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56:1  When the Inevitable (the Day of Resurrection) arrives
56:2  no one will deny its happening,
56:3  humbling, exalting!
56:4  The earth will be rocked with a jolt
56:5  and the mountains crumble to pieces
56:6  and become dust that is scattered about.
56:7  You will form three groups:
56:8  the Companions on the Right (What do the Companions on the Right [mean]?);
56:9  the Companions on the Left (What do the Companions on the Unlucky side [mean]?);
56:10  and the Pioneers will be out there leading!
56:11  Those will be the nearest
56:12  in gardens of bliss,
56:13  a multitude from early men
56:14  and a few from later ones
56:15  on couches set close together,
56:16  leaning back on them, facing one another.
56:17  Immortal youths will stroll around them
56:18  with glasses, pitchers, and a cup from a fountain
56:19  which will not upset them nor dull their senses;
56:20  and any fruit that they may choose,
56:21  and the meat from any fowl they may desire;
56:22  and bright-eyed damsels [chaste]
56:23  just like treasured pearls,
56:24  as a reward for what they have been doing.
56:25  They will not hear any idle talk there nor any fault-finding,
56:26  merely people saying: "Peace! Peace!"
56:27  The Companions on the Right- how [fortunate] the Companions on the Right!
56:28  [They will be] among lote trees trimmed of their thorns,
56:29  and bananas piled bunch on bunch,
56:30  with their shade spread out,
56:31  water pouring forth,
56:32  and plenty of fruit
56:33  which is neither rationed nor forbidden,
56:34  and padded furniture raised [off the floor]. The Inevitable Part 27 535
56:35  We have produced special women
56:36  and made them (ever) virgins,
56:37  easy to get along with and of their same age,
56:38  for the Companions on the Right,
56:39  a multitude from early men
56:40  as well as a multitude from later ones. (II)
56:41  The Companions on the Unlucky side, how [misfortunate] the Companions on the Left!
56:42  In a scorching wind, scalding water,
56:43  and the shade of pitch-black smoke,
56:44  which is neither cool nor refreshing.
56:45  They had been luxuriating before that happened
56:46  and persisted in awesome blasphemy,
56:47  and kept on saying: 'When we have died and become dust and bones, will we be raised up again?
56:48  Along with our earliest forefathers?"
56:49  SAY: "The earlier and the later ones
56:50  will be gathered together for an appointment on a well-known day.
56:51  Then you mistaken rejectors
56:52  will be eating something from the Infernal Tree,
56:53  filling (your) bellies with it
56:54  and drinking scalding water in addition,
56:55  lapping it up, the way thirsty [camels] drink."
56:56  Such will be their fare on the Day for Repayment!
56:57  We created you, if you would only acknowledge it.
56:58  Have you ever considered what you emit [of semen]?
56:59  Did you create it, or are We its Creators?
56:60  We have ordained death for (all of) you; no one will get ahead to prevent Us
56:61  from changing your attributes, and transforming you into something you would never recognize.
56:62  You know about the first creation, if you will only recall it.
56:63  Have you considered what you plant as crops?
56:64  Do you farm it or are We the Farmers?
56:65  If We so wished, We would turn it into chaff so you would do nothing but exclaim:
56:66  "We are debt-ridden;
56:67  in fact, we are destitute!"
56:68  Have you ever considered the water you drink?
56:69  Do you pour down from the
56:70  If We so wished, We might make it brackish. If you would only act grateful!
56:71  Have you considered the Fire you kindle?
56:72  Are you the ones who grow its trees [for firewood] or are We their Growers?
56:73  We have granted it as a Reminder and enjoyment for those living in the wilderness. [or travel]
56:74  So celebrate your Lord's almighty name!
56:75  Yet I swear by the stars' positions
56:76  (it is a serious oath, if you only knew it!)
56:77  that it is a Noble Quran
56:78  [kept] as a treasured Book
56:79  which none but the purified may touch,
56:80  something sent down by the Lord of the Universe.
56:81  Are you (all) trying to dodge this report?
56:82  You reject it in return of [Allah’s(God’s)] giving you means of livelihood!
56:83  Why [you can] not [do anything] -when [your soul] leaps to your throat [at death]
56:84  and you are then observing,
56:85  (We are even Nearer to it than you are, even though you do not notice it)-
56:86  provided you are not under any obligation,
56:87  return [the soul] back if you are truthful...!
56:88  Thus if he is one of those who are drawn close [to Allah(God)]
56:89  [he will have] contentment, fragrance, and a garden of bliss-
56:90  while if he is one of the Companions on the Right:
56:91  "Peace be on you" [will be the greeting) from the Companions on the Right.
56:92  However if he is one of the mistaken rejectors
56:93  a welcome of scalding water
56:94  plus a roasting in Hades [will await him].
56:95  This is the absolute Truth;
56:96  So celebrate our Lord's almighty name!