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56:1  WHEN WHAT IS to happen comes to pass -
56:2  Which is bound to happen undoubtedly -
56:3  Degrading (some) and exalting (others)
56:4  When the earth is shaken up convulsively
56:5  The mountains bruised and crushed
56:6  Turned to dust, floating in the air
56:7  You will become three categories
56:8  Those of the right hand -- how (happy) will be those of the right hand
56:9  Then those of the left hand -- how (unhappy) will be those of the left hand
56:10  Then the foremost, how pre-excellent
56:11  Who will be honoure
56:12  In gardens of tranquility
56:13  A number of the earlier peoples
56:14  And a few of later ages
56:15  On couches wrought of gold
56:16  Reclining face to face
56:17  Youths of never-ending bloom will pass round to the
56:18  Cups and decanters, beakers full of sparkling wine
56:19  Unheady, uninebriating
56:20  And such fruits as they fancy
56:21  Bird meats that they relish
56:22  And companions with big beautiful eye
56:23  Like pearls within their shells
56:24  As recompense for all they had done
56:25  They will hear no nonsense there or talk of sin
56:26  Other than "Peace, peace" the salutation
56:27  As for those of the right hand -- how (happy) those of the right hand -
56:28  They will be in (the shade) of thornless lot
56:29  And acacia covered with heaps of bloom
56:30  Lengthened shadows
56:31  Gushing water
56:32  And fruits numberless
56:33  Unending, unforbidden
56:34  And maidens incomparable
56:35  We have formed them in a distinctive fashion
56:36  And made them virginal
56:37  Loving companions matched in age
56:38  For those of the right hand
56:39  A crowd of earlier generation
56:40  And a crowd of the later
56:41  But those of the left hand -- how (unhappy) those of the left hand -
56:42  Will be in the scorching wind and boiling water
56:43  Under the shadow of thick black smok
56:44  Neither cool nor agreeable
56:45  They were endowed with good thing
56:46  But persisted in that greater sin
56:47  And said: "What! When we are dead and turned to dust and bones, shall we then be raised again
56:48  And so will our fathers?"
56:49  Say: "Indeed, the earlier and the later generation
56:50  Will be gathered together on a certain day which is predetermined
56:51  Then you, the erring and the deniers
56:52  Will eat of the tree of Zaqqum
56:53  Fill your bellies with it
56:54  And drink over it scalding water
56:55  Lapping it up like female camels raging of thirst with disease."
56:56  Such will be their welcome on the Day of Judgement
56:57  It is He who created you, then why do you not affirm the truth
56:58  Just consider (the semen) that you emit
56:59  Do you create it, or We are its creator
56:60  We have incorporated death in your constitution, and We shall not be hindere
56:61  From replacing you with others or raising you in a way you do not know
56:62  You have known the first creation, then why do you not reflect
56:63  Just ponder over what you sow
56:64  Do you give it its increase, or are We the giver
56:65  We could turn it, if We pleased, into straw; then you would rue the day
56:66  (And say:) "We have fallen into debt
56:67  Indeed, we have been deprived of the fruits of our labour."
56:68  Consider the water that you drink
56:69  Do you send it down from the clouds, or We send it down
56:70  We could make it brackish, if We pleased; so why do you not acknowledge thanks
56:71  Consider the fire that you strike (and get by friction)
56:72  Have you raised its tree, or We have raised it
56:73  We have made it as a reminder and convenience for the needy
56:74  So glorify your Lord, the most supreme
56:75  So I call the placement of the stars to witness -
56:76  And this surely is great evidence if you can understand -
56:77  That this is indeed the glorious Qur'a
56:78  (Inscribed) in the well-kept Book
56:79  Only they can reach it who are clean (of mind)
56:80  It has been revealed by the Lord of all the worlds
56:81  Then why do you dissimulate this Revelation
56:82  You live by calling it a lie
56:83  Then how is it that when the (dying) breath is withdrawn into the throat (and rattles)
56:84  And you wait for the moment (of death)
56:85  We are closer to him than you, even though you cannot see
56:86  Then why, if you are not indebted (to Us for life)
56:87  Can you not bring him back? (Answer) if you are truthfu
56:88  Then, if he is one of the honoured
56:89  There will be peace and plenty, and gardens of tranquility for him
56:90  If he is of those of the right hand
56:91  There will be the salutation by those of the right hand: "Peace on you
56:92  But if he is of the deniers and the errants
56:93  The welcome will be boiling wate
56:94  And the roasting in Hell
56:95  This is indeed the ultimate truth
56:96  Then praise your Lord, the most supreme