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56:1  When the Inevitability takes place.
56:2  There will be no denying its occurrence.
56:3  Lowering, elevating.
56:4  When the earth is violently shaken.
56:5  And the mountains are reduced to fine dust.
56:6  Becoming dispersed dust.
56:7  You will be sorted into three categories.
56:8  Those on the Right—what of those on the Right?
56:9  And those on the Left—what of those on the Left?
56:10  And the forerunners, the foremost.
56:11  Those drawn near.
56:12  In the Gardens of Bliss.
56:13  A multitude from the earliest generations.
56:14  And a few from the later ones.
56:15  Upon ornate thrones.
56:16  Facing each other.
56:17  Eternalized youths will circulate among them.
56:18  With pitchers and cups filled with a crystal-clear drink.
56:19  Which neither induces headaches nor intoxication.
56:20  And fruits of whatever they choose.
56:21  And the meat of birds that they crave.
56:22  And beautiful companions.
56:23  Resembling pristine pearls.
56:24  As a reward for what they used to do.
56:25  There, they will hear no idle or sinful speech.
56:26  Only the words: “Peace, Peace.”
56:27  And those on the Right—what of those on the Right?
56:28  Amidst lush gardens.
56:29  And blooming, fragrant flowers.
56:30  Under vast, plentiful shades.
56:31  With abundant poured out water.
56:32  And an abundance of fruit.
56:33  Unending and unrestricted.
56:34  And elevated mattresses.
56:35  We created them uniquely.
56:36  And made them virginal and pure.
56:37  Loving and of equal age.
56:38  For those on the Right.
56:39  A multitude from the earliest generations.
56:40  And a multitude from the later ones.
56:41  And those on the Left—what of those on the Left?
56:42  In scorching winds and scalding water.
56:43  Under the shadow of dense, black smoke.
56:44  Neither cool nor refreshing.
56:45  They were indulged in luxury before that.
56:46  And they persisted in immense wrongdoing.
56:47  And they used to say, “After we die and become dust and bones, will we be resurrected?
56:48  And our ancestors as well?”
56:49  Say, “Certainly, both the first and the last.
56:50  Will be gathered together for the appointed time on a predetermined day.”
56:51  Then you, O misguided deniers.
56:52  Will eat from the Tree of Bitterness.
56:53  You will fill your bellies with it.
56:54  Then, on top of it, you will drink boiling fluids.
56:55  Drinking as parched camels do.
56:56  This is their hospitality on the Day of Reckoning.
56:57  We created you; if only you would believe.
56:58  Did you observe what you ejaculate?
56:59  Is it you who creates it, or are We the Creator?
56:60  We decreed death among you, and We won’t be outdone.
56:61  In replacing you with others like you, and evolving you into forms beyond your comprehension.
56:62  You are familiar with the first formation; why, then, don’t you reflect?
56:63  Did you see the crops you cultivate?
56:64  Is it you who make them grow, or are We the Grower?
56:65  If We willed, We could turn them into chaff, leaving you to lament.
56:66  “We are indebted.
56:67  We are deprived.”
56:68  Did you see the water that you drink?
56:69  Is it you who bring it down from the clouds, or are We the Sender?
56:70  If We willed, We could make it bitter; why, then, don’t you give thanks?
56:71  Did you see the fire that you kindle?
56:72  Is it you who produce its tree, or are We the Producer?
56:73  We made it a reminder and a vital resource for the users.
56:74  So, glorify the name of your Lord, the Most Great.
56:75  I swear by the positions of the stars.
56:76  It is a most significant oath, if you only knew.
56:77  It is a noble Quran.
56:78  In a well-protected Book.
56:79  Which none touch except the purified.
56:80  A revelation from the Lord of the universes.
56:81  Do you take this message lightly?
56:82  And make its denial your livelihood?
56:83  Then why, when it reaches the throat?
56:84  And you are intently watching at that moment.
56:85  We are closer to it than you are, yet you don’t perceive.
56:86  If you’re not to be held accountable.
56:87  Then bring it back, if what you say is true.
56:88  If the person is one of those drawn near.
56:89  Then pleasure, fragrance, and a Garden of Delight.
56:90  And if he is among those of the Right.
56:91  Then, “Peace to you,” from those of the Right.
56:92  And if he is among the deniers, the misguided.
56:93  Then hospitality of scalding water.
56:94  And burning in Hellfire.
56:95  This is the absolute truth.
56:96  So, glorify the name of your Lord, the Great.