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11:1  Alif Lam Ra. This is a Book, Verses in which are ordained and then explained from the One Who is Wise and Well-aware
11:2  [And the Messenger proclaims to mankind,] "You shall worship none but Allah. I am indeed from Him a warner for you and a herald of good news."
11:3  "And that you ask forgiveness of your Lord, and then turn to Him in repentance. He will provide you with a good provision for an appointed term and give everyone one's dues. And if you turn away, then indeed I fear for you the punishment of a very hard day
11:4  To Allah is your return, and He has power over all things
11:5  Do they indeed not shut their minds to conceal their thoughts from Him? Does He not know what they conceal and what they reveal, when they put on their garments? He does indeed know what is in the minds
11:6  And no moving creature on earth but on Allah is its sustenance. And He knows where it lives and where its remains are. Everything is in a manifest Record
11:7  And He it is Who created the heavens and the earth in six periods of time — and His Throne was on ether — that He might test you as to which of you are better in deeds. And if you say, `You shall indeed be raised up after death', those who suppress the Truth would certainly counter, `This is nothing but sheer delusion.
11:8  And if We put off the punishment from them for a certain period of time, they will certainly say, "What holds it back?" Verily on the day when it will come to them, nothing can turn it away from them. And that which they scoffed at shall besiege them
11:9  And, certainly, if We make man taste mercy from Us and then take it off from him, he is indeed sure to despair and be ungrateful
11:10  And if We make him taste a favour after distress has afflicted him, he will certainly say, "Bad days have gone away from me." He certainly indeed exults, boasts
11:11  But not those who are patient and do good deeds. For them shall there be forgiveness and a great reward
11:12  Then, in order that you abandon part of what is revealed to you and your mind becomes dustressed by it that they say, "Why has not a treasure been sent down upon him or an angel come with him?" You are only a warner; and Allah is the One to take care of all things
11:13  Or, they say, "He has forged it." Say, "Then bring ten chapters similarly forged and call for aid from whom you can besides Allah, if what you say is the truth
11:14  If they do not respond to you, then know that it (the Qur'aan) is revealed with Allah's knowledge and that there is no god but He. Will you then be the ones who submit
11:15  Whoever desires the life of this world and its charm, We will repay them in full their deeds therein, and therein they shall not be wronged
11:16  These are they for whom there is nothing but the Fire in the Hereafter. And what they do here, in this world, shall be of no use there. And what they do here is false and futile
11:17  What then about the one who stands on clear evidence from his Lord and a witness from Him recites it — and before it, was there the Book of Moses, a precedent and mercy? Such are the ones that believe in it. And whoever, of the tribes, that suppresses the truth in it, the promise to him shall be the Fire. Be not then in doubt about it. It is indeed the Truth from your Lord, but most people believe not
11:18  And who is more unjust than he who forges a lie against Allah? These shall be brought before their Lord, and the witnesses shall say, "These are they who lied against their Lord." Verily Allah's curse is on the unjust —
11:19  On those that turn people away from Allah's Path and seek to distort it — and those are the ones that believe not in the Hereafter
11:20  They are in no position to frustrate Allah's Will on the earth, nor can they have any awliya besides Allah. The punishment shall be doubled for them. They could not hear nor see the Truth
11:21  Those are the ones that have doomed themselves. And what they concocted has deserted them
11:22  No doubt, they are the ones that shall in the Hereafter be doomed
11:23  Indeed, as for those who believe and do good deeds and are humble towards their Lord, they are the dwellers of the Garden. They shall reside therein forever
11:24  Are the examples of two persons — one blind and deaf, and the other who sees and hears — the same? Don't you then reflect
11:25  And We did send Noah to his people. He told them, "I have indeed come to give you a plain warning."
11:26  "That you shall not worship anyone but Allah. I do indeed fear for you the punishment of a painful day."
11:27  And the chiefs of those who suppressed the Truth from among his people said, "We do not consider you but a man like us, and we do not see any have followed you but those meanest amongst us who have just followed you without conviction. And we do not see in you any excellence over us; nay, we deem you liars."
11:28  He said, "O my people! Do you see that if I have been on clear evidence from my Lord and He has bestowed upon me mercy from Himself, and it is obscure to you, can we force it on you while you are averse to it?"
11:29  "And, O my people! I ask you not for any material compensation for it; my reward is upon none but Allah. And I am not going to drive away those who believe. They shall certainly meet their Lord. And, on the other hand, I see you as an ignorant people
11:30  "And, O my people! Who is there to help me against Allah if I drive them away? Won't you reflect on this?"
11:31  "And I do not say to you that I have the treasures of Allah. And I do not know the unseen, and I do not say I am an angel, nor do I say that Allah will never grant any good things to those who are mean in your eyes. Allah knows well what is there in them. I would indeed be of the unjust, otherwise."
11:32  They said, "O Noah! You did argue with us a great deal. Now bring us what you threaten us with, if what you say is the truth."
11:33  He said, "Only Allah will bring it to you if He wills, and you won't be able to do anything to prevent it."
11:34  "And if I intend to give you advice, my advice will not profit you if Allah intended that He should leave you go astray. He is your Lord, and to Him shall you be returned."
11:35  They do say, "He has concocted it." Say, "If I have concocted it, then it is my sin and I shall be punished for it. But the responsibility for the sin you commit shall not be on me."h
11:36  And it was revealed to Noah, "None of your people will believe except those who have already believed. So grieve not at what they do."
11:37  "And construct the ark under Our supervision and guidance, and do not address Me for those who are unjust. They shall indeed be drowned."
11:38  And he began constructing the ark. And whenever the chiefs from among his people passed by him, they laughed at him. He said, "If you laugh at us, we too indeed laugh at you as you laugh at us."
11:39  "So you shall soon come to know on whom will a punishment come that will disgrace him, and on whom will the lasting punishment be imposed."
11:40  Until when Our command came to be executed and the oven boiled over, We said, "Carryh in it two of every pair, your own family — except those against whom the divine decree has already come — and those who believe." And only a few had believed with him
11:41  And he said, "Get on board! In the name of Allah are its sailing and its anchoring. My Lord is indeed Forgiving, Merciful."
11:42  And it moved on with them amid waves like mountains, and Noah called out to his son, and he was isolated from others, "O my son! Get on board with us and be not with those who suppress the Truth."
11:43  He said, "I will take shelter on a mountain that shall protect me from the water." Noah said, "There is no protection today from Allah's command but for him on whom He shows mercy." And a wave intervened between them, and he (the son) was drowned
11:44  And it was decreed, "O earth, swallow down your water, and O sky, stop!" And the water was made to abate and the divine Will, accomplished. And the Ark came to rest on the Judi, and it was proclaimed, "Away with the unjust people."
11:45  And Noah called upon his Lord and said, "My Lord! My son indeed is a member of my family, and Your promise is indeed true, and You are the best Judge."
11:46  He said, "O Noah! He is indeed not of your family. His deeds indeed are not good. Put Me no questions then about things of which you are given no knowledge. I do indeed admonish you lest you be of those who do things ignorantly."
11:47  He said, "My Lord! I seek refuge in You lest I again put questions to You about things of which I am given no knowledge. And should You forgive me not and have no mercy on me, I should then be of those who are doomed."
11:48  It was said, "O Noah! Disembark, with peace from Us and blessings on you and on those of the communities, who are with you. And there will be communities whom We shall provide for, and then a painful punishment from Us shall afflict them
11:49  These are narratives relating to the unseen which We reveal to you. You did not know them — neither you nor your people — before this. Do have patience then! The end shall indeed be in favour of those who fear Allah
11:50  And to the people of AAad We sent their brother Hood. He said, "O my people! Worship Allah. You have no god other than Him. You do not but fabricate lies."
11:51  "O my people! I do not ask of you any reward for it. My reward is only with Him Who created me. Don't you understand?"
11:52  "And, O my people! Ask forgiveness of your Lord and then turn to Him in repentance. He will send down on you abundant rain and add strength to your strength. And do not turn back to sin
11:53  They said, "O Hood! You have not brought to us any clear sign and we are not going to desert our gods on your word, and we do not believe in you."
11:54  "We do not but say that some of our gods have worked evil on you." He said, "I do indeed call Allah to witness — and you do bear witness — that I am absolutely free of the sin you commit of worshipping anyone..."
11:55  "... other than Him. All of you do together scheme against me then, and give me no respite."
11:56  "I do indeed have trust in Allah, my Lord and your Lord. There is no living creature but He holds it by its forelock. My Lord is indeed on the Straight Path."
11:57  "And if you turn away, then indeed I have delivered to you what I have been sent to you with. And my Lord will bring another people in your place, and you can do Him no harm. My Lord is indeed the Guardian over all things."
11:58  And when Our decree came to pass, We saved Hood, and those who believed with him, as a mercy from Us. And We saved them from a hard punishment
11:59  And these were the people of AAad! They disputed the Verses/signs of their Lord, disobeyed His Messengers and followed the bidding of anyone obstinately strong and powerful
11:60  And they were pursued by curse in this world and so will they be, on the Resurrection Day. Verily, AAad suppressed the Truth about their Lord! Verily, indeed, AAad, the people of Hood perished
11:61  And to the people of ThamoodWe sent their brother Salih. He said, "O my people! Worship Allah, you have no god other than He. He brought you into being from the earth, and made you dwell on it. Ask forgiveness of Him then, and turn to Him in repentance. My Lord is indeed close and He does respond
11:62  They said, "O Salih! Before this, we did have great expectations in you. Do you now forbid us from worshipping what our fathers worshipped? And we are indeed in great doubt in that which you call us to
11:63  He said, "O my people! Do you see that if I have been on clear evidence from my Lord and He has bestowed upon me mercy from Himself, who will then help me against Allah if I disobey Him? You would then cause no increase in anything for me, other than in loss."
11:64  "And, O my people, this is Allah's she-camel for you — a sign. So leave her free to pasture on Allah's earth. And do her no harm, for then, soon, a punishment will seize you."
11:65  But they crippled her. Then he said, "Enjoy in your abode just for three days. That is a promise that shall not prove to be false."
11:66  So when Our decree came to pass, We saved Salih, and those who believed with him, by mercy from Us and from the disgrace of that day. Your Lord indeed is the One Strong and Omnipotent
11:67  And the terribly rumbling sound struck those who were unjust, and they lay prostrate in their houses
11:68  As though they had never flourished in them. Verily, Thamood suppressed the Truth about their Lord! Verily, Thamood perished
11:69  And certainly Our messengers came to Abraham with good news. They said, "Peace." "Peace." said he, and he made no delay in bringing a roasted calf
11:70  But when he saw that their hands were not extended towards it, he had misgivings about them and became fearful of them. They said, "Fear not, we are sent but for people of Lot."
11:71  And his wife, standing by, laughed. Then We gave her the good news of Isaac, and of Jacob after Isaac
11:72  She said, "Alas! Shall I bear a son when I am an old woman and this my husband an old man? This is indeed a strange thing
11:73  They said, "Do you consider it strange that Allah does what He wills? Allah's mercy and His blessings are on you, O members of this household! He is indeed Praiseworthy, Glorious."
11:74  And when the fear was gone from Abraham and the good news came to him, he began pleading with Us for the people of Lot
11:75  Abraham was indeed considerate and tender-hearted, often turning to Allah in repentance
11:76  "O Abraham! Forget it. The decree of your Lord on this has indeed come to pass. And a punishment, that cannot be undone, is indeed coming to them."
11:77  And when Our Messengers came to Lot, he was worried about them, and he felt powerless to protect them. And he said, "This is a dreadful day!"
11:78  And his people came rushing towards him, and they had indulged in evil deeds before. He said, "O my people! These, my daughters, are purer for you. So fear Allah and do not disgrace me with regard to my guests. Is there no rightly-guided man amongst you?"
11:79  They said, "You do certainly know that we have nothing to do with your daughters. And you do indeed know what we want."
11:80  He said, "I wish I had power to resist you, or had recourse to a strong support."
11:81  They said, "O Lot! We are the Messengers of your Lord. They won't reach you. So leave this place, with your family, sometime in the night. And let none of you tarry, except for your wife. What happens to them shall indeed happen to her. The appointed time for them is the morning indeed. Is not the morning nigh?"
11:82  And when Our decree came to pass, We turned them upside down and rained down upon them layer over layer of stones of dry and hardened mud
11:83  These stand targeted with your Lord and never far from the unjust
11:84  And to the people of Midian, We sent their brother Shu'aib. He said, "O my people! Worship Allah. You have no god other than Him. And cheat not in measure and weight. I do indeed see you that you are in prosperity, and I do indeed fear for you the punishment of a Day that will not leave out anything."
11:85  "And, O my people! Give full and fair measure and weight, and defraud not people of their things. And make no mischief on earth, spreading corruption."
11:86  "What lawful gain Allah keeps back for you is better, if you but believe! And I am not a guardian over you."
11:87  They said, "O Shu'aib! Does the code of your worship enjoin you that we should forsake what our fathers worshipped, or that we should not do what we please with our property? You have indeed been the considerate and right-thinking person."
11:88  He said, "O my people! Do you see that, if I have been on clear evidence from my Lord and He has given me a good providence from Him Himself, and I do not wish to do, behind your backs, the very thing that I forbid you from, I desire nothing but reform so far as I am able to? And I get inspiration from none but Allah. On Him do I place my trust and to Him do I turn:"
11:89  "And, O my people, let not hostility to me make you commit sin so that there may befall on you the like of what befell the peoples of Noah, Hood or Salih. And the people of Lot were not very far in the past from you."
11:90  "And ask forgiveness of your Lord, and turn to Him in repentance. My Lord is indeed Merciful, Loving."
11:91  They said, "O Shu'aib! We do not understand much of what you say and we do indeed consider you weak amongst us. And were it not for your family we would surely have stoned you to death. And you have no power over us."
11:92  He said, "O my people! Is my family more powerful for you than Allah? And you put Him behind your backs? What you do is indeed under the ever vigilant purview of my Lord."h
11:93  "And, O my people! Do what you can. I do what I do. You will soon come to know upon whom the disgracing punishment shall come and who the liar is. And you do wait! Indeed! I too am waiting with you."
11:94  And when did Our decree come to pass, We saved, by mercy from Us, Shu'aib and those who believed with him. And the terribly rumbling sound struck those who were unjust, and they lay prostrate in their homes
11:95  As though they had never dwelt in them! Verily, the people of Midian perished just as the people of Thamood had perished
11:96  And certainly We did send Moses with Our signs/Verses and clear authority
11:97  To Pharoah and his chieftains who followed his rule. And Pharaoh's rule was not good
11:98  He (Pharaoh) shall lead his people, on the Resurrection Day, to the Fire. And bad is the place which they shall be led to
11:99  And curse followed them in this world and shall follow them on the Resurrection Day. Bad would be the gift they shall be given
11:100  This is an account, We relate to you, of the peoples that inhabited this earth. Of them are some that still exist and others, destroyed
11:101  And We wronged them not, but they wronged themselves. And their gods, whom they invoked besides Allah, did avail them nothing when the decree of your Lord came to pass. And they but added to their ruin
11:102  And such was the seizure of your Lord when He seized the inhabitants of the earth while they did wrong. His seizure is indeed painful, severe
11:103  There is indeed in this a sign for him who fears the punishment in the Hereafter. This is the day for the gathering together of mankind and this is the day for production of evidence.
11:104  And We won't convene the Hereafter till an appointed time
11:105  The day when it is convened, no one shall speak except with His permission. Some of them then shall be miserable, and some happy
11:106  The miserable ones, then, shall be in the Fire. For them there shall be sighing and groaning in it
11:107  They shall abide therein so long as the heavens and the earth last, unless your Lord wills otherwise. Your Lord does indeed do what He wills.
11:108  And the happy ones, then, shall be in the Paradise. They shall abide therein as long as the heavens and the earth last, unless your Lord wills otherwise. It's a gift that shall never be terminated
11:109  Be not then in doubt as to what these people worship: they do not worship but as their fathers did before. And indeed We will pay them back in full their due, undiminished
11:110  And certainly did We give the Book to Moses, and disputes were raised therein. And had not a Word already gone forth from your Lord, the matter would surely have been decided between them. And the sceptics are indeed in doubt over it
11:111  And your Lord will indeed pay back to them all for their deeds in full. He is indeed aware of what they do
11:112  Stand firm then, you and those who have turned to Allah with you, on what you are commanded with, and transgress not. HE does indeed see what you do
11:113  And do not incline towards those who are unjust, lest the Fire catches you. And you have no awliya other than Allah, and you shall not be helped
11:114  And establish prayer at the two ends of the day and proximities of the night. Good deedsh do indeed eradicate the evil. This is a reminder to those who remember Allah much
11:115  And be patient; for, Allah does indeed not let the good people do, go unrewarded!
11:116  If only there were, among the generations before you, more men of understanding forbidding mischief on earth! There were but a few men of understanding of those whom We saved from among them. And those who were unjust were preoccupied with the luxuries they were given. And they sinned
11:117  And your Lord could not have unjustly destroyed habitations, while the people living there were good
11:118  And if your Lord had so willed, He would certainly have made mankind a single community. And they shall not cease to differ
11:119  Except for those to whom your Lord turns with mercy. And for this did He create them.h And the statement of your Lord is bound to be fulfilled, "I will certainly fill Hell with the jinn and the human beings, together."
11:120  All that we relate to you of the accounts of the Messengers is to strengthen your mind therewith. And in this have come to you the Truth, Admonition and a Book, for being frequently referred to, for the believers
11:121  And tell those who do not believe "You act your way; we act ours."
11:122  "And you wait. We too indeed wait."
11:123  And Allah's are the secrets of the heavens and the earth and to Him are all matters returned. Do worship Him then and do put thy trust in Him! And thy Lord is not unaware of what you do.