who denies/falsifies with Our verses/evidences , so they are being restrained/apportioned
27:84  Until when they came, and He said: "Did you lie/deny/falsify with My verses/evidences/signs, and you did not comprehend/encircle with it knowledge, (or) what that you were making/doing ."
27:85  And the saying/word fell/landed on (to) them with/because (of) what they caused injustice/oppression, so they do not speak
27:86  Do they not see/understand that We created/put the night to be tranquil/settled in it, and the daytime to see (clearly lit), that truly in that (are) evidences/signs (E) to a nation believing
27:87  And a day/time the horn/bugle be blown in, who is in the skies/space and who (is) in the earth/Planet Earth (is) frightened/panic stricken, except who God willed/wanted, and all came to Him degraded/humiliated/manipulated
27:88  And you see the mountains (that) you think/suppose it (is) hard/solid (motionless), and it passes the clouds' passage , God's making/performing , who perfected every thing, that He truly is expert/experienced with (about) what you make/do
27:89  Who came/did with the good/goodness, so for him better than it, and they from fright/terror (on) that day, (are) safe/secure
27:90  And who came/did with the sin/crime, so their faces/fronts were overturned/forced in the fire (and told): "Do/are you being rewarded/reimbursed except (for) what you were making/doing ?"
27:91  Truly I was ordered/commanded that I worship this the country's/land's/town's Lord, which He declared it respected/sacred, and for Him (is) every thing, and I was ordered/commanded that I be from the Moslems/submitters
27:92  And that I read/recite/follow the Koran, so who guided, so but , he guides for his self, and who misguided, so say: "Truly I am from the warners/givers of notice."
27:93  And say: "The praise/gratitude/thanks (is) to God, He will show you/make you understand His verses/evidences , so you know it, and your Lord is not with ignoring/neglecting about/from what you make/d