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56:1  WHEN the day that must come shall have come suddenly
56:2  None shall treat that sudden coming as a lie
56:3  Day that shall abase! Day that shall exalt
56:4  When the earth shall be shaken with a shock
56:5  And the mountains shall be crumbled with a crumbling
56:6  And shall become scattered dust
56:7  And into three bands shall ye be divided
56:8  Then the people of the right hand - Oh! how happy shall be the people of the right hand
56:9  And the people of the left hand - Oh! how wretched shall be the people of the left hand
56:10  And they who were foremost on earth - the foremost still
56:11  These are they who shall be brought nigh to God
56:12  In gardens of delight
56:13  A crowd of the forme
56:14  And few of the latter generations
56:15  On inwrought couche
56:16  Reclining on them face to face
56:17  Aye-blooming youths go round about to the
56:18  With goblets and ewers and a cup of flowing wine
56:19  Their brows ache not from it, nor fails the sense
56:20  And with such fruits as shall please them best
56:21  And with flesh of such birds, as they shall long for
56:22  And theirs shall be the Houris, with large dark eyes
56:23  like pearls hidden in their shells
56:24  In recompense of their labours past
56:25  No vain discourse shall they hear therein, nor charge of sin
56:26  But only the cry, "Peace! Peace!"
56:27  And the people of the right hand - oh! how happy shall be the people of the right hand
56:28  Amid thornless sidrah
56:29  And tall trees clad with fruit
56:30  And in extended shade
56:31  And by flowing waters
56:32  And with abundant fruits
56:33  Unfailing, unforbidden
56:34  And on lofty couches
56:35  Of a rare creation have we created the Houris
56:36  And we have made them ever virgins
56:37  Dear to their spouses, of equal age with them
56:38  For the people of the right hand
56:39  A crowd of the former
56:40  And a crowd of the latter generations
56:41  But the people of the left hand - oh! how wretched shall be the people of the left hand
56:42  Amid pestilential winds and in scalding water
56:43  And in the shadow of a black smoke
56:44  Not cool, and horrid to behold
56:45  For they truly, ere this, were blessed with worldly goods
56:46  But persisted in heinous sin
56:47  And were wont to say, "What! after we have died, and become dust and bones, shall we be raised
56:48  And our fathers, the men of yore?"
56:49  SAY: Aye, the former and the latter
56:50  Gathered shall they all be for the time of a known day
56:51  Then ye, O ye the erring, the gainsaying
56:52  Shall surely eat of the tree Ez-zakkoum
56:53  And fill your bellies with it
56:54  And thereupon shall ye drink boiling water
56:55  And ye shall drink as the thirsty camel drinketh
56:56  This shall be their repast in the day of reckoning
56:57  We created you, will ye not credit us
56:58  What think ye? The germs of life
56:59  Is it ye who create them? or are we their creator
56:60  It is we who have decreed that death should be among you
56:61  Yet are we not thereby hindered from replacing you with others, your likes, or from producing you again in a form which ye know not
56:62  Ye have known the first creation: will ye not then reflect
56:63  What think ye? That which ye sow
56:64  Is it ye who cause its upgrowth, or do we cause it to spring forth
56:65  If we pleased we could so make your harvest dry and brittle that ye would ever marvel and say
56:66  "Truly we have been at cost
56:67  yet are we forbidden harvest."
56:68  What think ye of the water ye drink
56:69  Is it ye who send it down from the clouds, or send we it down
56:70  Brackish could we make it, if we pleased: will ye not then be thankful
56:71  What think ye? The fire which ye obtain by friction
56:72  Is it ye who rear its tree, or do we rear it
56:73  It is we who have made it for a memorial and a benefit to the wayfarers of the desert
56:74  Praise therefore the name of thy Lord, the Great
56:75  It needs not that I swear by the setting of the stars
56:76  And it is a great oath, if ye knew it
56:77  That this is the honourable Koran
56:78  Written in the preserved Book
56:79  Let none touch it but the purified
56:80  It is a revelation from the Lord of the worlds
56:81  Such tidings as these will ye disdain
56:82  Will ye make it your daily bread to gainsay them
56:83  Why, at the moment when the soul of a dying man shall come up into his throat
56:84  And when ye are gazing at him
56:85  Though we are nearer to him than ye, although ye see us not:
56:86  Why do ye not, if ye are to escape the judgment
56:87  Cause that soul to return? Tell me, if ye speak the truth
56:88  But as to him who shall enjoy near access to God
56:89  His shall be repose, and pleasure, and a garden of delights
56:90  Yea, for him who shall be of the people of the right hand
56:91  Shall be the greeting from the people of the right hand - "Peace be to thee."
56:92  But for him who shall be of those who treat the prophets as deceivers, And of the erring
56:93  His entertainment shall be of scalding water
56:94  And the broiling of hell-fire
56:95  Verily this is a certain truth
56:96  Praise therefore the name of thy Lord, the Great