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11:1  Alif, Lam, Ra. (These are names of letters of the Arabic alphabet, and only Allah knows their meaning here) A book whose ayat (i.e., verses, signs) are set clear; thereafter expounded from very close to (Or: close to the Grace of) One Ever-Wise, Ever-Cognizant,
11:2  (Saying), "Worship none except Allah." Surely I (myself) (i.e., Muhammad) am to you a warner and a bearer of good things from Him
11:3  And (saying), "Ask forgiveness of your Lord, thereafter repent to Him, (and) He will make you to enjoy fair enjoyment to a stated term and He will bring of His Grace to everybody owning grace. And in case they turn away, then surely I fear for you the torment of a Great Day
11:4  To Allah is your return, and He is Ever-Determiner over everything."
11:5  Verily, (Literally: Is it not "true that"?) they surely bend their breasts to try to conceal themselves from Him. Verily while they try to envelop themselves in their clothes, He knows what they keep secret and what they make public. Surely He is Ever-Knowing of the inmost thoughts within the breasts (Literally: what the breasts own)
11:6  And in no way is there any beast in the earth except that its provision (depends) on Allah; and He knows its repository and its depository. All is in an Evident Book
11:7  And He (is The One) Who created the heavens and the earth in six days-and His Throne was upon the water-that He might try you, whichever of you is fairer in deeds. And indeed in case you say, "Surely you will be made to rise again even after death, " the ones who have disbelieved will indeed say definitely, "Decidedly this is nothing except evident sorcery."
11:8  And indeed in case We defer the torment from them till an (already) fixed round, (Literally: already numbered nation) indeed they will definitely say, "What is detaining it?" Verily, the day it will come up to them, it will not be turned about from them, and whatever they used to mock at will redound on them
11:9  And indeed in case We cause man to taste mercy from Us, thereafter We draw it out from him, (then) surely he is indeed constantly despairing constantly disbelieving
11:10  And indeed in case We cause him to taste amenity after tribulation that has touched him, indeed he will definitely say, "The odious (days) have gone from me." Surely he is indeed exultant, constantly boastful
11:11  Except the ones who (endure) patiently and do deeds of righteousness; those will have forgiveness and a great reward
11:12  So, possibly you would leave some ( ayat) (verses, signs) of what is revealed to you, and your breast would be straitened by it, for that they say, "if only a hoarding had been sent down upon him, or an Angel had come with him!" Surely you are only a warner; and Allah is an Ever-Trusted Trustee over everything
11:13  Or (even) do they say, "He has fabricated it!" Say, "Then come up with ten Surahs the like of it, fabricated; and invoke whomever you are able, apart from Allah, in case you are sincere."
11:14  So, in case they (i.e. the disbelievers) do not respond to you, then know that it has been sent down only with the knowledge of Allah and that there is no god except He. So are you (now) Muslims? (i.e., have you surrendered "to Him"?
11:15  Whoever is willing (to gain) the present life (Literally: the lowly life, i.e., the life of this world) and its adornment, We will pay them therein in full for their deeds and they shall not be depreciated (i.e., their deeds will not be depreciated) therein
11:16  Those are they for whom in the Hereafter there is nothing except the Fire, and whatever they worked (i.e., did) therein will be frustrated, and whatever they were doing will be void (Literally: untrue)
11:17  So, is he who (depends) upon a Supreme evidence from his Lord, and a witness from Him recites it (equal to a disbeliever)? And even before him is the Book of Musa (Moses) for a leader (i.e., Literally:Iman = guide) and a mercy? Those believe in it; and whoever disbelieves in it from (among) the parties, then the Fire is his promised (reward). So do not be (engaged in) wrangling about it; surely it is the Truth from your Lord, but most of mankind do not believe
11:18  And who is more unjust than he who fabricates against Allah a lie? Those will be set before their Lord, and the (noble) witnesses (Witnesses of the Angels and Messengers) will say, "These are they who lied against their Lord." Verily, the curse of Allah is upon the unjust
11:19  Who bar from the way of Allah and inequitably seek to make it crooked, and they are the ones (who) are themselves disbelievers in the Hereafter
11:20  Those are not to be defiant to (Him) in the earth, and in no way do they have any patrons apart from Allah. For them the torment will be doubled; in no way could they hear and in no way did they behold
11:21  Those are (the ones) who have lost their (own) selves, and what they used to fabricate has erred (Or: strayed; i.e., their fabrications have left them) away from them
11:22  No question that they are the ones (who are) the greatest losers in the Hereafter
11:23  Surely the ones who have believed and done deeds of righteousness and have venerated their Lord, those will be the companions (i.e., inhabitants) of the Garden; they are therein eternally (abiding)
11:24  The likeness of the two groups is like the man blind and deaf, and the man beholding and hearer; (i.e., seeing and hearing) are the two equal in likeness? Will you then not be mindful
11:25  And indeed We already sent Nuh (Noah) to his people (saying), "Surely I am for you an evident warner
11:26  That you worship none except Allah. Surely I fear for you the torment of a painful Day."
11:27  So, the chiefs of the ones who disbelieved of his people said, "In no way do we see you except a mortal like ourselves, and in no way do we see that anyone has closely followed you except the ones who are the most decrepit of us, inconsiderately (i.e., without considering; literally: readily declared opinion). And in no way do we see you have over us any grace (Superiority) No indeed, we expect that you are liars."
11:28  He said, "O my people, have you seen (that) in case I (rely) on a Supreme evidence from my Lord, and He has brought me a mercy from His Providence, (and) yet it has been obscured (i.e., you were made blind to it) for you, should we impose it on you while you are hating (that)
11:29  And O my people, I do not ask you wealth for (this); decidedly my reward is on no one except Allah. And in no way will I drive away the ones who have believed; surely they will be meeting their Lord. But I see you are an ignorant people
11:30  And O my people, who would vindicate me from Allah, in case I drive them away? Will you then not be mindful
11:31  And I do not say to you, I have in my presence the treasuries of Allah; and I do not know the Unseen; and I do not say surely I am an angel. Nor do I say to the ones your eyes despise, (that) Allah will never bring them any charity. Allah knows best whatever is in their selves. Surely, (in case I do that) I am indeed of the unjust."
11:32  They said, "O Nuh, (Noah) you have already disputed with us and so made much disputation with us. Then come up to us with what you promise us, in case you are of the sincere."
11:33  He said, "Surely only Allah will be coming up to you with it, in case He (so) decides; and in no way will you be defiant to (Him)
11:34  And my advice will not profit you, in case I am willing to advise you, in case Allah wills to misguide you; He is your Lord, and to Him you will be returned."
11:35  Or even do they say, "He has fabricated it"? Say, "In case I have fabricated it, then upon me (rest) my criminal (deeds), and I am quit of (the crimes) you commit."
11:36  And it was revealed to N?h (that), "Never will any of your people believe, except him who has already believed; so do not feel chagrined for whatever they were performing
11:37  And work out (i.e., make) the Ship (s) (Arabic fulk "ship" can mean singular or plural) under Our Eyes and by Our revelation, and do not address Me concerning the ones who have done injustice; surely they will be drowned."
11:38  And he was working out (i.e., making) the Ship (s) (Arabic fulk "ship" can mean singular or plural) and whenever (some) chiefs of his people passed by him, they scoffed at him. He said, "In case you scoff at us, surely we will scoff at you, as you scoff
11:39  So you will eventually know to whom will come up a torment to disgrace him, and upon whom will alight a perpetual torment."
11:40  Until when Our Command came, and the oven boiled over, (This was the sign that it was time to enter the ark) We said, "Carry therein of every (kind) two pairs (Or "two of every "kind" ") and your family-except for him against whom the Word (Literally: the saying) has gone before-and whomever has believed." And in no way did any believe with him except a few
11:41  And he said, "Embark therein! In the Name of Allah shall be its (running) course and its berthing (Literally: anchorage). Surely my Lord is indeed Ever-Forgiving, Ever-Merciful."
11:42  And it (was) to run with them amid waves like mountains. And Nuh (Noah) called out to his son and (he) (The son) kept himself in aloofness, (Literally: was in seclusion) "O my son, embark with us, and do not be with the disbelievers."
11:43  He said, "I will soon have my abode to a mountain that will safeguard me from the water." Said he, "Today there is no safeguard from the Command of Allah except for him on whom He has mercy." And the waves interposed between them; so he was (among) the drowned
11:44  And it was said, "O earth, swallow your water; and, O heaven, desist!' And the water was made to subside, and the Command was accomplished. And (the ship) leveled itself on Al-Judiyy; and it was said, "Away with the unjust people!"
11:45  And Nuh (Noah) called out to his Lord; so said, ""Lord! Surely my son is of my family, and surely Your promise is the truth, and You are The Most Judicious of judges."
11:46  Said He, "O Nuh, (Noah) surely he is not of your family; surely it is a deed not (Literally: other than being righteous) righteous; so do not ask of Me that of which you have no knowledge. Surely I admonish you that you should not be among the ignorant."
11:47  He said, "Lord! Surely I take refuge with You that I should ask of You that of which I have no knowledge; and unless You forgive me and have mercy on me, I will be among the losers."
11:48  It was said, "O Nuh, (Noah) get down in Peace from Us, and blessings upon you and upon nations from (among) the ones with you. And (to other) nations We will soon give enjoyment, thereafter painful torment from Us will touch them." (i.e., befall them
11:49  That is of the tidings of the Unseen that We reveal to you; in no way did you (yourself) know it, neither your people, even before this. So (endure) patiently; surely the (fair) end is for the pious
11:50  And to c?d (We sent) their brother H?d. He said, "O my people, worship Allah! In no way do you have any god other than He; decidedly you are nothing except fabricators
11:51  O my people, I do not ask of you a reward for it; decidedly my reward is on none except on Him Who originated me; will you then not consider
11:52  And, O my people, ask forgiveness of your Lord; thereafter repent to Him, (and) He will send the heaven showering plentifully upon you and He will increase in power to your power; and do not turn away as criminals."
11:53  They said, "O H?d, in no way have you come to us with a Supreme evidence, and in no way will we leave our gods for what you say; (Literally: for your saying) and in no way are we believers (with) you
11:54  Decidedly we say nothing except that some of our gods have gripped you with some odious treatment." He said, "Surely I call Allah to testimony and you bear testimony that I am quit of whatever you associate (with Allah)
11:55  Apart from Him; so (devise) plotting against me, altogether; thereafter do not respite me
11:56  Surely I have put my trust in Allah, (Literally: I entrust "my self" to Allah) my Lord and your Lord; in no way is there any beast whatever except that He is taking it by the forelock. Surely my Lord is on a straight Path
11:57  So, in case you turn away, then I have already proclaimed to you what I have been sent with to you, and my Lord will make other people than you to succeed you; and you will not harm Him anything. Surely my Lord is Ever-Preserving over everything."
11:58  And as soon as Our Command came, We safely delivered H?d and the ones who believed with him by a mercy from Us, and We safely delivered them from a harsh torment
11:59  And that was Aad; they repudiated the signs of their Lord, and disobeyed His Messengers, and closely followed the command of every stubborn potentate
11:60  And a curse was made to follow them up in this present (life) (Abraham) and (upon) the Day of the Resurrection. Verily, Aad surely disbelieved their Lord; verily, away with c?d, the people of H?d
11:61  And to Thamud (We sent) their brother Salih. He said, "O my people, worship Allah. In no way do you have any god other than He. He is (the One Who) brought you into being from the earth and has made you settle therein. So ask forgiveness of Him; thereafter repent to Him. Surely my Lord is Ever-Near, and Supreme-Answerer."
11:62  They said, "O Salih, you have readily been a (source of) hope among us before that (i.e., He did not delay) Do you forbid us to worship what our fathers worshiped? And surely we (all) are indeed in doubt concerning what you call us to, causing suspicion."
11:63  He said, "O my people, have you seen (that) in case I (rely) on Supreme evidence from my Lord, and He has brought me a mercy from Him, so who will vindicate me against Allah in case I disobey Him? Then in no way would you increase me in anything other than in causing losses
11:64  And my people, this is the she-camel of Allah, a sign for you; so leave her out (free) to eat in the earth of Allah, and do not touch her with odious (treatment), (for) then a near torment would take you (away)."
11:65  Then they hamstrung her. So he said, "Enjoy (life) in your residence three days; that is a promise not to be belied." (i.e., without "the possibility of" being belied)
11:66  So, as soon as Our Command came, We safely delivered Salih and the ones who believed with him by a mercy from Us, and from the disgrace upon that day. Surely your Lord, Ever He, is The Ever-Powerful, The Ever-Mighty
11:67  And the Shout took away (the ones) who did injustice, so (in the morning) they became cowering (bodies) in their residences
11:68  As if they had not flourished in it. Verily, Thamud surely disbelieved their Lord. Verily, away with Thamud
11:69  And indeed Our Messengers readily came to Ibrahim (Abraham) with the good tidings. They said, "Peace!" He said, "Peace!" Then in no way did he linger (i.e., He did not delay) to come with a fleshy well-roasted calf
11:70  So, as soon as he saw their hands not getting to it, he disclaimed them and entertained a fright of them. They said, "Do not fear (anything); surely we have been sent to the people of Lut."
11:71  And his wife was upright, so she laughed. Then We gave her the glad tidings of Ishaq, (Isaac) and even beyond Ishaq, of Yaaqub (Jacob)
11:72  She said, "O woe to me! will I give birth and I am an old woman, and this my husband is an aged man? Surely, this is indeed a wonderful thing."
11:73  They said, "Do you wonder at the Command of Allah? The mercy of Allah and His blessings be upon you, O population (1) of the Home! Surely He is Ever-Praiseworthy, Ever-Glorious."
11:74  So, as soon as dread had gone away from Ibrahim (Abraham) and the good tidings came to him, he was disputing with Us concerning the people of Lut (Lot)
11:75  Surely Ibrahim is indeed constantly forbearing, most plaintive, constantly penitent
11:76  "O Ibrahim, veer away from this. Surely your Lord's Command has already come; and surely there is coming up to them a torment not to be turned back." (i.e., without any possibility of being turned back
11:77  And as soon as Our Messengers came to Lut, he was vexed on their account, and he was straitened for them (i.e., He felt unable to protect them) and said, "This is a most critical day."
11:78  And his people came to him, hurrying to him; and earlier they had been doing odious deeds. He said, "O my people, these are my daughters; they are purer for you. So, be pious to Allah, and do not disgrace me in my guests. Is there not among you a (really) right-minded man?"
11:79  They said, "Indeed you already know (that) in no way do we have any truthful (claim) whatever to your daughters, and surely you know indeed what we would have."
11:80  He said, "If only I had power against you, or had my abode valiant support."
11:81  They said, "O Lut, surely we are the Messengers of your Lord. They will never get to you. So set forth with your family, in a watch of the night, and let not any of you turn round, excepting your wife; surely she will be afflicted by that which afflicts them. Surely their promised (time) is the morning; is not the morning near?"
11:82  So as soon as Our Command came, We turned it upside-down (Literally: We made its highest lowest) and rained on it stones of baked clay tiered, (one on another)
11:83  Marked from the Providence of your Lord, and in no way is it far from the unjust (ones)
11:84  And to Madyan (We sent) their brother Shuaayb. He said, "O my people, worship Allah! In no way do you have any god other than He. And do not diminish the measuring and the balance. Surely I see you are in charitable (circumstances); and surely I fear for you the torment of an encompassing Day
11:85  And my people, fill up the measuring and the balance with equity and do not depreciate the things of mankind, and do not perpetrate (mischief) in the land as corruptors
11:86  The remainder of Allah is most charitable for you, in case you are believers; and in no way am I a constant preserver over you."
11:87  They said, "O Shuaayb, does your prayer command you that we should leave what our fathers worshiped, or (leave) performing as we decide with our riches? Surely you are indeed the one who is the most-forbearing, the (most) right-minded."
11:88  He said, "O my people, have you seen (that) in case I (rely) on Supreme evidence from my Lord and He has provided me with fair provision from Him (should i corrupt it)? And in no way would I like to differ from you (and do) whatever I forbid you (to do). Decidedly I would (do) nothing except reformation, (i.e., acting righteously) so far as I am able to. And in no way is my success with anyone except with Allah; in Him I have put my trust, and to Him I turn penitent
11:89  And, O my people, let not (your) opposition to me drive you to crime (Literally: incriminate you) so that there afflict you the like of what afflicted the people of Nuh, (Noah) or the people of H?d, or the people of Salih; and in no way are the people of L?t (4) that far away from you
11:90  And ask forgiveness of your Lord, thereafter repent to Him; surely my Lord is Ever-Merciful, Ever-Affectionate."
11:91  They said, "O Shuaayb, in no way do we comprehend much of what you say; and surely we indeed see you weak among us. And had it not been for your clan, we would indeed have stoned you, and in no way are you most mighty against us."
11:92  He said, "O my people, is my clan mightier against you than Allah? And you have taken Him (to yourselves) beyond you, backing away. Surely my Lord is Supremely Encompassing whatever you do
11:93  And, O my people, act (Literally: do according to your situation) according to your situation; surely I am (also) acting; eventually you will know to whom will come up the torment that will disgrace him, and who is a liar. And be on the watch; (Literally: watch for yourselves) surely I will be with you, constantly watching."
11:94  And as soon as Our Command came, We safely delivered Shuaayb and the ones who believed with him by a mercy from Us, and the Shout took away the ones who did injustice. So (in the morning) they became cowering (bodies) in their residences
11:95  As if they had not flourished in it. "Verily, away with Madyan, (even) as Tham?d was away!"
11:96  And indeed We already sent Musa (Moses) with Our signs and an all-binding authority
11:97  To Firaawn (pharaoh) and his chiefs. Yet they closely followed the command of Firaawn, and in no way was the command of Firaawn most- right-minded
11:98  He will go forward (before) his people on the Day of the Resurrection. So he will have herded them into the Fire, and miserable is the herding to be herded
11:99  And a curse was made to follow them up in this (life) and upon the Day of the Resurrection; miserable is the contribution to be contributed! (i.e., the curse to be renewed in the Hereafter)
11:100  That is of the tidings of the towns We narrate to you; (some) of them are (still) upright, and (some) mown down
11:101  And in no way did We do them an injustice, but they did themselves (an) injustice. So in no way did (their) gods that they invoked apart from Allah avail them in anything as soon as the Command of your Lord came. And in no way did they increase them (in anything) other than in complete detriment
11:102  And thus is the taking away of your Lord when He takes away the towns (while) they are unjust; surely His taking away is painful (and) strict
11:103  Surely in that is indeed a sign for him who fears the torment of the Hereafter; that is a Day mankind is to be gathered to, and that is a Day to be witnessed
11:104  And in no way do We defer it except to a term (already) fixed (Literally: numbered
11:105  The Day it comes up, no self will speak except by His permission. So (some) of them are wretched, and (some) happy
11:106  So, as for the ones who are wretched, then they will be in the Fire; therein there will be for them groaning and sighing
11:107  Eternally therein (abiding) so long as the heavens and the earth (endure), except whatever your Lord decides; surely your Lord is The Sublime Performer of whatever He wills
11:108  And as for the ones who are made happy, then they will be in the Garden, eternally therein (abiding), so long as the heavens and the earth (endure), except whatever your Lord decides: a gift uninterrupted
11:109  So do not (engage) in wrangling about what these (disbelievers) worship; in no way do they worship (anything) except as their fathers worshiped earlier; and surely We will indeed pay them in full their assignment undiminished (i.e., without being diminished)
11:110  And indeed We already brought Musa (Moses) the Book; then they were made to differ regarding it. And had it not been for a Word that has gone before from your Lord, it (i.e., my judgment) would indeed have been decreed between them; and surely about it (the Quran) they are indeed in doubt causing suspicion
11:111  And surely for each one (of them) finally (Or: assuredly) your Lord will indeed pay them definitely in full for their deeds; surely He is Ever-Cognizant of whatever they do
11:112  So go straight, as you have been commanded, (you) and whoever repents with you, and do not be inordinate; surely He is Ever-Beholding whatever you do
11:113  And do not (seek) support (you believers) for the ones who have done injustice, (for) then the Fire (would) touch you; and in no way do you have any patrons apart from Allah, (and) thereafter you will not be vindicated (i.e., if you seek support for the ones who have done injustice)
11:114  And keep up the prayer at the two extremities of the daytime and in the early reaches of the night. Surely the fair deeds will put away the odious deeds. That is a Reminding to the mindful
11:115  And (endure) patiently, (for) then surely Allah does not leave to waste the reward of the fair-doers
11:116  So, if only there been of the generations even before you, (remaining nations) endowed with (i.e., of understanding) forbidding corruption in the land-only a few of them whom We delivered. And the ones who did injustice closely followed whatever luxury they were made to live in; and they were criminals
11:117  And in no way would your Lord indeed cause towns to perish with injustice (while) their population are righteous-doers
11:118  And if your Lord had (so) decided, He would indeed have made mankind one nation; and (i.e., but) they do not cease differing (among themselves)
11:119  Excepting the ones on whom your Lord has mercy, and He created them for that (end), and perfected has been the Word of your Lord. "Indeed I will definitely fill Hell with jinn and mankind all together."
11:120  And all (that) We narrate to you of the tidings (i.e., information accounts) of the Messengers is that whereby We make firm your heart sight (Or: perception). And in these there has come to you the Truth, and an admonition, and Reminding to the believers
11:121  And say to the ones who do not believe, "Act according to (Literally: do according to) your situation; surely we are (also) acting
11:122  And wait; surely we are (also) waiting."
11:123  And to Allah belongs the Unseen of the heavens and the earth; and to Him all Command will be returned. So worship Him and put your trust in Him; and in no way is your Lord ever heedless of whatever you do