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56:1  When the event happens.
56:2  There is no denying its happening.
56:3  Subduing, elevating.
56:4  When the earth trembles.
56:5  And the mountains crumble.
56:6  And are like scattered dust.
56:7  And you will be three types.
56:8  So the companions on the right, who are the companions on the right?
56:9  And the companions on the left, who are the companions on the left?
56:10  And those going ahead, they go ahead.
56:11  They are the ones brought close.
56:12  In gardens of blessings.
56:13  A multitude of the early ones.
56:14  And a few of the later ones.
56:15  On decorated couches.
56:16  They recline on them facing each other.
56:17  Eternal youths wait on them.
56:18  With tumblers and glasses and cups of flowing beverage.
56:19  They will not get a headache from it nor be drained by it.
56:20  And fruit of their choosing.
56:21  And meat of birds they desire.
56:22  And women of rare beauty.
56:23  Like hidden pearls.
56:24  A reward for what they used to do.
56:25  They will hear neither idle nor sinful talk.
56:26  Only the saying: peace, peace.
56:27  And the companions on the right, who are the companions on the right?
56:28  Amongst cedar trees without thorns.
56:29  And layered banana plants.
56:30  And extensive shade.
56:31  And flowing water.
56:32  And plenty of fruit.
56:33  Neither in short supply nor forbidden.
56:34  And raised cushions.
56:35  We recreated them.
56:36  And made them virgins.
56:37  Loving and young.
56:38  For the companions on the right.
56:39  A multitude of the early ones.
56:40  And a multitude of the later ones.
56:41  And the companions on the left, who are the companions on the left?
56:42  In scorching heat and boiling water.
56:43  And shaded by black smoke.
56:44  Neither cool nor gentle.
56:45  For they were affluent before.
56:46  And persisted in great sin.
56:47  And said: when we have died and are dust and bones, are we going to be raised again?
56:48  Or our forefathers?
56:49  Say: the early ones and the late ones,
56:50  They will be gathered for an appointment on a specified day.
56:51  Then, oh you stray deniers,
56:52  You will eat from the tree of Zaqqum.
56:53  And fill your bellies with it.
56:54  And drink boiling water after it.
56:55  And drink mad with thirst.
56:56  This is their share on the day of repayment.
56:57  We created you, so why don´t you confirm it?
56:58  Have you considered your issue?
56:59  Do you create it, or are We the creators?
56:60  We apportion death amongst you, and We will not be stopped,
56:61  To replace you with the like of you and bring you into an existence you don´t know.
56:62  And you know about the first creation, so why don´t you reflect.
56:63  Have you considered your harvest?
56:64  Do you grow the seed, or do We grow it?
56:65  If We pleased, We could make it crumble, so you would be left exclaiming:
56:66  We are broke.
56:67  No, we are destitute.
56:68  Have you considered your drinking water?
56:69  Do you send it down from the rain clouds, or do We send it down?
56:70  If We pleased We could make it brackish, so why are you not grateful?
56:71  Have you considered the fire you kindle?
56:72  Did you create its trees, or did We create them?
56:73  We made it a reminder and a comfort for the weary.
56:74  So glorify the name of your mighty Lord.
56:75  But I swear by the locations of the stars,
56:76  And this is a mighty oath, if you knew:
56:77  This is a distinguished reading (Qur´an).
56:78  In a preserved book.
56:79  Only the pure touch it.
56:80  A revelation from the Lord of all worlds.
56:81  Do you reject this statement?
56:82  And repay your provision with denial?
56:83  So why, when it (the soul of a dying person) reaches the throat,
56:84  And you look on,
56:85  And We are closer to him than you, but you don´t see,
56:86  Why, if you are not accountable,
56:87  Don´t you bring it back, if you are truthful?
56:88  So if he was of those brought close,
56:89  Then it is rest and provision and a blessed garden.
56:90  And if he was of the companions on the right,
56:91  Then it is "peace with you" from the companions on the right.
56:92  And if he was of the deniers gone astray,
56:93  Then it is a gift of boiling water,
56:94  And entry to hell.
56:95  For this is the certain truth.
56:96  So glorify the name of your mighty Lord.