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56:1  When the Inevitable Event happens,
56:2  no one will be a denier.
56:3  Some will be humiliated, others honoured.
56:4  When the Earth trembles violently,
56:5  the mountains will crumble
56:6  and become scattered dust.
56:7  That Day you will be sorted out into three lots:
56:8  first will be people of the right hand; how wonderful will be those of the right hand!
56:9  Second will be people of the left hand; how wretched will be those of the left hand!
56:10  And third will be in the first rank, the foremost;
56:11  closest to Allah.
56:12  They will enjoy the delights of Paradise.
56:13  Many from the earlier generations,
56:14  but a few from the later generations
56:15  Resting on couches decked with jewels,
56:16  they will enjoy each other’s company face to face.
56:17  Served by young people of timeless youth
56:18  carrying glasses and jugs full of the purest wine,
56:19  which doesn’t give headache nor drunkenness,
56:20  they will choose to eat fruit of all kinds
56:21  and relish roasted bird’s meat.
56:22  Their spouses will be beautiful,
56:23  like hidden pearls.
56:24  A reward for what they used to do.
56:25  They will hear neither idle talk, nor sinful conversation,
56:26  only the greetings of peace
56:27  And the people of the right hand, how wonderful are the people of the right hand,
56:28  living among thornless cedar trees,
56:29  bunches of bananas,
56:30  widely-spread cool shade,
56:31  water fountains,
56:32  lots of fruit
56:33  never ending, never out of reach.
56:34  They will have the most beautiful partners
56:35  We especially created for them,
56:36  made them virgins,
56:37  passionately loving and young –
56:38  especially for the people of the right-hand.
56:39  Many from the earlier generations,
56:40  and many from later generations
56:41  The people of the left hand, how wretched will be those of the left hand.
56:42  They will be living in surroundings of scorching winds and boiling water
56:43  in the shadow of dark smoke,
56:44  neither cool nor comforting.
56:45  In the past life they lived in luxury,
56:46  and kept committing the grave sin of idolatry.
56:47  And said, “What, when we are dead and turned to dust and bones, will we be resurrected?
56:48  And our forefathers too?”
56:49  Tell them: “Those of the past and the later generations
56:50  will be gathered together at a fixed time on a known Day.
56:51  Then, you the misled and the deniers,
56:52  you will be forced to eat fruit from the Zaqqum tree,
56:53  filling your bellies with it,
56:54  forced to drink boiling water,
56:55  you’ll drink it like thirsty camels.”
56:56  This is their hospitality, on Judgement Day
56:57  We created you, why don’t you accept this?
56:58  Haven’t you considered the semen you emit?
56:59  Did you create it yourselves, or are We its Creator?
56:60  We decreed, death will surround you, and nothing can stop Us
56:61  from changing you and recreating you anew, something you don’t know.
56:62  Since you know well your first creation in the mother’s womb, why don’t you pay attention?
56:63  Haven’t you considered what you sow?
56:64  Do you make it grow, or are We its growers?
56:65  If We wanted, We could have turned it into a stubble after harvest, and you would be left to wonder:
56:66  “Why are we debtors!
56:67  No, in fact we have been robbed.”
56:68  Haven’t you considered the water that you drink?
56:69  Do you send the rain from clouds or are We the senders?
56:70  If We wanted we could make it bitter, so why don’t you thank Allah?
56:71  Have you considered the fire you light?
56:72  Did you make the wood or are We its makers?
56:73  We made fire a reminder of Hell and a beneficial thing for the traveller.
56:74  So glorify the Name of your Mighty Lord
56:75  I swear by the positions of the stars,
56:76  if only you knew, this is indeed a mighty oath.
56:77  Indeed this is a Majestic Quran,
56:78  stored in a hidden Book;
56:79  only the clean ones can touch it.
56:80  A Revelation from the Lord of the worlds.
56:81  So how can you disrespect Scripture like this?
56:82  And from its blessings all you could receive is denying it?
56:83  Why, then, when a dying person’s last breath comes to the throat, you can’t return it?
56:84  You watch helplessly?
56:85  Though We are closer to him than you, though you can’t see.
56:86  Why do you think that you are not dependent on Us?
56:87  If you are truthful, why can’t you cause that ebbing life to return
56:88  So the dying person if they were from the closest to Allah,
56:89  they shall be comfortable in fragrant and blissful Paradise.
56:90  And if they are from the people of the right hand,
56:91  they shall be greeted with: “Peace be with you from people of the right hand.”
56:92  But if they happen to be one of the deniers, misguided,
56:93  their welcome will be boiling water,
56:94  a blazing fire of Hell!
56:95  This is the convincing truth,
56:96  Messenger; glorify the Name of Your Mighty Lord