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11:1  Alif L[m R[. A Book, the signs in it were set clear. Again, they were explained distinctly from that which proceeds from the Presence of the Wise, Aware,
11:2  that you not worship any but God. Truly, I am a warner to you from Him and a bearer of good tidings
11:3  and that: Ask for forgiveness from your Lord. Again, repent to Him that He give you fairer enjoyment for a term that which is determined. He gives His grace to every possessor of grace. And if they turn away, I fear for you the punishment of a Great Day.
11:4  To God is your return. And He is Powerful over everything.
11:5  But they fold up their breasts that they conceal themselves from Him. No doubt at the time when they cover themselves with their garments, He knows what they keep secret and what they speak openly. Truly, He is Knowing of what is in their breasts.
11:6  And there is no moving creature on earth but its provision is from God. And He knows its appointed time and its repository. All is in a clear Book.
11:7  And it is He Who created the heavens and the earth in six days. And His Throne had been upon the waters that He try you—which of you is fairer in actions. And if thou wert to say to them: Truly, you are ones who will be raised up after death. Those who were ungrateful would be sure to say: This is nothing but clear sorcery.
11:8  If We postponed the punishment for them for a period of time, that which is numbered, they will, surely, say: What detains it? Certainly, the day it approaches them, there is not of that which will be turned away from them and surrounded them was what they had been ridiculing of it.
11:9  And if We caused the human being to experience mercy from Us, then, again, We tear it out from him, truly, he is hopeless, ungrateful.
11:10  And if We caused him to experience favor after tribulation afflicted him, he is certain to say: Evil deeds went from me! Truly, he becomes glad, boastful.
11:11  But those who endured patiently and did as the ones in accord with morality, those, for them is forgiveness and a great compensation.
11:12  So wouldst thou perhaps be one who leaves some of what is revealed to thee? Or is thy breast that which is narrowed by it because they say: Why was a treasure not caused to descend to him or an angel drew near him? Truly, thou art only a warner. And God is a Trustee over everything. Or they say: He devised it.
11:13  Say: Approach you, then, with ten chapters of the Quran like it, that which is forged, and call to whomever you were able other than God if you had been ones who are sincere.
11:14  If they respond not to you, then, know that it was only caused to descend by the knowledge of God and that there is no god but He. Are you, you, then, ones who submit to God?
11:15  Whoever had been wanting this present life and its adornment, We pay their account in full to them for their actions in it. And they will not be diminished in it.
11:16  Those are those for whom there is nothing in the world to come but fire. And what they crafted here was fruitless. And what they had been doing is in vain.
11:17  Is he, then, who had been on a clear portent from his Lord, and recounts it from Him as one who bears witness—and before it was the Book of Moses, a leader and a mercy—like them? Those believe in it. Whoever is ungrateful for it among the confederates, he is promised the fire! So be thou not hesitant about it. Truly, it is The Truth from thy Lord, except most of humanity believes not.
11:18  Who does greater wrong than he who devised a lie against God? Those will be presented before their Lord. And the ones who bear witness will say: These are those who lied against their Lord. But the curse of God is upon the ones who are unjust—
11:19  they who bar from the way of God and desire in it crookedness. And they, in the world to come, they are ones who disbelieve.
11:20  Those will not be ones who frustrate Him on the earth, nor had there been for them—other than God—any protectors.• The punishment is multiplied for them. Not had they been able to have the ability to hear, nor had they been perceiving.
11:21  Those are those who lost their souls. What they had been devising had gone astray.
11:22  Without a doubt they in the world to come, they are the ones who are losers.
11:23  Truly, those who believed and did as the ones in accord with morality and humbled themselves before their Lord, those will be the Companions of the Garden. They, ones who will dwell in it forever.
11:24  The parable of the two groups of people is as the one unwilling to see, unwilling to hear and the other, seeing and hearing. They are not on the same level in likeness. Will you not, then, recollect?
11:25  And, certainly, We sent Noah to his folk: Truly, I am a clear warner to you
11:26  that you worship none but God. Truly, I fear for you the punishment of a painful Day.
11:27  Then, the Council of those who were ungrateful said from among his folk: We see thee only as a mortal like us. We see none followed thee but those, they who are visibly our most wretched, simple minded. Nor we see you as having any merit above us. Nay! We think that you are ones who lie.
11:28  He said: O my folk! Considered you that I had been with a clear portent from my Lord and that He gave me mercy from Himself but it was invisible to you? Then, will we fasten you to it when you are ones who dislike it?
11:29  And O my folk! I ask not of you wealth for it. My compensation is but with God. And I will not be one who drives away those who believed. Truly, they are ones who will encounter their Lord while I see you a folk who are ignorant.
11:30  And O my folk! Who would help me against God if I drove them away? Will you not, then, recollect?
11:31  And I say not to you: The treasures of God are with me nor that I know the unseen nor I say: Truly, I am an angel nor I say of those whom your eyes look down upon: God will never give them good. God is greater in knowledge of what is within their souls for, then, I would be of the ones who are unjust.
11:32  They said: O Noah! Surely, thou hadst disputed with us, then, made much of the dispute with us. Now approach us with what thou hast promised us if thou hadst been among the ones who are sincere.
11:33  He said: Only God will bring it on you if He willed. And you will not be ones who frustrate Him.
11:34  And my advice will not profit you—even if I wanted to advise you—if God hadst been wanting to lead you into error. He is your Lord and to Him you will return.
11:35  Or they say: He devised it. Say: If I devised it, my sin is upon me and I am free of your sins.
11:36  And it was revealed to Noah: Truly, none of thy folk will believe but who had already believed. So be thou not despondent at what they have been accomplishing.
11:37  And craft thou the boat under Our Eyes and by Our Revelation and address Me not for those who did wrong. They are, truly, ones who are drowned.
11:38  And he crafts the boat. Whenever the Council passed by him of his folk, they derided him. He said: If you deride us, then, we will deride you just as you deride us.
11:39  And you will know to whom will approach a punishment covering with shame and on whom an abiding punishment will alight!
11:40  Until when Our command drew near and the oven boiled, We said: Carry in it of every living thing, two, a pair and thy people, but him against whom the saying has preceded and who believed. And none but a few believed with him.
11:41  And he said: Embark in it. In the Name of God will be the course of the ship and its berthing. Truly, my Lord is Forgiving, Compassionate.
11:42  So it runs with them amidst waves like mountains. And Noah cried out to his son and he had been standing apart: O my son! Embark with us and be thou not with the ones who are ungrateful!
11:43  He said: I will take shelter for myself on a mountain. It will be what saves me from the harm of the water. Noah said: No one saves from the harm this day from the command of God but him on whom He had mercy. And a wave came between them so he had been of the ones who are drowned.
11:44  And it was said: O earth! Take in thy water! And O heaven: Desist! And the water was shrunken and the command of God was satisfied and it was on the same level as Al-Judi. And it was said: Away with the folk, the ones who are unjust!
11:45  And Noah cried out to his Lord and said: My Lord! Truly, my son is of my people. And, truly, Thy promise is The Truth. And Thou art the Most Just of the ones who judge.
11:46  He said: O Noah! Truly, he is not of thy people. Truly, he, his actions are not in accord with morality. So ask not of Me what thou hast no knowledge. Truly, I admonish thee so that thou not be of the ones who are ignorant.
11:47  He said: My Lord! Truly, I take refuge with Thee so that I not ask Thee of what I am without knowledge. Unless Thou art to forgive me and have mercy on me, I would be of the ones who are losers.
11:48  It was said: O Noah! Get thee down with peace from Us and blessings on thee and on communities from whoever are with thee, and communities to whom We will give enjoyment. And, again, they will be afflicted by Us with a painful punishment.
11:49  That is of the tidings of the unseen that We reveal to thee. Thou hast not been knowing of them nor thy folk before this. So have thou patience. Truly, the Ultimate End is for the ones who are Godfearing.
11:50  And to Ad, their brother Hud. He said: O my folk! Worship God! You have no god other than He. You are nothing but ones who devise.
11:51  O my folk! I ask not of you any compensation. My compensation is but with Who originated me. Will you not, then, be reasonable?
11:52  And O my folk! Ask your Lord for forgiveness. Again, repent to Him. He will send abundant rain to you from heaven and increase you, adding strength to your strength. So turn not away as ones who sin.
11:53  They said: O Hud! Hadst thou brought about any clear portent for us? We will not be ones who leave our gods for thy saying? And we are not ones who believe in thee.
11:54  Truly, we say nothing but that some of our gods inflicted thee with evil. He said: Truly, I call God to witness and bear you witness that I am free from partners you ascribe
11:55  other than Him. So try to outwit me altogether. Again, give me no respite.
11:56  Truly, I put my trust in God, my Lord and your Lord. There is not a moving creature but He is One Who Takes of its forelock. Truly, my Lord is on a straight path.
11:57  But if you turn away, that is your decision. Then, surely, I expressed to you what I was sent with to you. And my Lord will make successors a folk other than you and you will not injure Him at all. Truly, My Lord is Guardian over everything.
11:58  And Our command drew near. We delivered Hud and those who believed with him by a mercy from Us. And We delivered them from a harsh punishment.
11:59  And that was Ad. They negated the signs of their Lord and rebelled against His Messengers. And they followed the command of every haughty and stubborn one.
11:60  And they were pursued in the present life by a curse. And on the Day of Resurrection, no doubt, truly, Ad were ungrateful to their Lord. Away with Ad, a folk of Hud!
11:61  And We sent to Thamud their brother Salih. He said: O my folk! Worship God. You have no god other than He. He caused you to grow from the earth and settled you on it. So ask for His forgiveness. Again, repent to Him. Truly, my Lord is Near, One Who Answers.
11:62  They said: O Salih! Surely, thou hadst been one who is a source of hope to us before this. Hast thou prohibited us that we worship what our fathers worship? And, truly, we are in uncertainty about what thou hast called us to, in grave doubt.
11:63  He said: O my folk! Considered you that I had been with a clear portent from my Lord and that He gave me a mercy from Himself so who, then, would help me against God if I rebelled against Him? Then, you would increase me not but in decline.
11:64  And: O my folk! This is the she-camel of God, a sign for you. So let her eat on God’s earth and afflict her not with evil so that a near punishment take you.
11:65  But they crippled her. So he said: Take joy in your abode for three days. That is a promise, one that will not be belied.
11:66  Then, Our command drew near. We delivered Salih and those who believed with him by a mercy from Us and from the degradation of that Day. Truly, thy Lord, He is Strong, Almighty.
11:67  The Cry took those who did wrong. It came to be in the morning in their abodes, ones who are fallen prostrate,
11:68  as if they dwelt not in them. No doubt, truly, Thamud were ungrateful to their Lord. Away with Thamud.
11:69  And, certainly, Our messengers drew near Abraham with good tidings. They said: Peace. He said: Peace. And he presently brought about a roasted calf.
11:70  Then, when he saw their hands reach not out towards it, he became suspicious and sensed awe of them. They said: Fear not. We were sent to the folk of Lot.
11:71  Abraham’s woman, one who is standing up, laughed when We gave her good tidings of Isaac and besides Isaac, Jacob.
11:72  She said: Woe to me! Will I give birth when I am an old woman and this, my husband, is an old man? Truly, this is a strange thing!
11:73  They said: Marvel thou at the command of God? The mercy of God and His blessings be upon you, O People of the House: Truly, He is Worthy of Praise, Glorious.
11:74  And when the panic went from Abraham and the good tidings drew near to him, he disputes with Us for the folk of Lot.
11:75  Truly, Abraham was forbearing, sympathetic, one who turns in repentance.
11:76  O Abraham! Turn aside from this. Truly, the command of thy Lord drew near. And, truly, that which arrives for them is a punishment, one that is not to be repelled.
11:77  And when Our messengers drew near Lot, he was troubled for them and was concerned for them, being distressed. And he said: This is a distressful day!
11:78  Then, drew near his folk, running toward him because they had been doing evil deeds before. He said: O my folk! These are my daughters! They are purer for you. So be Godfearing of God. And cover me not with shame as regards my guests. Is there not among you a well-intentioned man?
11:79  They said: Certainly, thou hadst known we have no right to thy daughters. And, truly, thou hast known well what we want.
11:80  He said: Would that I had strength against you or take shelter with stauncher support!
11:81  They said: O Lot! Truly, we are Messengers of thy Lord. They will not reach out to thee so set thou forth with thy people in a part of the night and let not any of you look back, but thy woman. Truly, that which lights on them will light on her. Truly, what is promised to them is in the morning. Is the morning not near?
11:82  So when Our command drew near, We made its high part low and We rained down on it rocks of baked clay, one upon another,
11:83  ones that are distinguished, and not far from the ones who are unjust.
11:84  And We sent to Midian their brother Shuayb. He said: O my folk! Worship God. You have no god other than He. And reduce not the measuring vessel and balance. Truly, I consider you as good. And, truly, I fear for you the punishment of an Enclosing Day.
11:85  And O my folk! Live up to the measuring vessel and balance in equity. And diminish not of humanity their things. And do no mischief in and on the earth as ones who make corruption.
11:86  God’s abiding wisdom is best for you if you had been ones who believe. And I am not a Guardian over you.
11:87  They said: O Shuayb! Is it that thy formal prayer commands thee that we leave what our fathers worship or that we accomplish not with our possibilities whatever we will? Truly, thou art the forbearing, the well-intentioned.
11:88  He said: O my folk! Considered you that I had been with a clear portent from my Lord. He provided me fairer provision from Himself. And I want not to go against you in what I prohibit you. I want only making things right so far as I was able. And my success is not but from God. In Him I put my trust and to Him I am penitent.
11:89  And O my folk! Let not your breach with me drive you into being lighted on by the like of what lit on a folk of Noah or a folk of Hud or a folk of Salih. And a folk of Lot are not far from you.
11:90  And ask for forgiveness from your Lord. Again, repent to Him. Truly, my Lord is Compassionate, Loving.
11:91  They said: O Shuayb! We understand not much of what thou sayest. And, truly, we see thee weak among us. If it had not been for thy extended family, we would have stoned thee. And thou art not mighty against us.
11:92  He said: O my folk! Is my extended family mightier to you than God whom you took to yourselves to disregard? Truly, my Lord is One Who Encloses whatever you do.
11:93  O my folk! Act according to your ability and, truly, I am one who acts. You will know to whom approaches a punishment covering him with shame and who, he is one who lies. And be on the watch! Truly, I am watching with you.
11:94  And Our command drew near. We delivered Shuayb and those who believed with him by a mercy from Us. And the Cry took those who did wrong. It came to be in the morning in their abodes ones who are fallen prostrate,
11:95  as if they had not been dwelling in them. Away with Midian just as Thamud was done away.
11:96  And, certainly, We sent Moses with Our signs and a clear authority
11:97  to Pharaoh and his Council but they followed the command of Pharaoh. And the command of Pharaoh was not well-intended.
11:98  He will go before his folk on the Day of Resurrection and they will be led down into the fire. Miserable will be the watering place, that to which they are led down!
11:99  And they were pursued by a curse in this life and on the Day of Resurrection! Miserable will be, the oblation, that which is offered!
11:100  That is from the tidings of the towns that We relate to thee. Of them, some are ones that are standing up and some are stubble.
11:101  And it was not that We did wrong to them. Rather, they did wrong themselves. And their gods availed them not whom they call to besides God at all. When the command of thy Lord drew near they increased them not other than in ruination.
11:102  And, thus, is the taking of thy Lord when He took the towns while they are ones who are unjust. Truly, His taking is painful, severe.
11:103  In that, truly, there is a sign for whoever feared the punishment of the world to come. That Day humanity will be one that is gathered together for it and that will be a witnessed Day.
11:104  And We postpone it not but for the numbered term.
11:105  On the Day it approaches no person will assert anything but with His permission. Then, among them will be the disappointed and the happy.
11:106  As for those who were in despair, they will be in the fire. For them in it is sobbing and sighing,
11:107  ones who will dwell in it for as long as the heavens and the earth continued, but what thy Lord willed. Truly, thy Lord is Achiever of what He wants.
11:108  And as for those who were happy, they will be in the Garden, ones who will dwell in it for as long as the heavens and the earth continued, but what thy Lord willed, a gift that will not be that which is broken.
11:109  So be thou not hesitant as to what these worship. They worship nothing but what their fathers worship before. And We are the ones who pay their share in full without being that which is reduced.
11:110  And, certainly, We gave Moses the Book, but they were at variance about it. And if it were not for a Word that preceded from thy Lord, it would be decided between them. And, truly, they were uncertain about it, ones in grave doubt.
11:111  And, truly, to each his account will be paid in full by thy Lord for their actions. Truly, He is Aware of what they do.
11:112  So go thou straight as thou wert commanded and those who repented with thee and be not defiant. Truly, He is Seeing of what you do.
11:113  Then, incline not to those who did wrong so the fire afflict you and there will not be for you any protectors other than God. Again, you will not be helped.
11:114  And perform the formal prayer at the two ends of the daytime and at nearness of the nighttime. Truly, benevolence causes evil deeds to be put away. That is a reminder for the ones who remember.
11:115  And have thou patience, for, truly, God wastes not the compensation of the ones who are doers of good.
11:116  Why had there not been among the generations before you imbued with abiding wisdom, prohibiting corruption in and on the earth, but a few of those whom We rescue from among them? And those who did wrong followed what they were given ease in it. And they had been ones who sin.
11:117  Thy Lord had not been causing the towns to perish unjustly while their people are ones who make things right.
11:118  And if thy Lord willed, He would have made humanity one community. But they cease not to be ones who are at variance,
11:119  but on whom thy Lord had mercy. And for that, He created them, and completed was the Word of thy Lord. Certainly, I will fill hell with genie and humanity one and all.
11:120  And all that We relate to thee of the tidings of the Messengers is so that We make thy mind firm by it. And The Truth drew near thee in this, and an admonishment and a reminder for the ones who believe.
11:121  And say to those who believe not: Act according to your ability. Truly, We are ones who act.
11:122  And wait awhile. We, too, are ones who are waiting awhile.
11:123  And to God belongs the unseen of the heavens and the earth. And to Him is the return of every command, so worship Him and put thy trust in Him. And thy Lord is not One Who is Heedless of what you do.