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56:1  When the Event inevitable shall come to pass.
56:2  Then there shall be no room for any one to deny its happening.
56:3  Bringing low to someone and exalting to some.
56:4  When the earth shall tremble with severe shaking.
56:5  And the mountains shall be broken to pieces completely smashed.
56:6  And will become like thin particles of dust scattered in the sunshine of the ventilator.
56:7  And you shall become three kinds.
56:8  Then those on the right side how are those on the right side?
56:9  And those on the left side how are those on the left side
56:10  And those who took the lead they have already taken the lead.
56:11  They are the favorite trusted persons.
56:12  In the gardens of comfort.
56:13  A group from among the former ones.
56:14  And a few from among the later ones.
56:15  They shall be on thrones studded with diamonds and pearls.
56:16  Reclining on them facing each other.
56:17  Abiding youths shall go round them carrying.
56:18  Goblets and ewers and cups with flowing drink before sight.
56:19  Where from they will have neither headache nor any unconsciousness.
56:20  And fruits that they like
56:21  And the flesh of birds as they desire.
56:22  And fair maidens with wide eyes.
56:23  Like preserved, hidden pearls.
56:24  The recompense for their doings.
56:25  They shall not hear therein any vain or any sinful talk.
56:26  Yes, this will be their saying peace, peace.
56:27  And those on the right side, how are those on the right side?
56:28  In the midst of thorn-less berry trees.
56:29  And clusters of bananas.
56:30  And abiding shade
56:31  And ever flowing water.
56:32  And fruits abundants.
56:33  Neither ending, nor for bidden.
56:34  And raised couches.
56:35  Undoubtedly, We made those women grow with good growth.
56:36  And made them virgins.
56:37  Loving to their husbands, attracting them, of equal age.
56:38  For those on the right side.
56:39  A group from amongst the former ones.
56:40  And a group from amongst the later ones
56:41  And those on the left side,
56:42  How are those on the left side?
56:43  In the midst of scorching winds and boiling waters.
56:44  And the shadow of burning smokes.
56:45  Which is neither cool nor Honourable.
56:46  Verily before this, they were at ease.
56:47  And used to say, what! When we are dead and become dust and bones, shall we necessarily be raised up?
56:48  And what! Our former fathers too?
56:49  Say. 'Surely, all former ones and later ones.
56:50  Shall necessarily be gathered to the appointed time of a known Day
56:51  Then, verily, O you the misguided ones, the beliers.
56:52  Shall surely eat of the tree of Zaqqum (Cactus).
56:53  And fill your belies there will,
56:54  And again you will drink thereon of boiling water.
56:55  Then you will drink as thirsty camel's drink.
56:56  This is their entertainment on the Day of judgement.
56:57  We have created you, why then, you do not accept the truth?
56:58  So look you, the sperm drop that you emit.
56:59  Do you make human being of it or We are the Maker?
56:60  We have fixed death among you; and We are not to be outstripped by this
56:61  That We may exchange the likes of you, and may fashion your faces in a manner, which you know not.
56:62  Undoubtedly, you have already known the first growth, why then, do you not reflect?
56:63  Tell you then, what you sow?
56:64  Do you make crop of it or We are the Grower?
56:65  If We willed, We might trample it into pieces then you would remain lamenting.
56:66  That we are indebted,
56:67  Rather we remained deprived altogether.
56:68  Tell you then, the water you drink.
56:69  Did you send it down from the clouds, or We are the Sender?
56:70  If We willed, We might make it bitter, what! Then, are you not grateful?
56:71  Tell you then, the fire you kindle.
56:72  Did you produce the tree thereof or We are the Producer?
56:73  We made it a reminder of the Hell and a benefit for the wayfarers in the forest.
56:74  Therefore O beloved! Glorify the name of your Lord the Magnificent
56:75  Then I swear by the places where the stars set.
56:76  And if you know that is mighty oath.
56:77  Undoubtedly, this is an Honourable Quran.
56:78  In a well preserved Book
56:79  Touch it not but with ablution.
56:80  It is a sending down from the Lord of all Being.
56:81  Do you then, show idleness in this statement?
56:82  And do you keep for you this share that you belie?
56:83  Why then it was not when the soul reaches to the throat.
56:84  And you are at that time looking on.
56:85  And We are near to it than you, but you have no sight.
56:86  Why then it was not, if you are not to be requited,
56:87  That you may send it back if you are truthful?
56:88  Then if the person dying is of the near ones,
56:89  For him is the comfort and flower and a garden of delight.
56:90  And if he be of those on the right side,
56:91  Then O beloved, peace is upon you from those on the right side.
56:92  And if he be of the beliers, the misguided,
56:93  Then his entertainment is the boiling water.
56:94  And the thrusting into the blazing fire.
56:95  Undoubtedly, this is the truth of certainty.
56:96  Therefore O beloved', glorify the name of your Lord the Magnificent