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56:1  When the Inevitable [the Hour i.e. the time when the present world will end and the Hereafter begin] happen
56:2  None would there be to deny its happening —
56:3  That will make those down (dead and buried in the dust) rise up
56:4  When the earth will be shaken with a [terrible] shak
56:5  And the mountains will be crumbled with an [awful] crumbling
56:6  And become scattered dus
56:7  And you shall be [divided] into three categorie
56:8  Then those on the right (righteous people) — how will those on the right be
56:9  And those on the left (unrighteous people) — how will those on the left be
56:10  And those in the front — those will be in the front
56:11  Those will be the near ones (near to their Lord)
56:12  In the Gardens of Bliss
56:13  Many from the earlier people
56:14  And a few from later times
56:15  On couches embedded with gold and precious stone
56:16  Reclining on them, face to face one with anothe
56:17  Ageless youths serving the
56:18  [Serving] with vessels, jugs and a bowl of a pure original drin
56:19  They will not have a headache or will get drunk therewi
56:20  And [they will also be served] with [a variety of] fruits to choose fro
56:21  And with meat of any fowl they desir
56:22  And [there will be] Houris with beautiful eye
56:23  [The eyes] like pearls hidden in their shell
56:24  All this theirs as a reward for what they di
56:25  No idle talk will they hear there, nor any sinful speech
56:26  All talk being of good and peace
56:27  And those people on the Right — how will those people on the Right be
56:28  They shall be in the midst of trees [with fruit-bearing branches] bent dow
56:29  And banana plants growing layers of frui
56:30  And extended shad
56:31  And running wate
56:32  And fruits abundan
56:33  Inexhaustive and unforbidde
56:34  And they shall be [comfortably seated on] raised couches
56:35  We shall indeed have created them [female companions] into a new creatio
56:36  And so shall have made them afre
56:37  Loving and of same age grou
56:38  For the People on the Righ
56:39  Many [of them will be] from the earlier people
56:40  And many from later times
56:41  And those People on the Left — how will those People on the Left be
56:42  In hot wind and boiling wate
56:43  And under the shadow of black smok
56:44  Neither cool nor soothin
56:45  They had indeed been in luxury befor
56:46  And they had persisted in the Great Retractio
56:47  And they used to say, "Once we are dead and are reduced to dust and bones, shall we then be raised to a new life!?"
56:48  "And our fore-fathers too!?"
56:49  Tell them, "Indeed all — the forefathers as also the later generations!"
56:50  "They shall all be brought together on an appointed Day."
56:51  Then you — those gone astray and those that denied the Truth —
56:52  You shall all eat from the Tree of Zaqqu
56:53  And you shall fill your bellies with it
56:54  And then you shall drink boiling water thereupo
56:55  And drink it as thirsty camels do
56:56  This shall be their welcome drink on the Day of Judgment
56:57  We have created you, so why do you not accept the Truth
56:58  Do you see what you ejaculate
56:59  Are you its creator, or are We
56:60  We determine when and where any of you die and nothing can hinder U
56:61  From replacing you by others like yourselves, or from transforming you into beings you know nothing about
56:62  And you are well aware how you were brought into being the first time. Why, then, do you not sing the Creator's praises
56:63  Do you see what you sow
56:64  Do you cause it [seed] to grow or do We
56:65  If We so wished, We could have reduced your harvest to rubble, and you would have been left exclaiming
56:66  "We are certainly indeed ruined!"
56:67  "Nay; we are dispossessed!"
56:68  Have you seen the water that you drink
56:69  Do you send it down from the rain cloud or do We
56:70  Had We so willed, We could have made it bitter. So why are you not grateful
56:71  Do you see the fire that you kindle
56:72  Do you make the tree — which provided you with the firewood — grow, or do We
56:73  We made it for a wayfarer in the desert to remember Allah [thereunder] and to get rest and refreshment
56:74  Chant, then, the name of your Lord, the Almighty
56:75  Then why should I [Allah] not swear by the existence of the [innumerable] stars [in the sky]
56:76  — And it is indeed a mighty oath, if only you knew —h
56:77  That this certainly indeed is a noble Qurաa
56:78  In a Book, well-preserve
56:79  None but the pure touch i
56:80  A bestowal from the Lord of the Worlds
56:81  Do you, then, take this Hadeeth [Qur'aan] of such nobility lightly
56:82  And you have made denouncing it [Qur'aan] as false, your bread and butter
56:83  Why not then, when the last breath [of a dying man] comes up to the throat
56:84  And you are at that time watching [helplessly
56:85  And We are closer to him than you, and you do not see (Us
56:86  Then if you are not to be brought to Judgment
56:87  [Why not then] you bring that [dead body] back to life if you are right
56:88  So if he is one of those near [to Allah
56:89  Then peace of mind and aromatic plants and Gardens of Bliss [are all his]
56:90  And if he is one of the People on the Righ
56:91  Then, "Peace to you" from the [other] Members of the Right
56:92  And if he is one of those who deny [the Truth of this Message) and go astra
56:93  Then boiling water is his welcome drin
56:94  And scorching heat of the Fire [greets him]
56:95  That indeed is the Absolute Truth
56:96  Chant, then, the name of your Lord, the Almighty