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56:1  When the great happening comes to pass.
56:2  There is no soul who will then deny its happening.
56:3  Lowering [some souls] and raising [other souls].
56:4  When the earth is shaken with a full shaking.
56:5  And the mountains are pulverized to a complete pulverization.
56:6  So that they become dust scattered all over.
56:7  And then you will become three kinds.
56:8  Then the people of the right hand;- What are the people of the right hand?
56:9  And the people of the left hand;- What are the people of the left hand?
56:10  And the foremost in rank [in the sight of Allah] are those who are foremost [in good deeds].
56:11  Those are the ones who are drawn nearest to Allah.
56:12  In the gardens of felicity.
56:13  A multitude from the former people.
56:14  And a few from the later people.
56:15  They will be on eiderdown beds.
56:16  Reclining thereupon facing one another.
56:17  Youths immortalized wait upon them.
56:18  With goblets and jars and cups [filled] from pure fountains.
56:19  They suffer no head-aches from it nor do they bleed.
56:20  And with fruits of their choice.
56:21  And with meat of birds from what they desire.
56:22  And maidens of paradise with beautiful eyes.
56:23  Like unto pearls well hidden.
56:24  Reward for that which they used to do.
56:25  They hear not therein any foul speech nor any sinful words.
56:26  Only the saying of Peace! Peace!
56:27  And the people of the right hand. What are the people of the right hand?
56:28  They are amidst Lote-trees with no thorns.
56:29  And in acacias neatly clustered.
56:30  And in shade well extended.
56:31  And in water pouring out.
56:32  And in fruits most abundant;
56:33  there is no shortage and is not forbidden.
56:34  And in beds raised up.
56:35  Truly We have created them [their spouses] a new creation.
56:36  And We made them into virgins.
56:37  Enamorous and equal in age.
56:38  For the companions of the right hand.
56:39  A multitude from the former people.
56:40  And a multitude of those of later time.
56:41  And people of the left hand;- What are the people of the left hand?
56:42  [They will be ] in pure smokeless fire and in scalding water.
56:43  And in a shade from a choking smoke;
56:44  neither cool nor gracious.
56:45  Truly they were before this in affluence.
56:46  And they used to persist on the most egregious sin.
56:47  And they used to say, “Is it that when we die and have become dust and bones are we certainly going to be raised again?
56:48  Or our forefathers?”
56:49  Say, “Truly those of the former time and those of the later time.”
56:50  Will surely be gathered together unto appointment of a day well marked.
56:51  Then truly O you who have gone astray, the beliers!
56:52  You certainly are going to eat from tree of Zaqqum.
56:53  And you are going to fill your bellies from it.
56:54  And then you are going to drink upon it from the boiling water.
56:55  And you will drink like the drinking of a wandering camel.
56:56  This will be their welcome food on the day of reckoning.
56:57  It is We who created you, will you not then testify to the truth?
56:58  Have you seen [the seed] that you discharge.
56:59  Are you the ones who create it? Or are We the one who are the creators?
56:60  It is Us who have appointed the death between you and We are not going to be outstripped.
56:61  It may be that We may change your likeness and We may create you in a form that you know not.
56:62  You did indeed know the first creation. Why then do you not remember?
56:63  Have you seen that which you sow?
56:64  Is it you who make it grow? Or are we the one who are the growers?
56:65  If We so pleased, We would have made it into chaff so that you remained wondering;
56:66  “truly we are surely left burdened with debts.
56:67  Nay! We are those who are deprived”
56:68  Have you seen the water which you drink?
56:69  Are you the ones who have brought it down from the clouds? Or are We the one who are the bringers?
56:70  If We so pleased, We could make it into bitter water. Will you not then offer gratitude?
56:71  Have you seen the fire which you kindle?
56:72  Are you the ones who made its tree to grow? Or are We the growers?
56:73  It is We who have made it a reminder and a provision for the travelers.
56:74  So glorify the name of your Lord, The All-magnificent.
56:75  Lo! I swear by the setting of the stars.
56:76  And that indeed is surely an oath most magnificent if you only know.
56:77  Truly it is surely a Quran, most gracious.
56:78  In a book well-guarded.
56:79  No one touches it except the ones who are purified.
56:80  Sent down from the Lord of the worlds.
56:81  Is this the discourse that you are taking slightly?
56:82  And you do make your provision by that you belie?
56:83  How then when it [the soul] reaches the top of the throat.
56:84  While you at that moment look on [helplessly].
56:85  And it is We who are closer to him than you but you do not see.
56:86  If only you were not under obligation [unto Us].
56:87  You can bring it back if you are truthful.
56:88  Thus if he is of those drawn near [unto Allah].
56:89  Thereupon for him is breath of life and a fragrance and a garden of felicity.
56:90  And if he is of the people of the right hand.
56:91  Then, “For you is peace from the people of the right hand.”
56:92  But if he is of those who belied and have gone astray.
56:93  Then a welcome food from the boiling water.
56:94  And burning in the hellfire.
56:95  Truly this certainly is the truth of the certitude.
56:96  So glorify the name of your Lord, The Most-magnificent.