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11:1  Alif Lam Ra’. This is a Book whose verses give clear instructions, explained by a Wise, Knowledgeable Lord:
11:2  “Worship no one besides Allah, I am a warner to you from Him and a giver of good news.
11:3  Seek your Lord’s forgiveness and turn to Him in repentance, so He grants you good provision for a fixed term and gives His grace to whoever is worthy of it. If you turn away, I fear for you the torment of a terrible day.
11:4  You shall return to Allah. He has control over all things”.
11:5  Isn’t it true that they try to cover their breasts in order to hide their innermost thoughts from Him? Isn’t it true that when they cover themselves with their clothes He knows what they conceal or reveal? He knows people ’s innermost thoughts
11:6  The sustenance of every animal comes from Allah, He knows where it lives and where it will die. Everything is recorded in a clear Book.
11:7  He created the Heavens and the Earth in six days, His throne is over the water, to test who among you lives morally. Messenger, suppose you were to say, “You will be resurrected after death,” the disbelievers would say, “This is magic.”
11:8  And suppose We were to delay their punishment for a short while, they would say, “What is holding it back?” Isn’t it true on the day that it does come upon them, it won’t be deflected from them, and the very thing they used to mock will engulf them?
11:9  If We give people a taste of Our compassion then withdraw it abruptly from them, they become broken-hearted and ungrateful.
11:10  And if We gave someone a taste of Our favours after hardship they say, “Misfortune has left me,” and become thrilled and proud,
11:11  all except the patient and those who perform good works; they’ll have forgiveness and a great reward
11:12  So is it possible that you may think of leaving out part of what is revealed to you, since you are troubled because they say: “Why didn’t a treasure come down to him, or an angel accompany him.” You are a warner. Allah oversees everything.
11:13  And they say, “He has invented it”? Say: “Then fetch ten surats like it that you have invented, and call as helpers whomever you can besides Allah, if you are telling the truth.
11:14  And if your witnesses fail to respond to you, doubters, then be certain what is sent down comes with Allah’s knowledge, and there is no god but Him. So will you submit to Allah’s will?”
11:15  Whoever desires the worldly life and its attraction, We shall pay them back in full for their deeds during this life, and they won’t be short-changed;
11:16  but, they will have nothing in the Hereafter except the Fire; their works will be worthless, and whatever they used to do will be null and void.
11:17  Can they be compared with someone who has clear proof from His Lord which he reads, bears witness to it and what came before it, namely the Book of Musa, as a guide and Divine kindness? These people believe in it. Anyone who denies from the groups allied against you, the Fire will be his promised destination, be in no doubt about it; it is the truth from your Lord, but most people don’t believe
11:18  Who is more sinful than the one who invents lies about Allah? Such people will be brought before their Lord, and the witnesses will say, “These are the people who lied about their Lord.” Beware, Allah’s curse is on the wrongdoers
11:19  who block Allah’s path, wishing to make it crooked, and who deny the Hereafter.
11:20  They couldn’t thwart Allah’s plan on Earth, and they had no real protector besides Allah. Their punishment will be multiplied. They were unwilling to listen, and they did not try to see.
11:21  Such people have lost themselves, and all that they used to invent has deserted them.
11:22  Without doubt, they will be the biggest losers in the Hereafter.
11:23  Those who believed, did noble deeds and were humble before their Lord, they will be the companions of Paradise, and live there forever.
11:24  The two types are like a deaf, blind person compared to a seeing and hearing person. Can they ever be alike? Won’t you pay attention
11:25  We sent Nuh to his people, saying, “I am a clear warner to you.
11:26  Worship Allah alone. I fear for you the torment of an agonizing day.”
11:27  So, the leaders of the disbelievers said, “It’s clear to us that you are human like us, and only the lowest of our society follow you, and we don’t see you have any special quality that we lack. On the contrary, we think you are liars.”
11:28  Nuh said, “My people, haven’t you considered what if I have the clear proof from My Lord, and that He’s blessed me with kindness? If you are blind to the truth, could we force it on you against your will?
11:29  My people, I am not asking you for wealth in return. My reward comes from Allah alone. I am not driving away the believers. They will meet their Lord, but it’s clear to me that you are ignorant people.
11:30  My people, suppose I drove them away, who would help me against Allah? Why do you not pay attention?
11:31  I am not telling you I have access to Allah’s treasures, or knowledge of the unseen, or I am an angel; and I will not tell those you look down on that they will be deprived of Allah’s goodness – Allah knows best what is in their hearts – if I said these things, I would be a wrongdoer.
11:32  They said, “Nuh, you argued with us, and have gone on arguing with us for a long time, so now bring us what you promised if you are telling the truth.”
11:33  He said, “Only Allah can bring it on you if He wishes, and you won’t be able to stop it.
11:34  Nor will my advice benefit you no matter how much I advise you, if Allah wants you to go astray. He is your Lord, and to Him you will return.”
11:35  Sometimes they say, “He has invented it”? Say: “If I invented it, then my sins will fall on me, but I am innocent of the sins that you commit.
11:36  It was revealed to Nuh: “No one else from your people will believe except those who have already done so, so don’t be saddened by what they have done.
11:37  Build a ship under Our supervision and guidance, and don’t ask Me to sympathize for evildoers: they are as good as drowned.”
11:38  Whenever the leaders of his people passed by him building the ship, they mocked him, and he would say: “If you mock us, we too shall be mocking you in the same way.
11:39  You will come to learn soon enough who will be humiliated, and deserves an everlasting punishment.
11:40  Finally, by Our order, the baked Earth started flooding with water. We said to Nuh: “Load the ship with a pair of each animal, as well as your family – except those against whom Our sentence has been passed – and whoever believes.” Those who believed in him were few.
11:41  “Board her,” he said, “In the name of Allah, she will sail and weigh anchor to rest. My Lord is Forgiving, Kind.”
11:42  As she set sail with them, amid waves as high as mountains, Nuh called out to his son, who was standing apart from the rest: “My dear son, come on board with us. Don’t stay with the disbelievers.”
11:43  He said, “I will take refuge on a mountain, which will protect me from the rising waters.” Nuh said, “There is no protection from Allah’s order today, except the one who He treats kindly.” Then a wave came between them, and his son drowned.
11:44  A voice called out: “Earth, swallow your water!” And “Sky, clear away the clouds and the water receded!” Allah’s order was carried out, and the ship came to rest on Mount Judi.A voice said: “Away with the wrongdoers!
11:45  Nuh called out to His Lord, “My Lord, my son was a member of my family; Your promise is true, and You are the best judge.”
11:46  Allah said, “Nuh, he wasn’t a member of your family his deeds were evil; so don’t ask Me about things which you don’t know. I am warning you, in case you become ignorant people.”
11:47  He said, “My Lord, I seek your refuge from asking You about things I don’t know. If you don’t forgive me and show compassion to me, I will be a loser.”
11:48  A voice said, “Nuh, disembark with peace and blessings from Us and on the nations who will be the descendants of those who are with you. There will be other nations We shall grant enjoyment for a while, but then afflict them with a painful punishment.”
11:49  This is an account from the unseen that We revealed to you, M essenger, neither you nor your people knew it before this. So be patient, the future shall be good for those mindful of Allah
11:50  We sent Hud, their brother, to the people of Ad, he told them: “My people, worship Allah. You have no other god but Him. You have invented idols.
11:51  My people, I am not asking you for any reward, my reward comes from Him Who created me, don’t you understand?
11:52  My people, seek your Lord’s forgiveness and turn to Him in repentance, and He will give you plentiful rain and make you stronger. Don’t turn away as sinners.”
11:53  They said, “Hud, you haven’t brought us any proof. We won’t give up our gods because of your words. We don’t believe you.
11:54  We think some of our gods have made you mad.” He said, “I call Allah as my witness – and you be witnesses – I am free from those you associate with Him.
11:55  So plot against me, all of you, and grant me no respite.
11:56  I have put my trust in Allah, my Lord and yours. There isn’t a single creature whose destiny He doesn’t control. My Lord guides me along a straight path.
11:57  If you turn away, so be it. I have conveyed what I was sent with to you. My Lord will get other people to succeed you, and you can’t harm Him in the least. My Lord oversees everything.
11:58  When Our verdict came to pass, We rescued Hud and the believers with him, We were kind and saved them from a severe punishment.
11:59  Such was the story of Ad. They rejected their Lord’s signs, disobeyed His messengers, and adopted the way of every stubborn tyrant.
11:60  They were tracked in this world by Allah’s curse and again on Judgement Day. Didn’t Ad reject their Lord? Away with Ad, the people of Hud
11:61  We sent their brother Salih to people of Thamud, he told them: “My people, worship Allah. You have no other god but Him. It is He Who raised you up in this land and helped you to settle in it, so seek His forgiveness and turn to Him in repentance. My Lord is near, and answers the prayers.”
11:62  They said, “Salih, before this preaching we had pinned our hopes on you, are you forbidding us to worship what our forefathers worshipped? We have grave doubts about what you are calling us to.
11:63  He said, “My people don’t you realise I have clear proof from My Lord, He’s been kind to me. If I disobeyed Him, Who would help me against Him? In that case, you would only add to my loss.
11:64  My people, this is the she-camel of Allah, a sign for you. Let her graze wherever she wants in Allah’s Earth, and don’t harm her, or else you’ll be quickly punished.”
11:65  They hamstrung her, so Salih said, “For three days, enjoy yourselves in your homes: that’s no idle threat.”
11:66  When Our decree came to pass, We rescued Salih and the believers with him from that day’s humiliation, an act of Our kindness. Your Lord is the Powerful, the Almighty.
11:67  A single blast devastated the wrongdoers and, when morning came, there they lay, dead in their homes,
11:68  as though they never existed. Listen, Thamud rejected their Lord. So away with Thamud
11:69  Our Angel messengers came to Ibrahim with good news, greeting him; “Peace!” He greeted them with peace too, and he quickly brought them a roasted calf.
11:70  However, when he saw their hands were not reaching for it, he felt uneasy about them, which gradually turned to fright. “Fear not,” they said, “We’ve been sent to the people of Lut.”
11:71  His wife, who was standing nearby, laughed, so We gave her good news of Ishaq and, after Ishaq, of Yaqub.
11:72  “How come!” She said, “How will I have a child, when I am an old woman and my husband is an old man? This will be an odd thing.”
11:73  “Are you surprised at Allah’s command?” They said, “May Allah’s compassion and blessings be on you, people of this household. He is Praiseworthy, Glorious.”
11:74  Once Ibrahim’s fear lessened, and the good news had sunk in, he began to plead with Us about the people of Lut:
11:75  Ibrahim was gentle, soft-hearted and devout.
11:76  “Ibrahim,” We told him, “put this aside. The time for Your Lord’s command has come, and the punishment can’t be turned back, it will come to them.
11:77  When Our angel messengers came to Lut, he was sad and anxious about them, saying, “What a dreadful day this is!”
11:78  His people, who committed evil deeds came hurriedly to him; he said, “My people, my daughters and the tribe’s women are far purer for you. So fear Allah, and don’t shame me in front of my guests. Isn’t there a single sensible man among you?”
11:79  They said, “You know we have no right to your tribes daughters, just as you know what we want.”
11:80  “If only I had power against you,” he said, “or I had a strong supporting group to protect me.”
11:81  “Lut, we are your Lord’s messengers,” the angels said, “They will not get you, so leave with your family in the dark of the night, and let none of you turn back to look. Only your wife will suffer the fate of the others. Their appointed time is the morning. Won’t it be morning soon?”
11:82  When at last the time came for Our command to be fulfilled, We turned their town upside down, and We continuously pelted it with stones of baked clay.
11:83  The site has been clearly marked out by Your Lord, and it is by no means far from the wrongdoers of Makkah
11:84  We sent their brother Shu’ayb to Madyan, he told them: “My people worship Allah. You have no god but Him. Don’t cheat by giving in short measure or weights; you are well off, but I fear for you the punishment of an overwhelming day.
11:85  My people, be scrupulously honest in your weights and measures, and don’t defraud people out of what is theirs or wander around making trouble in the land.
11:86  The profit margin permitted by Allah should be sufficient earnings for you, if you were believers, and I am not your guardian.”
11:87  They said, “Shu’ayb, does your prayer teach you to stop us from worshipping what our forefathers worshipped and doing as we please with our wealth? You are too civil and sensible!
11:88  He said, “My people, don’t you realise that I have clear proof from My Lord, Who has generously provided for me. I don’t want to do anything that I forbid you to do; I wish to reform society to the best of my ability. My success depends entirely on Allah, I have put my trust in Him and I turn in repentance to Him.
11:89  My people, don’t let your hostility to me lead you to the same fate as the people of Nuh, Hud, Salih; and remember the people of Lut didn’t live far away from you
11:90  So seek your Lord’s forgiveness and then turn to Him in repentance. Indeed, My Lord is Most Kind, Loving.
11:91  “Shu’ayb,” they said, “We don’t understand most of your preaching, and consider you to be the weak one among us, were it not for your clan, we would have stoned you, we have no respect for you.”
11:92  “My people,” he said, “is my clan dearer to you than Allah, that you should ignore Him and put Him behind you? My Lord is aware of what you do.
11:93  My people, do as you see fit, and I will do likewise. You will come to know soon who will suffer a humiliating punishment and who is a liar. So watch carefully, and I will watch with you!”
11:94  When Our decree came to pass, We rescued Shu’ayb with dignity and those who believed in him. A single blast devastated the wrongdoers, and when morning came, there they laid in their homes, dead.
11:95  As though they had never existed. Away with Madyan, just as Thamud were done away with!
11:96  We sent Musa with Our signs and clear authority
11:97  to Pharaoh and his courtiers, who chose to follow Pharaoh’s plan, although Pharaoh’s plan was not well thought out.
11:98  On Judgement Day, he will walk ahead of his people and take them to the Fire. What a dreadful pit to be taken to!
11:99  Allah’s curse tracked them in this world and again on Judgement Day. What a dreadful gift to be given
11:100  We told you these stories about some of the towns; some are still standing and others have been razed to the ground.
11:101  We didn’t wrong them, they wronged themselves. The gods they used to call on beside Allah didn’t benefit them at all when Your Lord’s verdict came to pass; they only increased their devastation.
11:102  That is how your Lord snatches away towns that are steeped in evil: His punishment is severely painful.
11:103  In this are signs for anyone who fears the punishment of the Hereafter, a day when humanity will be gathered, a day to be witnessed
11:104  We will delay it only for a limited time.
11:105  That day, when it comes, not a soul will speak without His permission, and some of them will be miserably sad whilst others will be happy.
11:106  The sad ones will be tossed in the Fire, where they will scream and groan,
11:107  staying there until the Heavens and Earth remain, unless it pleases your Lord to do otherwise. Your Lord does what He pleases.
11:108  The happy ones will be in Paradise, staying there if the Heavens and Earth remain, unless it pleases your Lord to do otherwise, an infinite gift.
11:109  So don’t be doubtful about what these people worship; they worship what their forefathers worshipped before them, and We will give them their share in full, without reduction
11:110  We gave Musa the Book, but his followers disagreed about it, and if it had not been for an earlier decree issued by Your Lord, the matter would have been settled between them; meanwhile they remain in grave doubt about it.
11:111  Every one of them will be repaid in full by your Lord according to their deeds. He is aware of what they do.
11:112  So remain firm, just as you have been told, you and those who have repented with you, and don’t exceed the limits. Allah sees whatever you do
11:113  Don’t be persuaded by those who do wrong, then you’ll be punished with fire; and, as you have no protectors besides Allah, you won’t be helped in any way.
11:114  Perform the prayer at both ends of the day and in some part of the night. Good deeds shall erase evil deeds. That is a powerful reminder for the mindful people.
11:115  Be patient, for Allah doesn’t waste the reward of the righteous.
11:116  If only there had been more righteous people in the previous generations who prevented corruption in the land! We saved few of them whilst the wrongdoers enjoyed the luxuries of life and continued sinning.
11:117  Your Lord would never destroy a town unjustly whilst its citizens were acting righteously
11:118  If your Lord wanted, He could have made people a single nation, but that’s not the case so they continue to differ;
11:119  except anyone who is treated kindly by Allah: that’s why He created them. Your Lord’s decree: “I shall fill up Hell with jinn and humans,” is fulfilled
11:120  We tell you the stories of the messengers to make your heart strong, and what has come to you in this account is the truth, teachings and a reminder for the believers.
11:121  Tell those who don’t believe: “Do as you see fit, and we will do likewise.
11:122  Wait and see, for we too are waiting.”
11:123  Allah knows the secrets of the Heaven and the Earth, and all that exists will be returned to Him; so worship Him and put your trust in Him. Your Lord isn’t unaware of what you do