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56:1  When the Inevitable Episode unfolds
56:2  None could, then, deny its unfolding
56:3  Lowering some, raising others, the Great Equalizer
56:4  When the land is shaken with a shaking (popular uprising)
56:5  And the tyrannical powers crumble
56:6  So that they scatter like sand in a sandstorm. (20:105), (28:20), (77:10), (81:3)
56:7  Then, you shall be three kinds
56:8  So, (firstly) the blessed ones. Oh, how wonderful are the blessed ones! ('Yumn' = Blessing = Bliss = Grace = Right side = Right action (19:52), (28:30), (56:27))
56:9  And (secondly) the unblessed ones. Ah, how unfortunate are the unblessed ones! ('Mash'amah, from 'Shimal' = Unblessed = Left side = Wrong action (18:17), (56:41), (69:25))
56:10  And (thirdly) the foremost are the foremost! (Those who led the race in doing good (55:63), (57:10))
56:11  They are the ones near (to their Lord), in both lives
56:12  In Gardens of Delight
56:13  A good many of those who led in goodness
56:14  And some of those who trailed after them
56:15  On decorated thrones
56:16  Reclining thereon, socializing
56:17  Their children immortal, playful around them. (13:23), (52:21-24), (76:19)
56:18  With goblets, glistening beakers, and sparkling drinks
56:19  Wherefrom they get no headache nor beclouding of mind. (37:47)
56:20  And fruit of their choice
56:21  The supreme delicacies of life
56:22  And lovely, intelligent spouses of vision. (55:72
56:23  Like unto pearls well-guarded, far from vice
56:24  A reward for what they used to do
56:25  No vain talk will they hear therein, nor any call restraining from further development. ('Ithm' = Word or action that restrains, drags down or hurts human potential)
56:26  Nothing but the greeting and tiding of Peace! (And in the earthly paradise individuals contribute toward peace and security of the society)
56:27  And the blessed ones. Oh, how wonderful are the blessed ones
56:28  Among orchards of life without thorns
56:29  And trees laden with fruit and flower
56:30  And cool expanded shades of abundant delight
56:31  And water falls
56:32  And fruit abounding
56:33  Never interrupted, never too far
56:34  And on thrones, raised in honor
56:35  Behold, We have given these women a new being (wholly different from the Age of Ignorance (56:37))
56:36  And made them of unparalleled virtue
56:37  Eloquent, made of the same mettle, harmonious, blending well in the society. ('Urub' from 'Arabi' = Eloquent. 'Turab' = Dust = Harmonious = Of the same mettle = Well-blended (43:18), (78:33))
56:38  They deserve the most blessed people
56:39  A good many of those who led in goodness
56:40  And a good many of those who trailed after them. (56:13-14)
56:41  Then, the unblessed ones. Ah, how unfortunate are the unblessed ones! (56:9)
56:42  In scorching wind, smoldering anguish
56:43  Enshrouded in smoke, opaque
56:44  Neither coolness of contentment nor honor of accomplishment
56:45  Behold, before this, they were sunk in luxury, exploiting the poor
56:46  And stubbornly persisted in their violations
56:47  And they used to say, "What! When we die and become dust and bones, shall we possibly be raised
56:48  And also our forefathers?"
56:49  Tell them, "Verily, those of old, and those of later generations
56:50  All will be brought together on a Day assigned at an appointed time."
56:51  Then, behold, O You the straying deniers
56:52  You will eat the bitter fruit of the tree of your deeds. (37:62), (44:43), (56:52)
56:53  And fill your bellies with it
56:54  And drink of burning anguish (that you gave to others)
56:55  And indeed drink as the camel with false thirst drinks." (Greed could never give you inner contentment (26:225), (102:1-2)
56:56  Such will be their welcome on the Day of Judgment
56:57  It is We Who have created you. Will you not, then, admit the Truth
56:58  Have you ever considered the male and female seed
56:59  Is it you who create it or are We the Creator
56:60  We have designed the Laws of death among you and We are not unable
56:61  That We may change your existence and coming into being in a manner and in an environ you know not
56:62  And indeed you know the first coming into being. Why, then, do you not reflect
56:63  Have you thought of the crops that you cultivate
56:64  Is it you who grow it or are We the Grower
56:65  If We willed, We surely could turn it into chaff, then you would be left to exclaim
56:66  "Behold, we are now under debt
56:67  Nay, but we are deprived!"
56:68  Have you thought of the water you drink
56:69  Do you bring it down from the rain-cloud or do We
56:70  If We willed, We surely could make it salty. Why, then, do you not show gratitude? (By devising an equitable system of provision for all)
56:71  Did you consider the fire you strike out
56:72  Is it you who grow the tree as its fuel, or do We grow it? (41:10)
56:73  We, yes, We have made this (fire) a reminder, and a gift for all of you who surely need it. (The use of fire is one of the Divine gifts that distinguishes mankind from the Animal Kingdom)
56:74  Work hard, then, to establish the Glory of your Lord's Supreme Name
56:75  Nay, I present the stellar orbits as witness. ('Mawaqi' = Different locations in the orbits)
56:76  And behold! This, indeed, is a great witness if your knowledge can encompass it
56:77  That this Qur'an is, indeed, a Noble Monograph
56:78  In a well-guarded Book. (As conveyed to you)
56:79  The Book which none but the pure of mind can touch. (Those who approach the Qur'an with minds contaminated with preconceived notions and extrinsic material, will never understand it)
56:80  A Revelation from the Lord of the Worlds
56:81  Now, is it this Hadith that you would hold in low esteem? (To uphold some other hadith)
56:82  And make its denial your daily bread? (Peddling conjecture as a means of minting money)
56:83  Why, then, as the last breath comes up to the throat
56:84  And as you look on
56:85  And We are closer unto him (the dying person) than you are, although you see not
56:86  Why not, then, if you owe nothing to Us
56:87  Make the departing return, if you are men of truth? (Denying the Fact that Allah alone is the Giver of life and death, and man owes his abilities, limited or abundant, to Him)
56:88  Now, if he is of those drawn near (for having walked aright)
56:89  (For him) Jubilation, and inner fulfillment, and a Garden of Bliss
56:90  And thus he is of the blessed ones
56:91  So, "Salutation of Peace be upon you!" - from the blessed ones. (56:38)
56:92  But if he is of the rejecters, the straying
56:93  Then the welcome will be smoldering anguish
56:94  And scorching heat before the Insurmountable Barrier
56:95  Verily, this is the most Certain Truth
56:96  Work hard, then, to establish the Glory of your Lord's Supreme Name