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56:1  When the event happens,
56:2  and its happening is not false,
56:3  it is lowering and elevating (humiliating and honoring).
56:4  When the earth is violently shaken,
56:5  and the mountains are totally disintegrated
56:6  and become scattered dust.
56:7  You will be three types.
56:8  The associates of happiness (the fortunate people). Who are the fortunate people?
56:9  The associates of misery (the unfortunate people). Who are the unfortunate people?
56:10  And the pioneers (in devotion) are the pioneers (in the Hereafter),
56:11  they are the close ones (to God),
56:12  in gardens of delight,
56:13  a large number of the earlier ones
56:14  and a few from the later ones.
56:15  On sofas lavishly inlaid (with jewels and gold),
56:16  reclining on them, facing each other.
56:17  Immortal youths circulate among them,
56:18  with drinking glasses and jugs and cups of spring water.
56:19  They do not get headache and do not get exhausted (or intoxicated) from it.
56:20  And (there will be) whatever fruits they choose,
56:21  and whatever meat of birds they desire,
56:22  and beautiful (spouses) with gorgeous eyes
56:23  like the hidden pearls (inside the shell),
56:24  as a reward for what they used to do.
56:25  They do not hear useless or sinful (talk) in there,
56:26  except saying of peace (and well-being), peace (and well-being).
56:27  And the associates of the right hand (the fortunate), who are the fortunate?
56:28  Among thorn free Lote (Sidra) tree,
56:29  and banana trees piled up (with fruits),
56:30  and extended shade,
56:31  and flowing water,
56:32  and plenty of fruits,
56:33  not ending and not forbidden.
56:34  And dignified spouses
56:35  whom We created them perfectly,
56:36  and We made them virgins,
56:37  devoted (and loving), of equal age
56:38  for associates of the right hand (the fortunate),
56:39  a large number of the earlier ones
56:40  and a large number of the later ones.
56:41  And associates of the left hand (the unfortunate), who are the unfortunate?
56:42  In scorching wind and boiling water,
56:43  and shade of thick (black) smoke,
56:44  not cool and not nice.
56:45  Indeed, they were rich (and wealthy) before this,
56:46  and they insisted on the great sin,
56:47  and they used to say: “Will we be raised when we die and become dust and bones?
56:48  Or our forefathers?”
56:49  Say: “Indeed the earlier ones and the later ones
56:50  are certainly collected at an appointment of a known day.
56:51  Then indeed you, the misguided deniers,
56:52  are certainly eaters of the Zaqqum tree,
56:53  filling the stomachs from it,
56:54  then drinking boiling water over it,
56:55  and drinking as thirsty camels drink.”
56:56  This is their reception on the Judgment Day.
56:57  We created you, so why do you not acknowledge?
56:58  Have you considered what you ejaculate?
56:59  Do you create it or are We the creators?
56:60  We mandated death among you, and We will not be surpassed
56:61  in replacing (you with) the likes of you and producing you in (a form/condition) that you do not know.
56:62  You certainly know about the first creation, so why do you not take notice?
56:63  Have you considered what you plant?
56:64  Do you grow it, or are We the growers?
56:65  If We want, We will make it into broken pieces, and leave you wondering
56:66  (saying:) “We certainly suffered losses,
56:67  no, but we have been deprived.”
56:68  Have you considered the water that you drink?
56:69  Did you send it down from the cloud, or are We the senders?
56:70  If We want, We will make it bitter (and salty), so why are you not thankful?
56:71  Have you considered the fire that you light?
56:72  Did you make its tree, or are We the makers?
56:73  We made it a reminder and a provision for those living/traveling in the desert.
56:74  So, glorify the name of your great Lord.
56:75  So, I swear by positions of the stars,
56:76  and it is a great oath if you knew,
56:77  indeed, this is a noble Quran
56:78  in a concealed book,
56:79  none touches it except the purified ones (the angels),
56:80  a revelation from the Lord of humankind.
56:81  Do you take this saying lightly,
56:82  and you make it your livelihood to deny it?
56:83  So, why not when it (someone’s soul) reaches the throat
56:84  and you are watching at that moment,
56:85  while We are closer to him than you, but you do not see,
56:86  then why not, if you are not obligated (by your deeds),
56:87  you return it (the soul to the body), if you are truthful?
56:88  But if he is one of the close ones (to God),
56:89  then ease and comfort and gardens of delight (are for him).
56:90  And if he is among associates of the right hand (the fortunate),
56:91  then peace (and well-being) to you from associates of the right hand.
56:92  And if he is among the misguided deniers,
56:93  then a reception of boiling water,
56:94  and entering (and burning in) hellfire (is for him).
56:95  And this is indeed the sure truth.
56:96  So, glorify the name of your great Lord.