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40:1  Ha, Mīm.
40:2  The bestowal of the Scripture from on high is by Allah the Almighty, the All-Knowing,
40:3  the Forgiver of (every) misdeed and the Granter and Accepter of repentance, the Severe in punishment, the Bountiful in bounty; there is no god but He; to Him is the ultimate return.
40:4  None argues against Allah’s signs except those who have denied, so dosg not be deceived by their movement in the land.
40:5  Before them the people of Noah disbelieved, as did the parties after them. And every community sought after their messenger in order to capture him, and they argued using falsehood to defeat with it the truth. But I seized them, so how was My punishment!
40:6  Thus yoursg Lord’s Word came true against those who denied: that they are the fellows of the Fire.
40:7  Those who carry the Throne and those around it exalt their Lord with praise and believe in Him and ask for forgiveness for those who have attained faith: “Our Lord, You have encompassed everything in mercy and knowledge, so forgive those who have repented and followed Your way, and protect them from the punishment of purgatory.
40:8  Our Lord, and enter them into the Gardens of Eden which You have promised them—and the righteous among their forefathers and their spouses and their offspring(s); indeed, it is You, You (alone), who are the Almighty, the All-Wise.
40:9  And shield them from evil deeds, for whomever You shield from evil deeds on that day, You have had mercy on him. And that is the great triumph.”
40:10  Indeed, those who denied will be addressed, “The loathing of Allah is greater than your loathing of yourselves—for you were invited to the faith, but you refused.”
40:11  They said, “Our Lord, you caused us to die twice, and you gave us life twice. Now we have acknowledged our misdeeds, so is there any way out?”
40:12  That is because whenever Allah alone was called upon, youpl denied. But if others are associated with Him, you believe. But judgment rests with Allah the All-High, the Supreme.
40:13  It is He who shows youpl His signs and bestows—from on high—provision from heaven for you. But none reminds himself except whoever is penitent.
40:14  So callpl upon Allah, devoting religion to Him, even if the deniers hate it.
40:15  Exalted in degrees (of rank), Owner of the Throne—He casts the spirit (of inspiration) by His command upon whomever He wills of His servants to warn of the Day of Encounter:
40:16  the day when they emerge; nothing about them is hidden from Allah. “To whom does the dominion belong today?” “To Allah, the One, the Subduer.”
40:17  Today, every soul is repaid for what it has earned. There is no injustice today; indeed, Allah is Swift in reckoning.
40:18  And warnsg them of the Day of the Inevitable Event, when hearts are at throats, while they block them. The evildoers will have neither intimate (friend) nor intercessor to be obeyed.
40:19  He knows the treacherous look of the eyes and whatever the chests hide.
40:20  And Allah decrees with the truth, while those whom they call upon apart from Him do not decree at all. Indeed, it is Allah who is the All-Hearing, the All-Seeing.
40:21  Have they not journeyed through the earth and looked at how the outcome was for those before them? They were superior to them in strength and in the traces which they left in the land, but Allah seized them for their misdeeds, for they had no shield from Allah.
40:22  That is because their messengers used to come to them with evident proofs, but they denied, so Allah seized them. He is All-Powerful, Stern in retribution.
40:23  And We sent Moses with Our signs and an evident manifestation
40:24  to Pharaoh and Hamān and Qarun, but they said, “A sorcerer, a sheer liar.”
40:25  Then when he came to them with the truth from Us, they said, “Kill the sons of those who have attained faith with him and keep their women alive (in bondage).” But the plotting of the deniers can only go astray.
40:26  And Pharaoh said, “Let me kill Moses, and let him call upon his Lord; indeed, I am afraid that he may exchange yourpl religion or that he may cause corruption to appear in the land.”
40:27  And Moses said, “I have sought refuge with my Lord and yourpl Lord from every arrogant one who does not believe in the Day of Reckoning.”
40:28  And a believing man from Pharaoh's folk who had concealed his faith said, “Do youpl kill a man for saying, ‘My Lord is Allah,’ and he has come to you with evident proofs from your Lord? If he is a liar, then his lying is upon him. But if he is truthful, then some of what he promises you will befall you; indeed, Allah does not guide anyone who is an extremist, a sheer liar.
40:29  O My people, yours is the dominion today, prevailing in the land. But who will help us against Allah’s chastisement, should it fall upon us?” Pharaoh said, “I do not show youpl except what I see, and I do not guide you except to the way of prudence.”
40:30  But the one who had attained faith said, “O my people, I fear for you the like of the Day of the Parties—
40:31  like the custom of the people of Noah and Ād and Thamûd and those after them. For Allah wants no injustice for the servants.
40:32  O my people, I fear for you the Day of Calling Out—
40:33  the day when you turn away, fleeing, with no safeguard from Allah. And whomever Allah misguides, no guide shall there ever be for him.
40:34  And surely Joseph did come to youpl with the evident proofs, but you continued to doubt what he came to you with, until when he perished, you said, “Allah will never send a messenger after him.” Thus Allah misguides whoever is an extremist, constantly doubting.
40:35  Those who argue against Allah’s signs without any manifestation having come to them—this is most loathsome to Allah and to those who have attained faith; thus Allah seals the heart of every arrogant compeller.
40:36  And Pharaoh said, “O Hamān, build me a tower, that I may reach the means—
40:37  the means of the heavens, so that I may view the God of Moses, though I surely think he is a liar.” And thus Pharaoh’s evil deeds were adorned for him and he was barred from the way, for Pharaoh's plotting is in nothing but ruin.
40:38  And the one who had attained faith said, “O my people, follow me and I will guide you to the way of prudence.
40:39  O my people, this Earlier Life is nothing but (fleeting) enjoyment, while the Hereafter is indeed the Home of Permanence.
40:40  Whoever has committed an evil deed will not be repaid except with its like, but whoever has acted righteously, whether male or female, while a believer—then those shall enter the Garden (of Paradise) where they shall be provided for without measure.
40:41  And O my people, how is it that I call you to salvation and you call me to the Fire?
40:42  Youpl call me to deny Allah and associate with Him what I have no knowledge of, while I call you to the Almighty, the Forgiver.
40:43  Without doubt, what youpl call me to has no say in the Earlier (Life) or in the Hereafter, and that our turning back is to Allah, and that it is the extremists who are the fellows of the Fire.
40:44  Youpl will remember what I am telling you. So I entrust my affairs to Allah; indeed, Allah is All-Seeing of the servants.”
40:45  So Allah shielded him from the evils of their scheming, while an awful punishment surrounded Pharaoh’s folk:
40:46  the Fire—they are exposed to it in the early morning and at nightfall, and on the day the Hour takes place (it is said): “Enterpl Pharaoh's folk into the most intense punishment.”
40:47  And as they debate in the Fire, the weak say to the arrogant leaders, “Indeed, we were followers of yours, so will you now spare us a portion of the Fire?”
40:48  The arrogant leaders said, “We are all in it; indeed, Allah has judged between the servants.”
40:49  And those in the Fire said to the keepers of Hell, “Call upon your Lord to lighten one day of the punishment for us.”
40:50  They said, “Did not your messengers come to you with evident proofs?” They said, “Yes.” They said, “Then call.” But the calling of the deniers is but in vain.
40:51  Most surely, We support Our messengers and those who have attained faith in the Earlier Life and on the day when all sorts of witnesses arise—
40:52  the day when the excuses of the unjust do them no benefit, and for them is the curse, and for them is the worst (final) Home.
40:53  And certainly We gave Moses the guidance and made the children of Israel inherit the Scripture,
40:54  as guidance and a reminding for those endowed with understanding.
40:55  So be patientsg; indeed the promise of Allah is true. And ask forgiveness for yoursg misdeed and exalt your Lord with praise evening and morning.
40:56  Indeed, those who argue against Allah’s signs without any manifestation having come to them—there is nothing in their chests but a feeling of greatness which they will never attain. So seeksg refuge in Allah; indeed, it is He who is the All-Hearing, the All-Seeing.
40:57  The creation of the heavens and the earth is certainly greater than the creation of humanity, but the majority of mankind does not know.
40:58  And in no way are the blind and the seeing equal, nor are those who have attained faith and have done righteous deeds (equal) to the evildoer. How little you remind yourselves!
40:59  Indeed, the Hour is coming—no doubt about it—but the majority of mankind does not believe.
40:60  Yet your Lord has said, “Call upon Me (and) I will respond to you. Indeed, those who are too arrogant to serve Me will enter Hell in humiliation.”
40:61  It is Allah Who made the night for youpl, that you may rest therein, and the day allowing sight; indeed, Allah is certainly Gracious towards mankind, but the majority of mankind does not give thanks.
40:62  Such is Allah, yourpl Lord, Creator of everything; there is no god except Him, so how can you be averted (from the truth)?
40:63  Thus are averted those who used to repudiate the signs of Allah.
40:64  It is Allah who made the earth a habitat for youpl, and the sky a structure, and He designed you and perfected your designs, and He provided you with the good things. Such is Allah, your Lord, so supremely blessed be Allah, Lord of all realms.
40:65  He is the Living One; there is no god except He, so callpl upon Him, devoting religion to Him. All praise be to Allah, Lord of all realms.
40:66  Saysg, “Indeed, I have been forbidden to worship those whom youpl call upon apart from Allah, now that the evident proofs have come to me from my Lord. And I have been commanded to submit to the Lord of all realms.”
40:67  It is He who created youpl from dust, then from a drop of semen, then from a clinging form, then He brings you out as infants, then He lets you attain your full strength, then you become elderly—although some of you are taken (at death) sooner—and that you may reach a predetermined age, and so that you may reason.
40:68  It is He who gives life and death, so whenever He decrees a matter, He says to it, “Be,” and so it is.
40:69  Have yousg not seen those who argue regarding Allah's signs? How are they turned away?
40:70  Those who disbelieved the Scripture and what We sent Our messengers with, for they will come to know
40:71  when the yokes are around their necks, as well as the chains, as they are dragged
40:72  into the scalding water, then in the Fire they are seethed.
40:73  Then it was said to them, “Where are those you used to associate
40:74  apart from Allah?” They said, “They have strayed from us. In fact, we were calling upon nothing before.” Thus Allah misguides the deniers.
40:75  “That is on account of how youpl used to rejoice on earth in untruth and on account of how you used to behave with vanity.
40:76  Enterpl the gates of Hell, abiding therein. So how miserable is the dwelling of the arrogant!”
40:77  So be patientsg; indeed, the promise of Allah is true. So whether We show you some of what We have promised them or take you up to Us, to Us they are returned.
40:78  And surely We sent messengers before yousg, some of whose stories We related to you, and some We did not. And it was never for any messenger to bring about a sign except by Allah's leave. So when the command of Allah comes, matters are decreed between them with fairness, and there and then the advocates of falsehood will lose.
40:79  It is Allah who made livestock for youpl, that you may ride some of them and of some you eat.
40:80  And in them you have benefits, and through them you satisfy a need within your chests, and on them and on ships you are carried.
40:81  And He shows youpl His signs, so which of Allah’s signs do you deny?
40:82  Have they not journeyed through the earth and looked at how the outcome was for those before them? They were superior to them in strength and in the traces which they left in the land, but what they had achieved availed them nothing.
40:83  When their messengers came to them with evident proofs they rejoiced in the knowledge they had, so they became surrounded by what they used to ridicule.
40:84  Then when they witnessed Our chastisement they said, “We believe in Allah alone and we deny what we used to associate with Him.”
40:85  But their faith could not help them once they witnessed Our chastisement; such has been Allah’s rule in (dealing with) His servants, and there and then did the deniers lose.